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Improved performance speed and minor bug fixes.

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The new GeoChallenge feature is here!

The Official Delaware State Parks Pocket Ranger® App was created in a collaborative effort between the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and ParksByNature Network™.

Outdoor enthusiasts can now experience nature in a whole new way with this FREE mobile guide powered by Pocket Ranger® technology. This all-inclusive app offers an environmentally friendly way to enjoy the parks. Users can decide which park to visit using a comprehensive list of activities or search for nearby parks or parks within a particular region. Advanced GPS Map technology invites users to track trails, mark waypoints, and locate landmarks in the great outdoors, while interactive features guide users through the parks and keep them informed.

Park goers can access rich GPS features, such as:

•Advanced GPS Maps, complete with an accuracy and distance indicator, which allow users to access trail data, record tracks from hikes, runs, or bike rides, and view elapsed time and distance traveled.
•Easy-to-cache GPS Terrain Map tiles, which ensure that navigation remains possible in the event of lost mobile reception.
•Photo waypoint feature allowing users to snap a photo and mark and record the coordinates of plant life, animal species or landscape views. Post or share these remarkable finds with family and friends with the click of a button.
•Friend Finder feature that allows users to keep track of friends and family around the parks.
•Built-in compass to help direct users through the parks.
•Potentially life-saving Alert feature that supplies users’ GPS coordinates to designated contacts in case of an emergency.

The new GeoChallenge feature offers:

•A fun, eco-conscious way to explore the parks, utilizing advanced GPS features to guide users through a series of outdoor sites and destinations, creating the ultimate virtual tour.
•An all new, totally unique way to discover the intrinsic beauty of the parks.
•The opportunity to earn prizes along the way to redeem toward big rewards.

Pocket Ranger® technology also provides plenty of other standard features that make exploring the great outdoors a breeze, including:

•Thorough information on all State Parks including general policy, contact information, activities, trails, park maps and much more.
•Detailed, cacheable maps of park facilities, trails and campgrounds.
•Up-to-date news and information on park advisories and weather information.
•Sharing features that allow users to share current positions, waypoints and recorded tracks via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
•A Calendar of Events, updated in real time, listing all State Park events with the ability to filter by desired park. Users can also create their own schedule that can include any event from any park.
•Access to online reservations that make it easy to secure overnight visits.
•Plus so much more!

With the Pocket Ranger® in hand, prepare to bask in the vast natural wonders of Delaware’s State Parks!

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•The enhanced pro features on the app are designed to function in areas with little to no mobile reception; however, some of the features require mobile data reception in order to function properly.
•Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Must download!

    by Gfoofoo

    This app puts everything an outdoor lover might need to know right in one spot. It has made hiking and camping so much easier. I highly recommend!

  • Nice way to find new parks

    by Csteved66

    My wife and I enjoy finding new places to hike, and this app came in handy when we were looking for new parks to explore. The GPS map feature was also very handy and showed where we were on the trail we were hiking so we could see how far to the next turning point.

  • Super cool app!

    by Jbk0189

    This is a must download!!! Amazing app!

  • Download Now

    by The Sea and the Bells

    New updates to the app are great! A lot more reliable than when it first came out. Awesome!

  • Nice!

    by collegemomof5

    Here is what I like about this app. It features each state park uniquely, with updated calendar of events, great trail maps and gps. Other apps seem to unfairly lump all parks together and much of the parks identity gets lost. I think this was a great way to showcase the beauty of the individual State parks. Good job Delaware

  • Bummer

    by geocachede13

    Thanks for fixing. This app is great! Will use it a lot with the nice weather we're having.

  • Nice APP

    by MTN5

    Hit the beaches early this year, and found this app what a jewl . My kids and I did the trail tracking off the GPS featues marking our waypoints along the shore.. As we took a long walk it was great as we had misjudged where we had left our blanket. We remebered it was next to one of the way points where we had found a cool shell. Next time I am going to use to to mark where I parked my car!!! I checked out the Parks by me feature and found some interesting parks never knew existed. So we plan to hit tem next weekend. Nice Job

  • Has issues

    by Jgf1

    Locks on updating content .. Fix is to delete the app/ reboot the iPhone/ re-install the app/ AND ALLOW 6 minutes to "update content" on wifi. It finally works now. Only gets 4stars due to this install issue that is not documented in the app description.

  • Outstanding...

    by Woodsman5

    What a great App!!!

  • Winning!!

    by HikerExtreme

    Like Charlie Sheen says, this app is WINNING! I'm a major park goer, and love this app and all the other ones available for other states. The Pro version is awesome in its interaction... Friend Finder is a great tool, plus proceeds go to help maintain the parks.

  • Fabulous outside park too!

    by bikehiker

    I got the pro version so I could trail track and see how far I'm riding my mtn bike - it is FABULOUS because I can see my distance on bike trails. I could only guess before I got this app! I have been using it out of State too so it works anywhere!!

  • Love it

    by Piblin

    I'm not even sure when I'll be getting to DE but having this app is so fun. I can discover what's going on in all different parks and decide if I want to plan a trip there or look into other states. I need more of these for the whole U.S. Love it. I'm sure the features will get better and better. User friendly environment. A park encyclopedia in your picket.

  • Doesn't work

    by Speech

    The home screen is just a background image, you can't see the buttons. Hitting record froze the app. Only giving 2 stars because, if you can find the feature without any menu options, the GPS seems to work.

  • Worthless

    by Turb0x3r

    App keeps crashing and crashing. FIX IT!

  • No good

    by Bolognanip

    As the other say, doesn't load Too bad, looked like a great app Hopefully they'll address and fix soon

  • Disappointed

    by Njhiker

    Cannot get passed updating content page. Please fix this.

  • Downloading content

    by Choxnpinz

    That's all...

  • Won't go past loading screen

    by maefacee

    The app doesn't get past first screen and the "downloading data" screen

  • Doesn't work.

    by jewlesj2

    I can't get past the load screen. It just says downloading content and gets stuck.

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