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Updated for iPhone5+ and bug fixes

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DC Rider is an app from Express built for Metro-riding Washingtonians. Here's what we have to offer:

>>Train Times and Metro Alerts: Find out when the next train will serve your station and get updated advisories from Metro.

>>Station Info: Find the nearest station and view its entrances on a street map.

>>News: The latest on D.C.-area transit from The Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock and Express.

>>Trip Planner: Determine your route options and see fare info.

Customer Reviews

  • Okay, But..

    by DJB0X3R

    I wish u could pay a fee even one time to get rid of ads. Also needs to be updated to be compatible with iPhone 5 screen size.

  • Accurate & useful

    by Joey Kirk

    Gives an accurate time for the next arriving train at every station. Now, you finally will know if rushing down the escalator is worth it.

  • Where are the tweets?

    by the MIZ's friend

    Fun app fix the tweets thanks!

  • Good but...

    by Colormepink2013

    Can u make it compatible with the iPhone 5 The screen is cut

  • Ads cover map

    by Friedmak33

    The app works fine except you cannot click on Franconia/Springfield or Huntington on the station map because the ad covers them up. Please fix this!

  • Awesome

    by Boakyepboakye

    This app has been helpful to me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy DC.

  • Time is inaccurate

    by Sivert Ritchie

    For the past week, the wait time for the next time has been off. The app time isn't in sync with real times. Have missed a few trains because of it....

  • It's ok

    by amo61282

    It's ok, but doesn't show when the next train will leave at end stations (ie Vienna, Shady Grove, Glenmont, etc) in the station information view. This would be helpful.

  • Great App!

    by Deeckers

    This is my most used app for my metro commutes. It helps me plan when I should leave my house or leave work. It does perform best with a strong cell connection.

  • A commuter must have app

    by apapple

    Love it. Big improvement over previous versions. Thanks for keeping it free.

  • Simple and Great for Metro Commutes

    by len2854

    This app has been on my iPod and then on my iPhone for as long as I can remember. Sure it's a bit simplistic but I am we'll accustomed to searching for the next train. It displays upcomig trains just as signs in stations do. I give myself an extra minute from what it says, and it helps me determine when I should go left or right on the escalators. *FYI* under the trip planner, the 'Fare' button will give you the fare, time, and distance for whatever metro trip you're planning. Wish an app this simple existed for metrobus and rideon!

  • Excellent

    by Gastr1c

    Perfect for the out of towner. Map, plans primary and alt routes, shows fares, and arrival times for the next trains.

  • I'm the map! I'm the map! I'm the map!

    by ianlotinsky

    Get this for the map. It's saved me several times.

  • Rush hour support

    by Grizzly229

    The app has now caught up with Rush hour changes.

  • It works

    by lynnadams01

    Everyone's reviews mention alignment issues, but the update explained that the app should be reinstalled to correct it, which worked. It's not the best app ever, but it works for free.

  • Nice

    by Willie Beckham

    Nice and simple app.

  • Map is not Aligned!

    by Coolgen10

    When you tap on the map you get the wrong station. You must tap below and to the right to get the station you want. The app also hung when checking a new route. Looks like this update was a bit premature.

  • It was about time BUT...

    by iSkips

    Fix the "train arrivals" please. when I click on Union Station a different one, timing from another station show sup..

  • Very convenient

    by Hfhegfhcchjxkduthdvdnhdjhdb

    It Seems very convenient for the Washington DC Metro system.

  • Map long in the tooth

    by Garymike01

    C'mon, update the map. Metro has made many changes!

  • Bad update

    by xxxx99

    Jan 2014 update didn't install properly. Left a generic icon that says "waiting" underneath. Can't launch, can't remove.

  • Disappointed

    by Houttie

    I take Metro everyday and used to rely on this app's twitter feed for information on the frequent red line delays. However, the twitter feed has stopped working and my emails to the app's tech support are going unanswered. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times to see if that would fix the problem, but it hasn't. It would be an app worth paying for if it worked properly.

  • Support discontinued

    by decemberist

    This app hasn't been updated in over a year. Functions like the twitter feed and news have stopped working. It is a shame, because it was a decent app, but now it is largely useless.

  • Useless

    by slimyslug

    What good is it if it doesn't give real time updates of delays?

  • Liked it but then this happened

    by Conner3669

    I liked it for a long time but right now it mixed up the colors and the destination. Thought I had more time and then I are the train pulling away as I came down the escalator. Unacceptable.

  • App needs work

    by Richiedotme

    Maybe it's Metro's API that's buggy but couldn't get arrival and departure information for some stations. In addition banner ads on pages sometimes make the app unusable as you can't scroll down to get to the controls.

  • UI design issues

    by faustivus

    App would be great if the 'submit' button weren't hidden behind the ads.

  • Stopped working

    by Hatewmata

    I loved this app and used it everyday but it stopped working a few days ago. Won't show the times for any stations.

  • Like but....

    by LilRedz21

    Keeps saying no network but I have 3G service. Not understanding. I like the app

  • NO GOOD!

    by SpookieShayLo

    The real time bus schedule doesn't work anymore. This used to be a great app, NOT ANYMORE!!! FIX THIS MESS!!!

  • Ads get in the way of controls

    by memocoder

    Good functionality, but the app displays advertisements and the advertisements cover important controls. My guess is that nobody really tested this program.

  • Nice update, but...

    by wj07&4

    ...the ads cover up! I liked it when there were no adds, but it seems they are unavoidable. That does not mean they have to cover up the map and other parts. Build it so the ads are built into their own space within the app and don't use space already supposed to be allotted for other things.

  • Not as good as the wmata mobile site

    by RedLineGuy

    This app almost always informs me that the next arrival at Union Station is "Network Error"

  • Unacceptable Update

    by SquigglyB

    My Favorites settings were wiped out in the last update. Do not accept until this defect is corrected. Also, the map is incorrectly aligned. A giant step backwards.

  • Fares not accurate

    by MD Metro Rider

    The train arrivals seem to be fairly accurate. Even after the update I did today, the fare prices are completely off from the actual fare you will pay.

  • .....

    by Mecca4BA

    You're kidding right?

  • Update the map and app on general please!

    by mac78251

    Good app. However it needs to be updated with the new rush+ info and everything else !

  • Very useful

    by J. Prexy

    Train times module is pretty accurate - does what you expect it to.

  • Love this app

    by Unsat2357

    I use the trip planner part all the time and it's great! So nice to just plug in where you are trying to go and get detailed info including train arrival times.

  • Updated Map

    by OSB3

    When are you going to update the map with Rush Plus?

  • There are better

    by Linquest

    Freezes more often. No specific address input or walking directions/map. Itrans and Embark apps are better.

  • If it can't load the ad, it won't load the train times

    by nuttyturnip

    Used to be a great app, but now half the time it locks up trying to load the banner ad. There's no refresh button, so you have to completely exit out to force it to try again.

  • Useless...

    by Tristcuits

    The train schedule either doesn't have the correct time or displays "no updates available"... Even the schedule a trip planner doesn't display time. Virtually useless besides the fact that it has the metro map.

  • Awesome!

    by Dean Boschert

    This app helped me coordinate trips into DC with friends through the awesome station map and the ability to click stations for the time of the next train is an incredible feature that I wasn't able to find on other DC metro apps. Highly recommended, especially for people who are new to the area and need something with an easy interface.

  • It's ok

    by Ashton1611

    NEVER shows any information on Largo Town Center Station. But other than that, it's usually accurate

  • Useful but not always

    by Tescot

    I found this app helpful if you know which stop you need to get on and off at. I needed a map overlay to see which stops were near locations I was headed to. It looked like it had that in the pics, but I was unable to find it if it is part of the app.

  • Metro& bus rider

    by Vtraca

    I use both ways of transportation, so only metro info is not enough for met

  • Reduced fares are wrong

    by riderdc1

    The app states that reduced fare starts at 11, when in fact it is 9:30 on weekdays. Otherwise, it nice...

  • Love it!

    by Arcadia D

    New to the area, this app was perfect! The trip planner was very helpful on what stops to take, costs and estimated travel time. Thanks again!

  • Just the trains?

    by Sgstarling

    As a DC area transit user, I also use Metrobus and Ride-on bus. Leaving out the bus system means this app is only about 25% usefull.

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