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All carrier maps completely refreshed and updated for the entire USA. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all continue to turn on new LTE markets, while Verizon seems to be slowing down.

We continue to manually mark T-Mobile LTE markets with a purple star, as their own maps don't visually make a distinction between 3G/HSPA+/LTE at regional zoom levels.

Coverage? has also been optimized for the new 64-bit A7 processors found in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini.

As usual, your reviews in the App Store and telling your friends about Coverage? help us reach new customers. These free & frequent map updates are entirely funded by new sales of the app. We greatly appreciate your support & enthusiasm!

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Directly overlay and compare cellular carrier coverage maps! Perfect for travelers - research where you're covered across the USA!

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Coverage? focuses on helping mobile bandwidth junkies find cell signal as they roam. Save time looking up coverage on the carrier's websites, compare their claims head to head and better plan your travel routing to stay connected.

** The carrier's maps in your pocket: This app contains regional maps based off of each major carrier's data map - as found on their websites. Quickly overlay the carriers you use, to create your own personalized coverage map on your device.

** No internet needed: Our proprietary coverage maps are stored within the app on your device - no downloading needed! Quickly access where you're supposed to get a signal, even when you have none.

** Urban and rural areas: Maps are at a regional level, and cover the entire continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

** Carriers included: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile

** Know where to roam: view LTE, '4G' (HSPA+ & WiMax), 3G, 2G and roaming areas as inclusive overlays, focus on finding the coverage type you desire. (Hint: T-Mobile does not graphically distinguish between 3G/4G/LTE on their own maps. Thus we manually insert dark purple stars to at least indicate their LTE markets.)

Check for a quick video demo. We created this app because we are full time RVers ('technomads') ourselves who rely on mobile data to work remotely. Keeping this app updated is a priority for us, as we depend on it ourselves!

Coverage FAQ:
Q: Why aren't the maps more detailed or released more often?
A: We hand-create all the maps based on the carrier's reports - a very labor intensive process. The carriers are all rapidly rolling out new coverage and there's just no practical way to issue a new update everytime a new tower is turned on. We monitor new coverage and try to find balance between effort & staying current. We've been refreshing the maps every 6-8 weeks in 2012/2013.

Q: What makes 'Coverage?' unique?
A: There are great apps out there that collect user submitted signal reports - we love them. However, those apps are only useful in markets with an active user base. We took a different approach with Coverage? - we needed a tool to at least give us an idea of where signal should be - urban, rural and out in the boonies. Sure, carrier maps aren't a guarantee of where signal actually is, but it sure is helpful to know which direction to head when you need it!


Named 'Essential Tool' by Wired Magazine

** Winner - 'Most Useful App' - iOSDevCamp

"this app can be indispensable" -


The original goal of Coverage is to help fellow frequent travelers keep connected and plan their routes. Some have also found the app useful for shopping for their best carrier, even though our maps are regional - not neighborhood level detailed.

The maps in Coverage are our own proprietary interpretations of the coverage reported by each carrier. You should not rely on the maps in Coverage to be perfectly precise or absolutely timely, though we intend to update them at least quarterly. So far, map updates have been free - we may at some point offer more frequently released higher res maps via in app purchase.

Coverage does not report, collect or predict signal strength (there are great apps out there for that!). We can make no promises as to where you'll *actually* get signal.. there are too many variables - towers, device, terrain, weather, etc.

So… Got Coverage?

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app

    by LACoolJay

    Has all the info I need with frequent updates. Very well done! Only thing is I wish it would work in landscape mode on the phone. It does rotate on the iPad, but refuses to do landscape on the phone. Please fix that!

  • A great App for travelers who need to stay connected!

    by AnnArborBob

    This app is more than worth the money. It provides a much more nuanced view of each carrier’s coverage than can be obtained from their own web sites. I don’t know how the developers can do this? Also, the ability to quickly compare coverage across carriers is very helpful in picking a camp site in location A vs B. If you value your online access, spend the $2.99!

  • Must Have

    by Nicknameisdumb

    If you travel and work this little gem will save you a ton of time trying to figure out if you are going to have connectivity where you are headed. Worth every penny. Thanks!

  • Invaluable tool!

    by Jdcmom1963

    As a Fulltime IT nomad, I use this tool to help determine the best locations to stay on my travels. Quick and easy to use!

  • Over-the-road driver

    by Lost Al

    Excellent! Very helpful away from major metro areas...Thx for your efforts..

  • Great

    by Spy cam man


  • Amazing

    by Hadwan0

    The only problem is the AT&T LTE map in Wisconsin is not correct after the recent update

  • A must have App!

    by hmgusa

    This app is so great. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Awesome App!

    by Joe12121212121212

    The best app to see where carriers have coverage

  • Always good updates

    by ffarsheed

    Good update! Works great!

  • excellent! gives u idea as to coverage

    by iwantgizmos

    this app is worth getting. have had this app for a long time. always refer to it when want to generally know about coverage with the att and tmo on my iphones.

  • Great little app

    by QlikAndAgile


  • Best Coverage Viewer

    by jdwusami

    This is the best coverage viewer app in the App Store.

  • Best app

    by Philly Fridays

    Does exactly what it should! They update it all the time too.

  • One of the Most Very Useful Apps I have

    by DJ Stinky

    I have had this app for a while. It has been updated for iOS 7, which allows it to take advantage of quite a few iOS 7 features and improvements. Not all are visually apparent, nor should they need be. Not all apps optimized for iOS 7 are going to look identical nor do they have to look identical. Certainly, this app is consistent with iOS 7 design styles, which are many and left up to the developer to implement. This app is a great way to get accurate pinpoint information regarding the big four cell carriers and their coverage. This app's data is updated frequently to ensure that the coverage info is up to date. It's great for traveling or just wanting to know the physical coverage area provided by the cell companies. it's good as a reference and as a teaching tool.

  • An essential app for road warriors

    by GrangerFX

    I use this app frequently to find coverage in Nevada and California. It is updated frequently with new data. I wish the coverage maps were higher resolution.

  • Fantastic

    by BackOnOneDancer

    Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

  • Love it

    by VictorA1984

    I use the app all the time for work, when ever I travel, and just to see who can give me the best coverage!

  • Great for travelers or helping decide to switch carriers

    by kerberos75

    I've used it to map my travel plans, and it was a great help in determining which carrier was right for me. It's not 100% accurate, but close enough.

  • Great app

    by Talksalot96

    Great tool for when I travel!

  • Because you keep requesting a review

    by Lrmanfre

    One star because I keep getting a popup to review your app. Love the app, but this is irritating. I think the latest version of iRate allows users to permanently opt out of these requests--please update. Thanks.

  • Owner

    by Carp dog

    Best tool available for a Verizon salesman at least In north Michigan

  • Best coverage map on the market

    by Drew stu drew

    If you want a good coverage map this is the only good choice

  • Best cell coverage map in the USA

    by Big Lynxy

    Thanks, I like this app. One of the best in the market. The most accurate.

  • Excellent

    by sammm.k

    Useful app!

  • Does what it promises.

    by Sam123789

    What more could you ask for?


    by TFD44

    This app should be required reading BEFORE you sign a 2 year contract with a particular carrier! Just remember you're going to have to live with (put up with) that carrier you select for TWO LONG years. As someone who worked in this industry for thirty five years, I can tell you that this app will help you make the right decision. Keep in mind that even though AT&T has a much smaller data footprint than Verizon, it's download/upload speed is much faster! If you live in an area not currently covered by AT&T LTE, Verizon should be your choice. As for the other wireless carriers, you just need to download this app. I can't begin to say just how bad they are!!

  • Great App

    by Swanlzs

    Love this app for tracking coverage when I travel!

  • Improvements...

    by A kid in NY

    Should show other cell networks such as NetZero. Should show Roaming in OTHER COUNTRIES!! Needs donate button to help develop new and more frequent updates. If possible should show icons of the cell tower is. Should have networks update with network tower technical problems.

  • Coverage for US Mobile Carriers

    by BWinski

    This is a pretty good snap shot of how EXCEEDINGLY DECEPTIVE carrier personnel try to coverup in come cases how bad their coverage actually is, how good some carriers are to work with and how others are JUST there trying to make everybody's job AS MISERABLE AS POSSIBLE.. These guys do good work, under very difficulty situations and should be commended,

  • Informative

    by Descobe

    Great tool to determine what your carrier coverage looks like. I especially like to see how other carriers compare. Keep the updates coming. Thanks

  • Stays up to date

    by Rusaters

    This app does a great job staying accurate & current. It's always nice being able to see the coverage ahead of time for a trip.

  • Incomplete maps for T-Mobile

    by RAHoff

    I live in Western Washington, Seattle. We have had t-Mobile LTE service here for over a year all the way north to Bellingham this map shows just a couple dots. Even after the update.

  • Great to compare carriers!

    by Ja_Phantom

    This shows coverage better than any other coverage map I have seen! I really like that you can choose between a carrier's 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE including roaming coverage!

  • Great app!

    by Weatherkid1993

    A reliable app for all the carriers coverage maps!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Briancomputer

    Updates r awesome. Great job!!! Keep em coming!! Thanks


    by Dougelo7

    This app is a must-have for anyone who travels or is considering a carrier switch.

  • Map Awareness

    by Becjr

    I love being able to see what the approximate data/cel coverage is for the area I'm in. I check this app to see if I can expect good coverage or not. Thank you!

  • Great app!

    by ChuckHoffman

    I find this app very useful when I'm planning a trip, so I have some idea what to expect for network coverage in different areas. It's surprising and fun to compare the different companies like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for coverage, too.

  • Don't select a cell provider without this!

    by Randyrusty

    It is impossible to obtain accurate cell phone/data coverage maps from the big 4 cell phone carriers making selecting a cell carrier that works for the areas a person lives/works difficult at best. This app and more importantly the team that supports it provides in the most logical and easy to use map overlay the tool you need to make a good choice for you. For me, having dual residency and a professional pilot I needed to be able to compare the data coverage maps, specifically LTE coverage before I purchased my new LTE enabled IPhone 5. There is so much confusion over 4G and LTE for the data side. The consumer is being bamboozled by AT&T. Their 4G is slightly faster than 3G. LTE service changes that and your cell phone rivals WiFi connections for function. AT&T and the other carriers don't want you to see their LTE maps. This app changes that. Now you have the tool you need to beat the cell carriers at their game! Don't buy a new phone esp a smart phone without buying this AP! You'll thank me!

  • Great App!

    by DnyWlsh

    This app is very useful in getting a general overview of the coverage in your area. The carriers are rolling out 4G now quicker than ever and the developers are doing a great job at keeping the maps up to date.

  • Great app !

    by Stripj

    Use it regularly ..... Very good !

  • Great for Travel!

    by Aragorn4003

    App is very dependable and great for travel. It's nice to be able to see where coverage is available helps me save my battery. Thank you for the consistent updates. Keep it up guys!

  • Great app

    by Dustin_UT

    Can't complain!

  • Lovin' It :)

    by brandon garcia

    Works smoothly and it's amazing how confidently I can check the coverage of my carrier and also to compare with the ones of my friends :) the only issue I would have to say is that I would like more frequent updates around 1 month apart and also id like to see a donate button so that current users of the app can help support future updates. Other than that I love Coverage so keep it up :)

  • little behind

    by gaslite

    seems to behind new coverage on carriers but not bad

  • Very Useful And Fun To Use

    by Jsp543

    Fantastic UI and very useful data. It helped me discover that that Verizon is top dog, but AT&T have some areas covered better than Verizon does. Will help very much with running a mobile office next year!

  • Best Wireless Coverage Map App

    by markbyrn

    Always impressed with the rate of updates and keeping the ever changing state of wireless coverage as current as possible

  • Simply a great app!

    by mrbrown2195

    It does what it advertises and it does it well. This is just simply a great app!

  • app

    by larocax699

    i like

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