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Improved graph and bug fixes for iOS6 and iPhone 5

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Free Version is selected as 'What's Hot' in US, UK, Australia and many other countries' App Store.

1. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
2. This app only works with iOS version above 4.0, also it doesn't work with iPod Touch which doesn't have GPS capability.
3. To stop this app from background tracking, you can either pause your track or quit this app from multitask-menu by double-tap iPhone home button.
4. The iTunes multiple tracks export feature only available in Pro version, also it doesn't support iTunes or Dropbox import at the moment.

Location Tracking GPS 4.0 turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS device. It fully takes advantages of features offered by iOS 4.0, track your path on Google map in real-time with integrated stopwatch. It is the perfect app for driving, walking, running and cycling. Arguably this is the best GPS solution in App Store. All the reviews are authentic reviews from our users.

1. Support multitasking in iOS 4.0, you can use other apps, for example answering phone calls, while this app still keeps tracking your location in the background. Background tracking can also save battery for long distance tracking.

2. More than 4 hours tracking before run out of battery according to current testing. Using background tracking gives you even much longer usage time.

3. Flexible orientation options as Landscape or Portrait mode.

4. Track your location, and show your path smoothly on map with changeable track colour.

5. Save unlimited tracks which can be viewed or edited later. Continue any track from track options. (You can only view last three tracks in free version).

6. Pro version comes with integrated calendar to better manage your track.

7. Unlimited number of waypoints like your home, school and office, which can also be used as destination. This app will show the direction to your destination, and generate route on Google Map app (this will switches itself to background). (Free version can only create max three waypoints)

8. Download Offline Map which can be used later without internet connection. (Only one offline map and 1000 tiles for free version)

9. Export track data as attachments in email, and view them in application like Google Earth.

10. Provide street and suburb information which can be sent together with a screenshot in email.

11. Simple and innovation interface, including stylish speed and elevation charts.

12. Integrated pedometer, track your exercise progress is as simple as it is.

13. Customise app settings to meet your needs.


1. The map have two models: normal model and tracking model, you can click 'Start' button and 'End Track' button on stopwatch to switch between the two models.

2. In normal model, the map will show your current location and street information.

3. In tracking model, the map will show your heading and path on the map.

4. Set destination: you need to add your destination as waypoint first, then select 'Navigate' in Stopwatch, click 'Dest' button and select the waypoint just added.

Customer Reviews

  • Works great!

    by Juan Trippe

    This is easy to use and handy

  • Easy to use

    by jonq58

    I really enjoy and use this app a lot.

  • Fun

    by Spi9doc

    It is fun and easy to use. Was cool to see my ski day of 32 miles and a max speed of 52mph!

  • Works

    by Happyyyyyy app123451231

    Does what it says it does. What's better than that.

  • Works

    by Happyyyyyy app123451231

    Does what it says it does. What's better than that.

  • Hiker

    by SueHiker

    I love this app. Use it regularly. Great app to keep track of distance and route.

  • Great app

    by Montoyaplumber

    Like this app very accurate.

  • Useful

    by JMMV84X4

    Good app, needs a few tweaks, but overall useful app

  • Best GPS Tracking

    by Luca.Pilot

    I spend so much time trying different GPS tracking apps and after all I can te you that this is really the most useful, accurate and reliable tracking app! Lots of important info and a dedicated map are included! TRY THIS !!!! -> USEFUL POWERFUL AND PRECISE !!! I hope a new version with better graphic will be available soon!!!

  • Nice

    by nour82

    Very good

  • Love it

    by rdrcrmatt

    Simple and works. Perfect.

  • Gives me what I need in a GPS app.

    by PirisBlue

    Five stars.

  • Gps

    by Ban Kim moon

    Six stars Now leave me be!

  • Best ever

    by Ktsazoze

    Very usefull app and well desgin

  • Very good

    by Flashsticks

    Easy to use. I like the maps

  • Muy buena aplicacion

    by rhye999


  • GPS tracker

    by StaryPolak

    It works quite well but: Speed tracking off by 2x I could not delete saved data No help files or link to website Track line shows lots of "jaggies"

  • Runner

    by WorkmanJK


  • Awesome

    by BiggDogg778

    I downloaded this app a week ago and it has been totally worth it. I take it hunting to track my route and it gets me out without getting lost. Plus keeps my favorite spots for getting back quicker. Only issue I have is I can't get the pro version.

  • Works

    by bgd2009


  • Best GPS Tracking App!!

    by Brand_12

    This is the best GPS Tracking you'll ever find. Pros: Keeps tracking in the background even without Wifi Signal, Stops only when runs out of battery. Has a a very accurate close-up tracking. Can track for over a week continuously. Cons: When kept running in the background, your battery life will go out VERY quickly! I recommend keep connected to a mobile battery when traveling. Experience StoryTime: One vacation to Canada I kept tracking were everywhere i went, but the battery lasted very shortly everyday since I spent the whole day out everyday without charging. On my last day before leaving Canada, my phone had ran out of battery like usual, and just as I was arriving the house of our friends ,which we had spent the whole week on, I dropped my phone on the snow and didn't notice. I thought I had lost it forever because Find my iphone cant find a turned off phone, but 3 weeks later, our friends still over in Canada found it when some snow around their house had melted and sended it back to me in the USA. I charged it and it amazingly WORKED! I was able to recover every picture I had taken and of course the Tracking I had all the time. Except after it ran out of battery. So ive learned to be more careful and now ill carry a mobile Battery. Great App!

  • Great app

    by Ferdinandus2nd


  • Nice walking app

    by Grego68

    Nice app for walking. Of course gps is tough on battery but that is to be expected.

  • Nice when it works

    by abbagabbablooey

    The last several times I've tried this app on a ride, it magically shuts itself off a few minutes into the ride. It's too unreliable. Got back from a 3 hour ride today to find the stopwatch still running (thanks but I already have a clock) and the only map travel recorded was about a half a block next to my home. Not worth using.

  • Great for off-roading!

    by MTVb34

    This app is great for tracking off-road adventures, whether your method of travel is on foot, four legs, or rubber. The app itself could use some minor improvements in ease of use. Overall, it's an incredibly useful tool, even when you're faced with "No service" in the middle of nowhere.

  • I am a real estate investment broker. This app provide a huge opportunity to study neighborhoods.

    by 1031 Guru

    As a real estate investment broker this app allows me to quickly assess neighborhood features by aerial views that can be magnified for greater accuracy. Extremely valuable app.

  • Great App

    by Dave45875

    Nice app.

  • Triply

    by Jawhar's


  • Great Ap!

    by Fredrics1

    Fun to use and accurate

  • Great app

    by Nemo427

    Easy to use. We used this to help find corner markers while property-hunting. Great little tracker while taking walks to determine how far we walked on unknown trails and roads. The biggest problem is we don't see how/where we can purchase this app so we can save more then 3 waypoints or tracks. Searched by app name & developer name. Nothing in app either. We have had two minor problems while walking an area with lots of elevation changes. It stopped tracking about 1/4 mile of walk. (Might have been due to position of phone while someone else started to carry phone in pocket.) another incident was while walking in area that may have spotty coverage. The track said we walked 42.3 mph.

  • Great app.

    by curiousyellow

    I use it several times a day to log fitness walks.

  • Great app!!

    by Easyb3

    Works great in the woods

  • Amazing precision

    by Bob4Linda

    Went on a power walk around our country town, and the GPS map was able to distinguish which side of the sidewalk I was on! Of course the bonus is the speed and distance stats!

  • Boat trip!

    by 89Bandit

    Took the boat out on the San Francisco Bay Area delta waters, drove around for hours and found my way back, no problem!! Great App!

  • I love this app

    by Missylu999

    This app allows me to track my walks with my dog. It's great

  • Another good app

    by Sambo1sambo2

    I like the tracker, cool app.

  • Very pleased

    by Waterboy1212

    This is a cool app. Did an excellent job tracking our vacation drive to the Dells. Shows exactly where we made good time and time traps. You can even look back on the map and see every place we pulled into a gas station. Extremely precise. Impressive.

  • Cool app

    by bcroygbiv

    Works great, only wish it continued to track uninterrupted while in background mode. Seems to stop tracking in background mode after about half an hour or so.

  • Muy buena app

    by Santiagorobe

    Que buena app, muy segura y me ha ayudado mucho.

  • So far...

    by McKitt

    I love it!

  • Tom

    by Ltomka

    I like this app. Easy using . Nr. 1

  • Very good

    by Smitty728

    Very helpful app ! Thank you

  • Review

    by LOSKER1

    Cool app

  • Great app

    by Debra clayton

    I downloaded this bc I got a job with the post office and use it do track my route so I can learn it.

  • Great GPS offline! I highly recommend

    by francislammawin

    This is a good GPS and even works offline.

  • Climber

    by M madan

    Very good But need worked in aircraft

  • Good stuff!

    by Gallusline

    Good app, tracks my walks most excellently.

  • It is good.

    by Keerthi Kaliki

    Very useful for all.

  • Great app

    by Finn4416

    Works great. Very interesting app.

  • Great App

    by Corndogdad

    Works fine.

  • Senior

    by EWM2013

    I walk everyday and I use this app regularly. It keeps up with distance I walk each time I walk then keeps a record with the date for me to look back for reference. It seems to be accurate as I have checked it with a Fitbit. They both agree on same distance. It's easy to use even for a senior citizen. Thanks.

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