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Seller: CBS Mobile

• Added Closed Captioning support for some videos
• Fixed some data issues preventing some story sections to load
• Bug fixes

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Stay on top of all the latest news with the CBS News app – now available for free on iPhone or iPod touch at the App Store. The CBS News app provides comprehensive, award-winning coverage of local, national and worldwide breaking news. Get the latest articles and videos from CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, CBS This Morning, and other trusted CBS News programs. Enjoy immediate, up-to-the-minute news coverage in one convenient, fast app.

Key Features:
• All the latest news – delivered to your phone in real time
• Articles, videos and photos from your favorite CBS News shows including Evening News, 60 Minutes, and more
• Live streaming audio from CBS Radio News
• CBS News Twitter updates that reflect and comment on the latest news trends
• Ability to save content to your phone for later offline viewing
• Share articles – or even the app itself – via email, Facebook and Twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful app

    by Pdt2me

    I love this app! Very informative and I can watch all my favorite pieces that have aired on CBS News!

  • Full Page Add

    by >TET<

    The full page advertisement before even getting to the news site is irritating!!

  • Needs work

    by LaureninTosa

    I love CBS News, but their app needs a lot of attention. It would be nice to swipe from story to story, change the font to a larger size, etc. Just tonight I read a story in which part of the article was justified out of the field if view. Not cool.

  • I love this App

    by WHO DAT MAFIA75

    Thanks for bringing back the full broadcast.

  • Remove the ads please!

    by Mary Kolbe

    I plead whoever developed this app to remove the commercials even if we'd have to pay for it! Please. Beside the ads, I see nothing wrong with the app itself. Please, let's go "adless"

  • Outstanding news source

    by entrkn

    The reviews of this outstanding news source have obviously been skewed by right wing radicals. Apple should omit all the one star ratings because this is a very obvious effort by a radical political group to sabotage objective news coverage.


    by Litlwon

    So get a new top story - tired of seeing Welcome to Sochi can I get a ceiling for my room!

  • Late refresh -stale stories

    by practical shopper

    This could be a great app: easy to use, well organized. Lately the articles are old-sometimes several days old.

  • Full Episodes? I think not.

    by Cmeliski

    Shows- 48 hours-Episodes: Only short clips from the episodes are available. What happened to the the full episode videos?

  • Ok content; app is so so.

    by Wombatmatty

    Sometimes the app goes unresponsive. Others, I have to click 'more articles' four to six times for it to load only a single article. In the middle of every article there is some sort of weird out of place description. For instance, one article has 'CBS' at the top of every fourth paragraph. Another just randomly says '19 photos' and another says 'play video politics.' They seem to be meta tag descriptions, but in these articles there are no photos or videos.

  • Wow. Terrible. Sad.

    by This Movie

    Wow. Terrible. Sad.

  • PLEASE fix this app!!!!!!! ASAP

    by 21 home

    Too whom it may concern: The CBS News App doesn't open at all. PLEASE fix this app. ASAP!!!!!

  • Dysfunctional except popup video ads

    by Sirnewsalot

    I expect a news app to download basic text and maybe a single picture quickly, but it struggles and messes up and can have a long wait. The final straw was the pop up video ads, which manage to work well and quickly. Sorry but goodbye CBS, focus on basic functions first and I will return.

  • Unhappy!!!


    Very unhappy with this app. I don't recommend it.

  • Cannot see search results

    by Justaplayerfred

    When I did a search it found something but did not display them on iphone

  • Use to be a good app

    by Phillysp

    I've had it for awhile now and it's getting increasingly worse

  • App is not working now

    by Brandi 01123

    Says there is no news. Can look at us news, but they are only videos and I would rather read the news than watch. Tried to find a link to support so someone could fix it, but of course there is none!!!!!

  • CBS Blues

    by Green88 pink

    App use to work but stop. Video is not good at all.

  • A

    by AdamLee6197

    Needs a redo, and needs to have breaking news notifications.

  • Not a fun user experience.

    by chelloveck

    Clunky. Buggy. Want to like it more. Airplay does not work, even on safari.

  • Stale news

    by Zilkascreech

    Noticing that recently headlines & stories on this app have not been updated for a day or so.

  • AirPlay doesn't work

    by joe_kutner

    AirPlay doesn't work and even crashes the app. Many other bugs. Piece of junk.

  • Crashes with AirPlay

    by voxlive

    Crashes like a car full of drunk monkeys when I try to play on my Apple TV.

  • Update is TERRIBLE

    by Litlwon

    New version terrible. Can't you keep the article from jumping up & down on the screen? Difficult to read jumping around!

  • No video

    by Udiar14

    No video articles.

  • Get some one who understands technology to make this app

    by The Dude is taken

    It's as if the person designing this doesn't understand the iPhone. Get rid of the ads at the opening. Super annoying. The only reason it's not 1 star is bc cbs news is the best news. Too bad it's on such a crappy app.

  • CBS junkie or junk?

    by Tenderheart45

    I LOVE CBC news, but am sooo frustrated with the videos. I usually avoid them, but if I give in thinking maybe "this time" it will work, nope! My screen goes blank! Nothing fixes it. Not hours of waiting or exit returning. Turning off and on. Nope. Even tried to reload. I'm about to give up. AP is reliable. And sadly NBC gives me breaking news faster. This from Walter Cronkite's alma mater? For shame.

  • So much potential ...

    by AgnesW

    The news stories are usually very current but the issue I have is with the video. I can play one story and then I get a black screen. Nothing can clear it. Even exiting out of the app and going back in will not fix it. I don't know exactly how long it takes it to reset as I give up on it and don't look again for days. Too bad. I actually like it better than ABC.

  • Work in progress

    by Tintin 2011

    App is okay and I like watching the video clips, but once the first video that you watch finishes, the screen becomes black and the app essentially freezes. I would have to close the app and reopen it again after each video. (What a hassle!!!!!!). Also, it'd be nice if the videos and the articles have dates next to them to make them easier to find. Lastly, where are the 60 minutes videos? Why would you exclude the videos and include articles instead???

  • Video is broken

    by NewsAdict100

    If you just want to read article this is a good app. However with the latest update the broke the video capability. You can watch one video with no problem, but then at the end of the video the screen goes black and the application is completely locked up unless you uninstall and reinstall the app or turn off your phone and then restart it. CBS come on don't you test your applications? This is an a obvious bug that happens all the time.


    by nixl

    For weeks now the app does not work on AirPlay! It worked fine. Then there was some upgrade and voi-la! its worse than it was! I wrote about this when it first happened but no one at CBS seems to care! FIX THIS APP! I just watch NBC instead!

  • Evening news ! HELP!

    by Misses V.

    The evening news do not work, I'm usually watching the whole thing on this app but it tells me that there is no videos :-( please fix that

  • CBS Evening News

    by GPAT151561

    Bring Back The Full Broadcast !!!!! Please!!!! Include 3 "premium" short advertising slots. The vendors who pay the premium amount will get business and viewers will get news without being frustrated. The clip approach simply does not work. I've already stopped trying.

  • No Full Broadcast

    by iTunesForHome

    I preferred watching the full broadcast. I assume the reason it was pulled is lack of ad revenue. I watched another network's broadcast, but they've pulled theirs, too. I foresee the demise of the current form of network news because most forward-thinking people find how app users are being handled ridiculous.


    by USMarine0913

    I know CBS can do better than this #1 you dont have a font size #2 get rid of these pop up ads while a person is reading the news #3 this app is simply plain!!!! Come on redesign this thing you guys can do a hell of alot better!!!

  • Broadcasts

    by Johnboone77

    Bring back the full broadcasts!

  • Useless without the full broadcasts

    by Bojangles9999

    I used to use this app every morning to watch the news casts from the night before. Now that the full broadcasts are gone it is utterly useless.

  • No longer my favorite app

    by 1_Alpha

    Used to be my favorite daily go to app until the updates, now no full show clips. Don't waste your time on this app. CBS get a clue and stay in the "mobile age", read your feedback and put the full show clips back up (evening news, 60 min, etc.). Off to NBC until I can see full shows again.

  • Slow, Crashes All the Time

    by mmjj16

    I have an iPhone 4S and this app is constantly crashing. When it's not crashing it takes forever to load and refresh. Sometimes the article titles are there without the text. This app is very poor quality, I would strongly suggest a different app for your news. The ads are pretty bad too. They are constantly popping up and can cause the app to crash too (but then again so does opening it).

  • Terrible!!!

    by Wazbonz

    Suddenly this app cannot see my wifi connection, even though it is connected!!!

  • .

    by Every Time?

    It shuts down every time you try to open the pictures.

  • Can't watch the shows!!

    by Jameel Alayyan

    What's the point if you can't watch the shows?

  • Terrible

    by Chick 63

    Update is terrible the first thing that appears is annoying ad that you have t close very irritating

  • Catch up with the times

    by ALM56

    My LTE connection is faster than my home WIFI but you will not let me watch over cellular network. Please change this. I travel a lot and enjoy CBS evening news but on the road I watch Nxx because they allow me to watch over my high speed LTE connection.

  • Garbage

    by Oreski1

    This app used to be good. Way too many ads for the content provided.

  • Disappointing Update

    by chcjr

    This has been my "go to app" for news prior to the update. It no longer includes "clips" and full segment from the award winning news shows which I often miss in "real-time". Please restore to some semblance of the app prior to the update!!

  • Update Stinks Don't Waste Your Time


    Had to delete the app to reinstall the updated version. The whole thing was a waste as the new version is horrible. Please fix!!!

  • No More Apple TV Integration

    by CBS App User

    After the update, this app does not work with Apple TV. A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

  • Charge for a free app

    by Cat gel

    Y does when downloading this app it went thru my credit card when it is free. Plz advise. ASAP

  • doc

    by TPOW1971

    It freezes in the middle of installation!

  • Old Data

    by Jackaroo123

    Please send video to Apple TV not just audio!!!!!

  • Old news on the app

    by add ew2dy3

    Some of the articles are almost a week old.

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