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The Most Emailed/Popular News RSS feeds from 23 of the best news sites on the internet!

App version of the popular website

Includes the feeds for the following papers and sites.

NY Times
The Guardian UK
The Washington Post
USA Today
The LA Times
ABC News
The Huffington Post
The Wall Street Journal
The Onion
The Boston Globe
The Chicago Tribune
The Times Of India
The Irish Independent
The Seattle Times

Now the worlds best news aggregator site is available as an Iphone app.

All The News That's Fit To Link

Just Double click to zoom!

Also if you're cheap, please check out
"Most Emailed News Lite"

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Customer Reviews

  • Good news!

    by Brekken360

    Awesome website! Great spread of papers

  • Cool

    by LeeNYC112

    I like it.

  • Cool

    by Hairy Faced Creep

    Goes well with my horrible jokes... bud dum shisssss

  • Good and easy!

    by TheBreezeway

    Lots of news sources, easy no brainer interface, I dig it.

  • great way of keeping track of what

    by Comic's Comic

    this is like an RSS feed of the top stories each day from all the top papers (plus a few unusual sources).

  • Hard to read

    by Billpyr

    Interesting articles, but app doesn't landscape. Often print is too small to read. Enlarging to legibility is tedious, as you have to keep moving the article from side to side.

  • Really ugly

    by sarah sylvia stout

    Great concept..... but it's so aesthetically unpleasing that I deleted it immediately. Might not matter to everyone, but it's a dealbreaker for me.

  • Worst application ever sold!!!

    by Brian Camilo

    Do not loss your money, you cannot read the complete tittle of the news, only the first three or four words. It is the slowest application ever sold, and I have purchased more than 150 before this one. Do not loss your money, DO NOT PURCHASE IT!!!! Good idea, but it is not ready to be sold. I do not know how was possible that Apple approved it.

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