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Seller: Michael Feyter

This revision fixes the following issues:
- Waypoint names should always be displayed when the HSI is in PLAN mode, not just when RTE DATA is selected.
- When a runway is selected in some cases there was a problem only displaying the relevant departures/arrivals for this runway.
- There was a crash and/or misplacement when programming a hold in an existing procedure.
- When the HSI was in plan mode in landscape configuration, trying to program a hold, the “STEP” function was overwritten by the “PPOS” function.
- Take-off status would only show complete after PERF INIT / ROUTE / TAKEOFF PAGE was complete and a departure runway was selected, in reality the departure runway does not need to be selected for take-off status to show as complete.

Two less common aircraft were also added to the list of default aircraft, the AgustaWestland AW139 Helicopter and the Cessna C337H Skymaster.

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Make your Flight Simulator experience a more realistic one.
iFMS will provides you with a nearly fully functional "Boeing style" Flight Management System and HSI display on your mobile device.

The FMS display and functionality simulates the "Boeing style" Flight Management System accurately.
Apart from all the standard flight planning and tracking (LNAV and VNAV) functionality, all the more complex functions such as hold programming, custom waypoint programming by coordinates, heading/distance calculation or waypoints radial/intersection calculation and abeam route waypoint calculations are available as well, along with much, much more.

The HSI display was developed to equally realistic standards.
Like the real Boeing HSI display it has a moving "MAP" mode and "PLAN" mode which allows for stepping through the active route.
Your programmed route, the waypoints, the fixes, the navaids, the airports etc. are all programmed to be displayed using the standard symbolization rules of the industry.
The route is properly drawn as a rounded track with turns calculated based on ground speed and configurable parameters in your aircraft file.
The visible range of the HSI can be set in the usual intervals between 5NM to 320NM.
Toggling display of airports, navaids, fixes, and visual reporting points (if present in the navigation data) is off course possible as well and these functions respond depending on the current visible range, just they would in the real Boeing system.

iFMS also includes an LNAV/VNAV engine which will control your aircraft's autopilot to fly the programmed LNAV/VNAV route.

iFMS uses Wi-Fi to connect to your favorite Flight Simulator over your local network, alternatively iFMS can also use the device GPS (if present) as a data source, you can be a passenger in the car and practice your FMS programming skills. Be aware though, iFMS cannot be used for real world aviation navigation as this is strictly against the terms of use of this product.

iFMS can be configured for use with almost any of your favorite Flight Simulator's standard aircraft and most add-on aircraft, 6 default aircraft are included but you can easily make your own on your computer and transfer them to iFMS through iTunes.

Features summary:

- Realistic Flight Planning/Tracking/Navigation
- Realistic Boeing style Flight Management System
- Realistic Boeing style HSI display
- LNAV & VNAV calculation
- LNAV & VNAV engine to control your Flight Simulator autopilot
- Single portrait or side by side landscape view
- Configurable aircraft
- Use your own created aircraft files
- Loading and saving of flight plans
- Import flight plans and aircraft from your PC
- Updatable navigation data through Navigraph


- Apple iPad (2nd generation or later)
- Apple iPad Mini, or
- Apple iPhone (3GS or later)
- Apple iPod Touch (4th generation or later)

- Microsoft Flight Simulator X
- Prepar3D
- X-Plane Win32
- X-Plane Win64
- X-Plane Mac

Please visit for more details about iFMS, supported flight simulator packages and how to connect iFMS to them.

Customer Reviews

  • Didn't want to load at first....

    by Doom228

    I had just bought this app a while ago and couldn't get it to work. I contacted the author, and he quickly responded. I want to thank him for responding. Once this app is up and running, it great. I use it now as an aid while flying in FSX.

  • So… How ?

    by Artsy Hipster

    I spent a bit today trying to figure this out and I was unable to find much info online. There is no manual, only a few jumbled paragraphs with vague references. Will attempt to contact developer before I write a bad review / ask for a refund, but be sure to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Also am not sure it is entirely compatible with X Plane 9. Website has a plugin that calls for 10, but nowhere else on the app page or website does it say anything required but X plane. No version specified.

  • Great addition to my FSX hobby

    by Robert55432

    Had a little trouble getting vnav to work but the author quickly responded to my email and clarified the issue. Now that I understand what a valid solution is vs one that cant be computed given the info I plugged in, I'm extremely happy with it. Sweet sharp graphics and works perfectly on my Ipad 16 GB (retina screen version). so much nicer to use than the stock GPS in FSX. SIDS and STARS are now a breeze. Definitely a bargain. I look forward to more from this author.

  • Great unit

    by Jetpropilot

    My experience with this unit has been mixed, before I did the update that includes the LNAV and VNAV functions it worked great but since the last update it does not connect to my FS, both my fs computer and ipad are in the same home wifi network, the corect ip adress is in the settings page of the Ifms howeaver there is no connection.

  • Pretty good, but can be improved

    by BalutFX

    I am a 757 pilot and saw this app. I wanted to have something to practice my FMS skills, and it does help a little. Some things I noticed is a modified speed constraint in the legs page will cause all preceding points to match that speed with 0 for the altitude. Also, I could not get it to accept a Place/Distance point. Overall, this is a cool app with loads of potential. I will contact the author with my observations.

  • A much improved and usable update

    by breadwild

    You can read below of my disappointment with the initial release of this app. But its very responsive developer took the comments to heart and has released a very much improved version, working "as advertised," with no crashing, and one that I'm enjoying much more. The graphics are now crisp and clear, making for a much more pleasing visual experience. While this this not a toy, and requires a good understanding of FMS programming, and ATC and IFR navigation and procedures, it is not meant for actual in-flight navigation. It is a compliment to your very safe desktop flight simulator and a route planning tool. However, for the most accurate play it is important that you update its database, and your aircraft's database, with the latest Navigraph cycle. I had no problem with the X-Plane plugin, but this version's one short-coming (my reason for only 4 stars) is the lack of true integration: the simulator give visual feedback to iFMS, but programming the iFMS has no bearing on the simulator (the more expensive AirTrack app allows you to control the simulator from the app, though does not have the feel of a true FMS, like iFMS does). Bottom line: I recommend this app for the serious flight-simmer who is using aircraft with serious FMSs (JRollon's CRJ200, JAR Design's A320neo, and VMAX's Boeing 777) above and beyond the out-of-the-box versions. (Below is my original review) [UPDATE: the developer has been extremely responsive and is working on taking care of these issues as quickly as possible. I'm encouraged that this will be much better very soon. Standby ] As a pilot and serious flight-simmer I was excited to see this application announced on one of my favorite blogs. The price seemed steep, but if it did all that I thought it would do, I was willing to forgo the $12.95. An unfortunate choice indeed. The buyer's remorse started immediately. My first major disappointment was when it first loaded and I saw the screen for the first time. The graphics are terrible: course, pixelated, with poor text, textures, and lighting. It was hard to get in a full route without it crashing a some point in the process. And when I did get a route in, the waypoints were not exactly what you might see [delete: nothing like you see] on published charts,, [delete: Some were downright bizarre.] [UPDATE: when it wasn't crashing, I was able to spend more time establishing routes, and had better success matching establish routes, but not sure how consistent it is with all routes.] How this app made it into the App Store, I'll never understand. So, save your money and your frustration and avoid iFMS for now.

  • User

    by skanksdad

    Great App for those looking for a truly realistic FMS. Customer service quick and very helpful. Aircraft info can be easily modified with a common text editor and added thru iTunes.

  • Not too impressed

    by Boricua303

    I gave this software 2 stars because it looks good but the functionality isn't there (too many to list). It has a very confusing configuration to get an aircraft setup before you could even use the application. I tried it out of sheer curiosity but I felt I wasted my money and will stick with what I am using now.

  • iFMS / iPad 1 Crash

    by Jules640826

    Crashes immediately on launch. I have an iPad 1 with IOS 5 and 12.5 GB of available memory.

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