Compass for 3G (not 3GS) Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: SumyApp
  • Updated: Nov, 06 2009
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 1.81 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Koichiro Sumi

support iOS4.3.1
but, this app is doesn't run in background.

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This is a compass application for iPhone 3G. The electronic compass is needless.

This application uses GPS.

1. stop walking. touch the start button.
2. Please walk straight . The compass begins to move.
The more it walks, the more accurate it becomes.
3. if you became tired, stop walking. touch the stop button.

It can know azimuthal (direction) by only these three steps.

The full spectrum can be used free of charge.

There is an error margin depending on the accuracy of GPS. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

This is a free version. Free version and paid version, there is no difference in terms of features. Ads do not like you and I am happy to download the paid version. Please serch "sumyapp".

Customer Reviews

  • I don't know what these people are saying

    by Poof a loof

    Get it it's simple and it works.

  • Great. But

    by zheil9152

    I wish this was a little bit more like the compass on iPhone 3GS with no instructions and no " please wait,walk straight," you should put that on an "i" button. And also no with map button Other than that 

  • Great!

    by Sam Aul

    I love it. I tried many compass apps and this one works best. I only wished it moved more likethe 3GS compass just a little closer and then it would br 5 stars

  • Okay...

    by Nick Croce

    The app actually worked for me. It's a bit slow, although it works somewhat. BTW: I have an iPod Touch 2G and it works. 

  • Good 3GS imitator

    by wrath153

    works ok

  • OK but plz fix

    by HUsss+e.L

    i would give u five stars if you correct it more accurate

  • Is there some misunderstanding as to how this app works.

    by Let's Be Objective

    The developer's primary language appears not to be English, so I am wondering whether some of the negative reviews relate to the fact that the instructions for the use of this app aren't all that clear? As far as I can determine this app DOES NOT provide continuous compass updates. To use, one needs to 1. wait until a GPS signal is obtained. The "please wait a little, outside message." 2. Then one needs to walk in a straight direction for about 20 meters. The app will generally tell you the distance you need to walk. 3. Once sufficient distance is attained, the compass will "lock", showing your heading. 4. If you want to determine a new heading, press the stop button and then the start button (actually the same button with different labeling. And repeat the procedure. I assume for the best accuracy, that in the configuration screen "accuracy of GPS" - normal should be tapped. Hope this helps

  • Works

    by ItsPhilD

    It works just fine on my iPhone 3G. I probably won't have need to use it often but will be handy to have if i need it.

  • Worked Fine

    by CountingBacc

    Downloaded this in NYC after I dropped my real compass. Worked fine. Don't knock it till you try it.

  • awesome app

    by appy guy

    this app is so good. I got lost and I got home with this app

  • Bad

    by PvsZ50

    Waste of time it just sits there showing a picture without moving

  • Complete POS

    by Random nickname 9999

    Spent a good hour trying to calibrate this compass walking. Waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting. Walked some more, waited some more and never got it calibrated. Good as a Gag gift to watch a friend walk & wait for an afternoon. Worst. App. Ever.

  • Get lost

    by Remerer

    The app is free but my time is not. Can I get reimbursed for wasting my time on this piece of crap? Apple brags about all the apps. I think they mean quantity over quality.

  • Junk on a screen

    by Jordo de berg

    Does not work


    by buldoggi

    Wait 2m, wait 5m, wait 16m. I don't think so. That's ALL i got. Never any results. I don't think so. Deleting the app. Waste of time.

  • It just does not work.

    by KenR's

    glad it was free!

  • Doesn't work.


    Told me I was facing north when I was facing south. Was never even close.

  • Not working!!

    by MaddieSwims

    This is a waste of time. If u want to know which way is north, download The Weather Channel app and you'll get the weather and in the bar up top an arrow points to the north and u can find the other directions from there.

  • Wow

    by DeathMoan

    POS. Waste of time

  • Still lost

    by Njperez

    I'll pay someone .99 to remove from my phone. Don't waste your time!

  • Dumb

    by Tennislover:)

    The title explains it! Waste of time!!!!

  • Don't work

    by Kila.Malia

    5 stars down

  • Gives the wrong answer

    by wscjr1

    I compared this to other compass apps, and its reading was always very far off. I have iOS 3.1.3. I understand that GPS only works outside, and that you have to significantly change your position to get a compass reading.

  • Crap: barely works

    by Oleg Yaroshin

    It is so hard to figure out how to work this thing. Granted, you have to walk a little for the app to figure out your motions against the map to tell you where the north and south are. But, I couldn't produce a viable result that would be practical after walking quite a bit. It is easier to just figure that out with regular navigation apps.

  • Balls!!!!

    by Caleb mullis

    You really shouldn't waist your time on this it's crap!!

  • Stupid App

    by Veyrong

    1star for this app...

  • How do I un-install this app?


    Please help! This app doesn't even deserve the 1 star I gave it!

  • Worst app ever y does apple put it up

    by Scoopta'

    This is the worst app ever it doesn't work y did apple pass the app I have no clue

  • Upsetuser

    by Bad compass

    It is unusablely slow and I don't like that you have to go outside to work

  • Wrong way

    by Rogo 1

    Slow, works only half the time.

  • not usable

    by LOVE PK

    you must be kidding, such a lame shouldn't appear on iTunes

  • Slow to load, then wrong

    by Compassless

    The compass doesn't work. It takes approximately 5 minutes to load, and then doesn't adjust it's position when you do.

  • Does not work!

    by Veeeraaaaaa

    Does not work.

  • Not good

    by kclane1940

    It simply doesn't work!

  • Useless

    by GP-Design

    Never could pinpoint my location. Glad it was free because it's totally useless waste of my time. Don't bother.




  • EPIC FAIL

    by ZachKurth

    This interface is terrible, I followed all directions, and I walked twoards the North, And it told me North was to my right! THIS IS A FAIL!! 

  • Not a keeper, not accurate, not even close

    by Frangaf

    This compass is way off. Without the Atlantic Ocean to confirm my directionals I would have been completely lost. This is not reliable or accurate. Delete it asap!

  • horrible

    by bela180

    horrible, never worked. Already deleted from my iphone

  • Compass for 3G

    by jcm4588

    This application is horrible. It doesn't work and I deleted it after screwing around with it for a half hour.

  • Compass for 3G (not 3GS)

    by Ernietoo

    This is a waste of time and space! Don't bother downloading it!!!

  • Don't bother

    by Gold Dog

    I would have given this less than one star but that is th lowest allowed! This is quite simply, useless! Not worth your time. Dosen't work, if you NEED a compass get a 3gs.

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