TomTom U.S.A. Navigation App Review (iOS, $35.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: TomTom
  • Updated: Dec, 11 2009
  • Version: 1.16
  • Size: 1.36 GB

Languages: Afrikaans, NB, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: TomTom

- LATEST, UPDATED TOMTOM MAP: because roads are constantly changing, on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app update comes with the latest and most up-to-date map.

- NEW iOS7-STYLE DESIGN: the app has been refreshed so it fits better with the all-new design of iOS7. Clean, fresh icons, fonts and menus and a translucent status bar make the app feel every bit iOS7 as can be.

- INSTALLATION TIP: This app uses the standard update mechanism of iOS. If you are having problems updating your app, the following steps may be of help:

1. Make sure that iCloud backup is enabled on your device.

2. Open and close the TomTom app to make a backup.

3. Delete the app to free up space.

4. Remove other apps, videos, music and photos until you have at least 3.3GB free space.

5. Download the update from the App Store.
If possible, we recommend that you install updates via iTunes on your computer.
If these tips do not resolve your problem, please contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Customer Ratings

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44 Ratings
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4099 Ratings


Get the TomTom Navigation app. Now save up to 30% for a limited time.

Last minute plans? With the TomTom Navigation app, driving somewhere new couldn’t be easier. You’ve always got your iPhone with you, so navigation’s close at hand. And losing signal is not a problem, because the app works not only online, but offline too. This saves you money on data roaming costs, and you’ll have constant access to the same maps, technology and world-class navigation as on our GPS navigators. It’s the app that drivers can rely on.

Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this:

›› Voice-guided turn-by-turn car navigation. Find your way the easy way with with clear voice instructions and a 2D or 3D view of the route ahead. Including automatic rerouting if you miss your turn.

›› Advanced Lane Guidance. Gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.

›› TomTom Offline Maps. Maps are stored on your iPhone or iPad – so you don't need a mobile data connection or large mobile data plan.

›› FREE Lifetime Maps. Download 4 or more full updates every year for the life of your app.

›› FREE Daily Map Changes. Benefit from shared daily map corrections from our 20 million strong Map Share community.

›› IQ Routes. The fastest routes, the most accurate and reliable arrival times - at all times of day.

›› Traffic. Drive with world-class traffic information (available via in-app purchase). (1)

›› Spoken Street Names. Helping you to keep your eyes on the road.

›› Powerful search. Search for destinations with TomTom Places, Facebook™ and foursquare™.

›› Multitasking support. Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone.

›› Seamless integration. Integrates easily with your iPhone/iPad contacts, photos, music, email, browser, calendar, iCloud and maps.

For all features and full descriptions please see

- US.

- The TomTom Navigation app requires a GPS signal. 3G-enabled iPads, iPhone 3GS, and later models have an internal GPS receiver. Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 4th gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver. The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, original iPad, original iPod touch and iPod touch 2nd/3rd gen are not supported.
(1) Check for availability per country. Services are available via in-app purchase and require a mobile phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. Services can only be used on one device at the same time. If you want to use your subscription to a different device, restore your purchases in the TomTom Shop on your preferred device.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
- Photos can only be used for navigation if you have enabled Location Services in the Camera application.

Customer Reviews

  • Best GPS -- it's the big things, and the little things

    by Ac1637488262

    Excellent. Rock-solid stable, like an appliance. Modern map. Ability to re-route to avoid certain roads (unlike my high-end Garmin). New version has excellent integration with audio: speech can be set to a different volume as music, music fades out as the directions are provided then fades back in. Brilliant. Cant say enough good things about this product. V highly recommended. -AC

  • Best

    by El Dume'


  • No Star Wars?

    by macheel

    First, I've tried every GPS app known to mankind. This one wins, hands down, on the following points: 1. Traffic. Best accuracy. Easy to reroute and easy to see what the delay is and where. Also love the quick glance car color (top right corner) that indicates red, yellow, green for traffic status. 2. Love the map color options. Even though some are dreadful, there is enough variety to appeal to everyone, and you can mix up day and night. Highly customizable. 3. Clear turn directions/visuals. 4. There is actually a car icon I can choose that looks just like my grey Focus hatchback! 5. Interface beautiful and mostly intuitive. 6. Only option in the App Store where you can mute the directions but will still be alerted audibly for rerouting, traffic changes, and speed cam alerts. I love this subtle but important feature! With every other GPS I've tried, if you mute the directions, you've muted everything, including important route-altering alerts. The following additions will earn it a 5-Star rating: 1. Adding a 2nd destination needs to be much simpler and clearer. I'm constantly either overriding my end destination entirely with the in between stop, or I do it correctly but cannot tell the distinction in travel times for the stop vs the whole trip. 2. Clear up confusion between "canceling route" and "ending navigation". 3. Better iPod integration (album art, song and album title - hello?). Instead, you merely have play, pause, fwd and rew. 4. When I launched the app for the very first time, I briefly saw Star Wars voices in the TomTom Store. I tried to buy Vader and Yoda, but had strange AppleID error messages and was unsuccessful. Shortly after relaunching the app for the second time, the Star Wars voice options went away entirely, never to return. Huh!? I REALLY want these on my iPhone!! Thanks!!

  • Great GPS - best way to travel

    by PSSnyder

    I have used TomTom, Google/Waze, Apple, and other apps for over 2 years. TomTom still does a better job than any of the alternative GPS apps. TomTom maps are on your phone, not in a cloud server. It is great to have all the maps on your phone when cell service is bad. Highly recommended. All GPS maps have errors, you simply must adjust the route in areas where the maps are not complete or are simply wrong. 95% of the time Tom-Tom takes me exactly where I want to go, even to locations that are not on any of the other maps. I use Tom-Tom w/traffic as my primary app, backed up with Google / Apple maps and other apps when needed.

  • No Star Wars?

    by macheel

    First, I've tried every GPS app known to mankind. This one wins, hands down, on the following points: 1. Traffic. Best accuracy. Easy to reroute and easy to see what the delay is and where. Also love the quick glance car color (top right corner) that indicates red, yellow, green for traffic status. 2. Love the map color options. Even though some are dreadful, there is enough variety to appeal to everyone, and you can mix up day and night. Highly customizable. 3. Clear turn directions/visuals. 4. There is actually a car icon I can choose that looks just like my grey Focus hatchback! 5. Interface beautiful and mostly intuitive. The following additions will earn it a 5-Star rating: 1. Adding a 2nd destination needs to be much simpler and clearer. I'm constantly either overriding my end destination entirely with the in between stop, or I do it correctly but cannot tell the distinction in travel times for the stop vs the whole trip. I'm still not confident I coldly successfully repeat the steps. 2. Clear up confusion between "canceling route" and "ending navigation". 3. When I launched the app for the very first time, I briefly saw Star Wars voices in the TomTom Store. I tried to buy Vader and Yoda, but had strange AppleID error messages and was unsuccessful. Shortly after relaunching the app for the second time, the Star Wars voice options went away entirely, never to return. Huh!? I REALLY want these on my iPhone!! Thanks!!

  • software update please

    by jOmZ15

    I have been using this app for almost a year now and I am more accustomed to it's interface and functionality. I drive in NY and NJ and this app helps me a lot especially in the intertwined roads here in NY. I like the traffic guidance feature as well however it's not 100% accurate all the time. Suggestions: 1. Please add an option to enable the phone to be a head up display device 2. Increase the saving capacity of the favorites folder 3. Add an option to purchase and upgrade the app to add countries like if I already have usa version to add canada or mexico 4. update the searching capability of searching for business establishments 5. Have a regular updates of functionalities and features to compete with other major navigation apps

  • Saves so much headache!

    by TimtamO

    Has to be one of my most used apps while travelling, and so much better than using a TomTom from the rental car company. User-friendly and more importantly, accurate. Love!

  • Favorite GPS App

    by Crispyds

    While many GPS apps do the job I have found tom-tom to be the best and most consistent. I love that I can use this app and not be connected to cellular service. I often times find myself traveling in parts of the country with terrible reception and for the tom-tom app this has never been a problem. While I often fall back on Siri to get me from A to B I love having this app in my pocket. It's worth every penny just for the peace of mind!


    by Casbrancas

    My Garmin crashed when I just arrived USA. TOM TOM work very fine without a 3G or 4G connection.

  • Life saver app

    by Stewart Hawel

    This app is worth every penny! I can't tell you how many times it has saved me with finding my way home to getting me to my destination on time. No complaints. It's a phone app guys, relax.

  • Tom Tom

    by medic2534

    Awesome app and it has Garmin beat by a mile

  • Crap graphics

    by Mangozulu

    Why did they change to the IOS7 graphics? They are crap. Has to see. They also need to introduce an 'avoid parkways' function for commercial vehicles.

  • Love the iOS 7 update!

    by Napzero

    Really liked this app before the update, but love the iOS 7 redesign!!! Such a beautiful, clean look. This app has never steered me wrong. It shines in the middle of nowhere when iMaps and Gmaps fail because there is no data service.

  • Great new look

    by Baerbaerbaer100

    This is a good looking update with a beautiful design. Works great on my iphone5. I find the font is too small for all displayed texts. That makes it difficult to read what's going on.

  • Best option in the store!!!

    by jayjthe3rd

    Just needs a little help!

  • Great app!

    by @Four0Seven

    Recommend this app, especially if you upgrade to the traffic service. One thing I wish it had was more voice options as in-app purchases. I'm really not fond of any of the ones being offered at the moment.

  • Please add compass

    by Lmcreswe

    Please add a compass to the map screen w next update, awesome app otherwise!

  • IOS 7 theme blocks too much of map

    by littlemelonae

    This iOS themed version is generally OK, however 1/3 of the map is lost in white space. Perhaps not the fault of TomTom. Apple chose stark design. It just doesn't make sense on a map on a phone with limited real estate. For example, the route you are to follow is reduced to smaller portion of the screen. At least 1/3 of the height of the map is lost. It would be nice if the top and bottom blank white bars were filled with usable info. Where are all the points of interest you see with a stand alone Tom Tom unit? You might need sunglasses to counter all the yellow and white glaring back at you. The color contrast is poor.

  • Five stars for traffic

    by n8wheel

    Update 12/20/13- iOs 7 just automatically updated to version 1.16. New interface is gorgeous. They said it was updated for iOS 7 and they delivered. Continues to offer best traffic. More of you use it, traffic gets better. That's how it works. ------------------------- I use this app every days to commute 35 miles each way through New York City to Long Island. It has saved me countless hours by routing me around delays. At the time of this review, there is no other service that comes close in terms of accuracy. Worth every penny. Very responsive and quick to update on the iPhone too.

  • Excellent App!!!

    by Ron is the best

    This app is the most useful app I have used till now. Works perfect. Almost no glitches. I threw away my Garmin gps after using tomtom app for sometime.

  • Bad updates and even worse Customer Service

    by Hate tweets

    I have used TomTom on a Treo for several years on 3 continents, no problem. Then I bought it for an iPhone 4s. First it was a bit annoying that there was no allowance for prior purchases; OK, they are extraordinarily greedy but I went ahead since i knew the app worked well. So much for that idea. Traffic is a total disaster. DO NOT BUY IT. I constantly get a message that the location services are off even though they are on and traffic monitors and necessary route alternatives do not work. This problem occurs in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and European versions. Of course I contacted CS. Their answer? "Make sure location services are turned on in Settings. " thanks, TomTom for a canned response that totally ignores what I wrote in my request for assistance and which assumes I am a mental midget. The app also has a pause music option that is useless. It does not work with any audio recording app I have tried. Lastly, they have a car kit to boost sound and charge the phone. Worked fine......for 11 months. TomTom's response? They took a week to reply, told Me to ship it, and then said it had arrived after the Warranty expired so no compensation. Like I said, they are rather greedy and clearly care little about customers in hand. The app is NOT actually iPhone friendly - on any continent.

  • Bugs are ruining this version

    by Michael Adelman

    Longtime user. This app was always great, but after the latest update I am experiencing the random crashes that other users have been noted. This is enough to push me to another navigation app. Come on tomtom, push out a fix.

  • do not buy at this time… crashes constantly

    by tennr

    I've been a long time TomTom fan, love the interface. This last update with TomTom and iOS7 is absolutely terrible. It crashes frequently during the route. It's not a specific pattern but will vary periodically from 30 seconds between crashes to 15 minutes. I'm trying to get help from TomTom on the matter. I'll update the review after it's been fixed. (Update: it still crashes after the latest release, don't buy yet)

  • Need fix for iPhone 5s IOS 7.0.4

    by Kevin.Nguyen

    It's automatic close this app when it run a little bit time.

  • TOMTOM: epic fail

    by SouthlandHB

    They updated the graphics interface for iOS 7, but didn't fix core issues at all. Traffic Services will cost you an extra $19.99 over the app. The traffic based routing has terrible flaws. Here's a typical scenario: You're driving alone to work. You hit traffic- because this app DID NOT warn you away. You're frustrated. After a couple minutes in traffic TOMTOM offers a route that is 19 minutes faster. You select that route. SURPRISE it's a route using ALL carpool lanes! TOMTOM wants you get into the left lane—AND you have the app SET to AVOID carpool lanes! It just doesn't care what you want.

  • Crashes all the time now....

    by gemini929

    I have had this app for a long time, but the latest release + ios 7 + iphone 5s equals nothing but headaches. It crashed 3 times while driving only an hour. Not the time when you want to be fumbling with your phone. What happened?

  • Bad update

    by Cambric

    After deleting the app and installing the update, I experienced repeated lockups while trying to plan a route. Each time, I had to restart my phone to unlock the crashed app. After three tries, I just quit the app and used Google Maps instead. TomTom apparently kept processes running although locked up and quit. when I reached the destination, about thirty miles later, the phone battery, which was fully charged when setting out, was completely discharged. I've never had Google Maps do this, and am quite sure it was TomTom, comatose but thrashing in the background.

  • Always Excellent in Prior versions

    by Robbo570

    I have had Tom Tom on my I phone since it first came out. Always worked without a problem. The lastest version shuts down for not apparent reason - this happens about every 5-10 minutes. Tom Tom needs to fix this immedietly. A app such as this that crashes constantly is useless.

  • Fine...

    by Disorganized orginization

    Tried to submit to the contact us page or find someway to email about the bug in this app but could not find one easily. So fine I will just leave a bad review to report the bug. App keeps closing for no reason. Closes every 5 minutes for no reason. Please fix. Used to be a good app. Could care less about a new crappy ios 7 look. I prefer function over form.

  • Ugh.

    by Wingdinger2

    New look is awful. Way too much white. Please revert. :(

  • Glad my traffic subscription is almost up

    by redbarron06

    I have used this app since 2010 and never had the problems I have in the last year. In 2 of the updates it completely ignored interstate on and off ramps. Now it takes only a few seconds to get a fix and as soon as the car starts moving it looses the fix. After a four and a half hour trip Thursday and the app only having a fix 30 minutes of it I will be changing GPS apps before driving back. Glad my traffic subscription is over in Jan. I wont be renewing it. Buy buy tomtom!

  • TomTom GPS review USA -latest update

    by Slagish

    Update: On my iPhone 5s with the latest App update of the the app has caused it to crash a lot. Every 4-5 minutes it will crash on you. This is unacceptable. If you own this app already, don't update yet! If you're thinking about buying, I would hold off until they fix the crashing problem. On a plus side they have HD Traffic at 50% off right now! For now a 1 star since it's unusable. *******Original review******* To start off, I've been using this app for over 2 years. Has worked great every time I use it. I also want to point out that this app requires a GPS that's built in on the iPhones and iPads with Cell antennas. If your iPad is the wifi only model, it does not have a GPS! Please people don't buy this for an iPad mini with wifi only as it will not work! You need an iPhone or an iPad with cellular. You don't need data to use it since it stores the maps on the iPad or iPhone. The good: -Fast routes when you enter a destination. -HD Traffic display a Green, yellow, or red car to indicate the amount of traffic in your route. -Maps are updated at least 2-4 times a year. The Bad: -HD traffic cost $20 a year if you want it. -When HD traffic prompts you for a faster route, you have to tap the yes icon within a minute or it'll stay on the same route. -HD Traffic prompts are not instants, usually takes a few minutes to download traffic data and to prompt you if it finds a faster route. By far this app works great even in Chicago when GPS might be limited. I also subscribe to the HD traffic which is $20 a year. When I plan a route, which I do every day I go to work for traffic purposes, it always updates me when traffic is bad and will always ask me to reroute after about 5 mins of driving. No it's not instants which is the bad thing about it, but it will prompt you that there is a faster route and if I would like to take it, you have to tap the yes on the screen which is a distraction. But overall it works as intended and I get at least 2-4 updates a year from tom-tom. And it works just like their standalone TomTom GPS. Compared to my nissan in-car GPS maps that cost $150 a year, this app is a bargain, works well and is up to date with streets and highway. Who the hell will pay for those Nissan maps, I don't know.

  • Was great until latest release :-(

    by DDreamm

    I loved this app... It worked great. I own several other competing GPS nav apps and this was the best of the breed by a long shot. The new version does not work if you try to create a route with any stops along the way. If you want to go from A to B, it a great app. BUT if you want to route from A to B to C then you are out of luck! It will fail to create the route... Sad!!!

  • Do not update!

    by Pe3yc

    BAD update for 5s. Crashed 3 times in 20 min. Been using it for years with paid traffic. Very disappointed :(

  • Too bright.

    by FarmAnimal

    The iOs7 style is too bright for a nav-app. I use TomTom frequently at night. The top and bottom sections of the app are too bright when using night colors. I am reverting back to the previous version.

  • One step forward, two back.

    by MNMacht

    The graphical updates are ok but the fact that it is crashing during navigation makes this update a problem. I'll refrain from using until they get it straightened out.

  • Updates are still a hot mess

    by Bearcajun Mike

    I don’t know why each update of the TomTom app for the last several versions requires jumping through hoops of fire. The developers don’t seem to have discovered the delta update, where parts of the program are updated and the maps database might be updated without having to delete and completely replace the app. Despite having enough space on my iPhone 4 to install the app’s update, I always have the process hang. This then requires me to delete the app completely and resync the update from scratch. In the process I lose all my favorites, even though they are supposedly backed up to iCloud. I depend on this app to get around a huge metroplex where I’ve lived for only two years. But I’d gladly switch to another GPS app due to the clumsiness of TomTom’s update process. I contacted their tech support a few years back for an issue and was so underwhelmed at their response that I don’t even try for support any more. Caveat emptor!

  • Nice Update

    by youngjm

    Always reliable and the refresh of the icons and views is a nice change not that the old style was bad.

  • Nice update

    by Neofundy

    This update adds an interface which is much easier to see, and seems to make the navigation screen much larger. Pleasant update.

  • New update is great!!!

    by Saydur007

    Love the update

  • Automatically crash even though new update available

    by Rrdueydbwiydbdwu

    I am using iPhone 5s iOS 7, pls fix that

  • TomTom's Google places gone!

    by Indie Rocks!

    Update: The iOS 7 update brings some really nice looks to the app. It really feels refreshed...until you look at the map. With all the great looking controls the dated map design looks older than ever. Previous feedback: I've tried several GPS apps, (e.g., Navigon, Apple Maps, MapQuest, GPS Drive, Garmin, Here Maps, etc.) and comparatively this is the best one in the app store. I'm extremely frustrated with this update though. We waited so long for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support (which is great), but then TomTom took one of the best functions out of the app. TomTom used to have a "Google places" navigation capability. This was hands down one of the most accurate and fruitful functions within the app. TomTom decided to replace it with TomTom places and every time I've tried to find something that was previously available, TomTom places responds with no results. I'm all for adding the new TomTom POIs, but you shouldn't have removed such an important function of the app. Please restore this feature!

  • Disappointing. Have used for a long time.

    by KWHGT

    Deleted new version and reinstalled. On 5s. App closes frequently for no reason. Would occasionally do that before. But twice in five min is BAD. New version is BAD!!!!

  • Great update as always!!

    by SwiftNinja123

    I don't know why other people gives bad reviews on tomtom GPS!? It works perfectly on my iphone 5 ios 7. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!!

  • No ios 7 icon

    by Hasta Calzon

    Waited this long for ios 7 update, and they didn't even update the icon, smh. Plus the loading time needs to be fixed, it takes way too long to start the app.

  • Crashes all time

    by iNDy12

    … on iOS 7

  • Awesome for a traveller without data

    by kosherko

    For someone who travels to the US at least six times a year and is without data because of ridiculous data charges, this is perfect. Everything is preloaded and accuracy is great. No need to spend money on the overpriced rental car GPSs which are all a million times worse than this. Money well spent if you're in a similar situation (without data in the US).

  • Traffic is disappointing!

    by RH Francis

    Traffic update told me there was a 6 min. delay on my route but didn’t reroute me. I manually rerouted the trip and took 8 min. off the delay. TomTom should have done this automatically. Traffic is not worth the added cost.

  • Need more voices.

    by Triad101

    The voices that are included are great, but why can't we get more voices? The Tom Tom devices have so many options why can we get them?

  • Used to work great

    by Create Nickname4762476

    The app crashes every time I use it. This started around 12/1/13. I have to use Google Maps.

  • Constantly crashes

    by !rideordie!

    App constantly crashes while navigating since last update on iPhone 5s. Absolutely useless now!!worked great before the last update I used it almost daily with no problems. Please fix this!!!

  • Big improvement!

    by R nR

    I admit I was sore when you took away Google places search. I was really frosted! But many improvements have been added, including red light camera identification, which is priceless!!! Now, you must take it to the next level & allow us to construct routes based on AVOIDING red light cameras!! Since this is an accurate, reliable user-friendly app, I know you can rise to the challenge.

  • Severe Bug in 2D Map Mpde

    by wavetracer

    This app has a severe bug in 2D map mode with 2D Map North Up turned Off. It will usually, although not always, indicate your location below your true location on the map. Depending on the level of zoom, this often means indicating your location several streets away. Additionally, when it's in this "faulty" 2D mode, the auto-zoom will often zoom out to the point where streets don't even appear. The map in 3D mode works fine, as does the map in 2D mode with 2D Map North Up turned On and the Browse map. No idea if TomTom is aware of this issue as there is no way to contact them.

  • Slow and crash

    by Mozart9t

    crashes every few minutes, Awesome app when it's working,I'll keep using apple maps until it gets an update Also telling me to keep left 50 times is annoying, I don't have to be told before every exit to keep going straight

  • Constantly crashing on Iphone 5s

    by retinambp13

    Love it for HD traffic and used it on my iphone 4 without problems. On iphone 5s it randomly crashes. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 30 minutes or more. Only sure thing is that it will crash! Please fix the issue, TomTom!

  • Only works with cell signal

    by dmwattsjr

    I purchased this thinking that it would work in areas without a cell phone signal. It comes with built in maps, but if you have no cell signal this app doesn't work. I'm not happy with this app and would not recommend it to others.

  • Great GPS

    by ERGre

    Works great with iPhone 5 running iOS 7. I was going to buy a new standalone unit but this works just as well and I always have it with me. Love how quickly is finds or recalculates route without using any cellular data. Perfect for road trips out side of coverage areas which is just about everywhere wit t-mobile. Navigates to coordinates very well which was needed for my job. Does eat battery a bit fast and the maps take up space on the hard drive but it's well worth it for me.

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