iWay GPS Navigation - Turn by turn voice guidance with offline mode - Free Edition Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Soleasoft SARL

* Fixed a bug on HQ Voices activation
* You can now save your routes for offline use
* 3D buildings display in major cities
* Tile map cache improvements
* You can now choose from native iOS or Google™ map tiles
* Street view implementation
* Premium version available
* Media player tunes selection fixed
* Major and minor bugs fixed

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iWay GPS Navigation turns your iPhone into a voice-guided GPS navigation system with turn-by-turn driving directions and other features... but for free !!!

No monthly fee! No yearly fee! Free update and life time use…

You dont want to use data with your 3G or 4G connection? Not a problem, iWay allows you save your routes while you are connected to wifi for an offline use.


* Offline mode
* 2 maps tiles providers : Google™ maps or native iOS™ maps
* 3 routes providers : Google™, BingMaps™, MapQuest™
* 3D buildings and indoor maps in major cities
* Street View full screen implementation
* Customize iWay by choosing from the 100 high quality voices available on the Premium version
* Map data is always up-to-date in real time.
* Full support for portrait and landscape mode.
* Speed camera warnings as standard with free updates
* 3D Satellite bird’s-eye view for ultra realistic navigation
* HD synthesized voice for high quality spoken street names and directions (on premium version).
* Turn-by-turn navigation cover 193 countries and in 45 different languages !
* Real-time turn-by-turn voice guidance, fully integrated and synchronized with the iPod.
* Auto Re-route – If you take a wrong turn, it will automatically adjust your route to get you to your destination (unlimited use in premium version).
* iPod integration: Listen to your music, audiobooks, & podcasts directly within iWay.
* Background voice navigation while using other apps.
* Google™ and MapQuest™ Local Search integration for the best POI search (Millions of POIs available).
* Place a phone call directly from POI search results.
* iPhone contacts address book integration.
* Share easily your current location, destination, and ETA with friends via email, sms and Facebook.
* Magnetic compass integration for the best map heading experience at low and high speed.
* Optimized display for retina screens.
* Optimized routes for driving, walking and biking.
* Simple, intuitive user interface.
* And much more to discover...

iWay GPS works on iPhone5, 4S and 4. iOS 5.0 minimum.

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P.S : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • SRK

    by Shirokung


  • Cool App

    by RoadyTale

    I like the fact that it has turn by turn navigation, and the interface is awesome.

  • Good app

    by Mdiox

    This is a perfect app

  • Greats

    by Ndiarno

    Great apps

  • Very unique

    by Amaodemmy

    The apps is very good and easy to use.

  • Liked

    by Puerto squares

    I am so happy for this ideas

  • Great

    by Jimbahm53

    I love it can not wait to get full version

  • Good

    by Chris321

    It's all free for me cuz I have a iPod touch

  • Muy buena

    by felix1483

    Chida app

  • Absolutely useless.

    by Tupelo38801

    Know that commercial where the GPS says turn left and they go off the cliff? I think it was this app. Voice navigation is almost non existent you'll spend your whole day making u turns as it tells you you have left the route a block after you did. DOES NOT HAVE TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION. Gives you one promo, and then randomly chimes in. Deleting it now.

  • Not user friendly at all

    by WCIP

    I cannot get anything to work, I could use a paper map & get there faster.

  • Chet hd28

    by Chethd28

    Not at all impressed. Screen kept flickering. An it would eventually kick me off. Deleted it before I even used it. Wouldn't stay on long enough to let me use it.

  • WTH is this?!

    by Jimmy texas

    Even after I bought your "price of a cup of coffee" app for $2.99, every time I enter an address, it says invalid!

  • Does almost no navigation

    by FranSoCal

    On the plus side, it did have my destination in its database. Using it was maddening, because it would give one vocal guide only until after I passed the next turn. This happened five times in a row. I deleted it.

  • It's ok

    by Jcardo21

    Las primeras veces que lo utilicé funciono bien pero últimamente se traba y se apaga sólo y tengo que volver a poner la ruta. Deberían arreglar eso, más porque es comprado.

  • Waste of time!

    by Richard-wa

    This is a crippled version. Keeps asking about upgrading to the full version, shows you ads all over, and many features are disabled. Waste of time.

  • Paid for this

    by VinnieWilson02

    70 voices of the same for $3 thanks


    by Loui Louai

    It crash, it freez, it goes on grey when over 30 miles/hour. Good when stand still, that's the one star for...!!! wasted time and money, do not tear your hair down. NO BUENO.

  • Apple blows it again

    by Oiseaux831

    I cannot believe that Apple prevents us from using Google Maps, which is a great app. But instead advises using Tom Tom which is garbage. Every time u turn around they are selling u a video game. I put Costco into the search field and it found one 250 miles away. Google found one 12 miles away.

  • Wanted to throw my phone!

    by ZachariahElijah

    Couldn't even use once. It kept taking me to the Internet and App Store when I was just trying to type where I wanted to go. Delete!

  • Idk

    by hrcfghdd

    I haven't gotten it yet but I see not good reviews. I'll check it out!

  • Bad!!!

    by Jwelch08091987

    By far the WORST gps ever!!!! Constantly freezes up so u have to turn around bc u miss ur turn or it re routes an u are goin an extra 2 miles


    by DCH1108

    Starting point and destination font ridiculously tiny,can't read. Whole scheme confusing and crude

  • Dont

    by Warpig ozzy

    Ways is way too slow

  • Terrible

    by willie1000

    Don't buy

  • False Advertising! NOT FREE!

    by Loyal Busta Rhymes

    You have to pay for Voice Navigation! This should be free. My Droid offered free voice navigation but there's nothing actually free for iPhone!? Taking off. Don't fall for this. Too many app developers do this.

  • Bad

    by Teresataliercio

    Awful, awful, awful. Can't believe I wasted a dollar.

  • Bad app

    by Lkstubb

    This app said free voice navigation. After using it for less than 4 miles, the voice came on and told me the voice navigation was disabled and to purchase the premium edition to continue use! Ridiculous!

  • Terrible

    by mog90044

    Wouldn't even find a direction, kept loading

  • Bad

    by Ivytouch

    Battery killer


    by rockgod738

    Mayhem from the insurance commercial was a better gps than this load of crap. "you left the route...I have calculated the new route...you left the route." I keep getting lost wasting gas ect. DOWNLOAD MOTION X IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  • Not worth even 1 star. But can't give it a zero

    by DeMad1

    I've never seen a GPS that can't find a GPS satellite under a completely open sky. This product is a scam and a waste of time to even read its fantastically amazing BS product description. Apple needs to step up and make an app themselves. And have this one removed.

  • This is a fraudulent app

    by Nicks-names

    Apple please remove from app store.

  • DO NOT GET!!

    by Y G

    This app is total BS!! It finally downloaded after a shitload amount of time and then literally after 4 mins of driving it shut down and said I havta buy it to continue!! I got lost in a bad neighborhood and was running outa gas!! do urself a favor and dont get involved with this app!! P.S. the only reason I give this app 1 star is cause it doesn't go lower!!

  • Crap!!!

    by bob250

    R u kidding me? Don't even download it!!!! Does not work at all, iPhone needs to have free GPS aps... Better than what they r offering ....

  • Frustrating App

    by Tremont FBC #16

    The following is a preview of this app: Calculating new route.....you left the route, Calculating new route.....you left the route, Calculating new route.....you left the route. Horribly frustrating

  • Bad

    by Tony,fl

    Bad app,it crash every time

  • very bad

    by hemoooioi

    for 50 minuts it is good, after that it is so bad u must buy it

  • Did not work

    by Lcdarodz

    Only work in simulation

  • Junk

    by tcrash99

    I didn't get 5 miles before it shutdown and said I must subscribe. Do not download.

  • Engineer

    by Totorodad182

    Locked up phone. This is a total POS.

  • This app does not give any directions whatsoever and free mode. It crashed several times on me.

    by IPhone4S90731

    I do not know if I recommend this very well.

  • Horrible

    by JaimieC

    It's pretty cool at first but after like fifteen minutes the voice guidance and interactive map turns off. Lame

  • Does work well

    by Lexiipoo123

    I would not recommend this app to anyone, it's really slow, and doesn't always it you to your destination

  • Horrible!!!

    by Ssgcookie

    Crashes constantly on iPhone 4!

  • No lo descarguen

    by Chino y China

    Esta aplicación no sirve se congelo mi celular cuando lo utilice por primera vez y no te da la dirección correcta en el momento

  • User

    by DBDiver

    Worst app I have ever seen. It is not intuitive and it froze my iPhone 4s the first time I tried it.

  • Caused my phone to freeze

    by Anne J 2

    The little graphics are nice and simple...but it crashed and after restarting the app is froze my phone. I honestly didn't know my phone could freeze. I couldn't use it long enough to hear the voice commands.

  • Waste of time

    by Workshopninja

    It's free for a reason

  • Worst App Ever

    by Maddie_loves_Jbeiber

    This app is the worst app ever . Do not buy. Within 20 sec , it crashed on me . Do not buy. No stars .

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