PebbGPS - Pebble Smartwatch maps and directions Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Nathan Oates

IMPORTANT - though the app includes a new version of the watchface for Pebble 2.0, it is recommended you download the version from the Pebble App Store instead. In addition to any other bug fixes that may have been made, this will also allow you to put the PebbGPS watchface in the App Locker and various other benefits. In future, the iOS app will simply link to the Pebble App Store for the latest watchface.

Grayscale mode.
Bug fixes.

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Put a mini map on your Pebble smart watch, and get turn-by-turn directions to a destination!

Please also install the watchface from the Pebble App Store.

Map types: Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid and Streetmap
Map depth: Black&White or Grayscale

Walking and driving directions

Control zoom level and map depth from the watch

Built-in battery saving techniques:
Phone GPS shuts off after a few minutes if not using the watchface.
Intelligent background updating to minimise CPU time in the background (iPhone 5 or later)

Please note:
You can only have one third-party iOS app talking to your Pebble at once.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Innovative use for the Pebble

    by Brian Query

    The method of getting around in the app is a little odd, but after a quick email to the developer, I was able to find the turn by turn directions. Good execution for such a small screen to work with.

  • Good but still some bugs.

    by Jqpxnsoap

    I was really surprised to how accurate the maps were. The one that show terrain are a little weird though. The app only works if it was recently open on the phone.

  • Excellent app

    by StingersSwarm

    This app just works. There are some shortcomings but almost all are from pebble or ios limitations. Best pebble gps app out there.

  • Pebble GPS

    by TD Mojo

    Nice to have app for my Pebble

  • Great App!!

    by A-Roch

    This Is a great!! One thing I would love to see is contact integration. I have all my addresses in my contacts and I would love to just type in a name on the app and it would get me directions to it

  • Cool!!

    by Moose R Fuzy!

    It's accurate and it's neat!!

  • Works good

    by Xicotek

    Would be nice to have more apps on the pebble but for now it's ok. Gives you step but step directions on how to get somewhere

  • Wonderful!

    by Hailong Bai

    Very easy to use, very helpful

  • Good!

    by T. R. Westwood

    Please add some sort vibration alert before approaching a turn to make it useful while driving.

  • Firmware 2.0

    by iPhone Geek

    When will App support v. 2.0 firmware?

  • One more function could be nice

    by YueZ

    This is a great app. One more feature to make this app easier to used is to support routing from Apple's Map app. Could you please make this app visible under the bus tab after pressing "directions to here" in Apple Map? Then the PebbleGPS app could automatically start routing the trip without me having to enter everything in this app? It's easier to do all the pre routing searches in the map app. Thanks

  • Nice !!

    by Situation.23

    It works perfect. Using iPhone 5s iOS 7.

  • Conflicts with Smartwatch Plus

    by Lord Tyveris

    This app works great but seems to conflict with Smartwatch Plus. Can you fix it?

  • Great Idea, Great App, Strong Promise

    by LTCPro

    I purchased this app and integrated it with my pebble. I can say that the app is clean and simple, it functions nicely with the pebble and displays accurate map information with multiple viewing options. You can zoom, start and stop the gps all from your wrist. I think this app shows great promise yet it still has room for improvement. The app seems to become bugged when driving and feezes on a jumbled screen for a few seconds and then reloads to work again. I'm sure these bugs will be worked out in the future. One recommendation I have for the developer would be to have the map orient itself in the direction the person or vehicle is traveling instead of holding a true north. Overall I recommend and enjoy this app, especially it's price!

  • Does it work?

    by John John

    For $0.99 I thought I would chance it. Guess what? It works great!

  • Great job!

    by P.O.DUB

    So far So good!

  • Great app for demoing Pebble

    by kaplanfx

    The big feature I'd like to see in this app is some indication of which direction it thinks your traveling. This app would then be perfect for hiking or navigating in a big city.

  • Wow

    by Nintendophile1818

    This works really well. Keep up the good work!

  • Cool!

    by telos81

    This app is cool! It works well. I have a 4S, so I had to download the watch app separately (which also means it's taking one of my 8 spots and is a bit of a pain to download again). But overall the app works as advertised! I just don't know how useful it will be overall

  • Doesn't work

    by Bonzo)(

    There is nothing left for me but to give one star. The app managed to pull map only once - wrong location and frozen. Could not zoom in or out. Every other attempt was unsuccessful. All I could see is the black screen. I'm quite disappointed since I liked the idea a lot. One detail - I live in China where Apple is using AutoNavi maps. Looking forward to update my review

  • Worst app ever for pepple

    by Smonek

    Tho program doesn't work with the pebble watch, it just shows a map an has no direction beside on a map that does not give the step by step instruction as it claims. Waste of money.

  • Garbage

    by Cq80

    Does not work properly. Constantly freezing. A waste of $

  • NEEDS 2.0 Support

    by Tuppaacc

    It does what it says however it DOESNT WORK with the actual iPhone MAPS app. It's a good app though

  • Waste of .99

    by buffalobillpat

    using iPhone 5C, worked 1 time, moved map of where I’m at to pebble screen, other 15 tries it don’t work.

  • Huh?

    by justgman

    How does it even work? Not intuitive. Is it suppose to move on my pebble watch?

  • Loading

    by Raybojr

    Still loading, doesn't update properly... I will update review when issues are fixed

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