CBS Radio News News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: CBS Interactive
  • Updated: Feb, 09 2011
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Size: 11.53 MB

Languages: English

Seller: CBS Mobile

Here's What's New:

• Improved interface, including easy-to-access Play/Pause button.
• Alarm clock with snooze function - Wake up to an alarm and then CBS Radio News.
• Sleep feature - turns off the app after a set amount of time.
• Local weather on demand
• Easy access to our Facebook and Twitter pages

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
10 Ratings
All Versions:
132 Ratings


This app offers live-streaming breaking news as it happens, straight from the CBS newsroom. Get up-to-the-minute national and international news broadcasts every half hour, 24 hours a day. And hear the best CBS News features on money, technology, health, politics, and more.

But that's not all. Now, you can download podcasts from our app, so you can listen even when you aren't connected to the internet. Tell your friends about what you are listening to on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. See text headlines and tweets from @CBSRadioNews.


Breaking News
* An up-to-the-minute newscast from the CBS Radio newsroom, updated every half hour
* Breaking News when it happens
* An additional "Special Events stream" that includes content not available on our 24/7 stream

On Demand Listening
* Thought-provoking news and features on the stories that matter to you
* Newscasts, news pieces, features and analysis

* Latest Newscast -- All the world's news in three minutes
* 60 Minutes -- America's #1 news magazine show
* Face the Nation -- Bob Schieffer hosts THE weekly political roundtable
* Weekend Roundup -- CBS Radio News' 40-minute news magazine show, a comprehensive look at the week's news

Text alerts
* Opt-in for breaking news text alerts that will let you know when we're taking air with special coverage of a breaking news event

Technical Notes
* Runs best on iPhone 4 and later units.

Customer Reviews

  • Application Up and Running

    by Dustin Gervais @CBSRadioNews

    I work for CBS Radio News. We had a temporary outage over the weekend that causes the app to close immediately. We've fixed the problem and stablized the app. We're sorry for any problems you may have had and encourage you to try the app again.

  • My favorite way to stay informed

    by Jitterbug_Boy

    App works great. A lot of options for information. Great reporting. Indispensable app.

  • Great

    by Dcmatban


  • Live news audio

    by Foureyedave19

    Thats all i wanted and its what i got without any hassle. Thank you.

  • Hourly Newscasts

    by Mcgpgh

    Any way we could get the full hourly newscasts instead of only the first three minutes?

  • Works great

    by Sba2

    Listened to the whole election results while shopping in Costco :)

  • Why update?

    by Mister8tch

    The previous version was clearer, less cluttered. You open the app now and something/someone is talking at you. I prefer to choose what I want to listen to, with a clear menu that offers choices when I log in. This update does not give you that chance. Who is it that is turning stable and serviceable apps into mazes that must be conquered? I love CBS news and you had a great app. Now you have one that is cutsie. Congrats to the nerd who concocted this mess and who just knew the rest of us would see the world like he does. Wrong.

  • Great app

    by Zoharet

    I love the new format and find it very easy to use. More aesthetically appealing than the old one, too. It works beautifully for me

  • Great idea but listen live needs improvement

    by LRpoc

    I love CBS radio news and this app gives great options, but listen live needs improvements. In listen live mode hourly newscasts do not broadcast. Needs more of a "live" feel to it.

  • Bugs no more? Top shelf

    by Audiose

    When it works, it's fantastic. GUI is beautifully done. If its bi-polar functioning settles down, easily one of the best news apps available.

  • Great app.

    by prsch8899

    Works great! Love my 60mins shows.

  • Go back to older version

    by DarrellMacDouglas

    I was so enjoying this app until today I find they changes it. Now it is all flash and glitter. And the splash screen that advances for you is silly or just stupid. I can pick when I want to page over so stop!!!! It was so good, not so now.

  • Excellent

    by Ajbyrne

    Excellent app. Just perfect for me

  • Good start but room for improvement.

    by rickycourtney

    This app is a great way to hear the unmatched reporting of CBS News Radio on demand. In the next version it would be nice to have one touch access to the latest hourly newscast, a larger archive of newscasts and the ability to rewind and fast-forward.

  • Great content, old world American radio

    by cristichica

    If you are looking for just the news in short bursts with no traffic or weather or ads look no further. Great old fashion american radio flavor. None of the local, right wing or or PBS in depth everyday radio.

  • Few bugs

    by Beer drinking dude

    Love the idea. Has potential to be one of my most used apps. One big fix needed is that the next news story won't begin unless the app is in the foreground. Needs a fix to run continually in the background. Hope the bugs get worked out and this could be awesome.

  • Amazing

    by Srini Kumar

    Add more content and I'll listen to it. This is just like the 80s when my dad and I would tune in to wcbs and hear old man Reagan hold forth!!! Big ups!!!

  • Enjoy CBS Radio News

    by Blimp Driver

    Like others, great when traveling. Would like to see a list of local CBS News stations to listen to in the rental car or even tied to Google Maps or GPS function for closest station.

  • No FF? No resume?

    by William3954

    App is worth what you paid for it. Great for round ups, god forbid if you have to quit midway through 60 minutes, no way to get back to where you were.

  • Taped News from another day...FLUFF

    by huggabilbear

    I got the app thinking it was news live, up to the minute-WRONG all recorded FLUFF! Nothing live, nothing useful just prerecorded FLUFF I sent them a text from the app and deleted it. If you want to listen to mindless FLUFF then this is the app for you. I'm staying with iHeart radio.

  • Repetitive

    by Ktbhhj

    They claim to be the "breaking news source"- what a joke. They play the same stories over and over again. You will hear the same news story several times in an hour. Certain segments, like CEO Watch and Tech Watch, will run the same story for a week. Based on these repeat, focused stories, it seems more like paid advertisements placed as news. Good only for white noise in the background.

  • Reboots

    by Southbay guy

    Installed the app. It reboots every time I click on it. iOS7, iPhone 5.

  • Boring

    by Erickaca

    While the news stories were interesting, they were repeated over and over again

  • Horrible

    by qtrim

    Launches into commercial before you can do anything else. Deleted. I'll use the Fox News Radio app.

  • WTW?!

    by cherripi20

    ACE has highjacked the app! Can't X it away

  • Ads

    by jevans

    Can you please remove the ad one must watch whenever the app is opened? This is inconvenient.

  • Too many ads

    by CRam2

    Some don't even go away when you try to close them

  • An Advertising Blitz With a Speck of News

    by Reallist

    DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!!!!!! One of the most obnoxious apps in the App Store. I use to enjoy this app, but the overload of advertising will cause me to delete the app instead. I have had it with all the unwanted advertising. So my advise to all, don't bother with this app. DOWNLOAD NPR NEWS INSTEAD. CBS has deep pockets. They didn't have to resort to such blatant abuse of our time by instituting so much INVOLUNTARY ADVERTISING!!!! Most of the ads are promoting products of dubious value anyway. So don't bother with this app. DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!!!!

  • Supremely frustrating!

    by GramsJEBC

    After enjoying this app for months, the new update with the video ads has made it impossible to use. I have deleted the app and am searching for another source of radio news.

  • Great app if the looping ads would stop

    by Gmonsoon

    I really enjoy this app. However, I get a lot of cases where an ad will pop up, I hit the X, only to have the same ad pop up immediately. This loops over and over and has been happening more often in the last few days.

  • annoying

    by LG-

    This app is just flat out annoying. This morning I couldn't even get around the Verizon add that I'm required to tolerate for the first minute or so after I open it?!? The option to get past the pre-roll after its done playing just isn't even there? UGH. When it doesn't crash it can be decent, the content needs to be updated more often and the same exact 5 minute stories can run back-to-back fairly often. Too bad there really aren't any better options out there.

  • They ruined it with new updates.

    by NDAZONE

    I originally gave this app 4 stars. Then the updates came. Now it freezes every single time I try to use the 3 minute news update. That is the only reason I have this app. It's been like this for months. I'm going to delete it since it is worthless to me. The only thing is does well is play a commercial when it opens. No thanks.

  • Old App Way Better

    by Accra_Phobian

    Too much clutter, and obtrusive ads mar the updated CBS Radio app. Wish I could go back to the previous version. Also, the evening version of "world news roundup" cuts off at the first ad break and won't resume to play the balance of the newscast.

  • This app is HORRIBLE!!!

    by Torre33 1/3

    Please go back to the old version. This app is impossible to control. Used listen regularly, now I NEVER open it anymore! :-(

  • Always locks up on the first ad

    by Ryanbrokeapp1


  • Not as good

    by LiLi2791

    Don't like the update. Put listen live button back on each page! Put the fast forward button back on the listen live as there are so many repeated stories. Needs to be updated daily. GET RID OF THE ADS!!! They are obnoxious!!!

  • New Update Jumped the Shark

    by Hggjjugfthuhtf

    Pop up ad. Mysterious audio from who knows where. Takes forever to load. Bogus

  • Wish I hadn't Updated

    by alvocado

    Being a news junkie this is a must have app. With that being said, the new update is a disaster as far as I am concerned. It takes at least 1 to 2 minutes to just get to the hourly news podcast, having to navigate through useless pop-up ads, of kids games, lots of BS. I wish I could get the old version back.

  • Goodbye ease of use.

    by Im4everAwesome

    Update 8/23: it also appears to take longer for the latest hourly newscast to post. Pop up ads now pollute the experience. In the previous version I was able to open the app and start listening to the latest newscast in 5 seconds. Now it takes longer to get to content, don't get me wrong the app has has major potential with this newest update, but the drawbacks cause me to deduct three stars from what should be a 5 star app.

  • Too many ads!

    by jeremy1069

    I do not like the new update. It throws way too many full screen ads in your face. Sometimes 3 at a time. I'm pretty sure CBS doesn't need to throw ads in your face to make some money. Just play a commercial in the audio instead of crippling the app with annoying banner ads!

  • Great news, junk app

    by JohnGalt1982

    The reporting is fantastic. HOWEVER, junk app. The largest issue is no scroll bar! 90% of bad stuff with this app could be fixed w/ a scroll bar. The app will stop in the middle of a story for no reason or b/c you loose connection for a second and you have to listen to the whole story again or just quit. Fix w/ scroll bar. Sometimes the report takes a 2 min break where a commercial will go but there will just be dead air and they don't take the half a minute it would take to edit out you also can't skip through because no scroll bar... FRUSTRATING! Also, volume level changes and this can pull you out of a story. Also there is no way to download stories for listening to later. I live in the country I know I am going to drop signal 3+ times on the way home so I download what I want to listen to then delete later. This app forces me to stream. Check out NPR's app. They have done the app better but the reporting is head and shoulders better at CBS. If it was not for your impartial quality reporting I would have deleted this 5 min after getting it. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • No volume consistency!

    by PpowerRanger

    The news is great but THERE IS NO CONSISTENCY IN VOLUME LEVELS BETWEEN SEGMENTS. PLEASE FIX THIS! Frightening and abrupt volume changes ruin a great news source.

  • Meh

    by ααα

    It's nice to have the radio news available on demand, but it'd be really nice if you could skip forward or back. Losing signal means it drops the newscast, and if you were in the last 2 minutes, you get to listen to everything before that again. 2 stars, could be a heck of a lot better.

  • It works some of the time

    by bicyclefeathers

    I give this app a low rating because it frequently fails to update. The "Latest Newscast" is frequently empty and the "Listen Live" button has never given me a "Live" stream.

  • This app is worthless

    by Lwfla

    I thought when it is aol it was so so. Now it's worse. Is it so hard getting this app together. Glad it's free. I even pay 99 cents if it was working correctly. Why bother putting this app out.

  • The content does not load, making the app worthless.

    by Phds2

    I love CBS radio KCBS. It is a staple in my life. So when I heard there was a CBS radio news app I was excited. The first time I downloaded the app it worked with out any problems. Since that time the content fails to load. Please fix the app so I can change the rating to five stars!

  • Worthless

    by Svmikey

    Constantly freezing and not responding.

  • Blah

    by Silsmad

    Stream stops half way through forcing u to re-listen to the entire thing just to have the stream stop again etc. Another cheap app by a large corporation that does little. We Americans are sheep.

  • It does not work

    by Guephiltefich

    Crashes on startup. Jul 24, 2011.

  • App does NOT work on 3.1 iOS

    by 23apptester

    The title says it all. If you are running a device that is not running the latest Apple operating system, then this app likely won't work. Tried to use it with the 3.1.3 iOS. And the app just crashes without doing anything. It will run ok on the 4.1 iOS. Too bad as it really is a good news app.

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