TomTom U.S. & Mexico Navigation App Review (iOS, $59.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: TomTom
  • Updated: Mar, 16 2010
  • Version: 1.16
  • Size: 1.49 GB

Languages: Afrikaans, NB, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: TomTom

- LATEST, UPDATED TOMTOM MAP: because roads are constantly changing, on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app update comes with the latest and most up-to-date map.

- NEW iOS7-STYLE DESIGN: the app has been refreshed so it fits better with the all-new design of iOS7. Clean, fresh icons, fonts and menus and a translucent status bar make the app feel every bit iOS7 as can be.

- INSTALLATION TIP: This app uses the standard update mechanism of iOS. If you are having problems updating your app, the following steps may be of help:

1. Make sure that iCloud backup is enabled on your device.

2. Open and close the TomTom app to make a backup.

3. Delete the app to free up space.

4. Remove other apps, videos, music and photos until you have at least 3.6GB free space.

5. Download the update from the App Store.
If possible, we recommend that you install updates via iTunes on your computer.
If these tips do not resolve your problem, please contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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TomTom Navigation for iPhone/iPad. World-class navigation that’s trusted by 70 million drivers.

Last minute plans? With the TomTom Navigation app, driving somewhere new couldn’t be easier. You’ve always got your iPhone with you, so navigation’s close at hand. And losing signal is not a problem, because the app works not only online, but offline too. This saves you money on data roaming costs, and you’ll have constant access to the same maps, technology and world-class navigation as on our GPS navigators. It’s the app that drivers can rely on.

Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this:

›› Voice-guided turn-by-turn car navigation. Find your way the easy way with with clear voice instructions and a 2D or 3D view of the route ahead. Including automatic rerouting if you miss your turn.

›› Advanced Lane Guidance. Gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.

›› TomTom Offline Maps. Maps are stored on your iPhone or iPad – so you don't need a mobile data connection or large mobile data plan.

›› FREE Lifetime Maps. Download 4 or more full updates every year for the life of your app.

›› FREE Daily Map Changes. Benefit from shared daily map corrections from our 20 million strong Map Share community.

›› IQ Routes. The fastest routes, the most accurate and reliable arrival times - at all times of day.

›› Traffic. Drive with world-class traffic information (available via in-app purchase). (1)

›› Spoken Street Names. Helping you to keep your eyes on the road.

›› Powerful search. Search for destinations with TomTom Places, Facebook™ and foursquare™.

›› Multitasking support. Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone.

›› Seamless integration. Integrates easily with your iPhone/iPad contacts, photos, music, email, browser, calendar, iCloud and maps.

For all features and full descriptions please see

- US, MX.

- The TomTom Navigation app requires a GPS signal. 3G-enabled iPads, iPhone 3GS, and later models have an internal GPS receiver. Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 4th gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver. The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, original iPad, original iPod touch and iPod touch 2nd/3rd gen are not supported.
(1) Check for availability per country. Services are available via in-app purchase and require a mobile phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. Services can only be used on one device at the same time. If you want to use your subscription to a different device, restore your purchases in the TomTom Shop on your preferred device.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
- Photos can only be used for navigation if you have enabled Location Services in the Camera application.

Customer Reviews

  • Waiting for Tomtom 2.0

    by tvquang

    This is a good update, but I am waiting for brand new version, TomTom 2.0

  • Great app

    by Manuel92648-6383518-73


  • Great App!

    by ~Manbearpig~

    I have used this app on my iPhone 4, with iOS 5, and with iOS 6. I've recently switched to an iPhone 5, and the switch over was seamless and very easy, even keeping all of my previous favourites in tact. Be sure to do the back up like your phone carrier tells you, or should have told you before you switch over to a new phone. I did pay for the year subscription on the traffic updates and have found them to always be reasonably current and accurate. I would like to see an add-on pack published for commercial truck drivers, but other than than, I couldn't ask for more…okay, the correct six numbers for the next Lotto drawing would be good, too, but that's about it. Thanks for a dependable, fairly priced product, TomTom.

  • 5 stars ts great

    by Fangster

    i have been using this app for the past 2 years and it has not dissappoint me yet. I am pleased and greatful for this app.

  • Don't believe these lies....

    by Frank Kniss

    I've been a car gps user & i've tried ALL brands out there since 2004. Once i've used tomtom, i never went back to other brands. It's like comparing apple and windows. I've lived in the east coast and the west coast due to being in the military. The most user & driver friendly is still tomtom! Their products have never failed me, they just work as designed. Don't believe me? Ask apple, that's why the new ios 6 built-in map is powered by tomtom! Do u think apple would risk their reputation by choosing a 2nd rate car gps brand? Tomtom has successfully migrated the same gps experience on to the iphone but don't forget one VERY IMPORTANT element, the tomtom car mount kit! It has an industry standard, very sensitive gps chip built in. It's not tomtom's fault that the built-in gps chip of the iphone is lacking! As with any other apps, u need to be more familiar with ur apps and take a little time to learn ALL the features and benefits. A little patience goes a long way, learn it once and ur done. Ignorance and product-bashing is, IMHO, the reason why tomtom has only 3 stars. That's sad because u actually get updated maps for free (when they update the app) after u buy the tomtom app as compared to their devices. U have to pay to upgrade if u want the latest map with their devices. Keep up the good job tomtom, keep adding more countries! I have US, canada, and mexico. Still waiting for the map of the Philippines. if u want a REAL gps turn by turn app, u will NEVER go wrong with tomtom!

  • Need a landscape mode lock!!!

    by iRazzz

    Love this app, but always have to use it in portrait mode as the iPhone allows you to 'lock' the windows in portrait mode. I bought this strictly for use on motorcycle and have it mounted on the handlebars in a life proof case. Because of the vibrations the phone will constantly switch to landscape, portrait, upside down regardless of the phone's orientation. I would love to use this on landscape, but until a 'lock' feature is made through iOs or the TomTom app, I am unable to do so!


    by Chamaco77


  • App works great for me

    by chuck_in_fc

    Bought this app just before a business trip to Houston. Houston's freeways rival LA's... this app guided me through every interchange perfectly every time. I also used it on a drive from Houston to Dallas. It performed extremely well on that trip also. Excellent user graphics as far as I'm concerned, and all of the voice prompts were very timely. It does give you adequate time to prepare for lane changes and exits. I've used it in some rural settings since and had no problem. Sometimes it does duplicate street names when you are doing a find, so you have to be careful to scroll down and make sure you pick the right one. Personally I would highly recommend this app.

  • Excelente app y funciona en Mexico

    by Kuri2k

    Lo recomiendo ampliamente, no he tenido problemas en ninguna ciudad como DF, Morelia, Los Angeles. Solo falta que en Mexico hubiera detector de tráfico.

  • Needs better traffic

    by Josh from So. Cal.

    Great app overall and estimates arrival times rather well with a traffic subscription...most of the time, but more traffic information sources are needed. If TomTom engineers read this, please incorporate as a source for traffic info, especially in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Many times I'll hit traffic that is not shown on TomTom but is shown on Sigalert. And I'm not talking about all of a sudden traffic that lasts only 30 seconds, this is traffic that lasts a good 5-10 minutes that spans a few miles. Thanks and I look forward to traffic improvements!!

  • Worked great in Mexico!

    by gillilandboy se7ensins

    Got around in cancun!

  • One wish that app "Trapster" does.

    by cwestlb

    As I went from LI north to Westchester, I take the Throgs Neck to the Bronx River pkwy. TT, has me on a different route. I wish I could set it to "record" a trip as I'm driving, and save it.

  • Not sure the iPhone is a suitable platform for this

    by //M//

    On my recent trip up to Yosemite, the GPS went nuts a good hour of the time as we approached the Sierras. Insufficient signal? Maybe. Often, TomTom told us we were somewhere else -- another road, in the middle of nowhere -- and sometimes it thought we were going the opposite direction of what were were. (That was strange.) The software needs increased stickiness -- "I will never leave the road". It also needs to smooth things out -- if it is clear that the signal is weak, maybe it should be more suspicious of radical vhanges of location. "Hmm, user jumped from one highway to another, in spite of the fact that he has not yet reached the exit from one to the other ... I don't think so." Also, I am missing an off button. When I close the app, does it still do something? (Or did it just save the location and start again when the app powers up?) Would be great to integrate with Yelp. "You want to go to a really nice restaurant? We will show them on the map."

  • Ok

    by Chilango!!!

    Aquí en US funciona de maravilla pero MÉXICO solo las calles principales y autopistas mas conocidas!! Por favor arreglen eso!

  • Menus

    by European American

    This refers to version 1.4.1. Menus structure work, but they are very awkward. This is an iPhone or iPad and it has to have simple menus at least on the first level. And instead of a bogus screen “No Route Planned (Done)” there should be a choice of routes - very old style of unfriendly computer interface. There are many quick tasks one wants to do while planning a trip or during driving (changing route, marking a spot) and these tasks should be very easily accessible. How about sending a destination address directly to the app on iPhone through notifications or over the air syncing. Despite some of the short comings the app is very good.

  • Much improved!

    by GPSspace

    A much improved upgrade. Application runs and renders maps significantly faster and GPS acquiring works wonderfully.

  • Buena aplicasion!!

    by DikoGt

    Se las recomiendo la aplicasion de tomtom!! Yo lo utilice, yo vivo en USA en el estado de utah, fui de vacasion en carro a mexico al estado de Morelos y sin ningun problema! Muy bueno! Lo unico malo es q no tienen los nombres de la las calles de los pueblos pero si tiene de las calles principales!

  • Not the Best for Mexico. (natural iphone Maps much better)

    by Leto Atreides God Emperor of Dune

    USA maps: Perfect. Mexico bad news, not good. I bought this for a trip in California US. No complains there. But for Mexico city, street addresses are wrong, very wrong. Its a shame. I still recomend for US. Good luck.

  • Best GPS app..

    by MichaelMex.D.F

    This app is GREAT... It works very well and doesn't use any data at all...It does need to update its point of interests though...It worked incredibly in Mexico City, Querétaro, and Hidalgo México...Google local search is awesome in both US and MEX...and can download directions from wifi to avoid expensive international data roaming charges.. I recommend, well woth the money!!!


    by Babyboyeli173


  • FATAL!!!!!! Me robaron!!!!!

    by Mario.jared.bere

    Pensé que sería genial, pero sólo me quitaron mi dinero y nunca se instaló!!!! No regalen su dinero, no compren esta app!!!!

  • Poor GPS signal

    by Richietoro

    Since I updated it won't work it always says poor gps signal, please fix and I change my rating

  • Update issues

    by NKJV User

    Every time this app is due to upgrade it gets stuck in the "installing" mode and remains stuck this way for months at a time. I've been unable to use the product most of the time. I feel like I was robbed with my eyes wide open. DO NOT BUY THIS.

  • Google search removed!!!!

    by Birdboyee

    Bring back google search, it has returned to IOS!!!! Facebook and foursquare address locations aren't always correct, google is!! What if I'm trying to find a location near my destination? I can't google anything near there anymore, copy and paste only works for areas near me!!!! Terrible!!!!!! Bring back google search!!!!!!

  • Not even 1 star

    by Latint81

    This is the worthless app ever ! Don't waste even .99 cents . Once they remove google is just worthless , nothing is accurate . I warned u.

  • Update iPhone 5 compatibility

    by SIMBA25

    When updating please add more features to use the screen real estate VS just stretching it out. Also try to have route options accept or decline suggestions through lock screen vs having to unlock phone while driving.

  • App

    by Edgarcia80

    I bough that app and the app work good with iOS 5 but now I install iOS 6 and don't work app

  • Updates are destroying this app

    by Irrational Exuberance

    I bought this app on sale a while back and I was quite happy with it. The maps are generally accurate in the USA and the many customizations are welcome too. However, too much focus on social media and monetizing user data is destroying this app. Recently, TomTom has begun explicitly denying users their paid-for content (in-app purchases) unless users allow TomTom unfettered access to user data. You either enable all access to TomTom (such as current location, speed, intended destination, etc) or you won't get paid-for content such as traffic updates or even free map updates, for example. But at least they're up front about their intent to pimp your data to the highest bidders. Adding large "Share" buttons to the GUI to enable user data monetization via Facebook, Foursquare, etc is another minus. At least the current revision of the GUI allows users to hide these sorts of useless (at least to me) buttons. Somewhere, a clueless MBA is thinking of new revenue streams instead of making a good app even better. For example, TomTom has yet to address the issue of the app running in background and draining the battery when the user doesn't want it to. A large "Quit" button is naturally not available in the top level UI menu, you need to peck through multiple menus to halt route guidance and then quit the app. Or kill it via task manager. Neither approach is elegant but this UI choice is understandable given that TomTom wants to monetize your data and doesn't give a rats behind on the impact that a uselessly-on app has on your phones battery life. Positives include: very good traffic indicator (in app purchase), excellent directions (it uses all roads, not just the big ones), the voice is clear. Overall, TomTom on the iphone does a great job of finding the most appropriate route most of the time. But it would be nice for maps to be corrected in a timely manner. A local bridge that was reopened in 2008 took until 2011 to be updated even though multiple map updates were submitted years ago. Is a three year lag on map updates acceptable? So, purchase this application with caution if you at all value your privacy and don't expect maps to be as up to date as TomTom wants you to believe.

  • Not worth it

    by Michael Bonelli

    First of all i found you have to share information with tom tom in order to use these services such as traffic reports, which you also have to pay extra for. Huge drain on your battery, overall poorly configured, I purchased the garmin street pilot and was completely satisfied, same price, more coverage, smaller size application means less space used, no sending information to the developer or to government agencies like with tom tom. Please save yourself the headache and just get garmin from the start, because tom tom sure won't refund you your money.

  • Horrible

    by quibbler

    Einstein said to make things as simple as possible but not simpler. This application fails that suggestion. Everything is supposed to be whizbang simple, but it requires you to page through screens that are irrelevant to get a route. Beyond this, there are tons of inaccuracies anytime there is construction, and misroutes involving toll lanes and HOV lanes galore. There is no distinction between 2 and 3 Passenger HOV lanes. Finally, the number of times it registers staying on the same road as a turn is laughable.

  • Two steps backward

    by Two steps backward

    I have used this app frequently over the last couple years and so reserved judgment on this latest update to give it a chance. But I've got to say it is at least two steps backward. A navigation app that buries contacts yet another layer down and takes Internet searches off the top level? It is easier to share location than to get it to navigate! There are already plenty of location sharing apps, why change what used to be a good navigation app into just another Facebook app? Stinker of an update!

  • Wrong destinations

    by Dtsytsyn

    This navigation has failed me dozens of times! Sends me to dead end roads and the address would be on the other side! I guess they have more roads than anyone else after all!

  • What celebrity voices?!!

    by Dechiara

    Don't get excited about "celebrity voices". It's two voices. Homer Simpson and his boss whatever his name his. I wanted yoda! Mr. T!! Something to keep me up while driving. I hope they fix this.

  • This app stinks

    by Unionftr

    Don't waste your money on this app. I can never get a signal when using this app. I keep getting the message that there is no signal and the app will not guide me. I put a TOMTOM car navigation system right next to my iPhone in my car, and the car navigation always has a signal and the iPhone always says no signal. Now I have to figure out how to "return" the app and get my money back. Wish me luck.

  • Good until latest version

    by Mebabytes

    When updating road corrections through map share: the app crashes. I have 6785 road corrections and it will not download and install!!!!

  • Maps in Mexico need to be updated

    by Athriax

    Only major cities in Mexico have complete maps, other cities show only principal roads or highways. This needs to be fixed as you are offering Mexico Maps!! Other than that, the app works fine, fix the maps and you'll get better star rating

  • 1.6 on 4.1 Crash!

    by Too many contacts

    Crashes on start up, been reading that's it's a very common problem and they tell you that you must be at the newest firmware. They state it works on all 4.0 and later OS! Please fix!!! iPhone 4 on 4.1 FW.

  • No Mexico cities

    by Jorge Luis Gaxiola Aragon

    Only few cities in Mexico. They don't tell this when you buy it. Very Useless

  • Forget Mexico!

    by mxsailor

    Mexico map has only major highways. Street level mapping in only the largest Mexican cities, and I know dedicated GPS units in Mexico show all the streets. I feel ripped-off on this app. Get us some @#%& Mexico maps in an update!

  • It bites


    I bought this application thinking I would have large amount of Mexican cities (REYNOSA), but I was mistaken. It only covers some of the major cities in Mexico. The rest its major highways. I can't beleive that the maps on the Iphone have better street detail than this piece of garbage. Don't waste your money like I did.

  • useless in Mexico

    by vzaliva

    I bought this app specifically to use at my trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. This is a popular tourist destination and I expected "TomTom US and MEXICO" (note MEXICO in app title!) to have a maps for it. I was wrong! It only shows one major highway there. No streets, no city names. Completely useless and waste of money.

  • Not Reliable Application and Awful Tomtom and Apple Support

    by Eduardo Sandoval

    I bought this application few days ago. Since the first time I tried to use it it didn't work. I realized that the GPS in my iPhone didn't work. I tried to fix that problem buying the Tomtom car kit. It works but just sometimes. Last thing I bought a new iPhone 3GS. Still with problems. I took the car kit back and I'd like to get my money that I paid for this application back too, but because I wrote that I had a problem with the software, Apple sent me to Tomtom support. I tried two times and after 15 minutes waiting on the phone I hang up. Third time they asked me to take my iPhone to an Apple store to be checked. Nobody cares my problem. I don't want to know anything about Tomtom. Solution: I bought a real GPS,Garmin Nuvi, It works perfect.

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