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Languages: English

Seller: Richard de los Santos

- minor tweaks

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Just tell Amazing Compass what you're looking for -- car keys, true love, your drink -- and tap the screen. Amazing Compass will scan the heavens and and direct you without fail.

Amazing Compass is exact in its certitude with directions that include:

- Straight ahead

- That'a way

- Back there

- and more...

"Liquid Float" technology allows needle to actually float above compass for awesomely smooth movement.

Customer Reviews

  • Phunny.....

    by MR

    Total bs but it's still amusing

  • Don't know how it works

    by 

    Does it work for an iPod touch cause it doesn't work

  • It's amazing!!!!

    by AdiUSA

    How can it identfiy my bed, phone, car!!??? It's amazing. The first app in the appstore to receive my 

  • The compass works !!!!

    by LanguagesLearning-Lover

    I tried many times n spoke it out the items that I looking for n tap the compass. It spin n show the right indication (9 out of 10) to the indicated stuff likes painting, tv, door, tv romote control oh my god how come ! I give 5 stars !!!!!!!

  • Hmmm

    by The Turtle Shack

    Does this need a mic????

  • Wow

    by hclemon

    I just bought it I asked where my phone was it said behind me and it was right there

  • Sick

    by Andre Merek

    You should program it to move when the person holding the phone moves

  • Fun App

    by Rammstein Dude

    Fun. Also, unless your stupid and don't realize, this isn't a real compass. Lastly, spell correctly. Not, "Dis" for "this."

  • its research!

    by haley clp

    Kids really gonna like this!


    by MadtownApplover

    This app makes a great drinking game. Just tap the screen and let the compass decide who takes the next swig.We got sh!!t faced then used the app to play "strip" spin the bottle.Sorority girls always look better drunk and naked.I guess most people do after playing a drinking game.

  • It's great fun

    by captmurph

    So it's not a real compass. I give it 5 stars . It's great fun to shows your friends. Any one who rated it 1 star should get a life. It's free

  • Hello

    by Kaos Theory

    Worked more than hlaf of the time for me

  • You loser

    by App Collector

    This is a deathly important app! I'll never forget withch way is left again! And besides you knew it wasn't a real compas

  • Crazy cool

    by Mrs. Cinnamon

    Crazy silly funny. Cool arrow movemment.

  • 

    by senc7536

    Actually worked the 1st time. But failed the last few times.

  • The ultimate find

    by TKXIII

    I don't know who made this but I want to thank him for it. It helped me find me a perfect fiancé and my birthparents. Is fake as it is for people, it worked so right every time I tapped it. Thank you dude or chick. Watever just thank you

  • Fake

    by Ltgiaa

    This thing is so fake. It cand find things for u. How the heck would it know where my keys are. It just points in a random direction. I told it to find my keys and it pointed the opposite direction. I only got it to prove that it doesn't work. IT'S FAKE!!! DON'T BUY!!!

  • Blagh

    by Deerok17

    This app is absolutly terrible, don't get it. I did it a couple of times and it just doesn't work

  • Really cute app

    by Mikey 1984

    But I hate ads otherwise I'd keep it.

  • How????????????

    by Dude monkey

    How do u use it? Does it need a mic if it, does please make an itouch version

  • Okay app

    by Bird22

    This app would be much better if you could choose the direction that it would point in advance.

  • Boring

    by Diegolinho

    Dis suks its lame and pointless

  • not amazing

    by cvcvcvccv

    totally worthless... want my money back

  • Hey it's free

    by chrliev2

    I don't play spin the bottle or drinking games anymore, so I'm not sure what Amazing Compass is actually good for. It's free and that's the only good thing about this app so I gave it 2 stars, but only because its free. If I'd payed a dime for this I'd be pissed...

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