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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Pavel Ahafonau

- Topographic terrain map layer added
- Switch between alternate map sources
- Improved support for iOS 7.0+ and 6.1+
- Slight user interface facelift for iOS 7
- Improved performance for iPad, especially when maps are on
- Slight performance gain for all iOS devices
- Minor bug fixes

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*** Limited Time Sale! 50%-off! *** Spyglass is an all-inclusive navigation toolkit that integrates all sensors to let you use your device to its full potential. A staggering number of tools - hi-tech viewfinder, milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps, tactical GPS, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star position finder, gyro horizon, sniper’s rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and zoom camera - makes for its incredible versatility, limited only by your imagination.

Turn your device into an advanced milspec gadget that employs every sensor to make you feel confident in your trip - GPS, digital compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, camera and more.

Orient yourself with augmented reality navigation. Find, save and track in real time multiple locations, bearings, the Sun, the Moon and stars.

Explore the untouched with the milspec compass operating in full 3D space. Pick many targets at once and see direction hints, updated in real time on the azimuth circle and overlay compass over maps or a live camera image to see where you are.

Forget about compass interferences and achieve unbelievable precision with the gyrocompass, similar to that, used in air or marine navigation.

Find and track your location, coordinates in geo and military formats, altitude, current and maximum speed and course. Use imperial, metric, nautical and military units at your convenience.

Keep all your important locations at hand. Select points from maps, enter locations, bearings and stars manually or use the built-in catalog of the brightest stars. Paste to import coordinates or map links. Find any target later with the built-in navigation tools. Export by copying coordinates or links and share locations using email.

Track the position of any location, bearing or star along with the Sun and the Moon in real time. See objects through the Earth, find out their distances, azimuths and elevations with augmented reality.

Use the Sun, the Moon and the stars to navigate like a pro. Track their positions with arc second precision and enjoy the realistic graphics.

Use street, satellite or hybrid maps at your convenience. Maps showing your and your targets’ positions will be automatically rotated to the current azimuth.

Measure distances to objects in real time and feel like a sniper with a rangefinder reticle as in famous sniper scopes.

Use the tools to find out heights of objects or distances to them. Measure heights visually and use the dimensions to calculate distances. Or vice versa.

Use the camera to memorize your special moments. Wherever you are and whatever you do, your pics will be overlaid with all the necessary data to freeze the moment.


Customer Reviews

  • Heads up display

    by Jbwilli

    Perfect for an iPad used as a heads up display mounted to a center console boat dash.

  • Fantastic!

    by PAY3172

    Fantastic app, has a lot uses.

  • Incredibly useful

    by H0tspur

    If you understand anything about land navigation, you'll see the usefulness of this app in seconds. I've been using it since 2010 and it's only gotten better.

  • Outdoors

    by Akcs89

    Awesome app very useful for the outdoors

  • Great app; documentation poorly written.

    by geofan49

    Get help from a professional tech writer and it will be a far better product.

  • Great app

    by Grant Bryant

    Will do a lot. Still finding things out. Very pleased

  • OMG best app ever it should be featured

    by Nicco 98764788

    This app should be featured it has everything you need. I used this for hikes and hunting and it helps everytime

  • Awesome

    by Me2055

    Super great. And accurate so far.

  • Essential Tool

    by Matt Tracker

    Spyglass is an incredibly versatile tool that you won't want to be without. Be sure to gain familiarity with all of its features. Now I really wish I was a fighter pilot!

  • Needs revised documentation

    by PhilipPeake

    The application is very well done and appears to perform as well as the hardware allows. Definitely worth the money and the rather steep learning curve. The learning curve is higher than it needs to be because of the documentation, which needs work. First, remove all the scfi references, they are not helpful, and give the impression that this is just a toy, which it decidedly is not. Next, reorganize the documentation to make its progression more logical, and not require flipping between sections. Lastly, it is obvious that the writer's native language is not English. Get some help there, not that the English is poor, it's just that this is a complex application and requires precision in the documentation, which from time to time is obscured by the language used.

  • !!!Awesome!!!

    by 1000fps no way in hell.

    Get this. We'll worth it!

  • Great clean app

    by Josey444

    I'm not even close to using the full potential of this app, however, it's one of my favorites. Clean interface, easy to use and seems versatile.

  • Astronomy application

    by RiverStome

    I use this app with my astronomy apps and find it fantastic to orient myself and find objects more easily

  • Woks great!

    by Thjuma41

    Had trouble getting installed at first, but author took care of it right away. Great customer support!

  • Good

    by Nealyberg

    I like it.

  • Great App!

    by SGP55

    I wanted to compass app and this thing is great. A few bugs here and there but overall this works fine!

  • Cool app

    by Pioneer-1

    Love it!!!

  • fisherman's friend

    by guard of shadows

    Helps finding my fishing spots and the bank on a lake when in a fog.

  • Gadget

    by Lilu_Vampire_Malkavian

    Enjoying this app. Well done, doesn’t crash, and very easy to use.

  • Awesome

    by kelson2011

    Useful tool that keeps improving :-)

  • Bug fix needed

    by Disapointed for now

    I LOVED the app when I first purchased it. I used it often, on the road, in the woods, along the shore. Then recently there was an update and I installed it. (I have a iPhone ver. 6) Now EVERYTIME I open up Spyglass it CRASHES!! I am very disappointed with it. Until the bug is fixed I will not recommend Spyglass to anyone and will advise my friends who have also pitched it NOT to update their app.

  • Innovative

    by Norrizzz

    Does what it says and does it very well.

  • Works like a charm


    Lots of info and a great app!

  • Fantastic!

    by Josh V. Helsing

    Really impressive app

  • This thing blasts me off!

    by OOOO / RS8

    I love it, using often. Looking forward to upcoming updates.

  • great compass, a scout toolbox!

    by Dr. Bloom

    For the cost of this cool app you get so much

  • Very Hi-Tech Compass and Nav

    by TSO-T800

    Works as advertised.

  • Fun and practical

    by Mussta

    Very well put together app. Has tons of features that show how much time and work the dev invested into it. Would give it six stars.

  • GREAT!

    by Geekkkkk

    This GPS navigation app is by far the best of it’s kind! So many features.

  • Great GPS tool for hiking

    by Batman of Arkham

    I use it in the woods

  • Flexible tool | great trainer

    by maphead

    Updates are true improvements to this steady performer. Like that I can be independent of the iOS maps and blaze my own trail with Spyglass AND it makes people say "wow" a whole bunch.

  • pretty well

    by Eric Han

    Except phone taking crush

  • Incredibly usefull

    by Emerald Bob

    I live in a remote mountain wilderness in Northern California, this app is use full on a daily basis. Find it, mark it, it's mapped... Get lost in the woods? No shows you right where you are.. Practical for knowing elevation for water flow calculations and such. Incredible. Used daily.

  • extremely useful

    by marco tuvalorenzo

    Using it for hiking and geocaching. Spyglass allows marking and finding spots and caches, camp, my 4x4 friend parking place and has many other useful features too. Simple as ABC. You mark a place, it shows an arrow to it. Take time to read manuals.

  • Won't open

    by dain52

    Just updated to newest version supposedly optimized for OS 7. Won't open at all any more.

  • Incredible Capability!

    by The Riverguy

    Really great app! Excellent for sighting, distance and height finding, orienteering, and general outdoor measuring. Well done!

  • Fun

    by Clear1048

    Don't use it often, but is a nice feature app to have on hand.

  • Wow!

    by Becjr

    I bought this for use on our iPad mini, but it's such a nice compass that I've been using it on my iPhone as well. There are so many things I could say about this app, but I'll just defer to the app description & video... This is a James Bond-esque app! Thank you

  • Great

    by Xoxort

    I like it

  • Pretty Good

    by Butt3rf1yQu33n

    But a big battery drain

  • Need to have

    by Pascoduck

    Great app have used on maps.

  • Great product

    by George Sosa

    Nice for hunting!!

  • Way cool app

    by brennaman

    This is a wonderful app; it takes advantage of the gyros very well, which is great. Minus half a star because it's heading-assisted mode disables the gyro, admittedly would be difficult. All we beef is a standard 20+ state Kalman filter and we'd be golden. Minus the other half star because of constant nagging.

  • iDevice Essential

    by qContinuum

    This app IS an iDevice essential. My whole family loves this app. We have used this app for general hiking and for resolving disputes about where a given location is relative to our current position. After using this app for a while now I have a couple enhancement requests: 1) include altitude when sharing destinations, 2) ability to sync settings and destinations in iCloud, and 3) ability to share a Spyglass-specific file (e.g. MtGraham.spy) that includes ALL destination details (XML, JSON, etc.) and is automatically associated with the Spyglass app. Kudos and thanks for such an awesome app!


    by Patriot254

    Works well. Steeper learning curve though

  • Lots if functionality

    by MobleUser

    Wow has all kinds of features. Very useful when navigating

  • Great app!

    by Mrmichael007

    This works great! I use it for hiking.

  • Absolutely Useful

    by Aguilarojo

    A fantastic tool! Of course all electronics rely on batteries - so remember to have a real compass as a back-up and cross-check.

  • Best overall GPS and compass

    by Necropolitan

    So far one of the best GPS toolkits I use constantly.


    by Someone's-son

    Has been a great tool. Love it on my boat or flying!

  • Fun App

    by BarceSF

    This is what I love to see in a HUD. Fun on an airplane or a boat.

  • Tools for the trade

    by Working for living

    Great app We build yard fences and use it for line ups,matches high priced other tools we've use in the past

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