Heads Up Navigator: 3D Augmented Reality Navigation Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Niftybrick Software, LLC

- Fixed an issue where the second step of the calibration process would sometimes display "Wrong Orientation" even when the phone was correctly oriented

- New feature: if you hold your phone parallel to the ground while in live-view mode, the live map will zoom open to cover the whole screen. Tilt your phone back up to zoom it back to the corner!

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Want to really show off your iPhone 3GS?

Heads-Up Navigator provides an immersive, "augmented reality" navigation experience by overlaying floating 3D labels directly onto the world around you, as shown by your phone's built-in camera. The display tilts and pivots as you move your phone through real space, letting you easily visualize landmarks and addresses near you. You have to experience it to understand!

iPhone and iPod Touch devices other than the iPhone 3GS don't have a built-in electronic compass, so the direction you are facing can't be automatically determined. On those devices, a wireframe mode is provided that shows a 3D visualization, with arrows for manually rotating through virtual space. The wireframe visualization still tilts automatically as you tilt your phone.

All modes show an small overlay map of your surroundings, which rotates in real time with the phone, so you can navigate confidently along city streets. If you face your phone towards the ground, the map expands to fill the entire screen for ease of navigation.

Easily indicate the locations you want to visualize by entering addresses or the names of important parks or landmarks. You can also manually enter locations of interest by directly adjusting a map pin.

Please note, your location may be detected less accurately on the original iPhone model, which lacks a GPS receiver, or when operating indoors, where GPS is unavailable. On iPod Touch devices, it may sometimes not be possible to get a location fix at all, since iPod Touch devices must rely on nearby WiFi networks to determine their location, which doesn't provide coverage in all areas.

You can try Heads-Up Navigator free with this fully functional ad-supported version. If you would like an experience without advertisements, search for Heads-Up Navigator Pro.

Niftybrick Software is an independent artisan software studio. We take your feedback and satisfaction seriously. Please write to us at support@niftybrick.com with any questions or suggestions.

Customer Reviews

  • Other reviewers are ignorant

    by aristoxenus

    People are complaining about all the things this app doesn't do, that it never claimed to do. In retrospect, naming the app "navigator" was a mistake. People these days think of turn by turn when they hear that. But for what it is, I'm in love with this thing. I like to stand on hills and try to guess what I'm looking at off in the distance, then search to confirm. Then when I'm down below, I can see where I was standing on the hill. Pretty magical use of the technology.

  • Good for walking

    by Unicaw89

    If you want walking directions and a fun app this is great if you are looking for a free turn by turn navigation it's the wrong app for you...

  • Good

    by Theatre boy

    It's really cool and fun to use but what would be even better is if once you touched a place you could get directions to that place!

  • Nice so far!

    by jay95826

    I think it is pretty good. For all you people that complain & did not spend a thing on this app, it is real simple people do not use it. But I for one like it, so I am using it. Thanks for this app I for one appreciate your work. Keep up the good work.

  • Get it. Beside the fact it's free, it can do cool things. Thank you

    by electrochain

    Cool app. Don't get miss-leaded by stupid reviews... Try it yourself and you will see it's high potential.

  • Okay...

    by jsr499

    It's pretty good but it seems quite outdated, needs an update, a lot of potential

  • Da bomb

    by Captain hawy

    When me and my possy was lost on da streets dis awesome navigation app saved my life. Grascias navigation app.

  • Great app!

    by Jncfurever

    I would happily give it the full five stars if points of reference were a bit easier to define and with a touch more accuracy. Overall though, it is a fantastic free app, one that will be used and will stay on my iPhone 3GS for a very long time!

  • Best free AR app

    by Ghcjcihsgshxhjwhshx

    You're not gonna get an app that's better than gps units for free, as a free app this is totally cool and fun. Great for showing off. Not sure if I'd bother downloading it on anything other than a 3gs. Keep the AR apps coming! Update suggestions: dragging the pin is a hassle, would be nice if I could just double-tap to mark a location or select adresses from my contacts.

  • Saahhweet!

    by Navigayshunñ

    AWESOME app!! at least for a free app. App has great potential, all its missing is grid directions, and maybe a refined search. I enjoyed simulated racing games, and this app makes me feel like Im in one! VERY PLEASED :•)

  • Very interesting

    by Semferon

    This application has a very good potential... It is quite cool to use the camera view now but what if it could also show directions... That will be greatest navigation application for iPhone 3gs. The only thing I am not pleased with is interface I can't say that it is glitchy but it is not very handy yet. Still a very cool app to play with and to really find adresses...

  • Fantastic support!

    by Gstuessi

    I had trouble calibrating this app and sent Mark an email about the problem. Within hours I had received a response and, after several more emails over the next several days, Mark helped me calibrate the app! Keep up the great customer service!

  • Good job

    by mepilot1

    Keep the AR apps coming!

  • ExPalmNewton

    by ExPalmNewton

    First off, thank you for allowing it to run on the iPod Touch. It worked very well within the limitations of no compass and no camera. You have to enter your own points of interest, and I couldn't find a way to enter them via LatLon, I had to drag the pin to where I wanted it. Pretty cool demonstration of augmented reality.

  • Interesting concept, improved search would be nice

    by Corporate_Monkey

    This app is an interesting concept, the augmented reality works very well. The let down is the search feature. You can't just enter a business or place (ex. McDonalds), you have to enter a detailed place. It would be cool to be able to enter a type of place (IE, restaurant) and be able to map those. 

  • Stupid As....s app

    by 9jn

    What is the sense of this app??? Not a navigator. Camera shows you what it see on to the iphone screen and a small map on the corner. You can just look out through the windshield with your own eyes like you are already doing. Stupid as it can get. People reviewing saying see potential. I see potential of deleting as soon as I post this review.

  • Suckz

    by صلاح الدين فاضل

    Swear it's waste of time

  • Do you mind updating?

    by Joseph Z @ VA

    It's iPhone 5 year. 3 years later and it's still the same. Even far outdated features on here.

  • No content? Seriously?

    by Boradis

    Every location has to be added manually. Considering how many other apps seem able to use the built-in "yellowpages" of the Maps app, the lack of it here is confusing. This oversight makes Navigator no more than a proof of concept toy.

  • Non Navigator

    by Vmbeach

    No directions given so it's of no use. Waste of time.

  • No camera?

    by Adam J. Kochanowicz

    Why on earth is the camera exclusive to the iPhone 3Gs?

  • Pretty cool

    by Surgemeister01

    This app is pretty sweet, haven't got to use it in the world yet, but it's worth a look, I mean my god it's free

  • Good idea, awful execution

    by Toddep23

    Come on guys get a spellchecker. You misspelled Houston

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