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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Circa 1605, Inc.

One more update before the end of 2013!

• Sharing: We've made sharing even easier to find and now everyone can share to Twitter and Facebook too, not just readers with an account
• Following stories is easier than ever with a redesigned navigation bar while reading
• Like Circa News? Want to tell a friend about it? We added a button on the Sections screen to do just that.

Bug fixes:
• The return of Offline Mode! We had some issues that caused this feature to not behave as expected. Now, with background updates you'll be able to keep up with all of your news, even when you don't have an internet connection!
• Fixed some issues that caused the app to randomly log out
• Fixed a crash caused when trying to share via Twitter
• Fixed a few issues related to editing custom messages when sharing

Other changes:
• Brand spanking new design for breaking news stories
• Visual update to further reading section
• Citations have now moved to the end of each storyline, so you can read more from our sources when you're finished

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1122 Ratings
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5783 Ratings


*****App Store Best of 2013*****

Save time. Stay informed. Circa is the best way to read and follow news on the go.

Long news articles and small screens just don't play well together. Circa solves that problem by condensing the news and making it much easier to read while on-the-go. Tediously reading long articles just to stay up to date is a thing of the past with Circa’s factual and comprehensive, but to-the-point news coverage.

Don't work to get the news, let the news work for you! Our editors strive to make the news easier and faster to read, covering the day's Top Stories, US, World, U.S. Politics, and Technology News!

See why Circa has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times – get it now for free!

App Features:

• Catch up quick – Don't worry about intimidatingly long articles. Circa's editorial staff boils down stories to just the facts, keeping you informed and saving you time!
• Keep up with breaking news – Using Circa News is the easiest way to keep up with breaking news by sending you a notification as events occur, and allowing you to follow stories as they develop
• Follow the news – Rather than constantly re-reading articles on the same subject, Circa News allows you to follow stories that you’d like to stay up with. We'll send you push notifications each time a story you follow has been updated.
• Share stories & points that you find interesting via Email, Messaging, or Facebook & Twitter.
• Circa’s news coverage is produced by our own editorial staff from the best sources, which we provide alongside each point if you're curious.
• Offline reading – Riding the subway? Don't have an internet connection? You can still read all of the news within Circa News while offline.
• Every pixel in the app, artfully crafted

Circa is simple, factual, comprehensive. Circa is news, re-imagined for your mobile lifestyle.

P.S. We also love hearing from our customers! If you'd like to send in any feedback, just hit us up at and we'll be sure to respond.

Customer Reviews

  • My Favorite News App

    by Dan Shedd

    I love circa because it's short and sweet with the news, but accurate and timely as well! Best for knowing what's going on in the world without becoming bored with long articles!

  • Perfect!

    by Mary Wineinger

    This app is great! All the news in quick, easy to read articles!

  • Great app

    by Tina Haraf

    This is my favorite news app

  • Great app

    by Tina Haraf

    This is my favorite news app

  • Great app for good news

    by Heatherglen88

    I love the content but have problems with being able to share on twitter, I get frozen trying to log in.

  • Concise

    by Greatapp


  • Researched News

    by Eddy.Ithaca

    This app and it's researchers get the real story as best as humanly possible in this day and age. Instead of looking up multiple news sources myself, they do it for you to get a better idea of a news story. Bravo!!

  • Concise and Objective News

    by William Craig

    Circa allows you to digest a large amount of news very quickly, with more depth in stories you are interested in. It's the perfect concept for a mobile news distribution app.

  • Best news app

    by Jfdubvfdagjlbgt

    Love that this app provides just the main points to relevant and current news; just wish it had a section for sports.

  • App changed my whole life.

    by Jonathan the Conrey

    This app saved my aunt who was about to die of kidney cancer. This app was the reason my younger brother decided to put down the razor blade and not end his life. Without this app I sincerely doubt I would be alive today much less be the successful man I am today.

  • Great but please fix scrolling bug

    by Salll

    Great app and content, but scrolling to the end makes content jump up three screens without loading new content.

  • The very best news source I have

    by bowmandaniel

    I love this app. If you want to keep track of what's going on in the world there is no better app than Circa.

  • Perfect App

    by Fan Last

    This is by far the best news app, the best articles, the best topics, everything you need to stay up to date with current events.

  • Excellent App

    by Angrybird37

    This is a great way to find news interests quickly, without sifting through 15 articles about Justin Bieber!

  • Excellent App

    by Angrybird37

    This is a great way to find news interests quickly, without sifting through 15 articles about Justin Bieber!

  • Great app!

    by Kevin in DC

    Love it!

  • A great, intuitive way to read the news

    by Philosophy19

    Reading on an iPhone can get annoying. This app makes reading the news easy, fast, and simple. Get this app.

  • Very useful

    by SilverSideDown

    Great summaries of news and easy ability to follow. Good way to get updates on stories that may otherwise miss.

  • amaZing!

    by lunateamo

    i love this app!!! best news app on the market. Really hits the main points of the story. leaves out all of the fluff and satisfies your news appetite. Definitely recommend!

  • Great information

    by Kaylyn F.

    Very useful an easy to navigate!

  • Really a must have app!!

    by Aarochy_

    It's a worthwhile app!!

  • Great app!

    by hseguias

    My favorite news app.

  • My favorite news app!

    by Mia Noguier

    I love it.

  • Great way to read the news

    by pbiggy

    I love how I can select the most relevant news articles and receive push messages as the stories develop over time. Win!

  • Concise. Fair. Fabulous.

    by TWUru1107

    Just what I need for my morning news review. Love this app!

  • Cool but needs more

    by Igotbase

    Cool app the stories are straight to the point but there just isn't enough articles. I download this app on Friday and Sunday after plenty of refreshing I still have the same ok stories the world is changing why isn't my stories!!

  • Clean & Concise

    by Touching From A Distance

    Clean, easy to navigate interface. Decent selection of stories with concise content.

  • About time!

    by Calijamcanuck

    Finally, a news source that just focuses on the information not opinion. It's been a trusted companion since I first discovered it and is truly an app that's long overdue

  • Awesome

    by #1 Harry Potter fan ever

    I love it but in the Kansas senator article they accidentally typed "countries" rather than "counties". Still an amazing app though!

  • Clean and simple true to ios7

    by Wonderful123637737

  • Best News App

    by Roger K

    This might not be the most in depth, comprehensive news app but when I want to catch up with the news of the day on my phone, there's no better app. Circa gives you all the pertinent info you need on any given story. Even the tech section is impressive for a general news app. If I had to find something to improve it would be the iPad version-it's just a blown up version of the iPhone app. It'd be nice if it was optimized for the iPad. Great job guys!

  • Love using Circa!

    by Eva Alvin

    Circa is perfect because it always gives you the information you need, never the filler. It's great for reading news quickly and on the go, and always gives you something to talk about.

  • Best News App!

    by ugueth

    This app makes reading the news a pleasure. The design and layout are so easy on the eyes. Highly recommended!

  • Converted

    by Fulltiltflyboy

    Converted News360 user. Circa's short and sweet and to the point method of delivery is vastly preferred to reading standard articles. In today's fast paced world that we live in I don't have time to read entire articles. I just wanna know what's going on in the world.

  • Review

    by Virgil T

    Very nice. Simple and informative.

  • Fluid News App

    by averagemusiccritic

    This app really helps you get your news while not making you feel lost in it. Good job to the designers.

  • Great App

    by macnib

    Like the news presentation and stories. I don't feel like my chain is being pulled constantly with muck to get advertising hits like most major news websites these days.

  • Best news app

    by Bestsecret

    There is nothing out there like Circa. This delivers top news In a very intelligent and interesting way. Also following a story is a great way to get updates on that story. Love circa

  • Perfect for what I was looking for!

    by whatevah513

    I wanted to find a news app that gave me news I wanted and was something that was current. This app is great. I love the stories and I enjoy how they are not really long. Gives me what I want and what need in stories that are not to overwhelming to read. Great app!

  • News copy

    by Jima151

    This app is a great location to receive your headlines in one quick look

  • Poor scrolling

    by pikamookie

    I would love this except that the scrolling is totally janky.

  • Nothing new here

    by Contemporarium

    As everyone has already pointed out, this is an amazing app for getting your daily, weekly, or monthly news fix. However, the developers definitely deserve another five star rating!!

  • The news reader's companion

    by Dynasawer

    Circa has a great selection of news stories and is an enjoyable way to keep up to date. Likely my most used news app.

  • Super for quickly catching up on news!

    by Фонар

    The format of the app for presenting news stories is very appealing; makes reading the news interesting. Simple design and function makes it attractive. Best news app I came across! Not too liberal, not too conservative.

  • I never write reviews

    by empoweredboy

    But this is the best news app I have ever seen.

  • Adding Sports = 5 Stars

    by ROCKintosh

    I'm not a huge sports nut by any stretch, but do enjoy knowing how teams/players are doing at a high level. A sports section will hopefully arrive soon, as Circa grows. I'd been searching for ways to add the news back into my life through Facebook (messy), Twitter (overload), and other news specific apps like Yahoo's new one (stories felt eerily incomplete). Circa strikes an incredible balance of richness, approachability, and beauty. I'm a big fan of what they're doing and Circa has officially been moved to my homepage.

  • Best News App Out There

    by Zscooby13

    I check Circa multiple times every day, because it is the best way to interact with the news. It always works well, and it breaks every story into easy to read chunks. Must have for news junkies!

  • Great way to read relevant news

    by ski081

    News is surfaced quickly, and it’s usually relevant to what I want to read. Interesting mix of tech, politics, and world issues. Well done.

  • Good but just crashes now

    by ddd732

    Nice way to get news highlights and follow new info on a story. Just have to be careful getting news from a single source.

  • Informative

    by Looking for stuff

    Covers stories I don't always see in the news. Like that there are categories and the stories are kept short to the point yet links to full story/other reports.

  • My first news app every day

    by mintrepublic

    This is my first stop for news. It's presented in a fast, simple format, and loads quickly. I see a good mix of stories without any editorializing. It also has a no-fuss way of subscribing to stories I want it follow without having to sign up for something. Great app all around.

  • Surprisingly refreshing.

    by Docsardou

    Circa has become my favorite and only news source because it delivers the articles that interest me in a very simple and clean format.

  • Good NEWS app

    by MRC15816

    Tried a lot of apps found this is the best. Good job guys

  • Use it non-stop

    by Floopmeista

    Great concept, great execution. I am on this app all the time, really helps keep me on top of things and it's nice getting stories without the bias. Wished that when you scrolled to the bottom to refresh that the stories wouldn't jump around and I'd love it if when you were following related stories they wouldn't all update with the same updates...

  • Excellent

    by Staziaki

    The long awaited new approach to news. The App completely changes the way we access the news that matter most. Outstanding. A downside is that is the icon notification badge will not go away after you have read the news.

  • Best News App

    by M@0311

    Short concise unbiased - perfect news app with pleasing aesthetics.

  • Genuine(Recommended)

    by Sid777

    Good interface,short and fair,simple.

  • It's news...

    by Dallas Stars 9

    ... to the point. Nice sharing and follow features.

  • One of the best in its category

    by BAM875

    Its high ratings are well earned. Very usable and gorgeous. To its developers: just one beef...please make the scrolling less jarring by making it track my swipes normally (for instance, like Safari would).

  • Makes sense!

    by smaniato

    Reading is so easy!

  • useful

    by Ze Petro

    love the updates on specific stories!

  • Wonderful news Digest

    by Regibak

    Perfect for just the right amount of morning and evening news. The updates to stories are awesome. Love the customization. Hats off to you developers and news editors, thanks!

  • Great

    by Ricky George

    Very informative.

  • Great idea!!!

    by User guy 551

    Things like these are what's changing the way we do things (in this case flow up on the stories from the news that interests each user individually). It's easier, faster convenient and always an arms reach away. ITS GREAT

  • Michael

    by Widdowso

    App works well. Especially like the followed story option.

  • Would be great to have an iPad version

    by Joshua Adams

    I use Circa on my Phone but it would be terrific if there was an iPad version.

  • Great Source

    by WillRawgerzzz

    A simple yet effective news source. Couldn't ask for anything better.

  • Great app

    by Captainlenny

    I hate the news so I never watch or read it. I like the condensed version and that I only read stories that interest me

  • Among my top 3 news apps

    by tarheelalum

    Love the UI updates for iOS 7. One of the few news apps I trust to curate a high quality and comprehensive daily reading list. Among my top 3 favorite news apps of all time.

  • Best News App

    by frgooall

    Great way to get news...the summary is clear and concise.. Well done! Just need a iPad app:))

  • Nice

    by icunha

    Very nice!

  • Quick news, easy to read, great app!

    by Dr. Shih

    Love it!

  • Good work!

    by thomas parker

    Finally. A news source that cuts the crap and pushes forward the straight facts.

  • Great for Someone on the Go!

    by Amber Bacon

    I was becoming very tired of playing catch up with the news around 10. With this app, it made being up to date on events much easier!

  • More Authoritative Sources

    by booklust

    I love knowing the scope of news reported based on Circa's chronological source and store update capability.

  • Real news!

    by Buzzlightyear300

    What the other guys should be doing.

  • 1 request

    by Alex Pug.

    Night mode.

  • I love Circa!

    by stewie33333

    It is concise, and so easy to read. Just swipe up to bring up the next paragraph. No more trying to find my place if I have to look away for a second.

  • Great news curator!

    by Cdseale

    I love that you can follow stories as they develop

  • Great!!

    by Google user !!!!!!!!!!

    It's really helpful for my current issue class. Easy to track the news!!!

  • Quick and dirty

    by Sorenskt

    This is the best news aggregating app around!

  • Smart and Simple

    by @Dom

    Great gesture response, fast loading time, and beautiful design are the hallmarks of any fine app. I had high expectations and they've been met.

  • Commander

    by Shaqattackville


  • Excellent news app

    by DTrain13

    Great for catching up with news. Wide variety covered.

  • My main news app

    by bro_bear

    Updated frequently with accurate, easy-to-read news.

  • Short and straight to the point news

    by The Unknown R

    No fillers, no fluff, no ADs. News from the world over in brief detail.

  • Get it

    by Sojiin

    News when I want it. No problems. Great app.

  • Awesome

    by telegon

    Best news app by far. Quick nimble interface.

  • Great quick news App!

    by Selerious

    Great app for getting caught up on world news quickly and easily without having to sort through the unimportant filler that makes up a lot of articles.

  • My go to news app

    by Secret1964

    Love it

  • Really glad I found this app

    by Bluemrh

    Please add an option to have ALL news as a notification not just the news articles I follow or the breaking news which doesn't work for me. Been crashing lately too :(

  • Better Than CNN's Website

    by Carl Ramrod

    I find Circa much more convenient than using CNN's Website. Circa lets the user quickly skim headlines and get the salient points from articles. CNN's Website requires navigating forward and backward through ad-generating links. Circa's headlines are clear, and CNN's headlines are vague (to encourage click-through).

  • Clean and simple!

    by Tony Hammonds

    I really like the clean look of this app. The news is truly top stories that are important, not cluttered with so called "top news" that other apps use. It is always updated and gives you the info you need in a very simple easy to read format. Highly recommend!!!!

  • Super app. Does what it should.

    by TRex NY

    Great news app.

  • Perfect for catching up

    by z0r

    Clean, easy to read. Perfectly segmented. Great for quick updates on current affairs.

  • L.S.4.

    by Sundriedpoet

    The closest I can get to news without bias! Inspiring!

  • Actually has me reading the news!

    by misajay

    Clear, concise. Love the follow option so I can stay up to date on what interests me. Would like to see a full iPad version.

  • Great news app

    by Rosshm16

    Best news app on iOS by far Needs a Sports section!

  • I like it.

    by BriWil

    My first choice for news at national & world level.

  • Innovative News Readder

    by Wkromer

    I am a pretty big news junkie and I have tried pretty much all the news reader apps out there. "Circa." is the first that has a truly valuable feature of updating you on a developing storyline.

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