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Bug fixes.

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Breaking News is The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s mobile app for’s breaking news and most popular stories, including sports and local entertainment updates. This app has been recently updated for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android™. Our streamlined news app helps you stay connected with local headlines wherever you are.
Features include:
• Receive breaking news throughout the day
• Access top stories and photo galleries
• Easy to share stories via Twitter or Facebook
• Free to download and install

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by Lanlan'85

    This is very useful but I'm having trouble with getting out of the dictionary.

  • Finally a version that doesn't crash every 30 seconds!

    by Dan-7273

    Bug fixes helped a lot. This app is stable now and seems much snappier.

  • Not bad.

    by BDL2864

    This app deserves more than one star. Better than the previous app. With this update you can enlarge the fonts. The pervious app you needed a magnifying glass to read it.

  • Works fine

    by ATL_Nuge

    They must have fixed it. iPhone 5/iOS 6. I like the traffic section - a must for any Atlanta app.

  • Great job

    by Jfly6

    I really like the update. Easy to navigate, clean, crisp, informative. Great job

  • Stinks

    by Elaineruthkirkt

    Too hard to find sections. Never did locate the classifieds

  • Updating issues

    by TJMbear6

    The new app is more aesthetically appealing. However it does not reload the new information when you pull down. I have to completely close out the app to get it to reload. I think I like the app crashing, at least I knew you were getting the most recent update.

  • Don’t Bother

    by jsinton

    As a big news consumer, one who subscribes to the NY Times and The Wall Street Journal, and a long time former AJC subscriber, I took a shot at the AJC digital product, and did my best to sort through the thoroughly confusing options and tiers of service before subscribing on Tuesday. By Thursday, I had had enough and cancelled. The short story is that I asked two operators if what I was buying for $9.99/mo would give me access on all my devices. I was assured that it would. It did not. Their telephone representatives were poorly informed, and poor communicators. Interestingly, the only operation that went smoothly was my cancellation. I guess that discipline is well-worn. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they have multiple digital plans. Both the Times and the WSJ offer one simple digital plan that works across laptops, desktops, tablets. ereaders and smartphones. The AJC offering is unnecessarily confusing. And the iPad app, at least the one called "Today's Paper," is clunky at best. No wonder you they’re not exactly the darling of the App Store reviewers. Their business would be better if they offered one quality product. Apparently they think that the difference between $10/mo for a single product, and $15/mo for all access is a sticking point, I would remind them of the Warren Buffet bromide: "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." Heck, I"d wager that if they simplified (and fixed) the product, they could just charge $10/mo and make up in volume what they lose in tiered pricing. Our community is the real loser here. It would be so much better for civic engagement if we had a reliable, elegant and simple newspaper product in the digital marketplace.

  • Frustrated

    by Niecey811

    I love to have local news, but EVERY SINGLE time I open the app I only get to read a few stories before it just closes! EVERY TIME! Frustrating.

  • Infuriating!!

    by Dalexander8

    How many one star reviews about crashing will it take??

  • Crashes

    by Thomas Gwin

    App crashes to the point where it's not usable.

  • Give me a break

    by Southeast not readable

    This app has crashed every single time for months. Also who is the editor there? Horrible grammar, spelling and missed words. I mean their job there is to write correct?

  • Crashes constantly.

    by Jsepi335

    It only takes working though about 30 crashes to finish an article. Thank god for other news apps and credible news papers.

  • Terrible

    by Thxchfxnbjd

    This app crashes everytime I use it. Literally, EVERY TIME

  • Badly in need

    by KLP@theATL

    Kroger ads are the only consistent, working feature. Too bad advertisers cannot push for a better platform. Any adjustment to font size will soon lead to crash. Great paper - but the app is in need of a bug-fixing update. Help your readers and advertisers.

  • Junk

    by Greg Gourley.

    Constantly crashes. Articles are full of misspells and typos.

  • #EpicFail

    by JohnnyM128

    Horrible from the start. Outdated articles, buggy navigation and endless crashing. I can't believe with all the negative reviews they still do nothing.

  • Crashes all the time

    by RKTaylor

    This app will crash after a minute or so of viewing. AJC want you to subscribe to myajc... Not until you fix your app.

  • Frustrating

    by billyodell

    This version repeatedly crashes on multiple devices. On a side note, it is apparent contributors do not have spell check.

  • It's a Crap Ap

    by Expectsuccess

    Crashes all the time. Content is a joke. Worse than a rag in the grocery store check out. I want to not give any stars but won't let me. I see "delete" in its very near future.

  • Horrible mess

    by GrippDawg

    Crashes every time I use it. Complained to company and they lied about an update that was coming out "tomorrow" to fix. Been 3 weeks and no update. News is old. But hey, their adds show up. Only in it for money, not news or readers.

  • Not stable

    by BP Baby

    It crashes at least three times each time I try to get through articles. Sooo frustrating!!

  • Waste of space

    by Gsteely

    Don't bother downloading! This app wasn't great before the recent changes but whatever they did on this last one made this ver crash ALL of the time. Go find another news app that is more reliable.

  • Blows up

    by Leap Tall Buildings

    If the app doesn't blow up every time I use it, I am disappointed. I haven't been disappointed much, constantly blows up!!!

  • Glitchy and Lacking Content

    by Baloo76

    Prone to close if you scroll too fast and after moving between categories. Sporadically updated, and only has 10 most recent stories per category, with half of those being one paragraph teasers, asking you to subscribe for their premium desktop site

  • I like it, but...

    by Abcabana

    Can you please make it stop crashing after about 2 minutes?

  • Crash

    by Johnnyleggs

    What a crap app. It crashes more than any app ever designed. Like every time you use it. It's crazy to me that the AJC doesn't seem to care. How about an update or two?

  • Weak Attempt by the AJC

    by FishWrapper

    App shuts down randomly when reading articles. Articles don't refresh and sometimes show articles that are days old. Weak attempt by AJC and Cox Media

  • Disappointing

    by hawkmoon99

    App shuts down on its own on a daily basis. Fix it please!!!!

  • Is "no stars" an option?

    by Big Chief Knockahoma

    App crashes constantly. Headlines are very limited. Navigation is counter intuitive. Not really all that surprising though. AJC is probably focusing all attention on developing a premium app to further alienate their online reader base.

  • E

    by SmyrnaSkinny

    Terrible! Why hasn't this app been fixed?

  • Saleem

    by viranisaleem

    It crashes a lot just irritating

  • Newest upgrade is crashing

    by Klaw_625

    App crashes constantly. Happens regardless of what you're doing... Reading a story? Crash. Looking at headlines? Crash. Just sitting on a page? Crash. Obviously it's driven by the ads at the bottom but, c'mon! It's got to work to be worthwhile....

  • Utter crap. Again. Again.

    by Soundboy404

    Once again Cox rolls out an app update that seems to have been un-tested. Reading an article and **blink** the app randomly shuts down. Mind you, lately 75% of the stories under "Local News" are Maureen Dowd's education blog postings. The remaining 25% almost invariably are typo-ridden, and typically consist of teasers for pay-to-read articles or "breaking news" blips that end with a plea that we "Return for updates", updates that are never posted. The app doesn't include what's listed in the iTunes blurb, but it hardly matters as once again the developers at Cox have released an un-usable app... Again, again.

  • No news feed at all - from a "news" paper!

    by ATL Driver

    From merely bad to horrible - the AJC never ceases to amaze me with its app degradation. No news feed at all. Obviously their only effort is on advertising print subscriptions, but for a long time now their apps have slipped down the slippery slope to worse than mediocre to actually become abysmal. Nobody's minding the store in the apps department - and it shows!

  • Don't judge Atlanta by the AJC!

    by Fradzz

    Worst paper in the south! Über lib long before it was popular. Two sisters, last of the Cox's, hold onto the paper but they've got real money too. Will be biggest fight since civil war when they die. My money!!! NO it's my money!! The paper will die like it should've long time ago. Sad-every town should have a paper.Even a bad one.

  • Worse app on Facebook

    by YellowJacket70

    Horrible!! Duplicate stories that aren't relevant or refreshed.

  • Not a good upgrade!

    by Hillbilly Waterfowler

    The old app was much better and easier to navigate. Hate this one. Fix it please.

  • It's not good

    by Hotlantamike

    Not much else to say, old app was way better.

  • No Push Alerts

    by PreForever

    Only reason I downloaded was so I could get push notifications throughout the day. The description of the app says you can get news alerts, but there is no setting in the app for alerts. Not a very well made app considering it's from a respected source like AJC.

  • Awful!!!!!

    by Disgusted in Georgia!!!

    Just attempted to load app onto my first generation IPod touch and got error message that it was not compatible. I like my local news now have to resort to another app. I feel that this is a failure.

  • Ridiculous

    by Robert GA

    How hard can it be to produce a decent app? They're like the gang who can't shoot straight. Outsource it or get a new IT dept.

  • Terrible!

    by ggdm

    I was figuring the upgrade would be better and show editorials and 'the vent'. Don't even try it until Cox gets their **** together.

  • Really bad

    by Odytxgzxit

    I find it hard to believe that a company this large and with the amount of resources available to them ,that this is what they produce.Terrible

  • by Jw1262

    One word... Laughable.

  • Vp

    by Fastfreddie396


  • Needs Work

    by Brett Chy

    While i appreciate the move to a more smartphone optimized design, it falls short. Feels like a pre-beta site. No ability to drill down within a section (i.e. NFL within Sports).

  • Awful!

    by Apowell75

    Even after the latest update, it is still a terrible app. I miss the old one.

  • Terrible

    by Erineamycath

    I miss the old AJC app, which no longer appears to be available. I can't find any local news on here. I used to check the old AJC app multiple times a day. I have no interest in this new app

  • Please update...

    by gsw004

    As an ex-Georgia resident who likes to keep up, this is blogs, no more than 10 stories it seems...please ease please update this horrible app with major changes.

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