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Casino Nicieties is a collection of facts and information about newspapers which you can share on twitter and facebook.

Did you know that In the 15th century, Europeans began to use the face cards (J,Q,K) to represent famous figures in history. The king of Spades is supposed to represent David, king of the kingdom of Israel. King of Hearts represents Charlemagne or Charles the Great, the famous king of the Franks in the 8th century A.C. King of Diamond portrays Julius Caesar. Finally, the king of Clubs is inspired by Alexander the Great, the legendary king of Macedon. The Queens and Jacks of the deck also represent historical or mythological figures. The Jack of Diamonds, for example, represents Homer’s Hector. The Queen of Spades represents Pallas, the Greek Goddess.

Did you know that if you add all the numbers depicted on the roulette you will get 666 which is thought to be the Devil number? That's why roulette and gambling are usually associated with the Devil and sin.

Customer Reviews

  • by ricardomack

    Liked most of the facts. A few i feel need to be changed but on the whole ok.

  • Impressed

    by Daguzamackle

    really like some of the facts. but ui is a bit blend.

  • Was ok

    by ottomindi

    Was ok. would love if the ui could be updated but otherwise very interesting facts.

  • coco beanies

    by caardeas

    Lol some interesting and some downright weird facts in here. Worth a look.

  • An interesting way to pass the time

    by Syamvi

    Quite a few interesting facts to pass the time.

  • Fun

    by leinaasha

    Some stuff to share with the girls during our coffee break!

  • Interesting facts about coffee

    by Pururururururu

    Some really interesting stuff.

  • Worthless

    by Zawsdfrt

    Repeats a few misspelled sayings ... Stupid

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