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Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: skobbler GmbH

We have completely redesigned GPS Navigation for this version. As of now, it is based on our innovative NGx map technology. It‘s quite simple: the app just got even better (and prettier) in every way.

We wish you lots of fun with our GPS Navigation.

Please do us a favor and rate the app. We can’t wait to find out, how you like the new version.

Your skobbler team

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*** The next generation of navigation and maps: The best-selling app for iPhone and iPad with an all-new design ***

GPS Navigation from skobbler - 3 full-fledged apps in one:

Top-rated navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn)
World map
Wiki travel guide

You get all this even if you are offline.

In addition:
skobbler NGx cutting-edge map technology.
Various search functions. Different map styles. Different route modes.
It is quite a package.

* Gives you full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation. Functionalities such as speed warnings, street sign displays, 3D-view (isometric) and much more are of course included. All these functionalities are available online and optionally offline (see below).

* With GPS Navigation you no longer have to worry about finding your way. No need for paper maps. No matter where you are or where the journey takes you, the OpenStreetMap can be used anywhere.
You can decide whether you want to use it online of offline. The entire map is always available online. You can also enhance the app for offline use with almost 1000 additions (cities, countries, continents). Download the respective area (ideally via Wifi). Once installed, you will always have it with you, even without an internet connection. And you’ll be able to make full use of all major features. Country maps always include all cities and their street plans or city maps. The map is always seamless. You never have to switch between several maps.

* GPS Navigation includes skobbler's innovative NGx map technology. You get maps that look great and move, zoom and rotate with unrivaled ease. Simply touch the map for slightly longer to interact with individual points on the map. You will never get blurred images or useless empty 'map-loading' tiles.
Instead, you get different map styles (e.g. night, outdoor) and a route planner for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Something else you won't find anywhere else: all functions can be used both online and offline (in installed map areas).


- Full-fledged navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn)
- Completely interactive OpenStreetMap (OSM)
- One single map with global coverage
- Can be enhanced within the app for offline use of all major functions
- Full functionality with and (after installation) without Internet connection (online and offline)
- Ability to install whole countries including their city maps (Wifi recommended)
- Continuous free map updates
- Extensive Wiki travel guide
- Powerful map technology (NGx)
- Route planner (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists)
- Various map styles (e.g. night, outdoor)
- Various search facilities
- Convenient favorites lists
- Optional synchronization of favorites with the web portal

! Please note that as with all navigation apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Traffic regulations and current road situations always precede skobbler’s directions!

Customer Reviews

  • Nice and inexpensive

    by shanel1972

    Buying the offline maps is worth the money. Not as feature packed as the higher priced GPS standalone apps, but for $7.99 you can get all the maps in the world.

  • nice clean interface. has more landmarks than google/apple maps

    by rfcreader

    I thought this was optional?

  • Great app!

    by Deeangel4

    Good app to have and easy to use.

  • Good OSM Nav App

    by EngAbdulmajeed

    Need more (Arabic) language support on maps & search.

  • Great

    by She10

    This app really helped me one night in Canada to get home. Thanks GREAT

  • Very useful

    by Ironmanmike

    I use it often when I travel.

  • Buggy

    by Wilmington Different Drummer

    Audio only plays through speaker on my iPhone5, regardless of what option I choose. Turn by turn instructions are slow, sometimes waits until you are right at the intersection before announcing turn instructions.

  • GPS. Good

    by eduardo rosales

    Thank You Good. Job. Guys

  • Lo recomiendo

    by Fanático de tecnología

    Efectivo y funciona muy bien Off Line. Lo recomiendo.

  • ios 7

    by Kayleejomarie

    ios 7 update please!

  • Great app

    by Jayoni

    1. You can play music while using this app, please select voice guidance thru blue tooth speaker, not air/ headphone jack. 2. Please include traffic info. 3. Please show exit Id or street address in screen, not just by voice . Great app for price. Will get five star when include traffic re rout option.

  • Nice

    by Möbius theory

    Well done

  • Great update

    by Joenews

    Friendly, clear and concise. Won't leave home without it. No matter where I end up , I just hit "take me home"

  • Great App

    by Mark Burt II

    I love this app, it works like it should and gets me from point A to point B

  • Skobbler GPS

    by Foley008

    Works fine when U need it. Use it every time good.

  • Muito útil

    by Silmara Fornazari

    Gostei muito! Pode ser usado em qualquer lugar do mundo! Mapas atualizados.

  • Good to try

    by McDowellSr.

    But my TomTom is better

  • Veri nice

    by Ledi Albani

    Nice nice

  • Great app

    by Tribe papa

    Gets ya where ya need to go when ya go.

  • Worldwide coverage cheap!

    by Jake-o

    Good app. Great price. The spoken directions in Italian are second rate tho.

  • App Doesn't Support Offline

    by Phantomdata

    Improper description. The app doesn't actually include offline support; it includes support to buy more dlc to add offline support. US is $3, so be aware that the app actually costs $3.99 to get the advertised features.

  • Skobble

    by George2060

    Always crashes never starts the first time, I'm sick of it!!!!!!!!

  • New update

    by Tisguyriteher

    Very unhappy with the new update. I always thought this was The Best GPS app. Now whenever I put in an address it offers similar addresses no where near I am intending to go.

  • Team iPhone 5

    by Babydoll168

    I don't mind the update but some of the stuff should have been thought through. U can no longer play music through this app. Who wants 2 be on a road trip just listening 2 the turn by turn voice. And it give u the longest route. It also takes 2 long 2 re-adjust when u go off course or miss an exit. The voice takes 2 long 2 tell u where 2 turn when on a highway & on the map it's not clear meaning it doesn't say get off @ exit #

  • Not recommended

    by Statius

    I bought the app thinking it would function w/o 4g data. Without internet it will only allow you to search for a specific street and not a address with a house number.

  • Latest update is a disaster

    by lewispent04

    On my iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4, the app barely opens after 6-9 tries. Freezes in the middle of trips, shuts off, and doesn't actually run in the background when switching between apps. The nice British voice is gone. And when transitioning to the next waypoint, it tells me to "continue" on the road that will actually be next. I downgraded this from 4 to 1 star. Please fix the bugs! This used to outperform them all...

  • Piece of garbage

    by Neomorphism

    I was late for a very important meeting because of this app. I trusted this app, and it took me to a completely different address. Lost an hour. I wold give it no star at all if I could.

  • Last version worked fine - now it's a dudd.

    by JoHaPine

    I wish I hadn't updated to the last version. NO WAY was this even tested!!! NO WAY! The Navigation functionality ceased to work. It shuts off the application whenever you pick ANY destination. The interface lacks any of the useful information from previous edition. Nobody wants a sliding menu that you have to scroll down two or three pages to find what you wanted. This is now a deleted application. Should have left well enough alone. Thoroughly disappointed.

  • Works god

    by Clown boy xlll

    Works god

  • Awesome app!

    by Rarmeli

    Love this app! Best gps app around!!!

  • Creeping up

    by turduckenturd

    Quickly making its way to being my go-to navigation app.

  • Nav

    by Mjt42784

    A much better solution to Apple Nav

  • love it!

    by beahotdancer2

    awesome app!

  • Love it!!!

    by Somah2535

    Sooo different.. Really awesome app. Love it.. :)

  • Great app!!

    by Stephanie Restrepo

    Must have for traveling :)

  • Great app

    by D. Patt

    Really solid navigation app

  • Awesome app

    by ksouza0913

    This is awesome!! Definitely worth it

  • Ms

    by Reda1215

    Really great app!

  • Great App!!!

    by SPM5NY

    Very accurate and love the offline capabilities. Finally a great app with an integrated travel guide, what more could you want!?!?

  • Nice new look!

    by cliff17

    Definitely like the new design, Wikitravel and TripAdvisor info.

  • Great update to a great app!

    by Haffy22

    Fantastic update to an already great app! Clean design, easy to use, and most importantly, very precise and accurate. Totally worth the 99 cents!

  • Good enough for me thank you

    by Irwing10

    This App is good enough for my needs and very helpful

  • Daimyo

    by Daimyo1

    Close to Perfection! I Really like the app, but the periodic incorrect route information must be fixed. Hopefully, they will also find a way to alphabetize favorites and recent searches.

  • iPod IV iOS 6.1

    by iJeepster

    New version crashes device haven't even got to see it yet so I really couldn't say whether it's a good app or not.

  • Just what I needed in GPS

    by MJFUN

    Easy to use and thorough - really helpful and intuitive

  • Offline capable--yes!

    by LK1984LK

    Just downloaded, tried it out-so excited that you get offline navigation! Amazing feature set at a great price.

  • Great navigation tool

    by Chocky252

    This app is just awesome!! Fast and accurate and with precise, easy to understand direction. Best of breed in my humble opinion.

  • Beautiful update!

    by Dorofan

    I'm a big open-source fan and this update is awesome, just in time for my drive South!

  • Great update!

    by Haribooboo

    Wikitravel and Tripadvisor integration is very useful.

  • Should have left it alone!

    by Unimpressed one

    Wish I hadn't updated to latest version. Now, the voice off function shuts the voice off but my music is muted every time the audible directions are given. Also, voice off doesn't stay off. If I get a phone call it turns the voice back on. All this AND it still doesn't give accurate or efficient driving instructions!

  • Excellent experience

    by crookedsquare

    This app got me along a 360-mile trip, safely and without any fuss. It's great to see open-source data is coming along so well, and Skobbler showcases the best of what it's capable of.

  • Well enough alone

    by Areese75

    Can't leave my stuff alone, didn't want this Micky mouse cartoon. Was happy with 3d, and voice... Uninstalled!!!

  • Awesome update to an already great app

    by Motion50

    I love what this app tries to do, in taking OpenStreetMap and using it for directions, which is very helpful. The app's update for iOS 7 is a beautiful update that makes it significantly easier to use and far more elegant. I am really impressed with this update and plan on continuing to use this app often.

  • Useless

    by Joshua Shim

    Always crashes on launch. I want my money back.

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