Sygic Europe: GPS Navigation Navigation App Review (iOS, $33.99)


Languages: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lettish, Lithuanian, Malay, NN, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Sygic a. s.

►NEW MAPS with updated road coverage
►HEAD-UP DISPAY / HUD (in-app purchase)
- At night, navigation info is projected directly into your line of sight - the windshield
- This allows you to process instructions faster and keep your attention on the road
- Works when it’s dark without any additional accessories or devices
- All important info is included:
· turn arrows
· distance to the next turn
· current speed and speed limit
· speed cameras
· estimated time of arrival - ETA

How to use HUD:
- Vist menu My Sygic and Install Head up Display
- Plan your route, tap on the navigation bar and select HUD in the menu that pops up
- When HUD is running tap on it, flip the screen, then place under the windshield

Please remember to rate the update! If you run into any trouble please get in touch with us, we can’t reply to you on App Store but our support guys are ready to help you out at

Sygic | Bringing life to maps

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3 Ratings
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102 Ratings


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"The best quality-price ratio" - Germano, Italy
"Those 5 stars are well earned" Wagner, Germany
"Never made wrong turn. Sweet app for low price!" - Peter, Czech Republic

With over 30,000,000 downloads worldwide, Sygic is the most popular offline GPS navigation app.

High quality TomTom maps stored on your iPhone or iPad (no internet connection needed!) together with a robust set of navigation features help you drive with confidence.
- Drag & Drop for simple route editing
- High quality TomTom maps stored on the phone
- Works with GPS only, internet is not needed
- Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation
- Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
- Three Alternative Routes to choose from
- Waypoints for places you want to visit
- Dynamic Lane Guidance to know the right lane
- Junction View to understand intersections
- Speed Limit Display to protect your wallet
- Speed Camera Warnings for Speedy Gonzales
- Free Updates: maps, premium POI, speed cams
- 3D Cities & Landscape for easy orientation
- HD Traffic from TomTom to save your time
- Original voices of Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns & Snoop Dogg
- Head-Up Display projecting navigation instructions onto your windshield
- Travel smarter with POIs from cool providers
- Free download in My Sygic, so go get them!
- Sharp Curve Warnings for added safety
- Notification of Upcoming Speed Limit Change
- Avoid Toll Roads on part or on entire route
- Avoid Roadblocks, Motorways …
- Pedestrian Navigation to walk and explore
- Compass & Stopwatch for outdoor activities
- Find and Navigate to
• Address
• Contact
• Postal code
• Intersection
• GPS coordinates
• Geo tagged photo
• Home
- Sidebar for iPad, more info about your drive
- Import of interesting locations - POIs
- Customizable navigation screen
- Road Incident Sharing with other drivers
- SOS/Help to find assistance nearby
- Customizable spoken warnings
- Friends on the map
- Graphics optimized for Retina display
- Compatible with iOS 7, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c
- Smooth Hardware Accelerated 3D rendering
- Car Audio Integration – Bluetooth or cable
- Music Control form within app
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Czech republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vatican City State

Transit roads only: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Sygic | Bringing life to maps

Customer Reviews

  • Geht so,noch viel zu tun


    Bleibt laufend hängen,Echtzeit Verkersinfo steigt laufend aus,seid Angebot Kaufstimmen ist es stumm außer die Warntöne.

  • الرياض

    by Saleh4z

    البرنامج لا بأس به يعمل بدون الحاجة للإنترنت بعد تحميل الخرائط يوجد به جميع دول أوروبا بالإضافة إلى تركيا للأجابة على استفساراتكم على تويتر @saleh4z فيه كاشف رادار السرعة وهذه ميزة

  • Annoying In-App Purchase activation onus -.-

    by Jack935

    Annoying In-App Purchase activation onus -.- ‼️‼️‼️ Nervige In-App Kauf aktivierungs Pflicht -.- ‼️‼️‼️

  • Super :)

    by Djandrew96

    I really love it...

  • App Store indicates that app not installed

    by rendator

    Despite the app is downloaded and properly installed on device, App Store still indicates that this app is ready to download. Many times reinstalled but still the same result. Only this app is affected from my wide portfolio of installed apps. The same issue was affecting previous version as well. I am running iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.4

  • Great

    by Saad ABDULLAH

    Great app This app a nuclear bomb

  • Very usefull

    by Mike+7

    The Best, very comfortable, easy

  • Handy Navi App

    by Mountainflyer

    We have used this app in the US with very good results and will use it in EU in a few weeks. It's a bit complicated but certainly feature-rich. The simulator feature is handy for seeing what you will be getting into, especially in foreign countries. Having all the maps resident is essential. Well done. Sept 24 update: we have used Sygic through Austria, Italy and Slovenia. There are two oddities to report: the first is that the program terminated as we crossed from Italy to Slovenia on the H5 road. It did this on both instances where we made this passage. I had to pull over and restart the app and it picked up and worked normally to destination. The second is occasionally upon initiating navigation, a message appears at the bottom left of the screen that declares "Inaccurate signal for car navigation". It will usually clear up shortly en route. Otherwise, even in the inner city of Florence, it took us right to the door of our hotel. Still well done and 99% reliable.

  • Excellent Travel Companion

    by Beast16jm

    The thing I like most is having one GPS system. I was tired of always having to spend time learning every cars GPS and trying to just get the settings to English. This is the best solution, it works better than most navigations and it gets me to my destination every time. You can preload your address before you travel, send addresses to your team members and even find routes where you don't have to pay country tariffs every time you cross a border. This is a must App for anyone traveling in the EU. I use my iPad for large display in the car and an iPhone when walking about.

  • Korzystam z automapy.

    by Dr.gonzo820

    Ogólnie korzystam z automapy a tą mam awaryjnie. I wole automape jeśli chodzi o polskie.

  • Essential Travel Gear

    by PAA2013PAA

    This app easily pays for itself whenever traveling around by car in locations with roaming charges or poor mobile coverage.

  • Perfect GPS

    by Alb123457

    Perfect GPS working without Internet.all eu maps.tried in uk Spain italy croatia and Hungary working perfectly!good and cheap.really recommendable

  • Very good

    by Bo mohamed

    I used this app in germany and zell am see .

  • Good but need to improve a lot

    by jwjung

    I bought it for my travel to Sweden and Norway. Generally Sygic is a good navigation app but several functions need to be improved a lot and the developer should learn from other navigation apps and even built in navigation system in terms of UI and functionality. 1. UI is not perfect for mobile. Button is too small and side information tab is hard to be seen while driving. 2. Search is complicating. It has many search features: basic search, detailed search, Google local search. None of them are useful. If you cannot find a result in basic search, you cannot find it in other search. Don't understand why developers include it and often searching never ends after it says 100% completed. Weird. 3. Not working in the tunnel. Navigation is not working in tunnels. Built in navigation system in my car that I bought 2 years ago is working in the tunnel without any problem. So with this Sygic app you need to check the route before you enter a tunnel because it may has two different exits. 4. Battery drains so fast. It drains battery very fast. 1 hours driving with this app on my iPhone5 costs 60 ~ 70% of the battery. Car charger is the must buy item for this app.

  • goooood

    by Rok2010


  • Jb

    by Juvanibadih

    The best navi for phone

  • Very usefull really good

    by iskotr

    This sygic engineers working really very well. softwear is nice user friendly and good working.. i really offer to all gps users.. if you want to use car with iphone you need charger cable because gps eating your charge

  • Worth the money

    by Camdavis2003

    Search could be better but overall works great.

  • Супер

    by Stefan Totev

    Доста добре за сега. Поддръжка на новия дисплей на 5-цата. Менюто е изцяло на български и може да се дават предложения за по-точен превод. Това, което може да се желае, е повече интересни точки, но има опция А добавяне на цял архив с такива. Остава само да си намеря от някъде.. Още не съм имал възможността да тествам програмата по-стабилно за навигация, но когато това стане, ще обновя ревюто.

  • Love it!

    by sonriseagain

    This is a great app. When will the Europe app get the upgrade the US app just got? Looking forward to seeing a satellite map option in the future?

  • Really?

    by Sunceb

    No one needs celebrity voices. Focus on more important stuff.

  • Terrible

    by l d

    The address database is like apple map. A lot of errors

  • Service is bad

    by Pilaite

    I loose patients with download ... It goes on forever... Do not buy this..

  • Crap

    by Yuri I.

    It's a crap! My bookmarks got lost 2 times! A hate it

  • Requires iOS 6????

    by ScreamerBG

    Loved it since Sygic 8. Now latest version requires iOS 6. But why? I won't/can't update my phone, thus I can no longer receive map updates. Why would you require iOS 6 when it ran perfectly on 5 and you haven't introduced new features? This makes no sense. Fix it.

  • Sygic Europe

    by Hessisch

    App did not connect to the Internet. Can't rely on it for navigation.

  • Bad

    by Dmytro Matvii

    Very complicated

  • Search is huge a problem!

    by sΔmΔn

    I use this app to navigate in Turkey. This new version (13.1.2?) keeps searching over and over again! Endless searches with no useful results! I have also purchased Sygic for Iran; search is too weak for both. You will have to manually drop a pin on a destination to end up with a route. Edit: after update i have lost all my favorites, history, etc. Plus, compass is not calibrated! Everytime i stop the car, the arrow immediately turns 180 degrees toward the opposite direction!!

  • billig

    by limi80

    nach dem letzten update unbrauchbar.einfach nur müll.

  • Errors!!!

    by Aachener...

    I live in Aachen, Germany and I found many errors for Aachen's map. One big problem is that lots of 30-Zones are not well recognized. Another is that a Shell petrol station is with address "Lochner str. 52", but it's one street away on the map! Oh, man, please correct these errors and learn more from other maps. Thank you.

  • Beznadzieja!!

    by jointpocket

    Mimo aktualizacji wciąż stare mapy,na s8 co chwile ograniczenia do 50.beznadziejna baza fotoradarow informuje o nich co chwile a ich nie ma.ciagle gubi się na skrzyżowaniach.aplikacja dno!!

  • Crashes - useless

    by tplant13

    I just purchased this ap and downloaded the map for italy. I imagine it's a great navigation system if it didn't crash every time I put a location in the search. It is throughly unusable. Just search "Sygic Crashes" on google. I wish I had done that before I wasted $45.

  • Surprisingly excellent!!!

    by lib747

    Used it on the iPad3 during our trip to northern Italy and Croatia. The app did amazingly well, especially compared to our Garmin hardware w/ european maps. The routing and street accuracy was far superior, then we also had a choice of languages and accents, traffic cameras, etc. I'm very glad that we had this app during our trip, to the point that i purchased the US version once we got back.

  • Good price

    by Kurtis P. Whirl

    So far, I have not had any issues. We download the maps that we need and it uses them to navigate. You don't have to download every time. I like how it clearly defines what lane you should be in when driving.

  • Awesome

    by Babak Mousavi

    Please add Farsi TTS Thanks

  • great app

    by justkidding74

    one off the best navigational apps on the market,tomtom maps with great interface...

  • Get TomTom this one isn't worth it

    by RandyAxion

    Get TomTom this one isn't worth it Other reviews about having to download the same maps over and over again are correct. Every time I open the app it makes me redownload the maps again. Booooo

  • Refund please don't downloaded

    by Jassim QTR

    After downloading 800 mb Now it require 3600 mb again And this is something stupid I downloaded and when I arrive London I have to download 3600 mb Do you know how much roaming and downloading data will cost me? I can't use it now while am in EUROP what I will do with this app when I return home to my country Qatar? Nothing !! Every thing should be clear to costumer From beginning don't put 800 mb then when we try to use app you ask for 3600 mb as essential downloading to start using app Thank you for disappoint me on my journey to EUROP

  • Fequent updates to map. Takes a long time.

    by Qaftab

    It takes a long time, even with wifi to get the latest maps. I don't know about the tom tom app, but with sygic it is a nuicence. Sygic needs to find a work around this problem. Otherwise it is a good application.

  • Sygic, listen to the reviews!

    by RinuXnl.

    Navigation stops some times when I get a call, or switch to another app. Why can't I use google local search in a destination city? Like in tomtom, If I want to go to a restaurant that isn't near me but inside a city I want to be able to google it.

  • Perfect

    by Yibor

    Thank you. Latest update is amazing!

  • Lots of troubles

    by Sajz

    Same as many wrote before, when it's working it's great, but any time there is update it wants to download that happens to you in traffic of big city it gives you very hard time, also it crashes a lot.please fix it. application has great features just often useless.

  • Horrible

    by Charly_kaja

    Repeatly tries to download a map update (800 MB; I downloaded it twice already). Will not work without it. Great feature when you are trying to find a hospital for your bleeding kid that just suffered a bad head injury (happened to me today; everything OK now). Go f*ck yourselves with products like that, guys.

  • forget sygic europe

    by timetickingaway

    downloaded sygic europe a couple of years and have used it often when travelling in europe. the problem is not with the navigation system in itself but with the frequent and annoying updates which take time and time and time to update. the latest update is a disaster and took more than 30 minutes. i therefore deleted the application alltogether and then tried to reinstall it again from the app store. got a wonderful error message saying that part of the file seems to be corrupted. IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIMER TO SYGIC MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER YOUR ALTERNATIVES. TIME IS A TOO PRECIOUS ASSET TO BE WASTED ON UPDATES AND UPDATES AND UPDATES WHICH DO NOT WORK.

  • Life saver

    by kolio-aheloy

    Just great

  • aktualizacja do poprawienia

    by mackow

    iPad :(

  • No voice instructions, inaccurate GPS positioning

    by barisisik

    Refund requested...

  • Good improvement noticed on latest version

    by Dr. Rodima

    I've been using it for two years and am finally happy with the Google maps joint.

  • No spoken street names despite what Sygic says on their website

    by Del Oochay

    Bought this app as a backup for Navigon because the Sygic website says that it speaks street names. Well, it doesn't. Sygic hasn't corrected their website over a month after this issue was first reported in their support forum. To add insult to injury, the Sygic people are stating that in the next (as yet unreleased) version, this will be an In App Purchase, not included in the base product (as stated on their website). Contemplated giving it 2 stars because the 3D buildings In App purchase is cool. However, in the end its 2011 you need to speak street names. Especially if your website says you do. Refund requested.

  • cyprus

    by AntonisCyprus

    can we have cyprus maps... please

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