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Why pay for Wi-Fi when there might be a free Wi-Fi spot near you? The Free Wi-Fi locator helps you find free Wi-Fi hotspots where ever you are. With a simple tap of the icon you can see locations near you. Click on a location and receive the exact driving directions.

It's as easy as that. Just tap, get online and save!

NOTE: We've done our best to find every free Wi-Fi location in the United States (we've got over 14,000 Wi-Fi locations and counting...) but we're certain that we've missed some. So if you'd like to help make this an even better app, please click on the information button on the main page and send us an email with the location(s) you know of that we missed. We'll do our best to quickly verify and add them to our database.

NOTE: This application is valid for US users only. We will be adding locations for other countries in future versions. As well, we've got some cool features that we will be adding shortly.

From the developers that created the first application that pays you back. KidsEatFree and the Museum Locator.

Customer Reviews

  • GREAT!!

    by x99RedBalloons

    I love this app!!

  • Your all idiots

    by AnimeFan1120

    To anyone who says " don't connect u 2 wifi I tought it would but do not" maybe you should read the description. Good app but could use a little less advertisements.

  • Get real!

    by Jcppsu

    This does just what it claims. When would you use this? Very simple: 1). Planning a trip, want to take your laptop or I-pad? Want free wi-fi? Check before you leave. 2) Use your phone while traveling with your pay as you go data plan, find a free spot, then switch to wi-fi to use your I-pad or laptop or phone.

  • Wonderful application

    by Alanonzander

    I could use a few fewer ads but I understand the need for them.


    by CandyCrazyGirl0218

    So helpful and very well made

  • Good but to many adds

    by Maddie L:):)

    Oringanaly I would give this app five stars but there are too many adds so that subtracts one star but otherwise this app is great great great:):)

  • Just gets the job done

    by Virender Sangha

    The app lists wireless networks but does not have capability of adding a network

  • Decent app

    by RDave4

    Even in my fairly small town, a number of spots are included. One of the obvious ones downtown wasn't and I sent them an email about it; got a reply a few days later that they had added it.

  • Keep updating

    by Cowboy Roper

    I use this a lot when wintering in AZ. it's hard I'm sure to add all the spots especially if you don't know they are there. I've added a couple and the response time is quick.

  • Responsive to additions!

    by Mpkoss

    Within a couple days of my submission of a free wifi spot, it was verified and added, and I received an email telling me that. Instead of complaining about missing spots, let them know!

  • Dumb people

    by Yo mama man 98

    First of all this app is meant for i phone so you can search wifi areas and this is a good app but i know of places that have wifi and are not labeled please update

  • Perfect for me

    by katwomansz

    Search for wifi before you go on your trip. It searches by zip code also. It found all the wifi I know of in my area, Maryland. And even a few I didn't know of. I don't want to spend one penny of data charges and this allows me to stay free. O and it's a free ap!

  • Shooot

    by Smokeum

    It lets u know if its even worth taling your i touch or not.

  • worst app ever

    by brib4321

    What is the point of having a free wifi finder if you need wifi to find free wifi! It just doesn't make sence! You need wifi to find wifi! That is not right! FIX IT! Shouldn't be rated even 1 star! Worst app ever!

  • T

    by Tarriverrat

    Great quick to add new places and super communication

  • I liked it.

    by iSpawn

    The only free hotspot in my home town did not populate at first so - ya know what? I contacted them and let them know. In LESS THAN 24 HOURS they verified it, added it and emailed me back to let me know it was done. All it takes is few minutes to contribute to the database and suddenly a good app becomes a great app.

  • A must-have for anyone on the go!

    by Bimmerboy147

    App works well and the developer is quick to add new places.

  • Useful app

    by PhishyAl

    Great way to find free public WiFi spots.

  • Good app

    by Kro234

    ...the downside is that u need wifi connection for the app to work. And a response to those who did not find their own home wifi: this is a database of FREE PUBLIC wifi spots like fastfoods and libraries. I doubt your home wifi is in that database.

  • It is useful if you use your brain a little

    by TodazeNews

    This app is useful if you are planning a trip and want to be able to access free wifi along the way. If you don't want to pay for cell tower data downloads or don't have a data plan, this is a viable option to still be able to take care of online business. Also for local trips, you can view the locations around your city with access to free wifi. This may factor into your decision of where you go to shop or hang out. With the new data limits for ipads and hotspot devices, and the corresponding $$ charges per MB for each page accessed on the net, I suppose there will many plenty of people who are using their data plan and suddenly realize they have hit their limit; they might want to find local free wifi. Perhaps there would be fewer negative comments if the description of the app.

  • This is the worst app I have ever see

    by Cake boring

    This app is the worst one I have ever see you need wi fi to find wi fi that who ever create this app he's not intelligent

  • Soo gay

    by Robin Goins

    You have to have wi-fi to find the wi-fi what the name

  • Not that useful.

    by ReallyreallySlow

    Seems it only knows Burger King. What about other stores? I know more than it listed.

  • Doesn't work

    by Hitting expert

    Couldn't connect to its servers despite good Internet signal. Useless

  • Good

    by aaaaabbbccdddgghjk

    It kinda works i but in a town but it had places that was not in the town

  • Boo

    by Kcdas24

    Only tells were wifi is I thought it would give you wifi anywhere.

  • It's a locator it doesnt say LOCATOR don't buy

    by Zombie farm22222,,.


  • It hasn't work yet

    by When it was FREE!!!!!


  • Doesn't connect

    by CherShee

    Doesn't connect to wifi

  • Review Master

    by Swayden

    Don't get because this game needs wifi to run so if u have and I pod touch you cant find free wifi unless you r connected to wifi so I guess this game is only for phones

  • Too much ads!!!

    by Arduinoâ„¢

    There are too much ads!! Every time an ad slides right in it makes my iPhone slow down. Then once the ads made my phone soooo slow that it froze and I always had to press the power button to get the iPhone working again. Never got past the ads. People this is a Wi-Fi finder not an ad showing app!!! I will get this if u remove the ads. I think the JiWire Wi-Fi Finder is 10 times better than this.

  • i don't like it

    by richard McClanahan

    turns out it needs internet boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Kind good

    by The heat an

    It found some that I knew but not all I was ever at one that was not on there map:(((((((

  • Total Junk!

    by booch221

    Thi app doesn't work. It never returns any results. It seems like it's locked up and I use any of the features. Don't waste your time with this.

  • Lame

    by keinys

    I like wifi finder more

  • Horrible app!

    by lackey_gurl_of_2011

    You need Internet access to locate the free wifi locations! If you had Internet access you wouldn't need to find wifi!!! Horrible waste of memory!

  • A very simple idea...helps when traveling

    by TK--234

    When you need to leave your own trusted wifi, you can find another free wifi in a given radius so that, in a dire time of wifi need, you will know where to get some free wifi other than your own. I want to request a feature to remember the results and save then in the mobile device for use when you don't have wifi. Plz add a feature to save results relative to the last location that you searched from. Right now I take a snapshot so if I need some wifi when traveling.

  • Worthless app

    by Sieanaa Clarrissee <3`

    You need wifi to find wifi . This app is stupid .

  • Useless.

    by Andre of NY


  • No bueno

    by Big Funk

    Doesn't work. Period.

  • Dumb

    by Boogeybohry

    I have wifi in my house and it said there was no wifi WTF??? So i tried a 2nd time and it didnt even work at all don't bother

  • Stupid

    by Caycor12345

    It does not even work right it stupid :(

  • Does Not Work On An Ipod 4G

    by Maltese831

    I loaded this thinking it might be useful but it would not do anything but flash its fake radar symbol. Useless!

  • Pointless. Should not even be given one star.

    by Mr. Dude's review

    What is the point!? Why would you need wi-fi if you already have internet!? Wi-Fi finders are meant for people who don't have internet! Others have actually made finders without needing internet, so why can't you! And no, I'm not going to switch to at&t and get an iPhone just for this.

  • Think

    by Logicnstuff

    The ability to find other wifi while currently on a wifi is rather simple. If you are ever planning on leaving your current wifi location, you might be interested to know where there others available too--especially if you depend on it for a connection. Giving 5* to make up for the people who don't understand the Internet.

  • Why need wifi??

    by *aces'99bLaCk*

    I think that it is alrite, but if ur trying to find wifi..y do u need wifi????!! I think they shood try to make a wifi finder without needing wifi!!

  • Kinda dumb

    by Fred4747:736363

    What's the point of a thing that finds internet, but needs Internet to do it!

  • what?

    by Scottorris

    what is it?

  • Ugh

    by Blueeyes19


  • How about posting SSID also?

    by Gerples

    The location listing is pretty good for my area, but it'd be nicer if the SSID was also listed. Also, I'd like to filter by SSID on the list, e.g. Show me all attwifi locations nearby.

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