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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Cox Media Group
  • Updated: Jan, 12 2011
  • Version: 1.31.0
  • Size: 14.72 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Cox Media Group, Inc

Flurry upgrade, UGC fix

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The mobile app offers a superior local news, weather and sports experience at home or on-the-go. You can count on to provide the latest news, weather, sports and more in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


¤ News, Weather, Sports, Photos, Videos
and More

¤ View Community/Neighborhood News

¤ Geo-located Weather and Advertising

¤ Weather Central Interactive Radar™

¤ Integrated and Searchable AdPay®

¤ Live Streaming Audio and Video

¤ Submit Photos and Videos

¤ Receive Alerts for Breaking News, Severe Weather, School Closings and More

¤ Share Content via E-mail, Text Message
and on Facebook® and Twitter™

¤ And More…

Customer Reviews

  • Great to Get the News

    by nikkibell479

    I love keeping up with the news on the go.

  • Nice app

    by coolbeank12

    This is a nice app. It's very helpful app with keeping up the news and weather updates.

  • Nice App

    by sOulbAit

    Nice App. I do have two request. First the 7 day forcast is so small I can not read it. Second have your pages work in landscape mode. That would make it a lot easier to see. Thanks.

  • Great App

    by Jagrotle

    Great app. Text is too small.

  • Great!

    by Mikg3

    This app is Set up very well and is updated well. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you don't live in the Jax area!

  • Good

    by ---------------------?

    This app is good, it's just that the categories and everything is confusing. It's hard to find what you need, there's no search, and it crashes. Needs more improvement...

  • Jax Rocks

    by Lisamarie067

    I LOVE IT..nice and smooth

  • Tha Prez

    by Just Ic3

    This app is horrible! The navigation is confusing and the menus and ads are just way to cumbersome. This isn't even worth being free. Ugh!

  • Great news app

    by TNnick1210

    This is by far one of the best news apps out there that goes way beyond just providing news.

  • Latest update fixes issues

    by BWestJax33

    The one word per line bug has been fixed.

  • Dim sum good app

    by Oppositeofoutappropriate

    Three words: I love it!

  • Amazing

    by Anonymous 81

    Words can't describe how amazing this app is so I am forced to make one up. Here it goes.......scrumtrilescent!!

  • Better than iPhone version

    by Shiachia

    Used this daily with my iphone and was ecstatic to see they had an iPad version out. It ha an even better interface and more options. The only option for keeping up with local news.

  • Best TV app in Jax

    by MSUScottW

    Well designed, easy to use and better than many TV station apps out there. As a Jax ex-pat, I use this daily for concise, accurate news from my home town. Well done.

  • Great News app

    by Rich 2382

    Awesome source for local and national news. Everything I need from breaking news to weather to sports is all here!

  • Great App!

    by Stephen Sesnick

    Clean and easy to use. All the news I want right here!

  • O.O

    by Uyfvuyvtuhvyu


  • WTEV Action News App

    by Shelbywest

    Great app. Nice linear layout and to the minute news. Way to lead the mkt Action News on local iPhone apps.

  • Terrible

    by Coolbreeze227

    Fix the latest update, says it is already removed so the app stays in the update list. Will be deleting app shortly if not fixed.

  • Where did the APP go?

    by Suepack

    I got stuck doing an update so I deleted the app and want to reinstall it App support takes me to the website Any advice ?

  • Bug fix

    by Laura_Lo

    Can't hit done when done reading article . Gives no option to leave story unless restarting app. Screen rotates and didn't before I don't like that. Should have option

  • Unable to load successfully.

    by Harold Laski

    I have attempted to run the installed program on my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4. It starts up but turns off once. The fist screen shows up on the screen.

  • Old app was much better

    by Bruceo222

    Update 2/18 improving but still not near as good as the old layout. Who really cares about the national feed? We get that from the much better national apps. More local content front and center! Why arent the restaurant reports compiled in their own section on the video tab??? OLD It had a much nicer graphical polish and it had the restaurant report videos which was great because that's local reporting. Regurgitating the national news feed that you already get from much better national news apps is just a waste of time.

  • Classified Ad Searches CRASH!!

    by SeaCamper1974

    Searches using the SpotLight bar on top of a list of classified ads CRASHES my iPad1 with no response forcing me to reboot the iPad with the Home button and the sleep button.

  • Rarely loads content

    by VisualSmith

    The ads work but not much else!

  • Weather is an hour behind

    by Kambam123

    App used to be awesome an very up to date, NOW for whatever reason weather is always an hour or more behind, which is not helpful in any way.

  • Stupid ads!


    They flash on the screen, so annoying. I don't mind ads, but these are ridiculous. Makes me not want to use this app. news4jax is way better.

  • Lose the ads - too annoying now

    by BekahJax

    Loved this app for local news. Then installed the latest update that "fixed" some issues. Well it seems the fix was to add CONSTANT advertisements that block part of what is already a small screen. You can't get rid of them and they are placed so that when you try to scroll the screen you frequently hit the ad and open a full page ad instead. I'm done with this one. Deleting now.

  • Terrible


    Instead of fixing the problems the last update, you added advertisements. This app crashes regularly, it's very slow, just not a good app. I reinstalled several times and it's still bad.

  • Won't load after up-date

    by UveGotRedOnU

    3rd time writing a review that won't show up.

  • Quit working

    by mojo7877

    This app is now giving an initialization error. I deleted and reinstalled and still doing it.

  • Can't submit a story

    by Melinda H.

    I cannot submit a story. After I type everything in, it won't let me scroll down to accept the Terms of Agreement and hit submit!

  • Bring back the old app!

    by Imprt23

    I miss the old app! I can't even find the Business News section on this new one! Also takes way too long to load.

  • Horrible

    by Sixfootamazon

    Liked the original app much better! This new version is useless.

  • Like the old app better

    by sausandy

    I miss the old app this crashes all the time

  • Left single lane

    by St-Auggie

    All the articles are written on a single word on left of the page. I just read a couple of complain and still not fixed....why?

  • Poor readability w/articles in a single squished column

    by swkathi

    I agree with another re- viewer it is annoying to read articles that appear like this. Please fix. All the articles appear in almost a single-file like skinny column which has poor readability. Need to fix the margins &/or auto-sizing with the fonts or whatever is causing this problem.

  • Booo

    by Agheler

    Graphically it looks better than before but some issues. First, the viewing pane for scrolling through articles is only about 20% of the screen, the other 80% is logos and ad banners. Next, the most annoying problem, the article are categorized and some appear in multiple categories, so you can see the same article up to 3-4 times when browsing news stories! Please fix!!

  • Fix it please

    by AlanTSturm

    It is annoying to read articles like this. Please fix so I don't have to read it like that.

  • Mad Very Mad

    by jaz_bar757

    I just download this app to my brand new ipad 2 and it made it crash big time. I had to restore my ipad. Please fix what ever bug did this.

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