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  • Updated: May, 18 2012
  • Version: 1.5.12
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Tap into the dynamic world of business and finance with CNNMoney.

Keep up with real-time changes to your stocks and funds with a personalized Watchlist and instant alerts. Access the latest business news, key market trends and analysis from CNNMoney’s award-winning journalists.

•Personalized stock and Watchlist and alerts—synched to your Watchlist and alerts you create on the CNNMoney website
•Personalized news feed
•Latest business and finance news
•Market indexes, funds, commodities and charts
•Exclusive business and finance video

Customer Reviews

  • First app I look at in the morning

    by DDlover44

    Great collection of data

  • Great app

    by soccerchamp14

    Really good app!

  • Love this app

    by mrriggz

    Simple and easy way to get my news!

  • Good support

    by Gcooper288

    Good insight and reviews are spot on

  • Amazing

    by nasario Rios

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Best font

    by bdigi21

    Best font

  • Nice

    by Cjmgrant

    Needs some more graphics!

  • Great App!

    by Yankees :)

    Great app, could read financial news while traveling and update yourself within minutes.

  • Great App

    by JHall0329

    I've got nothing bad to say about this one. Easy to use and quick. Well done CNN.

  • Awesome

    by Guest1784

    This is the perfect app for finding quick, interesting articles for people interested in finance and economy. I check it at least once a week to stay informed on new topics without having to search deep into the vast internet. Everything I want to know about stocks and tech updates is right at my fingertips.

  • Crashes on iPad 3

    by pauloantonio

    Great app but crashes often on my iPad 3.

  • Keep my dreams alive !

    by Lita from Califonia

    CNN Money is my favorite. Awesome!

  • Great

    by snmaustin

    Love it!

  • Good app!

    by RedDiscus

    My favorite for financial news and first glance stock price checking. Wish the mobile version would pair the stock news up with quotes as well as the online version.

  • Great financial source during breakfast

    by Shulisawen

    I recommend it :)

  • Great app!

    by Zoomer001

    Great app!

  • AAA

    by Georgmia

    Clear and well-organized. Use it daily.

  • Great financial news source

    by V2Rider

    Keeps me on top on my financial game.

  • Functional App

    by chef eater

    You can get a handful of information regarding the economy.

  • Easy, quick

    by LindaSh

    Just the top info, quick and simple. Really good, thanks.

  • Great App

    by Drsenthil63

    Nice articles and a good portfolio tracker

  • Stable, easy to use

    by Bird dropping

    Reliable, clean, great app

  • Meets my needs

    by Rocko211

    Fast, complete and accurate.

  • Great! Super-great!

    by Da Jones

    Great app - I use this every day!

  • Great App


    As an active investor I always use this App for timely and unbiased information on financial issues.

  • Great functioning app. Would like more variety of articles.

    by @mathewhump


  • Sales Manager

    by FinancialSig

    I find this app very informative and keeps me up to date.

  • Mr.

    by Twirler3

    I review the app daily and fine it useful and enjoyable.

  • Terrific

    by Red Baron 5779

    Great app.

  • Informative

    by Spartacus 123

    I love this app

  • Great financial news

    by GeoffGBarry

    Love it.

  • Download

    by T-Money (916)

    Awesome app, organized and clean layout. I'm an investor and always come here for up to date information.

  • Great app

    by CNN money

    Highly recommend.

  • Good app

    by Pari Khandhar

    Best app and loading faster than other apps as well

  • Must Have!

    by richietunes

    My new favorite!!!

  • Very great app!

    by Irwinluna

    Amazing app to give me up to date news!

  • Great articles

    by Nshahi

    I always scan this app for a quick run down of finance news. Great App

  • Useful...Up to date news

    by Husker workout

    This is the app I check each day a few times to get updates on business news.

  • Future Millionaire

    by Firefighter Shane

    Great App. Needs Emerging Markets ETF's displayed for quick viewing. Other than that, I would recommend to a friend or coworker.

  • Does what I want it to do

    by elvisfan1

    I just use it to monitor some stocks. It does that very well.

  • Good app

    by Tinaspeech2

    I really like this app. I can get the financial information I need quickly. I wish we could save articles as we could with the previous app.

  • Nice App

    by SCTBloomy

    Great app for quick review of financial markets.

  • Very informative

    by Eli022

    I visit this app every day, very informative, and current.

  • Great app!

    by 3 STX

    Lots of current information and analysts!

  • Love it

    by Pjmalik

    Love the quick precise and up to date articles.

  • Great articles

    by JRUSSELL472

    Great articles & always up to date with the latest business info. My go to source for the business world!

  • Great App!

    by jcaranda2002

    Very useful and informative.

  • Excellent

    by don't call me surely

    Good, reliable app.

  • Great app!!

    by Spydr-

    Use daily on my phone and iPad

  • Interesting and informative

    by Mattybca!

    Well done and well organized. Useful...I use it pretty much every day


    by lineshop09

    This app keeps me up to update with the finance world. Really love it.

  • Not intuitive

    by Crzr717

    They should make the layout more like the CNN app

  • Very informative

    by shane9981

    I've experienced 1 crash but overall it's an information-rich app.

  • Great App. I recommend to all

    by Pavnkaml

    Excellent work in news summarization, categorization, keeping upto date info. I like it...

  • Not much to offer over browser

    by The Smitten Kitten

    Offers nothing over browser. Zero functionality. Looking forward to future implementations. Some bugs like the orientation gets stuck and video ads start blaring even when the phone is muted.

  • Works..

    by RobA00

    Works as advertised. No issues.

  • CMNMoney

    by Tvman329

    Great App

  • Great app, for the most part

    by Kathy Gagle

    App is great for the most part, in that is provides accurate information on stock in a user friendly format. While it works great on my new iPhone, it crashes a bunch on my older iPad ... maybe it has something to do with either version of iPad of iOs.

  • Cnnmoney

    by Sue.Helena

    Love it, use it daily.

  • Great app

    by Mohammed Murad

    I love this app.

  • In-tune :-)

    by githkfxs

    I m a business owner so CNNmoney allows me to stay up on the economy all over the world in real-time. I love the app

  • A+++

    by Sesit

    Very interesting stories.

  • Love it daily!

    by portraitdude

    I'm one of those dudes that is a bit obsessive when it comes to monitoring the stock markets and my portfolio. The CNN Money app, in conjunction with the Mint app, tells me my complete financial picture on the spot, every time from anywhere in the world. Sweet.

  • Constant crashes

    by FienX

    Newest version is worse than useless, I can't even read a single short article before it crashes.

  • Poor design

    by fringe108

    Very disappointed with this app. CNN money can't borrow the regular CNN itt department to build this app?

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