AARP News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: AARP
  • Updated: Sep, 29 2010
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 6.05 MB

Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: AARP

- Facebook share update for iOS 5 & 6.

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18 Ratings
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Now you can take the AARP experience with you on the go. With the AARP app, you can save money, stay informed and share favorite content with your friends.

Easy access to AARP member benefits and discounts now with a stored copy of your membership card on your mobile device!

Read the latest articles from AARP in a mobile-optimized format and access offline.

Watch video clips from AARP’s video library.

Stream and listen to music from one of our stations while you browse.

Share interesting content with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Join AARP or renew your membership.

Stay up-to-date and download the app today!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Miguel Chavez

    Easy to use love the format works awesome on IOS

  • ARP

    by Tomuchfor

    Just keep all involved of today world wide

  • Can't scroll benefits on iPhone

    by EvelWeasel

    I like the idea behind the app but a key feature that doesn't work is scrolling through the benefits.

  • Good One

    by DreamsInCali

    Like it

  • Retirées United

    by Nippotente ;-) KHIM

    Get the App Get on Board! ;-)

  • App now fixed as of 8-21-13

    by MVPinBoynton1

    I am now happy with the app again now that the log on issue has been fixed.

  • Best app ever

    by Ghggdjdjrft

    Best app ever and don't listen to everyone else they just don't know how to use technology that well the app isit the problem the problem is them becuase only people who use/ play on tech won't have a probelm

  • Nice!

    by Robinbirdsong

    No problems, seems to work well!

  • Excellent

    by DiceLover2

    Take time to learn how to use the app. You'll have access to interesting reading, articles relevant and informative. Great music - all genres, even TV. Lots of ways to personalize, save,and share articles. Yes, a couple of glitches, some I discovered were due to "operator error". Thanks, we love it!!!

  • Cannot load Passbook Coupon

    by DrWhitaker

    Receive error "Frame Load Interrupted". No way to report problems with the app - bad bad

  • Loved it!

    by Mel210h

    Very fast & easy :) keeps me informed no need to call and ask for information i can just go to mg app!!

  • Great app! What are they doing?

    by diassik208

    This app worked wonderfully for me or maybe I'm just lucky or too dumb to notice problems. What are they doing? This is excellent. And no I'm not from AARP and don't care about the org except for its benefits.

  • Discounts pages don't scroll

    by Needsafixin'

    Alas, not much use! App needs lots of work.

  • Will not show member card

    by Barbamom

    Tried to get member card to show but even after talking with AARP support still does not work. Very frustrating! Keep getting messages to join! I AM A MEMBER FOR 2 MORE YEARS! Quit asking for more money and just have app work correctly!

  • .

    by Thankful70

    The category list won't scroll to view the entire list of businesses.

  • Completely Worthless

    by fastlaney

    Do not even bother trying to download this piece of crap app. Slow loading and full of errors.

  • Senile app

    by Kplan23

    I downloaded the app. I clicked a link that takes me to a page that asks me to go to iTunes to download this app which I already have open on my device. The second option is to open in Safari. Why have the app? Tried a 2nd link which opens a page that looks like the 1st without any links to iTunes or Safari. This app suffers from senility. Deleted.

  • Can't see all discounts

    by 66mustangsally

    There seems to be an issue with the scrolling on discount pages. Would be great if it worked. It used to.

  • Discounts Don't Scroll!

    by jppisme

    Hate to give this just one star as it is a very clean app but alas, dysfunctional. You can not fully view needed info as the pages will not allow you to scroll down. Particularly frustrating when needing to peruse discounts.

  • Pages won't scroll

    by Ralph Rodgers

    Very frustrating.

  • Better but still room for improvements

    by Jolin52993

    For example, discounts look like they should be a scrolling list. But it doesn't scroll. Which is ok if I am only interested in hotels beginning with "A" or "B" but sometimes I'd like to stay at a Marriott. Just a bit more product testing next time guys!!!

  • Stupid app

    by Ragazzo1s


  • Not able to scroll using 5s

    by Sporty987

    Not usable. No lists inside the app can be scrolled using my 5s phone

  • Can't scroll on 5s iOS 7

    by Yunhuhu

    This is the first app I've ever used that can't simply scroll up and down in the list view...

  • Really, what's up with downloading this app.? I was down loading on a brand new iphone 4.

    by Donjr9861

    This is agitating. You have to be losing sales on this App. Like I said I tried 5 times. So I guess I will go another route. And this has been going on for awhile. We'll I hope you get this problem resolved. Thank You.......

  • Not a convenient app.

    by dburroway

    Apps are supposed to make things easier. This one does the opposite in that you cannot log in to your AARP account through the app, even though you need to in order to view your AARP card or any membership information. Trying to log in using your online user name prompts that you need to use the email to log in. When you use the email, it says "email not found". Logging in through Facebook gets you to a screen that says "successfully connected", but nothing else.

  • AARP

    by Nieman1955

    Every time I try to open the app it pops back to the home screen. I have an iPhone 4s.

  • Worthless

    by Jack98110

    I'm trying to log in the forty time. It tells me I'm not registered and then displays my personal info. I then try to enter my address but the keyboard only appears for a fraction of a second and disappears. Have the developers even tried to use this app? I'm giving up and removing it!

  • Bad app

    by Man from Lincoln

    Bad App and they won't fix it. Would be nice if you could download you card to show for discounts but that's a joke.

  • Retry

    by Poipusun

    I downloaded the APP and then it told me to RETRY, So I did and it saying unable to Download. Then it said To RETRY Again.. Please Fix the APP!

  • Not a great app

    by LidiaLipstick

    Going on a road trip. Would love to be able to enter the area I'm in to see which hotels nearby give the AARP discount. This app doesn't do it or much of anything else. Needs a lot of work.

  • Worthless

    by AIslandFL

    Waste of time. Does not recognize members.

  • Frustrating

    by Bazooka99

    Unable to login and display membership card. It keeps saying I need to connect to WiFi or find a better cellular connection. Doesn't work even when I am connected to WiFi. I used to use this app to display my membership card to take advantage of discounts.

  • ****BEWARE****

    by Quail8179

    AARP sold my email address and now con men are coming out of the word work trying to sell me services/products. AARP should take better care of vulnerable seniors than this.

  • Not worth one star...

    by UMAppleMan

    I am connected to the network and able to log onto AARP but not inside this app. I couldn't write this review if I wasn't online. Shame on AARP for offering an app that doesn't work. Previous versions of the app worked fine. This version doesn't do anything for me.

  • Doesn't Work

    by scottcorinna

    This used to be a useful app but I can't log-in anymore. When I try logging in it asks me if I want to download the app, from within the app. Come on AARP get this fixed.

  • Log in problems

    by 50Val50

    Says I'm logged in, but claims I have Internet problems. Not so, but can't show card anyway. App just needs the bugs fixed, I'm hoping for the update soon

  • Can't get card to work

    by konkrypton

    I keep logging in and it says it is successful. Then says it hasn't got an internet connection and the card never fills in. It goes back to the newsfeed. When I try to get the card again, it asks me to log in again. Used to be a good app, someone broke it.

  • Not a product what should be backed by AARP.

    by Nixxonmcts

    Horrible. Same complaints as everyone else. Login issue to update/add your card does not work and is one of the major issues that should be addressed.

  • Cannot log in

    by honest david

    Using my correct email address and password yields an HTTP Status 500 (the server encountered an internal error) when trying to log in. Too bad that after all of the updates they've done, they still can't get a simple login right. Worthless.

  • Login error

    by SniperKJ

    Keeps telling me I have no connection to the Internet. I tried with 4G and wifi. Same thing.

  • Music does not work, too busy

    by Red Grange

    An ok app if it worked, but rather "busy" and could be cleaned up a lot. But bottom line, it is a mess. It kept opening the app by stating "do you want to download App?" This is an indication of a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. it opens to a website with too many photos and fluff that is not needed. Music option does not work either. This app needs to flush out the bugs and revisit a clean user interface design and basically WORK. Sort of like an app full of ads and failure.

  • Junk

    by Isocoord

    Cannot log in unless you want your membership card. Looked interesting and interface seemed ok but ya might need to sign in to use some services. If no stars were allowed it would have been selected. Deleted app.

  • Needs a lot of work.

    by GramPam22

    Seems like a good start, but the app - after downloading - keeps trying to get me to download the same app, which keeps trying to get me to download the same app, which ..... Eternal loop, not a productive 'feature', shall we say. The biggest failure of the app is having no search feature, and no stability. Every time it's launched or even returned to in the same session, it goes to different items with no way to find whatever you were reading a minute ago. This makes it random and inaccessible.

  • Without a doubt the worst iPhone app

    by StowePatroller

    ... the absolute worst app I've ever experienced: > I couldn't log in because it doesn't recognize my userid and/or password > the app doesn't recognize that I'm even using the iPhone app. It keeps suggesting that I get the iPhone app. > every attempt to find help (e.g., FAQs, Contact Us) and more results in another suggestion to 'get the iPhone App I tried and tried, and now I'm writing this review. When I'm finished here, I'll delete the App.

  • AARP Garbage

    by Captain T.

    Absolute junk. Told me I "was not a member" when in fact I had recently renewed! This after going through multiple screens of agonizing log-in info. Forget about this time vampire until it gets fixed. Deleted!!!

  • This is worth exactly …

    by HeloCaptain

    …AARP charges for it. Login for card fails. Topic articles often fail to load. Safari provides a reliable experience at the AARP site. This app = USELESS.

  • Worthless time waster

    by TheOtherBud

    Tried to print my card. Log in about 12 different ways. Some say you are logged in fine other times you are not a member or not connected. Then they take you to and suggest you try the app.try the app again and get kicked back to Rinse and repeat. Forever. It's easier to have them mail new cards. I wish it were possible to give this a negative amount of stars as even zero would be too kind.

  • Does not work

    by mlukem

    Stopped working completely after I updated it.

  • Total Waste of Time

    by Midwest Opera Fan

    The app doesn't work. Period. You try to log in and it wants you to register your user name, which it tells you is already taken. Suggestion to AARP: DON'T PUT SOMETHING OUT BEFORE YOU FULLY TEST IT! App deleted and we're moving on.

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