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- iOS 7 compatibility
- Database update
- Fixed various bugs

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Welcome to Air Navigation Free !

Air Navigation Free is a flight information system. It is a basic version of Air Navigation, a full featured aircraft navigation application for iPhone/iPod/iPad with GPS.

Using the GPS receiver and accelerometers of the iPhone it can simulate different type of real IFR or VFR aircraft navigation devices.

Instruments are fullscreen and have a dark background for easy readability in the cockpit during day or night operation.

It contain a database with approximately 50000 navaids (VOR-DME & NDB's) and airports all around the world. The database is embedded and you can use it offline without an Internet connexion.


- a HSI and its related CDIs (Course Deviation Indicator)
- a VOR-DME simulator and its related CDIs (Course Deviation Indicator). Unlike a real VOR, you can select any waypoint from the embedded database NDB's etc.
- an ADF
- a Gyro compass
- An embedded worldwide database with approximately 50000 navigation waypoints (NDBs and VOR-DMEs, airports)
- Slip indicators in every instrument view


A GPS enabled device is required to use navigation modules. Using Air Navigation on iPods may require an external GPS module. Using Air Navigation with "Airplane mode" turned on, may require an external GPS module.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Please note that this software is not intended to replace a certified navigation device. You should always use official aeronautical documentation when preparing and performing a flight. You should always use certified navigation devices when performing a flight.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty cool

    by aski3

    Pretty sure this is the only app of its kind. You can literally select and navigate with real aeronautical navaids. Of course this is accomplished through GPS by knowing the phones position and reproduces the instruments behavior. This could be a very valuable training aid to new pilots. Although, don't expect to find all navaids. I've found it's missing some important high altitude VORs like BNA and PSK. It's hard to tell why this is, maybe the database the author got is not complete. One nuisance is having to scroll through all the countries when trying to find navaids. It would be nice if this list was editable like other programs to limit the choices to ones home country. Overall pretty cool. Looking forward to improvements.

  • Works well overall for me

    by 2469dhjirvbwl

    Note that there is a manual on the developer's website (for the Pro version) that addresses most of the critical comments in other reviews. No stability issues for me on iPhone 4. Not sure about currency of database, but it has good info for the airports near me except for comm frequencies for small fields (not inaccurate, just missing sometimes). There is a bug with opening the list of navaids, but re-opening the list several times will get it to populate (reported long ago but not corrected). Overall a very good app. The free version makes a possible backup to a panel mount GPS. Could be used as simple primary GPS for VFR as a supplement to FAA sectionals. The HSI view is very nice. Setting the CDI needle to align with the runway heading provides excellent orientation when approaching and following a traffic pattern.

  • GREAT!

    by Movie viewer 00700

    Works really well and is accurate. Can't beat it or the "price". Thank you for doing such a great job.

  • Works great

    by Cutedge

    Works great and is very useful. Works like the real instruments if you understand how they work.

  • Neat, but info not 100% yet

    by Pilot Georgia

    Neat idea. Would prefer the moving map instead of just the HSI (with the free one) but don't want to spend until I learn the extent of the database issues. My home airport's freqs are 4+ years old and WRONG. Once the DB is updated, I'd buy.

  • Cool

    by blawson02


  • .

    by Tailwing

    You should upgrade to a moveable compass without a nav point to use whenever

  • Latest Release fixes most problems

    by VonTrousers

    The lock-on is still slow, but the developer did a great job addressing the flaws in the previous version. Nicely done.

  • Thanks

    by Aviator guy

    Really great and useful thanks

  • Trying, but not yet.

    by TD's Cox ID

    I like the idea, and it does have promise, but right now it's hardly even worth the effort to load it and try it. Very, verrrry limited database; I mean, heck, nothing for PVD?

  • AirnavFree

    by C33A Driver

    This app sounds pretty cool, but it is missing so many nav aids and has no airports so it is pretty much worthless. Well for free it is worthless. As a pilot I recommend you not waste your memory with this app.

  • Cant find GPS position

    by rookie10123

    For some reason it won't find the GPS position. Other apps work but his one just won't.

  • not good

    by wooffman99

    To complicated

  • Use in Aircraft

    by ColJohn63

    Nice tool but after 5 attempts to use while flying a Cessna 172, will not capture GPS or any nav freqs. Using on I-phone 4.

  • Not exactly the best database

    by CLDennisMac

    The app is a good concept but the database leaves little to be desired. For Nevada in the USA, Winnemucca and Ely? Get real. Nobody has been to either places in the last century! What happened to BLD and LAS VOR's? Why aren't they in your database? Two of the most important VOR's in Nevada. Reno? Mormon Mesa? VORS... NDB's are all gone. I deleted the app. sorry..

  • Me

    by Toastedham

    Compass needs to turn when changing directions!

  • Don't have a clue

    by Capt jet man

    When trying to use this without any instructions is maddening. How do you select a new station or vor? Being a pilot I'm clueless.

  • Air Nav Free

    by Capt. JJ

    Good idea but, on any HSI I've flown you can set HDG independently from COURSE. Not having this standard feature makes the APP kind of silly.

  • Was uppp

    by &@$:):):););)

    Boring got free one just t rite the review

  • Chicken

    by joshua horita

    Hi this is joe jonas saying that I eat kfc every day

  • Another waste application

    by W. Jimminy Branford III

    This is another program not worth the time and effort to install. It does not work on the iPOD Touch. The compass function does not work on the car dashboard or the top of the instrument panel of the airplane. Useless plus no technical support response. Save your money. Captain Bob Fuller

  • Great app gone bad

    by Mojopilot

    I've used this app for a long time and until this last update thought it was mostly good. Great concept, just missing navaids. With the latest update the developer went overboard. While there is every published vor and ndb (which is all the app was missing) there is now every grass strip someone has landed an airplane at in the last 50 years. I don't mind seeing a few private use airports as ling as they are listed on a sectional chart. If you want every 500 foot strip of grass, great. But give me the option to filter it out and browse by private airports, public airports, and navaids. It's great that the app launches 25x faster, but it crashes far more often than before. If I ever need this to get me home in the clouds when my electrical system goes out I'd like to know I can count on it to open and stay open. Fix those two things and I'll return my review to the 5 stars it once was.

  • Incomplete

    by kapstaad

    I'm running this app on my 3GS, which has a decent gps chipset and a built in magnetometer. So why doesn't the compass know which way Im facing when I am indoors? Why don't the nav displays depict the correct bearings/radials? Can't be helped in non-S model iPhones, but apps like this are where the 3GS really shines. C'mon Mr developer, do some of that objective C stuff! I'd have alteady bought your "Pro" version if you'd got the 3GS features enabled.

  • It just doesn't seem to work

    by Hasnofaith

    Apple's forcing you to upgrade to a 3GS

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