Scout GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Traffic Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Telenav, Inc.

• Know exactly when to leave--Get real-time traffic alerts about your commute and save time with the most efficient route.
• Improved traffic summary—Your route summary is easier to view and helps you avoid traffic, all from one screen! Scout is the only navigation app that shows you turn-by-turn traffic conditions with the convenience of audio playback of incidents along your route. Simply swipe the traffic segment you want to avoid.
• Scout is the only navigation app to have true hands-free voice activation. You can now launch Scout and say “Hey, Scout” anytime to search and drive to places. No typing necessary!
• Stay connected everywhere—Log in with Google+ or Facebook to sync your favorites, recent places and settings across multiple devices.
• Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
15 Ratings
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3582 Ratings


Scout GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Traffic

Scout is your daily personal navigator that gets you around traffic wherever you go. Powered by over 100 million traffic sources, Scout offers traffic-conquering tools designed specifically for when you’re on the go. From your daily commute to everyday errands and weekend fun, Scout gets you—and gets you there with free voice-guided GPS navigation.

• Do more with less hassle—The personal commute dashboard is updated in real time with the most relevant local info. See your traffic-based commute times and current traffic flows with a glance. Find your recent and favorite destinations, discover nearby places like restaurants and cheap gas stations, and get turn-by-turn navigation to home and work, all with just a tap.

• NEW! Stay connected wherever you go--Log in with Google+ or Facebook to sync your favorites, recent places and settings across multiple devices.

• NEW! More ways to beat traffic— Know when to leave and what route to take for your commute with alerts about traffic conditions. With the new route summary, preview your route with traffic for every turn and easily reroute around backups with a simple swipe.

• Real-time adaptive routing—Get the most efficient routes with the least amount of traffic, one-tap adaptive rerouting to avoid jams, and street-level traffic views for major roads and side streets.

• Help others beat traffic too—Report traffic congestion, police, road hazards, and accidents with a simple tap to help your fellow Scout drivers avoid gridlock or being pulled over.

• Find anything fast—Scout’s OneBox search is fast and intelligent with autocomplete for better, relevant, and easy-to-read results. You can also simply say “Hey Scout” to activate voice search for a completely hands-free experience—no typing necessary!

• Get free voice guidance—Scout guides you to your destination with free turn-by-turn, voice navigation and also listens to your voice commands to search or drive, so you can enjoy the journey hands free and without distractions.

• No more “where are you??” texts—Scout lets others know when you’ll be there and lets them follow your real-time progress on a map with OnMyWay® ETA-sharing.

• Discover the local weekend scene—Find places to go and things to do like live music, bars, shows, family events, sports, movies, and more. Plan online at and sync your favorites between the site and the app. Share your discoveries with friends vial email, text, Facebook, and Twitter.

• Get your questions answered for free with live support at the Scout community forum or learn more about Scout for iPhone at

What’s the word on Scout?
“Scout is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use.” - Mashable
“Scout is my preferred iOS maps alternative.” ­ Joel Evans, ZDNet
“Scout is immediately a commuter’s best friend.” ­ Jamie Lendino, PCMagazine
“Scout wins Best for Design” ­ Travel & Leisure, Best GPS Apps for Travel
“Top Travel App” –

• Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.
• Scout’s map and search coverage is currently for the USA only.

Customer Reviews

  • Great GPS

    by Hellnaugh

    This is one of the best I've ever used, and dare I say better than (WAZE). Wud be even cooler with different voices.

  • Great App but...

    by KMTexas77

    I love this app. It's great but the new version doesn't allow the ability to search multiple stops while en route, nor does it have the music player function anymore. Slightly disappointing as I used to use this app daily.

  • Scout

    by Bobby hook

    Love this will not leave home without it

  • Great App

    by Miguel Nunez

    Easy to use and very useful

  • It's a good app

    by Ifyousayso2

    It's a good app however I can't give it 5 stars because I often have the problem of it rerouteing on me for no reason then jump back to the original direction which is kind of frustrating when you're lost but when I does work properly it is a great app

  • Good app

    by Lilwein

    It works well but does have a lag time with actual location and can be hard to exit from to edit location

  • Last :/

    by RukiyatG

    Loved Scout when I first downloaded last year. The last update I did in dec/jan has been pretty lukewarm. Stalls, misses routes, needs a refresh to update my recent trips; all things that never happened before. I used to recommend the app to people who need GPS but I'm getting more leery with each use. Don't know if the 2/7/14 update will be better... Hoping so.

  • Only GPS needed!

    by Cupcakelissa

    It's the best GPS app on the market always gets me where I need to go even on military installations

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Robadeaux

    I never write reviews. This app deserves one. Amazing!

  • A very good app


    This is an extremely good app. The only problem I find is the zoom level. It needs to be able to zoom in closer. Other than that it is an awesome app. Highly recommend.

  • Decent app

    by Wtfmfbs

    Works really good only thing is it doesn't take you into canada. Had to use map app on I phone.

  • Helps

    by Csunshine319

    I love it helps me all the time

  • I love scout better than my other GPS.

    by ChofuViking

    Scout had proven more accurate than my other GPS. Not as many screw ups in routing.

  • Youth Specialist

    by Anoint3d

    I love, love, love this app

  • Love Scout

    by MeAnMyWar

    This is an outstanding app I use it for everything. It's better than the map on my iPhone as we say in the military "Bravo Zulu" that means you did something right.

  • Love Scout

    by MeAnMyWar

    This is an outstanding app I use it for everything. It's better than the map on my iPhone as we say in the military "Bravo Zulu" that means you did something right.

  • I love it!

    by Jus'Toi

    Seriously I love this GPS system! I love the dashboard and I love how I can find things to do with my beautiful fiancé

  • Nice

    by Mohammed A Rahman

    I always use this apps. It's very helpful to find address. I like this apps.

  • Great app

    by Bamm423

    Really enjoy this app.

  • Allien

    by Allien2013

    I'm a driver and I use it to find address and it always take me to the right place, you can improve that it can show the next turn with time before you get the place you have to turn.

  • Used to be perfect

    by Jake Danzig

    I paid good money for this app, and paid for the download maps for the western region. It was perfect before this latest update, but now you just turned it to crap, why did you do this?

  • Scout

    by Diamonboi69

    I have not used this app in a few weeks and decided to use it today for directions without highway travel. The app seems less capable than the previous times I used the app. It seem to be far behind my actual location and could not provide an alternative route, timely to get me back on course.

  • Going downhill

    by soundsven

    Each "upgrade" has removed useful features. The new scout is nowhere near as good as the app it replaced. I can't get an answer as to why they removed speed limit info.

  • Use to Love this app... Now I'm hating it

    by Deeliciouschic

    New update no longer has the "traffic" button! The ONE REASON I loved scout so very very much! What's up with that? :(

  • Everything is awesome



  • WTFaloneious Capers?!??

    by FrenchDame

    I just lost all my stuff!!!

  • Great App!

    by Always gets lost

    Great app!! I wouldn't use anything else!

  • Great App

    by Sfcothran

    Great App, easy to use.

  • Amazing GPS !

    by Ewett

    Great gps ! Great gps ! Great GPS !!!

  • Irritating weekend alerts!

    by Cap'nDon

    I don't want the stupid weekend alerts, so I deleted the app until I might need it. I got up early and quietly so that I wouldn't wake my wife; I turned my iphone on and was greeted by one of your - meaningless to me - stupid weekend alerts, which woke up my wife. I'm not happy with Scout!! How do I stop this?!??

  • Good app. Easy to use

    by Sssssuuuueeee

    I have used this around home and very good.

  • Lady T

    by Lady T The Workout Diva

    This is a great App I love it

  • Super!

    by WorldTraveller2000

    Nice app. Easy to use and got me where I wanted to go.

  • Amazing app!

    by Chillio22

    Makes getting around do easy! The microphone response is very intuitive and 9 times out of 10, picks up any request- be it address or business name. No need to pay for expensive GPS. Scout rocks!!!

  • Great app!!

    by Mbuchely

    I love this app!!! Very useful!

  • Good

    by Mr.xxb

    Idk what happened but skout has not been losing my location and taking me different routes

  • Great

    by DjQuiva

    Have been using this for about a year. Had horrible experiences with Telenav (no voice), this much better. SCOUT is an essential app for the everyday commuter. It has turn-by-turn navigation & built in traffic updates. If I don't want to use my standalone GPS, I SCOUT.

  • No way to edit route or make specific route

    by subgirl13

    It may possibly be useful for only one stop, but every trip I take requires some route editing at the very least being able to select from multiple routes would be decent. Built in apple map is more useful.

  • Travels

    by splitpersonality

    Having flown to Texas, this past year, from Michigan I found the hospital where my friend was being cared for and then found a restaurant nearby where we all went for dinner after visiting hours were over. I stayed at a friends home and found my way back there, every night, from the hospital in the dark with Scout. It also rerouted me around rush hour traffic one night. I think it's great!

  • Use it every day!

    by Arcy Too

    Love being able to open the app and know how long it takes to get home or go to work. Cool car icons too.

  • nice app

    by Veronica609

    nice app

  • Cool

    by Gus11370

    Its cool

  • Love it

    by Rececu

    I am safe and secure when I have Scout leading the way. Scout tells me exactly and clearly what lane I should be in, when to make a turn and updates ETAs

  • Mr B

    by BigRodd1

    Hey this is the best App ever for navigation,I would give it 10 stars if it were up there.Love It

  • Good app

    by john davis

    On some levels this is a great app... But some of the locations are not synced with the actual establishments

  • Scout Rocks

    by EWGIII

    Perhaps the best GPS app out there! IMHO, it blows Google Maps away! 5 stars!

  • I'm deleting it.

    by Sannikk

    It gets lost and disoriented a lot. I decided to delete it after it was taking me in the opposite direction of where I needed to go.

  • (:

    by ....!!!&&@@$$$


  • Scout

    by Zabala1969

    Great gps

  • Best navigation app out

    by Bankhead84

    So accurate and easy-to-use

  • Great app

    by Flora A. Gilbreath

    Takes me everywhere! I use it almost every time I go somewhere. I'm still finding my way around my new city- I love being able to talk to scout and that there are different routes to take. I usually like to avoid the interstates and construction as much as possible.

  • Scout

    by Pipermcdaddy

    What a great app!. I don't go anywhere without turning Scout on. Better than any GPS system I've ever owned!!.

  • Scout

    by Tylergshshsjdj

    Scout is amazing its is the only gps I will ever use I would recommend it to anyone

  • Fantastic GPS App

    by Luca650

    Scout is the best GPS I've ever used. Easy to navigate and use.

  • Awesome app!!!!!

    by Josh 1

    Works great for traveling and finding restaurants, etc

  • Very very good!!!!

    by mareposa

    I brought my husband's magellan did'nt work....thank u for scout.... Our trip in a place that is not familiar to us made it very easy for us to explore the place.

  • iPhone 4, ios 7.0.4

    by Jtisdale88

    Unusable. Constantly crashes when searching for addresses.

  • Scout comes out on top!!

    by Bryan J Zimmerman

    I have been using this app for well over 6 months, and after trying other apps in the same category Scout comes out on top!!

  • Very Reliable!

    by Joynergy

    I love this app. it did wonderful even way out in the rural areas of North Dakota when I had to get my car fixed. !!

  • Excellent GPS

    by NotSoEasytoPlease

    Move over Waze I've found my new GPS app. This app is awesome and pretty accurate, when you approach your destination it lets you know if it's on your left or right. It tells where traffic is being reported and the dashboard is very user friendly I love it.

  • Scout used to be called Tele Nav

    by QueenOfTHeStarz

    Love it, only gave 4-stars because a few times I was led to an buisness address that did not exist. For the most part I do use it daily but find it difficult to change home and work defaults once it's set. I do love how Scout will save all your locations even with the updates. Major improvement!!!

  • I am not liking it

    by Famazing

    It is not accurate. It had me going around in circles for 40 minutes less then 2 miles from my destination. thank God I had old Telenav app on my phone still, which although retired, help me get there. Plus Scout takes too long to load, and does not give alerts like Telenav use to about congestions, hidden cameras, and police traps. This is suppose to be an upgrade.

  • Them

    by Asdfghjklpoooooop


  • GPS

    by Nickname takendddd

    Best GPS I've used. More accurate and more reliable than my car GPS system. Voice navigation is a must for safety and this one is great.

  • Great

    by Ali Ramhy

    I love it and useful

  • Great program

    by mjkit

    It seems like many GPS apps are getting worse, not better but this one meets and exceeds expectations.

  • Great

    by DinnerPail

    Get you from Point A to Point B with no fuss and no worries. Before great GPS programs like this I would get lost going around the block. I now I'm confident when I get in my car that I'll get where I'm going. Try it you'll like it

  • Gps

    by Malika 2013

    Good app usefull

  • Great App

    by Atahoekid

    I normally don't bother to rate an app but apps are not normally this good. Does a great job. I travel on business every week and it's never failed to get me where I need to be. I'd be working lots harder without it

  • Quick to find something

    by shartypants

    I love the buttons on the top screen to quickly find food, coffee, etc. The app flows nicely and is easy to use.

  • Very good and mostly reliable.

    by Lori FL

    I do love this app, but the last few months its been frustrating to get it to connect at times. I have to close out of the app several times to make it finally connect. It has dumped me out at the wrong location several times and that can be an issue when I am going to a business meeting in cities all over the country. When I am in an area that I do not know, I need reliability. Overall I love the features. Being able to type in a word and find exactly what I am looking for is great. I have learned to always call the businesses first, however, since I have gone to a closed business more than once. When it's good, it's great and I wouldn't be without it!

  • 99% accurate

    by Cpndiva

    Keep up the good work

  • Sweeetspiruted1

    by Winkasdad29

    Absolutely wonderful app!

  • The best

    by Jsheila97

    The best app I have ever use It will to there with no problems. I would recommend this app to everyone great thanks

  • Cool

    by Zohíma

    Great App!

  • Good gps

    by Kevin Lougachi

    Just as good as a stand alone gps, but sometimes the voice feature does not work. As well, it should have a locate me refresh button when you change locations.

  • Doesn't speak street names

    by Driver34243

    I've used Scout for over a year and have loved it up until the recent update. There is a big where the lady says, "Turn right at..." And doesn't complete her sentence on what the street name is. Very difficult, please fix this!!

  • It will get u there

    by RobertHJohns

    It works

  • ?

    by joshhackett

    your trash keeps stinking up my bananas and now all my pictures taste like watermelons, thanks alot!

  • Jimmy G

    by Scotoirish


  • Good

    by Jumbaliamixalot

    It's good! I like using it and the fact it's always listening is nice as well!

  • Great One Stop App!!

    by Klazard

    Very helpful to find travel info and side things all at once instead of asking the right question to my phone for each thing. Great App!

  • Love it!

    by Charityn

    The best gps that saved my life in Pto Rico.

  • Best GPS APP ever

    by Micah1975

    This app has everything.. I'd give 10 stars

  • Recommended

    by Ohleeviahh

    It's awesome!

  • Barbados

    by Sun123star

    Great app. Have never had a problem arriving at my destination.

  • No way

    by Jraz95

    Telenav way better. This app screws up when you needed most.

  • Great app

    by Saiyanqueen101

    Works great, has never let me down

  • Great GPS

    by Jaelub

    Very handy app.

  • Voice guidance intermittent

    by FCS 227

    Will give it 5 stars once the voice guidance work constantly. At this stage it is useless to me without it.

  • Hands down, best navigation system

    by Awesome cute rachel

    I've used them all and Scout is THE BEST! My Nuvi is going on ebay and I can delete those other Nav apps.

  • Best Navi App I've used in awhile!

    by KLL14

    This app gets it right! I feel pretty safe using it to navigate my family and me.

  • Problem

    by Juan Olavarria

    I like this apps but are now why is not work on my iphone 5S when i open the apps is closed pleace fix that problem.....

  • Игорь Семенец


    great working app for iphone!!! would recommend if you dont have one yet!!!

  • Okay

    by Scarlet senning

    This app is great if you want to go out of your way on the scenic route. If there is a direct way there, scout will take you the opposite way! But least you made it!!

  • Ken wise

    by Kenneth Wise

    Love this app. Rand Mc Nally, Garmin, eat your heart out!!!

  • Love it

    by Patty749

    The best navigation ever❤️❤️❤️

  • Yes

    by JoeBlueberry

    Definitely would recommend. Exactly what I was looking for. Don't hesitate. Get it.

  • This is the best GPS

    by Tinkrs62

    I love this App it's way better then Google Maps, so much better. I wish I can give it 10 stars rating

  • Great app !!

    by Hector Glz

    Better than buying a separate gps device.

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