Gokivo GPS Navigator Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Networks In Motion, Inc.

Gokivo now supports iOS 6 and the taller iPhone 5 screen, plus we zapped a few bugs.
Thanks for all your feedback, keep them coming.

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Gokivo – The iPhone's first real time, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation has been re-designed and is now better than ever.
Your purchase includes a 30-day pass of our award winning navigation service.
Automatic map and points of interest updates included in your subscription.
Extend your Navigation pass using one of the In-App Purchase plans:
Basic Navigation - $0.99 for 30 days
Basic Navigation - $9.99 for 1 year
Enhanced 3D Navigation - $4.99 for 30 days
Enhanced 3D Navigation - $19.99 for 1 year
At the end of your subscription, renew anytime with the In-App purchase options.

Navigation & Traffic
• Real-time turn-by-turn spoken directions with street names.
• Enhanced 3D Navigation* – Navigate using realistic city views.
• Real Highway Signs & Road Views* – Stay informed about upcoming junctions, lane changes and exits.
• View Options – Choose the navigation view that works for you, including: List View, Dashboard View and 3D View.
• Traffic-Aware Routing - Guides you to your destination without waiting in traffic.
• Audible Traffic Alerts – Spoken traffic incidents.
• Live Traffic – Traffic is updated every 60 seconds with data from 1.8 billion traffic probes, enabling on-the-spot detours around congestion & incidents.
• Automatic Re-routing – Miss a turn? You’ll automatically get new directions.
• Simplified Search - An enhanced and intuitive system designed to understand your search intent and produce relevant suggestions as you type and allows you to search for places, addresses, contacts, favorites and more in one search field.
• Voice Search – Speak your destination address or point of interest search.
• Movie theaters near you with listings and show times.
• Local Events – Concerts, theaters, sporting events and more.
• Gas Prices – Find the lowest gas prices in your area.
The Rest
• Facebook – Keep your friends and family updated by posting your location or favorite café to Facebook.
• Contacts App Integration – Get directions to a contact right from your device's contacts.
• Interactive Satellite Maps.
• Day/Night Mode – Automatic Day and Night Mode.
• Navigation Voice Selection – Choose from 5 female or male voices.
• Multi-tasking – listen to your favorite music app while continuing to receive audible directions
• Support for Spanish Language.

*Available as an in-app purchase with an Enhanced 3D Navigation plan
Supported on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Customer Reviews

  • not just 0.99$

    by Scott Razor

    A good app that would be better in case it would really cost the purchase price. After a trial (for which you have to pay a buck) it asks you for more money. So, I switched to another turn-by-turn GPS.

  • Awesome. It's my best friend.

    by D@nie|

    Excellent app, my best friend in my daily job, easy to use, always accurate and the truck option is really helpful.

  • Gokivo GPS

    by A~M~W

    This app good.

  • Iphone 4 f

    by Felisidad;44

    Travaja vien i es gratis

  • Easy to use

    by SilverStarSparkle

    Easy to use app.

  • Best GPS Navigation App Used

    by Gb_LA

    As a current OnStar and former TomTom, Garmin user I have to rate this App 5 Stars due in part to its engineering and navigation. It provides accurate audio instructions that are timely and accurate. It uses other data (traffic and shared traffic info) to optimize a route. I use this as my preferred navigation anytime I can and prefer it actually over everything else. Just returned from a trip to Stowe VT and it found an alternate route that saved me 1 hour driving back roads by using a ferry route.

  • Great

    by pakcikahsan

    Really good-great

  • Mech.

    by Geoff5820

    All I want to say is that the app is VERY GOOD no problems at all :-)

  • Good app

    by NehasReview

    Good app

  • Great

    by Anonymous 1234568

    Great app, neat interface and very accurate.

  • Great app!

    by V Gifford

    I am generally always lost until I've lived somewhere forever.... This app is fantastic in that it can find me anywhere and get me where I need to be. I don't worry about getting lost anymore and with a two year old in the car, that's a great comfort.

  • This is top notch!!!

    by JoyPull

    I love this app. I don't like having to follow a map so this one speaking the directions simplifies everything! It's only taken me to the wrong location with one address but I tried 2 other apps with same address and they had same results!

  • Really great GPS App!

    by WeaselMF

    I have been using this app in conjunction with several other GPS apps and this one wins hands down. I really wish it would show the posted speed limit like a regular GPS device, and had downloadable maps, so it would use GPS satellites instead of cellular.

  • Gokivo

    by Crowman2000_98

    Best navigation app I've ever used!!!! I've used a lot by the way!!! I recommend getting it!!!! Dan

  • Gokivo GPS. App

    by Tjm358

    I have had this app for about 2 yrs now and have really enjoyed it finfing it extremly usefull and accurate. Plz keep the Updates coming !! Tim M

  • It's a great app, however...

    by CCSbusiness

    If this app is to do well, it needs to be free!!! I'm going back to Waze, which is TOTALLY FREE!!! I'll miss the 3D views, but I'll live.

  • Very good app

    by Mugsy201

    I think this is a real good app, altho I have learned not to trust the delay times as it seems the actual times are a lot longer. Other than that, it's very functional

  • Love it!

    by DeliGuy11

    Mixes with music (Slacker) really well. Good-looking app.

  • Good program but missing streets on my development which causes crazy routing. Also price us high.

    by Unlimitedsoundsdj

    Good program but missing streets on my development which causes crazy routing. It also doesn't always rotate to Landscape all the time when on car cradle and other programs do. I still purchased as its pretty good.

  • App of the Yr

    by Flashtime99

    If I could vote now and say this the best app I've ever used as far as navigation is concern

  • Very bad

    by NIKMODY

    Do not buy !!! Its a total rip off Developers don't respond to queries Very poor customer service SYGIC and TOM TOM NAVIGATION much better than this trashy app

  • Maybe for some

    by Salduvar

    Was excited at first to try it 99cent ..too a trip into San Francisco for some reason it kept trying to take me off the freeway and then back on again. Downtown the 3D view was nice but after being close to where I needed to go it failed it took me in circles recalculating . I had to switch to another app

  • What!!!? It's not free anymore!!? See ya!

    by The worst in pricing!

    This app was great when it was free! Now you people charge for it??? I just uninstalled it and so did my family and friends ! By the way- google maps will be replacing this app. By charging for this app you killed it! #seeya!!!!

  • Garbage!!

    by N_Glinks

    I've been trying to get guidance from NYC to CHICAGO and each time I enter the address and hit GO- the bloody app crashes!! What good is an app that one pays for, that cannot deliver, especially for big cities???

  • Was free NO MORE

    by mayorgooo

    Bait and switch. Was free now they charge. SEE YA!

  • Navigator

    by Laurajean111

    Great app!

  • Awesome

    by Neckcutter

    I drive a dump truck and this works great. It cost .99 after your 30 days.

  • Only 30 days free

    by Leotran63

    Muy bueno pero solo dura un mes gratis, luego se bloquea y te cobran subscripción para seguir usandolo.

  • Muy bueno

    by yessykm

    Este es un buen navegador que te permite muchas occiones de tráfico me gusta mucho estoy very happy Thank You

  • The best among the free GPSs app


    I love it ...not the best as compared to Navigon and the Garmins but feature wise it is the beat among the free ones. -Auto day Night mode -3D view of major cities and highways. -Traffic alerts I wish it also had speed alerts..

  • 30 days only

    by Bigshow401

    I liked this app, but not free after 30 days. Too bad.. Now iPhone has google maps for free.. So bye-bye gokivo


    by MysterReview

    Maybe it's okay, but there is no chance to find out. Your service is cut off after a couple of weeks without enough time to compare to very fine ones, such as Motion X. They ALL have flaws.

  • Not good after one month

    by Muqaddas Qalamyar

    It's charge you 4.99/month.

  • Very nice

    by vzman

    Great App. The way GPS should be A+..also maybe add a few languages(German,Russian etc

  • Cool app!

    by LZ3168

    This app is very cool, deserve to have

  • In my own words

    by ILazz

    Great navigation tool.

  • avmm760

    by Avmm760

    Excellent and simple use(which is very important while driving).

  • Navigation system is great !!!!

    by TeaVII

    Best Gps for free !!!! Amazing !!!!

  • GPS

    by Drklvy

    Best I've found and free also. Great job love it!

  • Great App

    by @NIM@L

    The best app I have ever used. Very accurate. Great job on developing this app. Thank you Jkm

  • Great App

    by Odenzen

    Intuitive, quick and accurate. Excellent App!

  • YouNoMe

    by Who want 2 know

    One awesome app, say no more

  • Great

    by Jrbdlynnma

    So far so good

  • Omg amazing !!!!!!!!!

    by maria creech

    Omg this is amazing you have to get this its free and works no adds and is better than are garmin and Tom Tom Has voice which will pause ur music to talk to u and look great and has lots of city's you can look at in 3d this a have to get !!!!!!!!!!

  • Not so great

    by Woodyhart

    Not so accurate uses up your data and is vary so to recalculate, Not impressed


    by Kimipants

    This app is not free! After a few weeks you are required to pay!

  • Awesome!

    by expatgirl78

    Love this app, use it everyday it's a lifesaver!

  • Good

    by Davoo82

    I keep my promises , I changed to 5 stars

  • Best

    by Rajeev Kumar

    Best nav app ever, great graphics and accuracy

  • Very Cool and well done

    by Makanda

    I have a number of nav! Apps and this one ranks among the best do far keep up the great work . Tom

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