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Now you can navigate any mall map WITHOUT the need for GPS or WIFI. Once you download any mall map you can get interactive navigation even without an Internet signal!!!


As seen in NY Times, Scobleizer, Techcrunch, Gizmodo, LA Times, Star Tribune, Mashable, AdAge, Pioneer Press & 100's more. Now in 22 countries around the world.

FastMallâ„¢ is a truly exciting, helpful interactive experience and community that allows you to find, then be guided turn by turn to restrooms, stores and restaurants at shopping malls around the world all without using GPS or WIFI.

Remember where you parked your car, add a text, photo or video review of anything you would like and share it with the world, check in at the mall or stores you love and of course shake your iPhone to locate and then be taken to the nearest restroom!

Use a baby stroller? Use a wheelchair? FastMallâ„¢ allows you to select ELEVATORS ONLY as an option so you can easily get around the mall!

50+ features.

All of the largest shopping malls in the US, UK, Canada, France and more with full interactive map directories to navigate through, turn by turn.

Many new malls just added, check and click malls.

Want your mall added? Let us know and be a part of the fastest growing iPhone shopping community in the world.


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Customer Reviews

  • Good, needs updated maps

    by hselburn

    It needs it's listings updated. There are stores that have been open for a year and aren't listed.

  • Work in progress

    by R_ACE1

    Great idea! Please add Southland Mall in South Florida.

  • FastMall is back, love it!

    by DaisyLou2009

    Great update, love the deals at the malls in New Jersey and New York!!!

  • Awesome

    by Kamurp

    This app is so handy! I've been to the Destiny USA mall a million times and still get lost, but not anymore. It even has the tiny mall in my hometown. Previous reviews mention several flaws that they seem to have worked them out - no problem finding addresses, nearby malls to your current location, etc. As a shopaholic, my favorite part is being able to see deals in each store when you walk into it. You can even email yourself the coupons right in the app!

  • Summer

    by Abmik12

    Every woman's dream!

  • Nice and nifty!

    by Aureliex

    Good to just have at hand and I LOVE the ease of finding a restroom!

  • Super Great

    by Moa in need

    Don't understand how you can't love this app. It's amazing!!!! I won't go shopping without it! Love!!!!

  • R&D scientist

    by Enshinka

    Great Map for shopping.

  • by @xAshNicole

    Whaaa? How does this have such a low rating. It practically does everything and I haven't found any problems with it(:

  • Great app!

    by puma_man

    I was receiving a 'file error' message when trying to access the map for a mall in my area. I emailed the fastmall team to tell them and within three days they fixed the issue and Pamela at fastmall emailed me back to let me know! They even emailed me after submitting my feedback to apologize and let me know they'd fix it! This is a super handy app! It gives you directions from one store to another and even let's you find the nearest restroom with a shake of your iPhone!

  • Me

    by DWP I'd

    Please add The Forum at Peachtree Corners/Norcross GA

  • Great App!

    by truiz

    This app is awesome! Love the feature that shows you where you parked.

  • Not bad, but still needs work

    by Unhappy!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

    Like others have mentioned the navigation between sections is a hit and miss. Sometimes the back button works & other times it takes you somewhere random. The app needs a simple drop down menu or menu bar that allows the user to go between sections simply & seamlessly. The other big problem is the out of date store info and no ability within the app to submit updates. For example: the mall closest to me has had an Apple store for 6 months now, but the app still shows it as a purse shop. And there is no place (that I can find) within the app to let the developer know about this change. Also, no ability within the app to add additional malls! My city has only 3 of 6 malls listed within the app, and I am more then willing to collect all the data the developer would need to add the other 3 malls, but the app doesn't have any ability to do that and no contact info at all (not even a website or email address). Overall this app is better then having nothing, but do not count on the info to be current and thus travel a distance for a specific store that may/may not still be there! Always check online or call the mall first and use this app as a general guide, that is until the developer makes it more robust.

  • Technology

    by Mayven engineering

    Fast all could benefit from improved algorithms that optimally use the CMD's internal sensors. My company has developed these innovative algorithms.

  • Fantastic

    by Fontanafox

    Love the shake to find restroom feature! Priceless!

  • Names irritating?

    by Marcelo Moyano

    Hello @justAcomment: you can tap on filters at the top right of the screen and turn off the store labels to avoid names on top of the stores. Thanks for your comments!

  • Loved it

    by charesepel

    Used first time yesterday. Never been to Raleigh, NC. App quickly found Crabtree valley Mall and was wonderful. Very useful for finding stores, restrooms, loved it. Will use again.

  • Good work

    by Let me see you whop

    Very easy finding stores, and I found my Bugatti easier and I didn't get lost in the parking lot

  • Fastmall parking drop-a-pin is great!

    by Shopping moms

    Just got back from shopping. I used the drop a pin feature and found my car in 5 seconds, thanks FastMall. You've actually created an app I will use every time I go to the mall.

  • Good app but update is terrible

    by Dillasaysgo

    Why change a good thing. This app used to be gorgeous. Was much better organized. Only thing nice about the app now is the map shows all the stores instead of just the main ones. I loved the old flashy look most of all. Ahhh!!!!

  • What a waste!

    by Fourandmore

    Does not locate any malls! Useless app! Deleting....

  • Awful

    by Nickaubmom

    Thinks I'm in FL. I'm in SE Texas.

  • Terrible! We have a mall about 2 miles from home and this site said no malls in area!! Gezze

    by Keekee1950

    What a terrible app!

  • This is a unable app

    by Glori123:)

    This app can not find most malls, does not let me find malls near to me and is all together an app that has wasted my time I do not reccomend it to anyone who has better things to do I am very disappointed:(

  • Can't get info. :(

    by LilacBloom

    Well? This app will find nearby malls, but won't let me look at any info about them. Nor will the search function for specific stores work for me. Sad. :(

  • So much wasted potential

    by MidnightRunner36

    This app needs one major feature: the ability to only show your favorite stores. The whold point of an individual app is that it can be personalized, and yet these developers insist on showing every single store in a mall on a tiny little screen. Yes, there's a search function, but then you're left standing there looking like an idiot as the whole process takes longer than walking up to a Mall Directory and just finding the store you want to go to next. Only show the favorites, and then it's obvious which store to go to next based on location/proximity--a feature that is impossible with Mall Directories. These developers are not making the most of the technology available to them, and it's disappointing to see, as this app could be a real time-saver, but ultimately, it's just so-so.

  • Do you ever update info?

    by Iamamallprincess

    I'm looking at the map for my local mall (Ventura CA) and stores that are long-gone are still listed. Get with it!!

  • Always hangs

    by Maynard Handley

    For all I know this is a great app. But I can't get to that greatness because it always hangs on launch. The hang appears to be in an attempt to contact the ad server, since the entire front screen UI draws, except for the ad at the bottom which remains blank. I will just note that, even assuming they fix their ad server, this suggests an organization that does not know how to write decent iOS apps. Apple have been telling developers for years to put network operations on separate threads, not the main UI thread, both to improve performance and to prevent precisely what we see here --- the app hanging when there is a network problem. There are other mall map apps which work substantially better. I'd recommend Mall Maps Mobile which launches fast, DOESN'T HANG, and, while the UI is far from perfect, it's adequate.

  • Nice try but fails miserably

    by Radsport

    Tried app today. One large mall near me was missing most stores and some it did show have been gone as long as two years. Another large mall is shown 10 to 15 miles from its actual location. It too shows stores long gone plus it's missing many others. Am deleting the app. Instead, I can use Apple's map app to locate malls then use Google to find that mall's web site for an accurate mall map.

  • Fastball

    by TXNurse57


  • Store locations not up-to-date!!!!

    by Satlaunch

    Not up to dated store data/ locations In certain dynamic locations in north and south CA as tested while traveling Within CA. Even though the map ideas is great for certain large complex structures that is hard to find. Maybe the paid version is more updated. Map is free from any mall ;)

  • Doesn't work

    by No more work for me

    Just updated and now the app doesn't open.

  • Stupid App

    by 28monty28

    Am sitting in the parking lot of a mall, trying to find out the location of a store to save walking all over looking for it. The app doesn't recognize where I am ( one if the biggest malls in St. Louis) so I can't find the store. Useless!!!

  • Nice idea Poor execution.

    by PatentDude

    Great idea but maps are not easy to use and I found very inaccurate.

  • Waste of time

    by QM64

    Can't download maps of malls that show on the website, so must be broken. Used to work.

  • What happened????

    by Bsmith9270

    Since installing the update, where did I park no longer works. Help!

  • No maps work

    by sccr123

    Version 4.0 gives an internal server error. No maps, deals or anything loads. Only thing that works is the Google maps.

  • Not the easiest to use

    by Just A. Comment

    Pretty useless if one doesn't know zip code or mall name. Would expect to be able to access database from map with pins. For example, planning a trip down i95 and planning on a mall break from driving. No dice without researching mall names and or zips through other source such as google. Might as well just use google for whole shebang and get to a mall's own website Also, mall address is buried behind a very tiny "I" icon in upper right. Even once found, no zip code and no phone number. Has button "call mall" but hides phone number. IPod touch, iPad users out of luck. Also, one just needing number for emergency but no need to call pronto. Clearly not a well-thought-out application. 10 March 2012

  • Hasn't worked since iOS 5/4S!

    by Btr94

    Got an iPhone 4S with iOS 5 and that broke the app. Just opens, sits at the splash screen, then closes. Have uninstalled/reinstalled. Useless now!

  • Dissapointing !

    by Kitty's mom

    No Glenbrook Mall in Ft Wayne, IN !

  • Not helpful

    by SoHotSki

    Missing largest mall in Charlotte NC

  • Useless and out of date

    by KiwiMum10

    Did not work at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu and out of date at Bellevue Square - when I asked someone for directions to a store I looked up they said it was gone 2 years ago! Uninstalling ASAP!

  • Hate it

    by Pazo Aruba

    Something has changed and it's not good. I can't save favorite malls anymore. Uninstalling

  • it doesnt work for me...

    by kateyritchie

    this app doesn't work for me...maybe its cuz i have an ipod touch and not an iphone..but when i click on it the app just closes..):

  • Great App But Needs Work

    by NeoMobi

    Love the concept but crashes all the time

  • Disappointed

    by Karl in Melbourne

    Too slow and jerky confusing UI. Recent Malls did not work. Could not figure out how to cache maps.

  • Quirky app -- save your time!

    by Parabola101

    Slow, very very slow. Crashes. Clicked "apple store" selection only to view toshiba pc on "sale" ...?! App not ready for prime time.

  • What happened!

    by Jenkozi

    Was very easy to use and helpful. Now not sure if will do any good!

  • Great App

    by MallShopper82

    Went to a mall I've never been to, helped me find my stores no problem... Even gave me walking directions, overall a big help

  • Doesn't work

    by Tpburner

    I'm a block away from Nordstrom Rack & 2 miles from a huge mall & this app can't find them. It not working for me, going to delete this app :(

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