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This Compass app offers unique HD compass themes for your iPhone and iPad. Your iPad comes with a built-in digital compass component, but there is no app pre-loaded on your device to use this feature, we are here to solve this for you.
Now you will never get lost, and in style!
This compass app gives full retina support for all iPhone and iPad. You can swipe left and right on the screen to change between 7 great looking themes.

- 7 amazing themes to choose from
- Full retina support for all iPhone and iPad
- Easily switch between different themes

★Message for iPodTouch user
Sorry, iPod Touch cannot run this app (because iPod Touch does not have built-in compass components).

Please understand that this is an ongoing development. If you have found any issues or bugs, please let us know by email, support@ondemandworld.com. We will solve them with free updates.

Our Production Team
iOS Development: Adele Zhang, Jin Khera, Myles Harding
Graphic Design: Nancy Wu, Bella Xue, Zoe Zheng
Administrative Support: Sai Wu
Producer: Edward Tsang

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent compass

    by B'jane

    I totally love this app because I was able to prove my partner was mistaken as to where South was located. Worth thousands just for that.

  • Johnny mops

    by Jdier.

    This is a great App comes in handy sometimes when I'm in the woods works great.

  • Easy to use

    by Dr J of Okauchee

    Accurate, easy download, no problems w/ the app.

  • Great App

    by GLBorchert

    I like that this app shows both true and magnetic readings, and the flashlight is useful for map reading. High quality app.

  • Best of the Lot!

    by Gadola

    Very good app - I tried all the compass apps and this was definitely the best of the lot.

  • Very good, thanks.

    by S,Zheng

    It is very useful, thanks.

  • Great app.

    by crowndawg

    I use each week to aim the dish at tailgates.

  • Great

    by Jellybeandog

    Easy to use works great love the different ones to choose from!

  • Compass

    by Rayplumas

    Works great!

  • Compass app for I-paid

    by Paw Paw Steve

    We live on the water and have a boat. Even though, we have a compass on the boat, it is good to an other by satatilie.

  • Nice!

    by NaySeenadine

    On vacation in an unfamiliar area, and this app makes it so easy to orient ourselves.

  • Ok

    by Katniss8Everdeen

    It's a good app. Nice styles and accurate directions LOL.

  • Actually good one!!!

    by Chase.Excellence

    This app is an interesting one as it digitally directs u in both magnetic and true north with a great collection of themes.

  • Radioaficionado

    by Kp4mp

    Me gusta pues me enseńa el verdadero norte magnetico.

  • Compass

    by DagoJ

    Next to the compass I used as a Marine, this is a strong second.

  • Great a Compass

    by Topper 33-40

    With GPS you thank you do not need a Compass. WRONG! Being able to read a Compass can safe your LIFE! Now if you are carrying someway to get a charge on your cell phone. You should be alright. This is the best app so far. T. L. Sartin

  • Love this app

    by Darth Paimon

    I going hiking a lot and I do use a compass a lot.. Great app

  • Very good

    by Duckula Lou

    I like it.

  • Great product.

    by Mbrigg1

    I needed a compass for several reasons, including satellite installation. This app is straightforward and precise. I recommend it.

  • Compus

    by KKorigin00

    Great apt. Easy to use. Quite accurate and useful. I take it with me when I go camping.

  • Wonderful compass

    by Frog4allthings

    It was perfect app for my project! Got exact measures. I love it

  • "Always Know where you are!"

    by Christine Kois

    Ok this may sound funny? Captn' Jack Sparrow would give his "eye tooth" for this app. Bottom line? Need a reliable compass? Got it! Know your exact coordinates? Got it! Do you need a flash light? Got it! Bug spray? Well..?.. That you will have to provide?

  • Frank

    by Hidden Highlander

    Really neat App. Upgrade made a difference.

  • Love it, thanks!

    by Rural Mtn Dweller

    Very useful

  • Attractive and accurate

    by RiverStome

    I like the night vision color of the display. Toggle between graphic compass and digital and symbols is cool. Great app

  • Compass

    by M. Arkman Bonilla


  • Compass

    by Wasp63

    Pretty handy app when you need direction. Works good.

  • Compass

    by muckboot

    What a great tool! Much more than I had expected. I use the compass to place my plants in just the right position for best growth...plus I won't get lost!

  • C++

    by No watts

    I'm a fan. It's great to have it available, and works much better than phone compasses I've used.

  • Good app

    by Gnral

    Having a compass in your iPad, great!

  • Does not work for me

    by Kowboy84

    It will only work if you have wifi , what good is that.

  • ++Compass

    by Swydyn

    This app is great because it shows both true north and magnetic north at the same time. Since we have a fluctuating magnetic north and the planet is so susceptible to what is in space, it bears watching. Thanks.

  • coincurr

    by Charlie**L

    It does not work on my brand new Ipod Touch. It suggests that my Ipod Touch doesn't have the software capable of detecting the magnetic field. Can support address this issue ? Does it function on anyone's Ipod Touch that has posted here ?

  • Kids love it

    by Teachter

    Great app I use it in my classroom!

  • Really clean and nice app

    by John DeConquer

    Great looking app.

  • Review

    by Pyrbliss

    Great app for free. Easy to use.

  • Only downfall is the ads...

    by pbacorey

    If only there were a paid version of this for like $0.99 that would remove the ads, I would buy this in a cold second and rate five stars. The functionality of this is very smooth, I love the view of magnetic north AND true north on the same screen. Please remove the ads and offer a paid version! Despite the ads, it has to say something that I will still rate this four stars!

  • Compass++

    by BluesMuns

    This app has everything you need in a compass. With True and Magnetjc North both displayed there's no need to adjust for local declination, and there's even a flashlight (iPhone 4 & 5) for low light situations. Very handy app!

  • Best free compass app ever

    by Jerieosity

    I would rate this five star if only this ads away, this is my default compass app and it alway will be

  • Goods

    by 按哪


  • Great

    by Pddes

    Love the new themes

  • Compass

    by Wolfleg

    Doesn't work. A message says my device needs to be an ipod. My device is an ipod (touch 5.)

  • I was reassured.

    by supholmes11

    I thought I knew where the north of my house was but with this app I know for sure. Keep it free!!

  • Review on compass app

    by See light

    Very useful, helpful, and directional! It is insurance for a directionally challenged person like me!

  • Captain

    by Sarkin noma

    I am impressed. It seems it not working well without Internet

  • Very good!

    by GiulianoCarbali


  • Great compass...

    by JGY0MGB

    ...used it in too different forests this past weekend!

  • Love the Upgrade

    by fredjdukes

    Love this app. Good compass.

  • Great Compass!

    by Chief Redsky

    This is a great compass! Foolproof, perfect for teaching others how to use a compass. With GPS using a compass is becoming a lost art, when that GPS isn't available or fails, a compass can save your life. No matter what your wife says, with a compass you'll never be lost. If there is a better one than this one, I haven't found it!

  • Compas

    by Saltwatercowboy

    Very good app,very helpful,use it all the time

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