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•We’ve added push notifications to our alerts. You can now receive traffic alerts for free via push notifications or email.
•We also fixed some minor bugs!

We are continually working to make improvements and appreciate your feedback. Email us at

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Don’t wait through another commercial to hear your traffic updates. Beat the Traffic has all the real-time traffic info you need to ease your daily commute. Quickly check the latest traffic conditions, incidents, and know the fastest route to take before you head out. Sometimes just knowing why you are stuck in traffic is all you need… we do that too!

Our sleek crowd-sourced traffic app helps make your drive easier. See an incident along your route? No problem, simply report it to fellow drivers with the new “shake to report” feature.

The latest release now includes customizable traffic alerts that you can receive via push notifications or email as well as turn by turn driving directions within the Trip Report screen.

Beat the Traffic’s Smart Route is a re-routing feature that helps save you time. Personalized to your route, Smart Route only appears when there’s a better alternate route available based on real-time road conditions.

For full app functionality, register a free account and begin personalizing your app for real-time traffic information that matters only to you. You are a commuter and Beat the Traffic is here for you.

Over 2 million users have Beat the Traffic on their phone!

Key features:
•Before you head out, quickly check your Trip Report. Get the best route available with estimated travel time, traffic flow, incidents and traffic cameras all on one screen.
•The home screen’s full map view displays traffic flow, incidents, construction, road closures, traffic cameras, and weather.
•Newly added push notification traffic alerts will keep you informed before you leave.
•Newly added text directions provide turn by turn instructions along your route.
•‘Smart Route’ gives you the best alternate options so you can adjust your commute and save time.
•Report an incident by shaking your device to alert fellow users of issues on the road.
•Register an account and fully personalize your app with saved trips, locations, traffic alerts and more…
•Watch real-time traffic reports live from our in-studio traffic specialists*

Beat the Traffic is a free app, proudly powered by Travelers Network.

*Traffic video reports are currently only available for the Greater Toronto Area.

Customer Reviews

  • Worth a try, I suppose

    by RL0090

    Seems like a nice and handy app for the drivers, considering I already get use to have Google maps on my iPhone for the driving assistant, this app may still have a long way to go. But I would like to keep an eye on it to see what fun feature could been provided in the future update.

  • Great app

    by shermenwend

    I like the fact that you can get "real" time camera around you on the road. But that is just a recent image instead of a real time video. There is also a report system for nearby traffic. This is a very cool app!

  • Handy

    by gulnacrui

    I like this app as it does what it says and does it quite well, super flexible, simple navigation, and intuitive ui, so I can always check the traffic info.

  • Beat the Traffic

    by Ms.003

    Informative and easy to use. Works great and has intuitive clean interface. Can't miss it if you want to get real-time traffic info before your trip.

  • Good

    by Guyunsmobile

    This traffic guide app is really helpful. It helps me to drive and choose the right way. Easy to use and really nice.

  • Useful

    by Leilax

    This apps concept is super helpful. When you're in traffic you're able to track more information about it. I haven't checked it out yet directly but from what I can see it's a very well thought out app. There are several useful functions and controls. I can't wait to test it out.

  • Nice Navigation App!!!!

    by SparkPhantom

    Greatest way to get to your destination faster.

  • Handy

    by RaphVeloce

    Marvelous idea but it could be done a little better, whilst most of the updates are very quick and legit not all of the jams or accidents are added and sometimes you see a few on the app that aren't even there. That said it's still a handy app to have available and it's very user friendly. The maps are easy to read/see as well.

  • Good

    by Dragon_Fire_43

    This is a good app to be informed in real-time off the traffic. You will easily avoid traffic by planning your trips ahead of time. Simple and intuitive interface. This app is well-designed.

  • App you must have

    by zori zdravkova

    Great app, it shows you real time cameras, accidents and traffic. Best app

  • Good

    by LaurDENNiS47

    This is a great app for drivers, easy to use with nice user interface and really useful.

  • Awesome app

    by rpphade

    Awesome navigation app. This app provides accurate traffic information of your route and saves you from getting trapped in traffics. It suggest you alternate routes. Easy to use. I like it. Worth downloading.

  • Nice

    by 4wordsloveletter

    I like this application. It tells me exactly where and what I really need, quick n clear. Thumb up

  • Very nice

    by Jdubyac700

    Very nice app. It is great to get the traffic information without all the other stuff. It is very helpful and works well.

  • Nice

    by greggy105

    I have some problems with the cameras, and the map, but overall it's a good

  • Nice

    by Agutie29

    This is a great way to avoid traffic by planning your trips ahead of time. This uses current traffic conditions and helps you beat the traffic. It can help you get where you need to in as little time as possible and when the best time as possible. I think this is great and will help people get where they need to without any problems.

  • Good app.

    by Sammyj21

    Always useful to have when it can find the time to correctly load.

  • Great

    by Big Cyan

    Works pretty well not perfect and not all features seem to be available near me even though I’m in a pretty populated area. But still does pretty well.

  • Good

    by roekr

    Great promise it is crowdsourced it seems so not too many people participating in my area but hopefully will continue to get better.

  • Real time traffic reports

    by MrCooper5

    If you want to be up to date about traffic nearby you this app is for you. The app has great and easy to use interface. This app shows you incidents on the road and gives you alternative directions for your destination.

  • Update lost me

    by Update lost me

    You now have to register to save a route. I was once a regular user, but now us too frustrating to use.

  • Can't leave a traffic report

    by Google eyes are gone

    Wish I had the old app. I can't leave traffic reports without the system crashing and saying I need to log into tweeter. I have Facebook and that should be enough. Tech told me to close the app and re-open. Doesn't work. I really liked the old version.

  • Pardonmybag

    by Pardonmybag

    The upgrade is awful. We were over an hour later getting home last night as the app didn't tell us of an accident that had happened. I want the other one back

  • I like this app but disappointed

    by Don't try this APP!

    All options work except for the cameras. I can go to the local news channel which has this app for use through their webpage and can see and use the cameras there but within this app they don't show up. I really want to use the app and not have to go to the local news page. I have uninstalled and installed but the cameras still don't work. I really like this app and would love this option to work.

  • No good with iPhone 4S

    by Fishstix12

    Loved this app before the upgrade. Now when using it on the 4S, the traffic and construction alerts pop up but do not stay open long enough to allow them be read. Really unfortunate as this app was far better than the competition. Please fix!

  • Excellent!

    by Cherioak

    So far this app has been right on the money. Like features so you can add updates like crashes if they aren't noted yet. Use it for our commutes into Chicago from the burbs, as well as other traveling. Love it!

  • Does what it says!

    by Anderson88 Houst

    Love the integration of traffic cameras. I can check the traffic very quickly with few taps. Love it

  • Push notifications

    by KyleeLA

    Love the new alerts!! It's easier to check my trip report

  • Love it!

    by Djcarixma

    I received an alert that warned me about an accident on my route. I logged into the app and it showed me an alternate which saved me a lot of time and stress. Thank you beat the traffic!

  • Beat the Traffic

    by JetsNation

    The new app often does not show accidents in the immediate area. Today was case in point. Two major accidents in Clinton NJ yet for most of commute it showed no accidents

  • Terrific app

    by Gmani2

    The best traffic app I have used. I can set up various routes and even receive text messages regarding accidents based on time day etc. The application adds niceties such as the weather where I am and where I'm going. Most of all the information is accurate and timely.

  • Needs Some Tweeking

    by RJH777

    This app has a lot of potential but now falls short in a few areas. Cannot program a long trip, have to break it up in segments. Very cumbersome to change route; the pin drop method is horrible. Can bring the identical route up on two phones next to each other and have two different reports in time and road condition. This happens even after refreshing the feature. How can that be? Hopefully these features will be corrected in future releases.

  • No phone / text alerts???

    by Motor 64

    Good thing I kept my old version!! Using Inrix.

  • New version lacking

    by G Evans

    On this new version I can only receive alerts by email. On previous version I received alerts by text . The other one was better.

  • New Version

    by CM104

    Like new version much better. Had reinstalled old version. Did not realize it. New version is much better

  • NOT accurate!

    by Luckyme9999

    I found this app to be only marginally reliable. The traffic map on GOOGLE maps seems to consistently have more accurate information. I commute in SF Bay Area traffic and really need something I can rely on. Sadly this is not it!

  • 80% accurate - but that's not bad

    by saleen8927

    While its extremely annoying to be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic while the app is showing green (no traffic), thankfully that's only an occasional problem. Most of the time it's pretty accurate. Anytime I spot traffic ahead, I click on the app to see how long until it clears up, which is really helpful when deciding whether to get off the highway (or call ahead to tell someone I'm running late). A couple of times it's convinced me to use a different route, saving lots of time. The only complaints are that I wish they used their users' speeds to figure out traffic speeds in addition to the other sources - that might reduce the amount of times it falsely shows no traffic. Also, the "report it" feature rarely works - I report a blockage, accident, etc and it never actually shows up. It's worked once out of 15+ times I've used it - makes me not want to bother reporting incidents.

  • Dislike

    by loudlaffer

    I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the old one. The icons in the new app were too hard to see at a glance.

  • Not as good as expected

    by QuantumSam

    I keep getting the texts after my commute starts in the morning and after it ends in the evening. At 9pm I got one for my 4pm commute. Try INRIX instead.

  • 4.5 stars if could

    by Dew8

    This is exactly what I've been looking for. The only traffic app I've found that doesn't require you to turn on your current location in order to even use. I'd take a half star off though because having the alert notifications come through the app itself would be ideal. Via text message would be okay too but this sends alerts only thru email which is rather inconvenient.

  • Nice

    by iLUB iT ^^

    App is pretty dope. Like the new design and all but... I would like it to go back and send text alerts instead of email. Hope that gets fixed.

  • Must Have App!

    by Spoat

    During these bad weather and bad road days this app has proven to be something I can't do without.

  • Pretty good

    by CindyInTexas

    I really like Beat the Traffic and use it frequently. I have only one wish--that when saving a trip there could be a "via" option. BTT won 't let me change my route to my job and I don't travel the default route.

  • Like the previous version

    by jdgealta

    Ever since I got the update the program hasn't worked the same. I can only get alerts via email not text anymore. When I reported this they had me uninstall them reinstall and the text option would be there. It wasn't . I sent them a screen shot and never heard back. Also when I do get the alerts via email, they aren't at the times I scheduled. Uninstalling and finding another app.

  • Too many ads. Liked paid version better

    by Mark Menditto

    I think I'll be using waze from now on

  • Very Accurate App

    by Tha squeeze

    I just downloaded this app and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. I live in the LA area, so accurate traffic reports are ideal. If you live in or around a larger city, this app will definitely benefit you! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Very Accurate App

    by Tha squeeze

    I just downloaded this app and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. I live in the LA area, so accurate traffic reports are ideal. If you live in or around a larger city, this app will definitely benefit you! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Good for local commutes. Could be better overall.

    by SDCHARGER1904

    I frequently commute back and forth between Vegas and San Diego. It says that distance is "too far" for a trip. Not sure what the difference is for it to analyze but I'd like this app to have longer trip capability for it to be completely useful for me.

  • Email Alerts Only?

    by AutumnD76

    Where did the text alerts go to? I'll keep the older version because the new version only has email alerts - which I can't quickly check while stuck in traffic wondering how backed up traffic is!

  • Finally compatible iOS7

    by Martin ZzzZzzZ

    Glad to finally see an update for this app. New app is looking good so far.

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