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Seller: White Pigeon Design LLC

-Updated the user interface to make it easier to use and navigate around the map.
-Added Latitude and Longitude information to the drop pins.
-Added the ability to e-mail your positions as .kml files for viewing in Google Earth.
-Now ad supported.

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Did you ever wonder what is on the opposite side of the world from you?  As a child were you asked, “are you digging to China?”  If you continued digging, where would you surface? 
Did you know that Auckland, New Zealand is opposite or antipodal to Seville, Spain?  Or that if you dug a hole in New Jersey you wouldn’t end up in China, but off the western coast of Australia?
Dig to China! calculates your current location and shows you what is on the opposite side of the world.  This opposite location is known as your antipode.  Dig to China! displays your antipode as well as your latitudinal and longitudinal opposites.
WARNING: Please note that White Pigeon Design does not recommend attempting to dig to China or any other antipodal position as your chances of surviving both the subterranean creatures of Middle Earth and the molten core are very slim.
Dig to China! uses your iPhones assisted GPS, cellular triangulation or Wi-Fi to obtain your current location.  The iPod Touch provides your approximate location using information based on your proximity to known Wi-Fi networks.

Customer Reviews

  • I dig it!

    by kmhcp

    This app works great and is a lot of fun to use.

  • It's great!

    by None2014

    It's great (it's Reid /Bill /Meg /Monique /Logan) I like it for a free app it crashes often but it's fun keep up the good work. It does what it says.

  • Does what it says.

    by Scoutman15

    Did exactly what it said it would, and did it well. No extra bells or whistles. It's good for a few minutes of entertainment.

  • Its fun!!

    by Nickph17

    It's a fun app. Yeah it has an ad, who cares its free, deal with it. Worked well for me.

  • Wahooo

    by Kmichael500

    AWESOME APP!!!!!! Works perfectly!!!

  • Fun geek toy.

    by Mickey-Mouse

    My 14 yr old and I spent a fun 45 minutes when I first downloaded this app, just playing around with the different modes and different locations. Granted, we're both geeks and like programming, puzzles and interesting facts. But there was something fascinating about finding the different antipodes and latitudinal and longitudinal opposites.

  • Cannot Find Me

    by mfleigle

    This app doesn't work. Immediately on launch It says I have no Internet connection available even though I have full signal (both edge and wifi). Would be nice to manually tell it where on earth I am so it least it could provide some functionality

  • Fhytfch

    by angela gibson

    So stupid

  • Ads

    by ichoseanother

    Latest update added ads without warning. I will be deleting this.

  • 

    by Cameron anderson

    It's stupid!

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