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Languages: English

Seller: Gonzalo Esteban Astica Capra

- Timers upgraded
+ Added approximate crossing altitude calculation to the Vertical Profile page (when airport temperature is specified)
- Fixed some bugs

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Pocket Flight Management Assistant (PFMA) is a flight computer designed for the professional pilot, with a familiar look resembling the computers onboard most modern automated cockpits.

The E6B Edition emulates the functions present on the traditional "Wizz Wheel" providing the pilot with a complete and powerful solution for flight planning and inflight aviation calculations.


- Real life avionics look & feel
- Customizable quick access buttons
- Configurable units
- Block and airtime chronographs
- Comfortable keypad for inflight use
- Basic math calculator functionality
- Selectable themes

Formulas included:

- Airspeed and altitude
- Wind triangle
- Runway crosswind
- Fuel usage
- Great circle navigation (point to point)
- Vertical profile (descent/climb)
- Unit conversions
- Holding Patterns
- Sunrise-Sunset
- Rate of turn

Customer Reviews

  • First Class!!!

    by EdPilot

    I'm a professional 767 pilot, and within 3 days of using this, I've deleted all of my other E6B apps. This is a well-thought out layout, and ANY pilot who has FMS experience will immediately understand how this works. The intuitive interface has multitude of choices. This is the only E6B-like app any pro pilot needs! Bravo! Well done!

  • Support Website Down

    by 294bss

    Support webpage doesnt work and I cannot reach developer for coordinates entry. Otherwise, very nice app

  • Easy to use, accurate too.

    by Kit50

    Love this app. I'm a virtual pilot and this app allows me to add significant realism instead of relying on the "make it too easy" aids in the sim.

  • Goog learning tool

    by Izzymanh

    So far, so good. It helps me learn.

  • Was a bit skeptical....

    by islandrocket

    As it was not as flashy as the competition but boy am I happy! The logic is totally FMS (even down to the way the scratchpad stores values!) if you are a pro pilot you'll be comfortable. If you are not familiar with the FMS style then as as pilot you should be. Best part is how complete the interface is with NO FLIPPING BETWEEN PAGES to interpret all functionality. 6 out of 5 stars!! Would like to see: 1. A weight and balance page 2. iPad resolution compatibility.

  • Excellent Update!

    by WhocareswhatIthink?

    You can now use the Convert>Time menu to input the GMT offset of your destination. Now you can take the arrival time off of the FMS, input it in GMT, and know the arrival time in the local timezone of your destination while displaying a time to go countdown timer. Very useful for making announcements, answering the pestering inquiries of the flight attendants, etc. I use the app constantly for evaluating Mach number changes and the corresponding ground speed changes vs ETA. The cool thing about the app is that it is designed by airline pilots for airline pilots. It works WITH the data on your FMS, but gives you answers that the FMS can't. Must have if you fly professionally, even more so if you fly ocean crossings and want another backup navigation source!

  • Great for airliner

    by Hu5bu3

    It is very useful in the airplane and easy to use the FMS interface really great idea and I like it , I wish they update it and add mor application

  • Great

    by Dhorberg

    I fly jet aircraft International and use your App all the time thanks

  • Excellent...

    by SashahflyER

    Excellent, very useful app. for inflight unit conversions.... Keep improving.

  • Sure worth to buy

    by Ulisses Moraes

    I use it in the 737... For to main reasons... Time calc... Made simple... And the other is to calculate the vertical path. The airplane does a good job... But the calculations my instructor teached me make the airplane descent in a more constant path... To do mental calculations and fly the plane may be stressfull sometimes... Here is where the app makes the difference... Using the vertical profile calculator... Using the distance , altitude i have to be in the next waypoint, and glide angle, i get a precise altitude to be passing, and know if im to high or to low. Sure recomended!

  • Private pilot easy

    by R Kelleher

    This may be patterned after airline flight computers, but it is quite easy to use after a little reading of the online manual. There is a link to it right in the program. More importantly this is what an E6B computer should be... not a series of windows to choose the calculation, but 2 main windows to give you back and forth access that you would have if you were using a wizwheel. I have used at least 4 other apps and online webpages as well, but nothing compares to this. No more picking the "Heading, Ground Speed, WCA" when I meant to pick "Course, Ground Speed, WCA." With this app it's all in the same place and it carries over calculations between windows, which is very smart. Thank you TATA mobile.

  • PFMA v1.1 is GREAT!

    by drlittle

    I am an airline pilot and software engineer. PFMA is definately on the right track. 4 stars to motivate the developers to continue with improvements. Kinda expensive, will limit those willing to try it. Worth the price if future improvemts are timely and the app continues to grow. Complements all the same.

  • Just as the real fms

    by ATPPilot

    I fly the big birds, and I've been using PFMA for the last couple of weeks. It's real intuitive for me (don't understand the one star reviewer that couldn't use it...). The fact is that I own other e6b calculators, and PFMA interface is much more simple and fun to use. Besides it is a very good learning tool for any wannabe airline pilot since it has the same basic interface as boeing and airbus flight management computers. Hope to see weather and w&b in the future, sure it has the potential. Meantime I 'll continue using Aeroweather (great free weather tool) and PFMA for my daily calculations.

  • Love the interface

    by B.DeWeese

    Looks great but needs more functions. Great version 1 product.

  • Junk

    by RJ pilot

    This app is really nothing more than a whiz bang toy. Yes it is cool that it interfaces like an FMS, but can it do a knots to Mach airspeed it can't. Don't waste your money.

  • Hi hopes dashed by poor product

    by Noname required

    Doesn't take the place of my wizz wheel. Have tried to use it for the past several days and even had my instructor try to use. I feel like I wasted my money. I never write reviews but felt that my disapointment made this necessary.

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