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Have you heard of KIS? Keep It Simple, that's the idea behind the DC Metro Map application.

✓ Full size map of the DC Metro system
✓ Pinch zoom, scroll left and right on the map

No internet required.

Customer Reviews

  • Great ap.

    by LeslieSage

    A simple map is what I needed and that is what I got.

  • Simply Perfect

    by ozraven

    Metro map. Easy.

  • Out of date

    by Asen7

    Needs to be updated with the new rush hour schedule and with the future silver line.

  • I like it

    by the MIZ's friend

    Nice map good job can you make the new metro map it's called rush plus+

  • Best

    by Nazi84

    Honestly the best metro app you need!!! It's very accurate and exact

  • Easy and Accurate

    by J_Rush

    Easy to use, intuitive navigation. Accurate. Exactly what I wanted

  • Great

    by Johns0nzsad

    I downloaded this app on a recent trip to DC. It was very helpful in assisting me to get around the metro area. Thank you for putting this free application and making it available to everyone. It is much better than having to look at a map on the wall.

  • Mmm

    by dc & tnt

    Now I don't have to miss my train looking at the mad :/

  • Useful

    by Aviatrix320

    Just what I need: a map that's alway available. No Internet needed, easier to use than the metro's website.

  • Not blurry at all

    by Angie450

    It's perfect. Just a map. Sometimes that's all you need.


    by Sabrielwolf13

    No longer blurry! Yay!

  • Simple is great

    by TexMexMike

    Just came back from DC and this worked perfect. I know how to use the subway; just needed a map.

  • Doesn't work anymore.

    by Ffggtdjih

    It used to work. But now when I click it all I get Is a black screen. I've deleted and redownloaded it twice. Same story.

  • Nice,its,nice

    by cleo's remarks

    When i went to D.C it was a dig help,love that it doesent need the internt cocction,in works under grownd!

  • I totally agree...

    by adambashari

    What zenstudent said is totally on point...I had the app and never updated, it was fine, now that it is ios4 ready it lags to show up and has an ad banner...why? greed...

  • Nice and simple

    by PyricCrash

    Simplicity is nice. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Nice simple reference to Metro System

    by AndrewMcDonald

    Hate the ads. Would gladly pay a buck to get rid of them.

  • No Issues on iTouch with iOS4 July 6-11, 2010

    by Dchughes

    App worked great. Single small ad banner across the top of the screen. Would have been better if able to provide metro lines with From/To input.

  • Great Free App!

    by Moose812

    This app is great if you need a quick look at the DC Metro now and then. Good accurate map of all the stops. You can zoom in and out. Just what I needed. To all the bad reviews... THIS IS FREE! Delete it and go waste money elsewhere. There is only one small banner add at the top, nothing too annoying. I wish I could leave a review for all the dumb reviewers!

  • Awesome

    by Awesome girl25

    I  this app!! I don't know why but i've always been intrested in the DC metro map This app is super helpful Im so happy its free too

  • Don't upgrade !

    by Ibrahim AL-Hemyari

    I thought this upgrade with so called " updated maps " adds the silver line metro stops it turns out it only adds " ADS " thanks program developer for making us hate you !

  • Adding advertisements.

    by Jdru

    DC Metro app., now with annoying BANNER ADDS that get in the way. Deleted.

  • update doesn't work at all

    by Kcarr701

    This app used to work great until it was "updated". Now it doesn't work at all.

  • Terrible

    by TheMyrmidon

    New version is terrible. Required that I use gps and then does not identify which station I am Near to. I am switching to a different app.

  • Fail

    by Pooter scooter

    Used to have a previous version that worker well. After updating, and initiating the app, the screen flashes black and then exits the app.

  • Damned frustrating

    by Chuck from Santa Cruz

    Slightly helpful but just a zoomable image. Very easy to trigger the ad panel at the top of page. I'd advise buying a real app for $0.99 and having something more functional.

  • Upgrade has made a great app a bad app

    by tynblu503@

    I had to change my initial rating from 5 stars to 2 stars. After installing the upgraded version, the screen is now blurry when you zoom in. And now it is loaded with ads. I wish I had taken a picture of the map before - I would use that now instead of this app!

  • Knew it

    by * a w e *

    I had a feeling the upgrade would do nothing but load ads into the map. Should have ignored it. Any way to undo an upgrade? I would have rated the app a 4 out of 5... Oh well

  • Update ruined it!

    by NCarolinaGirl86

    After I updated it, it's all blurry. I can't read anything if I zoom in! WTF?!

  • Blurry

    by Mr. Double Stuff

    Updated app is now a blurry mess with ads. I'm going back to the old version.

  • Pass on this app

    by DC Guy 123

    Worthless after most recent update

  • Don't upgrade

    by Mark Slater

    They messed up the map, now it's pixelated in non-iPhone-4 phones. Nice going, taapuna ;(

  • Blurry

    by DL500

    Used to be fine, now useless low res version.

  • Nice update- NOT!!!

    by Opie4476

    Used to be great, now a blurry mess. If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it!

  • Blurry

    by Milehighgi

    Used to be able to use this, but after the upgrade you can't read the station names because the zoom isn't working properly.

  • Upgrade??? NOT!

    by BillRee

    After the upgrade to version 1.3 the map is now blurry and is worthless. I used to use the older version regularly. I will delete if not fixed within the week.

  • Deleted it. Screen went to black once too often.

    by OsakaMama

    Uploaded DC Rider(free) instead.

  • Useless after IOS4 update

    by DCnista

    After the update the map doesn't even show up anymore. Just a black screen and an ad banner. That's it. Not what I need when I'm in the metro trying to figure out my route quickly. :(( Deleted it after it would not work even after 20 trials.

  • iOS4 compatibility = ads?

    by Zen Student

    This was a simple DC Metro Map. Now the developer has disingenuously used "iOS4 compatibility" as an excuse to stick a banner ad at the top. FAIL.

  • Black Screen

    by jrt14

    I just tried to download this app to help my husband plan his business trip to DC. All I got was ads and a black screen.

  • Doesn't work with OS4

    by wiretapstudios.com

    Doesn't work with OS4, deleting.

  • iOS 4 Broke this

    by burkek

    Great app when it worked pre-iOS 4. Since updating I'm simply getting a blank black screen. Its like the image just shows as black instead of the map. I'd consider buying the paid version that is a bit more interactive if they could update the free one to work properly. I'm not going to plunk down $$$ for a dev who has yet to update the app to be iOS compatible.

  • More like...Keep It Stupid

    by mikeng

    Since when is a picture consider an "app".

  • Needs to show your location

    by ddrcoaster

    If it did this it would be much more helpful. All I wanted this app for was to see how close I was to other metro stops while walking around dc.

  • Worked for this tourist

    by Agdollar

    Was a tourist for a weekend, downloaded DC Metro Map, and it got me around just fine! Pretty plain and simple app, but it worked for me! Wouldn't have paid for it but since it's free, no complaints.

  • Now comes with AdMob

    by Tolstoy

    After nearly a year ads have suddenly started appearing in this app courtesy of admob. I don't remember updating this app or ever agreeing to seeing ads and don't know how they started appearing but this app is now DELETED.

  • Good enough

    by Super.Kirby

    Fi staws Just a picture to zoom in and out.

  • METRO MAP!!!

    by WIZARD 11

    A must have for tourists as well as local residents!!!

  • Simple map no problems.

    by Pcola p

    Simple map no problems.

  • Autobot

    by KAR 1.0

    Great app. Simple and to the point.

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