Feeddler RSS Reader Pro News App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: C.B. Liu
  • Updated: Apr, 02 2010
  • Version: 2.4
  • Size: 7.6 MB

Languages: Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Che-Bin Liu

* Starring support for The Old Reader

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Feeddler is the most popular RSS reader for iPhone and iPad and has been picked as a top iPad app:
* "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" - featured by Apple
* "Cleanest and most user-friendly interface" - iPhone Life Magazine
* "Essential iPad Apps" - Gizmodo
* "10 Must Have iPad Apps" - Cool Tricks N Tips
* "Top 10 iPad Free Apps" - TFTS
* ... and many more

Feeddler is a fast and highly customizable RSS Reader client that stays perfect sync with RSS services and presents RSS stories in an easy-to-read interface. Feeddler is a universal app that supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.

* Syncs with AOL Reader (optional account, free).
* Syncs with Bazqux Reader (optional account, 30-day free trial).
* Syncs with FeedHQ (optional account, , 30-day free trial, will support self-hosting).
* Syncs with InoReader (optional account, free).
* Syncs with The Old Reader (optional account, free).
* Supports Retina display.
* Supports multiple accounts.
* Supports feed management - add/delete/rename/sort subscriptions and folders.
* Caches RSS articles for offline reading
* Shows true unread counts over 1000.
* Able to set up each subscription to open articles directly in RSS, full text mode, or web (online only).
* Able to star/unstar, like/unlike, share/unshare, mark unread any RSS story, even when offline (will sync when launching Feeddler with internet connection).
* Able to mark all items as read for any RSS subscription or mark only loaded items as read.
* Able to show only feeds/folders with unread items.
* Supports RSS article tagging, notes and comments.
* Swipe to navigate RSS stories.
* Pinch RSS articles to change font size.
* Save/Share/Zoom images by tapping images with two fingers.
* Copy-and-Paste titles, links, or full articles.
* Facebook sharing.
* Twitter sharing with optional Bit.ly personal account.
* E-mail sharing with optional default recipients.
* Readability, Instapaper, Pocket (Read It Later).
* Tumblr
* Pinterest
* Full text mode using Instapaper Mobilizer.
* Lots of UI customization options including summary preview and a night mode.

More features in the Pro version:
+ Sync all subscriptions, or sync subscriptions in a folder.
+ Sync options: sync all feeds or unread items only, sync from last sync, days or weeks. For faster syncing, use "Unread only" + "FromLastSync."
+ Caches images for offline reading.
+ Supports keyword search to find and add feeds.
+ Able to mark items as read based on date.
+ Able to mark items as read or star/unstar by tapping either side of a headline on the list.
+ Able to automatically mark items as read while scrolling headlines.
+ Supports Evernote to save any RSS articles, web pages, images, and PDF (without leaving the app).
+ Supports LinkedIn sharing.
+ Supports Delicious and Pinboard (online and offline).
+ No ads

If you like Feeddler, please consider writing positive reviews on the App Store. We keep adding features, fixing bugs, and improving app performance. Please send us feedback at feeddler@gmail.com. Thanks for your support.

Follow us on Twitter @feeddler.

Customer Reviews

  • "It just works"

    by Kycnac

    I use The Old Reader. Feeddler supports all the features I need - plus, the dev has always personally responded to any bugs via email. Highly recommended.

  • Love this app.

    by HuSquared

    I couldn't live without this app on my iPhone. Use it daily and love it.

  • Feature overload

    by TonyLechner

    Best Old Reader client, but the UX needs some serious work. It feels like features are there for the sake of having features; the app is not elegant.

  • Star support for The Old Reader

    by EC96

    I've been using this app for a long time, and I was glad the developer was able to adjust it for life after Google Reader's demise. I tried several other apps while waiting to see how things would turn out, but I didn't like any of them as much. Now with support for starring posts using a The Old Reader account, it's back to full, 100% perfection for my purposes once again. Many thanks!

  • Just plain great!

    by Sabramo

    Worth every penny. I used it with Google Reader, then switched it to inoreader. Nice clean layout and works smoothly. The cache feature is great for reading later when you're not on wifi Couldnt ask for anything else. Definitely one of the best purchases ive made in the app store.

  • Best RSS Reader out there

    by iPersuade

    I searched high and low for the perfect newsreader. This is it. I read my newsfeeds exclusively on my iPad and iPhone, and use this app and Flipboard for the bulk of it. This is such a great app, and I truly enjoy using it.

  • This is the Best RSS Reader out there!

    by Drew Buell

    I've been using Feedler for several years now and as far as I'm concerned it is the best RSS Reader out there! The interface is simple and yet powerful and best of all it just plain works.

  • Great app with a dated look

    by Cuscutis

    This is a great app and indispensable. The only downside is that it looks dated on iOS 7.

  • Fantastic RSS Reader

    by Mikey Likes It !!!

    FeeddlerPro makes is so easy for me to stay on top of the tech industry.

  • solid

    by cmoore70

    great app. very solid.

  • Indispensible

    by pbibm

    I continue to use this every day to have an organized news browsing and archive method. I use bazqux as my rss aggregator. Its a powerful double punch

  • Outdated UI

    by jv80

    This app functions very well but the user interface looks like it came off the original iPhone. A well designed modern UI could make this app a real joy to use.

  • I use it every day!

    by Greig G

    It does everything I need... Perfect!

  • great app

    by Stephen Hetrick

    I have used this application for years and had a seamless transition from using Google Reader for the RSS feed.

  • The most convenient of all readers!

    by Zarkpros

    The function for me that makes this the killer app is the ability to view the instapaper version of the full text of RSS posts without any extra work. Kudos!

  • Great app, great features!

    by Saintpeter74

    I use this app with The Old Reader. It, in many ways, is actually a better interface than TOR's web interface. I most enjoy the page turning gesture support. Feeddler is my go to app for RSS.

  • Very nice

    by Deb-60

    Nicely done

  • Love it!

    by Gazould

    Works great

  • Best RSS Reader out there

    by iPersuade

    I searched high and low for the perfect newsreader. This is it. I read my newsfeeds exclusively on my iPad and iPhone, and use this app and Flipboard for the bulk of it. This is such a great app, and I truly enjoy using it.

  • So Far, Good

    by solitary angler

    Missed it during the change with Google. Works well with AOL. Good stuff.

  • Not as good as it use to be

    by Puget Hiker

    Now that Google Reader is gone it took a while to find a good reader. I went with simple and chose Feedly. Unfortunately, Feeddler supports everything else but Feedly. Probably still works well but since it is lacking in functionality for me I will be deleting it from my phone.

  • Still no iOS 7 update?

    by Yuumoushin

    Please update the app so it works and looks better with iOS 7 (besides just the icon). The app is simple, but could benefit from a more user friendly reading pane and interface.

  • Afraid of feedly service?

    by NeoWorks

    What gives, feeddler supports a plethora of other rss services, but chooses to ignore feedly? Some Internal strife with feedly? As I've read these reviews, the developer is ignoring their real customers request. Support feedly! No feedly, game over.

  • Feeddler Pro is best RSS app - bar none!

    by @gerrywieder

    Feeddler is the easiest to use, most comprehensive RSS app out there. And yes, I think I've tried just about all of them. Also, the dev, C.B. Liu, is very responsive to your concerns. Recently, when I was having connectivity issues b/t Feeddler and Twitter, he worked with me to find the solution. BTW, you do need a RSS news service. I recommend Bazqux. Again, great app and above average after-sales service.

  • All I ask is that it not crash...

    by Andrew Karre

    as much as Reeder. And it doesn't. I don't love the swipe gesture for next or that I have to tap so many times to read unreads in a folder, but did I mention it doesn't crash as much as Reeder?

  • Solid

    by 1saxmaniac

    Does what it needs to do, doesn't get in the way, and doesn't force me to read an inscrutable "magazine" style. Author is prompt about bug fixes. Worth the money!

  • Where is Feedly?

    by Nick Saorsa

    Still no Feedly support? What gives?

  • Best replacement for Google Reader

    by Greg OB

    Best replacement for Google Reader that I have found. Works well with Old Reader.

  • Works great, no complaints

    by tomtiki

    Been using for a year or so, no complaints

  • Problems Maturing

    by Lilith11578

    I've been a paid user of Feeddler Pro for about a year, since before Google Reader closed. I previously rated it 5 stars. The last few months (summer 2013 through end of year), Feeddler has delivered more errors instead of showing articles, more blank screens, more timeouts, particularly when default view is full article simplified. What ever you do, NEVER enable auto share! There's no UI control to DISABLE auto share for a service should you ever change your mind. Even uninstalling the app and reinstalling doesn't fix it. No new features of note or sharing services have been added in the last 6 months. Promised Feedly support never materialized. Is this app still being actively developed, or is it just bug fixes on the way to the grave?

  • Used to be

    by JuergenHartl

    This used to be one of the best RSS reader. But since google dropped out of the market, we have been promised support for feedly. It never happened. On the developers blog nothing new since July. It seems this app has been abandoned.

  • Feedly Support

    by bdavis22

    Please add feedly support for a 5 star rating.

  • Excellent app - thanks!

    by Jkonen67

    Great job

  • Nice app. One big request.

    by Andleer

    Nice app. If only it would sync my iPad and iPhone via iCloud. I really have no need to read rss outside this ecosystem.

  • cannot get past setup screen and no support site exists anymore

    by Kamin123

    Cannot get past setup screen of only five services I do not use. The support link goes to a defunct site.

  • Fabulous!

    by storabi

    Easily my most used app on my iPad. I've recommended it to all my friends. Works great, easy to use. I use it every day to keep up with all the blogs I enjoy. Cup of coffee, iPad & Feeddler app...perfect moments of relaxation! The only thing that could make it better is adding a Pinterest "Pin It!" option to the list that currently included Facebook, Twitter & Instapaper options.

  • Perfect

    by Tmatteson

    My go to app for news important to me.

  • Best rss feeder I've found

    by KFBob

    Worth the bucks for this app. Intuitive options, easy to set up.

  • Great but pleas add Feedly!

    by Ritow

    Great but pleas add Feedly!

  • No Feedly support!

    by PhotoGil

    This used to be my go to app, but once Google Reader was discontinued, I have switched to Feedly which Feeddler does not support. Where's the Feedly support?

  • Came back to Feeddler

    by UncleSpider

    When Google dropped their reader service I moved off Feeddler to a couple other Readers. I used Feedly for a while - as good as it was I could not get past the lack of continuous scroll - it's more of a page flip when viewing the news listing view. And for me, having images the feed list only takes up space - I prefer the density of a text only feeds list. Shortly after AOL started offering a news feed service - and Feeddler added support for it - I returned to using Feeddler and never looked back. Love the night mode, the AOL backend is speedy and has been very reliable, and the true seamless continuous scrolling in the Feeddler news listing makes it easier to navigate than some of the other competing reader clients.

  • Please add feedly support

    by nonleft

    I used to use this app religiously, but since google reader shut down and I moved my stuff to feedly it would be just too much work to start over.

  • Where's the Feedly support?

    by RDub76

    This was my go to RSS app, but without Feedly support it's useless to me. Now I'm loving Newsify. Please add this!

  • Favorite way to surf

    by Bruce Gutzmann

    Handled the demise of Google Reader gracefully. Integrates well with the alternatives everyone needed to adopt.

  • My go-to app for news feeds

    by AshevilleVideo

    I use this app every day. Love that it works with buffer. Great for tracking multiple news feeds.

  • Great rss reader

    by lsocoee

    I use this all the time. The developer has always been quick to respond with solutions. Works perfect now! The update works great! Thanks for including so many options to provide a replacement for google reader. I am using bazqux and it works just like google did.

  • Great RSS Reader

    by Cheeseman@@@

    Best one out there. Worth every penny. Thank you developers for teaming up with The Old Reader and allowing me to continue use of this app after the Google Reader demise. Great support!!

  • Used to be Great

    by Ed Simon

    I once loved this app but they weren’t quick enough to add support for Feedly and now I’ve had to jump ship to keep my feeds syncing across mobile and desktop devices. So long old friend.

  • Excellent RSS reader

    by ansel4

    It is one of the few that actually offers full text mobilized view by default. The developer is very responsive.

  • Works well

    by Symgryph

    Seems to work with bazqux.

  • Fair app

    by allrightwebdesign

    When working, this reader does a fine job. However, it took a number of emails to the author to get things working as they should. A basic problem that they need to fix is that it looses its view setting when closed. So you return to the reader and sync, and no new feeds show up. Click the list and there they are. I cannot recommend this app.

  • Great app

    by Enoughie

    I use this app practically every day. I really like how much you can customize the app and how it is integrated with so many services like Pocket

  • Pinterest is fabulous addition

    by User9753

    This is, without a doubt, the best reader app out there. It's easy to use and the recent addition of Pinterest compatibility makes this two steps above the rest.

  • Aol reader is SOOOO FAST!!!!

    by Zoop-4-U

    I've always been a feeddler fan, but I'm so happy I took their advice to try aol reader. feeddler has never been so fast!!! awesome!

  • Survived the demise of Google Reader

    by MtnSloth

    Feeddler has been my preferred tool to rapidly scan text heavy feeds for two or three years now. In my opinion, the more feeds you process, the more you need Feeddler. Great integration with Pinboard and Instapaper. Your choice of server may be critical to the experience you get; use one of the recommended services. Can't wait for a self-hosted solution so I can never be "Google Readered" again.

  • terrific app

    by ChiCricketFan

    Does everything I need and more!

  • Love it

    by ahr112

    Please add Feedly service

  • Clean interface

    by kwall1969

    The bugs seem to be worked out since the google reader days. Love the ease of navigation. Best reader out there!!

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