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Languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lettish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Seller: NNG Global Services Kft.

Get your iGO primo application updated and enjoy the rock solid navigation all around the world.

Please remember that due to size limitations in iGO Europe application, the Maps of Iberia, Nordics and Ukraine are now obtainable from the Shop as free items. You can download them after this update.
Apple has set a limit of 2 GB for applications, therefore we had to exclude some items from the app and move them into the inapp shop as Free items. Please download those items through the facelifted inApp Shop.

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*** THE NEXT GENERATION OF NAVIGATION: iGO primo app is here to get where YOU want to be when you want to be***

If you read this message while driving, there's a good chance you've spent some time using an iOS device in the car. Buy-Download-Activate the Pioneer AppRadio Support add-on within your iGO application and enjoy the unique experience! For more info about the AppRadio, visit

iGO primo app - powered by the same tried-and-trusted iGO Engine used in millions of GPS navigation devices around the world: faster & more reliable than ever before, with a set of new features for a more intelligent navigation.

The maps are part of the application NO ROAMING FEES,: no need for cellular network coverage, no surprises.
The ease of use, accuracy of routing and the spoken directions are on a par with, or better than any similar program I have used across a number of platforms.

**** HIGHLIGHTS ****
- Fast, short, easy-to-follow, and GREEN routes
- Automatic route recalculation
- Multipoint-route support
- Smart keyboard&history
- TTS Pro
- In-app shop with free&paid items like:
---- Speedcam databases (according to the regulations)
---- 3D citymaps
---- Explorer’s package ( POI pack)
- Local/POI search: find businesses or anything else you need around your position
- GET SOCIAL! Share your routes on Facebook!
- Try out the Customer Support Centre: watch tutorial videos, tips&tricks, send a feedback or vote for a feature!

- Avoidances let you bypass any road section of the itinerary
- Country specific lane guidance & signposts
- Multiple route variants calculated simultaneously
- Navigate to
---- iPhone contacts
---- GPS-coordinates
---- pictures

- Customizable quick menu & vehicle profile

- Trip Monitor
- 3D junctions
- Digital terrain
- Free camera movements
- Route progress bar

Includes 40 countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Albania, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Vatican.

Please remember that due to size limitations in iGO Europe application, the Maps of Iberia, Nordics and Ukraine are now obtainable from the Shop as free items. You can download them after this update.
Apple has set a limit of 2 GB for applications, therefore we had to exclude some items from the app and move them into the inapp shop as Free items. Please download those items through the facelifted inApp Shop.

NNG will make the latest maps available as part of the free software updates, depending on availability. Conditions apply.

To avoid unwanted roaming costs being generated abroad by the Live Traffic Service (where applicable), please carefully review your settings in the Config Wizzard.

Please note that since iPod touch and iPad (WiFi only) do not have built-in GPS-receivers, an external GPS-receiver is required. Compatible are only those which are officially supported by Apple. Due to the size of the package, we recommend purchasing and downloading the application via iTunes.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Background navigation has to be turned on, you can do this under "Settings / Advanced settings".

We would like to inform you that according to the new French regulations, safety camera databases cannot be used in France any more, therefore it is no longer included in the package. Regarding the regulation coming to effect, please inform yourself through official forums/bodies!
Please

Customer Reviews

  • iOS7 icon need

    by kysil

    Thanks for update! But still without iOS7 style. At least please update icon for iOS7 design.

  • Time for an update

    by Ledik

    It's been a while, please update the maps!

  • Belarusian roads

    by Sergmst

    Удивляет отсутствие Белоруссии. Покупал всю Европу! Больше 100$. Вроде государство в Восточной Европе. Граничит с Россией на востоке, Украиной на юге, Польшей на западе, Литвой и Латвией на северо-западе.

  • Great app!

    by WhiteRiver

    Helps me a lot!

  • Great

    by mRojek

    I'm updating my review to 4/5 stars. The maps are updated, and it's an improvement. I wish for a live, social aspect: adding speed traps and police, a lá Waze. I find myself only using this when there is an Internet connection problem. Waze has worse routing and worse maps, but the social aspect and live traffic, cameras, hazards, etc, still make up for it.

  • Good app but maps need updates

    by Ivan Ristic

    Generally it is very very good app, but this itunes package is in need of map updates. Iberia and Scandinavia online updates are 2012Q2, Ukraine 2012Q3...Western Europe 2012Q1 and Eastern Europe maps are 2011.07... 2013 is in few weeks time... Will give 5 stars as soon as I seen updated maps

  • Что бы заработало !!!

    by Ice13Men

    Господа, сбросьте все настройки до базовых и по новой загрузитесь там и предложат Вам корту Украины в магазине бесплатно !!! Удачи!!

  • Все заработало. Молодцы!

    by MrZdexter

    Ну вот, все заработало - надо только сделать сброс на заводские настройки. Конечно теряем POI, да и все остально придется прописать по новой. Но теперь и магазин работает, и голоса, и карты все грузятся, все устанавливаются. Программа работает отлично. Спасибо за быстрое решение вопроса!

  • Ukrainian map is back!

    by hsmtp

    I was contacted by support stuff. It's all fixed. All you need to do is Reset to Defaults in the More - Settings menu. After that everything is downloadable again.

  • Store is back

    by herebcs

    The latest upgrade caused issues with the in-app store but they are resolved now. If you still don't see the items you have to reset the application from the settings menu.

  • Voices

    by Nodas995

    I cannot download 16 voices (I need Russian language). You have to solve this problem.

  • totally useless on ipad mini retina

    by Krakowskihh

    the app is completely not usable on my ipad mini retina, since any touch on any "button" results in an actual click being triggered elsewhere on the screen, therefore i can't even enter address details. looks like the app was not even tested on an ipad mini and not calibrated for this screen.

  • Very bad

    by hAppymAn960

    It is not working with iOS 7.0.4;(

  • igo shop

    by rdvuafm

    Can't download anything from igo shop. "Downloading of packages has been interrupted".

  • map of Ukraine

    by jeka1717

    I can't download map of Ukraine again!!!:(((((( update don't help :(((

  •   IOS 7

    by Rudi_Faust

    Не пускает в магазин для загрузки карт и голосов после выхода ПО 7 версии. Розрабы наведите порядок или в самом деле верните деньги.

  • only Western Europe

    by Iuliia Kotliar

    This app contains navi for Western Europe only. You'd be better off buying a cheaper app of Western Europe or Eastern Europe.

  • No good work

    by Vadym Nik

    Where is map Ukraine?

  • Ukraine???

    by АОлександр

    Map of Ukraine???

  • Проблемы со скачиванием дополнительных стран, ко всему еще добавилось не работает собственный сервер

    by Doc_serg

    На протяжении 2 месяцев пытаюсь скачать карту Украины - без результата. Многочисленные сообщения в поддержку - без ответа

  • Map download problem

    by Macleod__UA

    Can not use application as inapp shop is not working. I need map of Ukraine!

  • Невозможно скачать карту Украины!!!

    by Dmitrenko27

    Очень удобное приложение, но без карт Украины она оказалась бесполезной. Если бы знал о бушующих проблемах с этим приложением, никогда не приобрел бы!!!

  • карты? магазин?

    by Dr.Lavinda

    не работает соединение с магазином! не могу скачать карты приложение умерло и не оживает!!!

  • Map of Ukraine

    by Yarcheek

    Hi, where is map of Ukraine!!!!!! How I can download it?

  • can not download a map of Ukraine

    by Matvey_jr

    can not download a map of Ukraine for several days! How to deal with this problem?

  • Useless!

    by DimitriL76

    We went with my family to Peloponnese, Greece. I bought this app to use for navigation: we went from Athens to Monemvasia and than traveled across Peloponnese: to Plitra, Neapoli, Githio, etc The first surprise was on our way from the airport: a big piece of the freeway from Tripoli to Sparta was wrong, so I used road signs to stay on track. The next day we tried to get from Monemvasia to Plitra. Instead of taking two freeways, the navigator led us via small village roads and than to a road that doesn't exist. Same story on the way to Neapoli. I ended up using local paper map, which turned to be much more sccurate. The app is totally useless, which is especially painful taking into account the price I paid for the app.

  • Bulgarian Map

    by Martin1122334455

    Still, the Bulgarian map is from MMCN /2012.07./ not from Navteq!!!! And still you can not search Blocks!

  • It's the best navigation program for iphone today

    by nixuspix

    After update on iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 from the previous version, this is practically not working appliation: not possible to browse on screen menus - touching the screen gives no reaction. The picture does not occupy the full iPhone 5 screen What a shame

  • Map of Portugal dissapirrd after update!!!

    by Tom Tailor

    Where is Portugal after IGO update? The app on iphone 4 became slower after update.

  • Country lost

    by Hursat

    Where did Spain go? I bought it for my trip to Barcelona. Now it is useless!

  • Lucky

    by trokadero

    16 voices for free, not downloads!!! Please fix

  • Lacks of Russian voices

    by DocentUA

    It's very strange, but now I can't set Russian voice in settings. It seems that's because of 16 voices free language pack somehow couldn't be fully downloaded. And that is beside already returned Ukrainian map and voice in shop. Pls, make things back right.

  • Ukrainian map fan

    by Ukrainian Wolf

    Maps of Ukraine disappeared. Fix it ASAP!!!!

  • Немає карти України

    by AndrewHans

    Не працює магазин і відсутня карта України.

  • Не обновляйтесь!!!

    by plord07

    Кроме возврата денег за такую "лажу" нужно вводить еще штрафные санкции. Может быть тогда новые и обновленные продукты будут соответствовать заявленным функциям.

  • Не работает карта Украины

    by Fareo1

    Я в течении многих лет был почитателем iGO, но после последнего обновления- перестала работать карта Украины, я разочарован, жалко потерянные деньги за официальную версию программы. В перечне стран доступных в этой версии Украина присутствует- это ОБМАН!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I use for IGO 5 years

    by Owl & Nf

    But this update kill my love to igo :(

  • Ukraine is gone

    by Dam-ra

    After last update the map of Ukraine is gone - nobody told about this!

  • Don't update your Europe maps

    by Sigurbjorn Gudmundsson

    I updated my Europe map yesterday and now I can't use it in Scandinavia Iceland Spain and Portugal. This information is not available in the update information.

  • 2.4.1 update

    by firestarter20122102

    New update is awful! Some countries disappeared at all! No voice downloads available... and etc. Came back to previous version. Pls do it right before release to customers!

  • Worst update ever

    by okua

    Bring back store packs with languages and extra maps!

  • Map of Ukraine

    by Sokovenko

    In last update absent map of Ukraine!!!

  • Disappointment

    by Andrey Michalchuk

    Yesterday went throuth the update installation, LOST all of my purchased stuff. Reinstalled the older version. Some bugs seems to be there, and sure MUST be fixed!

  • Voices don't work

    by Liviu74sox

    With this update the voices pack can't be downloaded. Neither the east Europe or west Europe terrain elevation. Or traffic... Do something guys!!! Make it work! People paid for it and can't use it right now...

  • Map updates very bad.

    by Hkokoti

    BE CAREFUL before buying this app. They never tell which maps have been updated and the maps that interest you may NEVER be updated. My country's map haven't been updated for TWO YEARS.

  • Good App but no support

    by Matias Vladies

    Extremely good application, but practically no support... Can't download language pack for already half a year, nobody care....

  • Cannot download pack with extra voices

    by Vitaly Kalenik

    Cannot download pack with extra voices! The download stops near the very end. Tried lots of times. Nothing helps. Include Russian voice in the base pack at least!

  • Terrible!

    by JocaYNWA

    I paid 60 $ and i cant download language packs,i bought it for my dad-he doesnt know english but he cant use app.I may change review when you fix your servers or app bug which doesnt allow me to download language packs.

  • Transition of a poor app from a very good app

    by Karatasli

    This was a decent app for its time but now it is every way outdated. Written below is tested for Spain and Turkey. They stopped updating maps (I know providers have the new ones), they are not providing features for this most expensive app (that they are providing for more localised versions). Their support is worse, they generalise every specific question and give generalised and unrelated answers. The app is too cumbersome to use and their useless and slow in-app keyboard makes everything more difficult (this I relayed to the support and got an unrelated answer). (Please use the iPhone keyboard) App knows that I entered a tunnel and tunnels length and my speed, but it reroutes unnecessarily. I am very unhappy cause I paid $99 for this app. My advice, don't buy it!

  • Can't download purchased Russian map

    by Seer778

    Every time when i try to download PURCHASED Russian map, gets an error saying couldn't connect the server!!! $37 wasted. What is going on? All other purchases were restored. Please help

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