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Languages: English

Seller: Rudrajit Samanta

- Redesigned from the ground up for iOS 7
- Unified map and list view
- Bug fixes

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iWant is essentially the combination of 3 location based apps : Restaurant reviews (Yelp, UrbanSpoon), Movie showtimes (Flixter, Fandango) and Yellow Pages (Yellow Pages, AroundMe). Why use iWant instead of these separate ones ?

• iWant is faster, simpler and presents all this varied information in a clean and unified view. It will help you reduce clutter on your home screen as it combines the functionality of several other apps.

• Unlike typical Yellow Pages apps, iWant gives you restaurant reviews (instead of just a list of names) and movie times (rather than just a list of theaters near you) so that you can make an informed decision.

• iWant gives you one-tap access to over 30 categories. Also, you can filter restaurants and nightlife with another two taps -- no typing required.

• iWant can also show you nearby landmarks from Wikipedia (try the 'W' icon on the second page) so that you can use iWant like a virtual tour guide in a new city.

• Use the settings icon (bottom left) to narrow or expand the search radius.

As seen in : The Wall St. Journal (Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret), The NYTimes (Michelle Higgins) and WIRED magazine (Mathew Honan).

If prefer not to see any ads, please consider purchasing iWant Pro.

Customer Reviews

  • Helpful, informational, but not engaging

    by Sillyvalley

    This much information in one app makes it useful. Information is clear of clutters - another positive. Integration to Yelp and other review site is unimposing - more positive. But interaction is a bit too plain to be engaging. And why is "Robert Pattinson" in every Bing search box? Even if it's a sponsor item, it shouldn't follow into the actual Safari screen. Sorting by distance works in most categories, but doesn't seem to work in, say, Banking. What's so special about these categories? (I noticed similar behavior in other apps - banking, ATM have always had this problem.) The most serious, though, is that it would be a miracle to get Grocery from Yang Yang Acupuncture. I mean, I pass by that place often, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to shop there. OK. You do shopping in Dance Attire. But hardly for grocery. Am I right? Jamba Juice serves snacks. Do you really call it a grocer? Information aggregation (with a silicon brain) is hard work. I know. It could be that Yelp is wrong. But...

  • Nice & easy

    by JMNC

    Easy to use & finds what I'm looking for. One improvement I would like to see is the ability to scoot the buttons I'm most interested in onto the 1st pg. (Restaurants on pg 1, Nail Salons on last pg). If you can do that I haven't found how yet.

  • iWant gets lost looking for basic locations

    by U206F

    This app is ok, but often when looking for a Motel/Hotel or Cinema-it leads me on a wild chase around town, or to non-existant motels, or theaters that are a mile away from the actual location. Have gotten close to killing my iPhone because of iWant! Only reliable 1/2 the time. I'm dumping it. You get what you don't pay for.

  • Pretty good app

    by Kissy7

    I like this app - it's easy to use. I also like the features in this latest version. Thank you.

  • I use it everywhere

    by EMSanborn

    This is one of the first apps I loaded on my iPhone years ago. I use it everywhere and all of the time.

  • The best search for on here!

    by Hakerz

    In every category, it was 100% correct. Great job guys.

  • The best thing since slice bread

    by 1sospecial

    This app. Has taken me to new restaurants and places I didn't know existed. I love it...... But unfortunately it's no longer launches anymore. Please fix this problem. I need new hang out spots when I start back traveling.

  • Doesn't find

    by dickjoke

    Tends to not find what I want! Love the app hate not being able to use it to find places I am trying to go.

  • Great App!!


    Great App and even better that it's free!!! :-)

  • A mainstay for three years now

    by SanJoseScott

    iWant uses the Yelp user ratings to find businesses near you. But, it's better-organized and more readily searchable with a few taps than Yelp itself is. I've been using it for three years, since my original iPhone 3GS, and it's my go-to application for finding restaurants when I travel. About time I leave a few words praising it, then! You can click through to find out more about businesses that seem attractive: hours, detailed user reviews, website links, contact info. But its main draw is its quick and easy organization. Looking for Thai? Greek? Burgers? Anything? ...click, and there you are, all ranked by distance or by user ratings within a specified radius of your current location. Easy. Useful. Recommended!

  • Not completely accurate or upto date

    by SRao_1106

    Downloaded this app a few hours ago when I was in a Chinese restaurant waiting for my order. But the app didn't list that restaurant at all. The author claims to aggregate data from urbanspoon but I think it's not been updated anytime recent. I give it 3 stars because it does actually give a good listing of nearby restaurants. Just that it's not comprehensive. For someone new to the area they will at least find a few places to eat. So in that way it's not all that bad. And it has more categories than AroundMe. As a local, I will stick to Urbanspoon.

  • Cool app

    by Ladiesman26

    Best app

  • Indispensable

    by notherpinion

    For any traveller in the US, or for anyone who finds himself/herself in an unfamiliar part of town, this App is incredibly useful and intelligently designed. I've used it for two years with problems.

  • it is awesome

    by madelineou


  • Badly in need of update!

    by dglhi

    Pretty good app, but badly needs to incorporate multitasking ability! It's very frustrating when for instance you go to check out map directions for a pizza joint, then want to do the same for another pizza place, you have to start all over in your search.

  • Sooo helpful!!

    by Enzo 306

    I use it all the time! It's really helpful and useful!! You should really get it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :0!!

  • great

    by Rilee's Account

    its awesome!!!! but it only lets u search up 2 15 miles

  • Iwant advantage

    by sharemythoughts

    Extremely helpful. Recently moved to Kalamazoo. Being new to the area this App is a life saver. Even the locals were impressed about info on their neighborhood.

  • It

    by Alvin Smithsons

    Okay, this app looks great. The feature with the camera also appears great. Only if the app worked though. The problem is that I've tried several different locations, and not one of them returned ANY places near me. Why? :( - AlvinS

  • Crap!

    by Jack.Franklin

    crappy copy of Yelp, not worth it when there's better options

  • Iwant the app to work

    by Blix the dog

    Complete fail! Takes forever to load,map is missing. Basically it doesn't work.

  • New one's a FLOP

    by WilliekSC

    Used to use IWant extensively; new version locks up continuously... If it ain't broke don't fix it! I guess they got $$$$ hungry and want everyone to buy the $.99 version.

  • Doesn't work

    by Barb Doll

    Much better before most recent update. Now it doesn't work at all. Please fix the bugs!!

  • New version is TERRIBLE

    by Dragoncoach

    Go back to the old version-that worked! New version takes forever to load and closes down when old favorites are tried to access. Screwed up a really nice app.

  • doesn't work at all

    by superlarry

    No results, a blank map, and even the ads don't work (it just says "Ads show up here"). Total flop.

  • I haven't used this app in a while

    by ADHD what

    Things to make it better, allow your choice of map programs. I use navigon, not google or apple maps. Have notifications when you are 5 miles within something you like. I'm on the hunt for a great spice shop, as example. And no ads, but I saw you have pay version now, so that must be the no ad one.

  • Horrible

    by semperfi_wife

    Just as bad as dexknows.

  • It's junk.

    by User 5951

    Does not work well, the advertising is annoying. One of few applications I felt compelled to delete.

  • Not good with OS 4

    by Walter Sedoux

    Can't get alternate locations unless you have OS 5. Why? They're tech snobs.

  • Hangs app store updates!!!

    by Nevada tech Wrnr

    Was a good app, but recent version will now totally hang ALL your apps to be updated in app store if on iOS 4x when you select 'update all' - thus you must now either update each app manually (!) or uninstall iwant then update all will work again! Very upset because is gives a message in app store that 'This App Requires iOS 5'

  • Where Am I???

    by UsedToDance

    Um, yah. Again, this program thinks I'm in Berkeley, CA. Not quite Tokyo, but definitely not my location and It will not allow my location updates to go through. Excellent potential, which is of no consequence if it cannot be used in conjunction with my actual location.

  • Help

    by Momsense

    Working fine EXCEPT the fact that it thinks I want movie times/theaters from Germany. Did I mention I live in the U.S.? Please fix!!

  • This used to be amazing. Now it doesn't work

    by Shadowofmerlin

    Guess google places it is

  • No Kosher/Jewish option

    by Rob631

    Was looking for a place to get matzoh ball soup but there's no cuisine choice to search for that. Closest were burgers,sandwiches and diner but no luck. Also couldn't find a public restroom even though I was about to reach a rest stop on the interstate. Fairly useless app.

  • was useful until it stopped working

    by wildwoodweed

    I used to use this app all the time. It was particularly useful on road trips in CA. However, it has stopped working on my 3G. I can understand that you need to update the app to work on later versions of iOS but you *can't* break backwards compatibility. This is Applications 101 guys!

  • Does not work!!!

    by swimjess98

    This app has been great for finding a number of things, but it will not load anymore. Please fix!!!

  • Stopped Working

    by JimVM

    The app no longer works on my iPhone. It will not respond to my attempts to change locations. May have something to do with incompatibility with outdated operating systems as I have not yet upgraded to OS5.

  • Former user/fan

    by Lancaster Lady

    I used and liked this app but it no longer works at all. Please fix, pronto!

  • Gps stopped working

    by The Black Squirrel

    Useless without gps. Deleted it. A shame.

  • Crap

    by llewellynwest

    Twice I used this to get to a restaurant and twice got wrong locations.

  • Old database

    by G--Pa

    Good interface, but the database is way out of date. Does not show two local coffee shops that have been near me for over two years. Try using AroundMe app instead.

  • Useless

    by Ozogirl

    The app would be great if it actually listed places that were open! Tried searching for a Tanning Salon and went to 3 different addresses with no luck. Some addresses didn't even have buildings! I finally found a salon during my travels that wasn't even listed on the app! Useless!!!

  • Good Concept

    by Ddmsa3

    I really like the concept of this app. It's a one-stop shop with all of the other apps combined. Since I have downloaded it though, I haven't found it one bit useful. I gave it two stars for the concept and the icons are eye-catching, but other than that it's not serving it's purpose for me. I looked up a few places locally and none of these locations popped up. For example, there is a park down the street from me that has been there for a few years and according to this app it does not exist. I am willing to keep this app in hopes of it being updated real soon. PLEASE update it!

  • Not up to date

    by ChickenBiryani

    It's helpful to find movie timings. However, the restaurant feature is not up to date. An Indian restaurant opened in my area over three months ago. The listing is on Yelp, Urbanspoon and Tripsdvisor. However, it doesn't show up in this app. The app for Urbanspoon shows it and has showed it for a while now. They say that they get their restaurant info from yelp and Urbanspoon. Then why doesn't a restaurant show in the app when it's on both Yelp AND Urbanspoon?

  • LD Icon

    by deathday

    I use to like this app but after 9 months of no updates and especially no HD icon for iPhone 4... I'm done. Google's Places app is ten times better.

  • Do not recommend

    by JEO908

    It's a waste of app

  • Can't get it to locate properly

    by blueheron5

    You can put in a zip code but it doesn't use the gps

  • Not so much

    by Tilmo

    Not very useful. Tried it out for restaurants and only lists 2 and in my immediate area there are like 10 plus? Some don't even list anything. Tried banks within a 5 mile radius...no results?! I know there are more than 5 and one being the biggest bank in USA, Bank of America???! No fast food results but there are at least 10 plus?! Not sure if pro would be any better. But as weak as this app is will not risk it. I think it is just better than a waste of time as I've tried it locally with a very disappointing result feedback. How can I use this with confidence when I'm somewhere I don't know where everything is at?!

  • I want?

    by Mattiemay76641

    Yes I was unhappy with this app. It sent me to the wrong address two different times. I have deleted it from my phone

  • ???????????

    by 123638938326dvhdcbjf

    Ok it said that I was 2 hours away. I didn't know very many restarants. Oh well at least it's free.

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