GlidePath Navigation App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: David Kammeyer

* Background tracking of flights
* Better battery life
* Performance and stability improvements

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GlidePath lets you track your Glider flights, view them, and submit your flights to the Online Contest (OLC)! Glider flight loggers are a pain. The near $1000 cost, bulk, and hassle of transferring data are now unnecessary with GlidePath. GlidePath will record your flight, let you see it on a map, and then submit your flight to OLC, right on your iPhone! You can also choose to email your flight in IGC format to yourself, or someone else, like a Contest Director, all without the hassle of loading an SD card or connecting a logger to your computer. GlidePath is "Blue V" approved on OLC, and can also be used as a backup logger in most contests.

Customer Reviews

  • Invalid file first time...

    by LTCTerry2006

    I am in the Army stationed in Germany. I bought GlidePath to use as a cheap GPS data logger while glider flying. The first time I used it, I was unable to upload the data file to OLC. I got a "file format" error. I looked at the file and compared the contents with the IGC file format. I turns out that GlidePath was putting the German word for "morning" and "afternoon" in the middle of each recorded data point. That's NOT part of the IGC data format. I was able to change the iPad from its Germany setting to US, and it worked fine the second time I tried it. My only real grip is that it recorded the entire time I sat waiting to launch as well as the actual flight. It looks kind of funny on OLC because of 15 minutes waiting out of a 25-minute "flight." I contact the developer about the issue and got no response. He doesn't even list GlidePath as one of the apps he supports on his web page.

  • Great Record

    by ogilviekm

    Works great. One small problem. After a 3 hour soaring flight I shutdown my Ipad to conserve the remaining 65% of battery. OOps, you need to download the file it creates before turning off your Ipad. All the saved files created by this app are lost when you shutdown an Ipad.

  • Great app for OLC submission.

    by Hess8

    This works flawlessly. Submits track to OLC without effort (blue V). I can see track on map or email .igc file to myself. Works in background fine while I'm running Glider GPS app for navigation.

  • Glide Path

    by Gyoung2192

    Very simple to use. Works without any problems. Uploads to OLC is quick & easy. The only issue is you cannot inhibit the phone in flight because setting airplane mode on the iPhone inhibits the GPS. George Young Greater Boston Soaring Club Discus B N44UU

  • Much Improved

    by Brock2011

    The new version of this software has fixed the problems and is now fully usable as a gps logger. It works great in background mode, even when I am using a moving map app in the foreground. The overheating problem is gone, and it still uploads to OLC at the touch of a button. Very nice app!

  • Good concept, weak app.

    by Cirrusfun

    GPS works well at 7,000ft AGL and track is almost perfect but you can't run the app in the background. It also crashes a lot. It should include a feature for auto start (takeoff) and stop (landing) when you give multiple flights.

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