Metro China Subway Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: MetroMan
  • Updated: Sep, 30 2011
  • Version: 7.1
  • Size: 18.99 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese


Fix bugs for "Cloud Album of Station"

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Metro China Subway is the tool for you to get metro information of Beijing Subway, Shanghai Metro, Hong Kong Metro(MTR), Taipei Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Nanjing Metro, Tianjin Metro, Wuhan Metro, Hangzhou Metro, Suzhou Metro, Chengdu Metro, Chongqing Metro, Xi'an Metro, Shenyang Metro. You can get 5 transit solutions, metro route map, station info, train timetable, and locate nearby stations. Everything is available in English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplifier and Japanese.

Main features:
1. Transit
Choose departure station, arrival station and departure datetime(or arrival datetime or first train or last train), then you can get 5 transit solutions including time, fare, transfer info., train timetable and station maps.
2. Route Map
Gorgeous metro route maps which contains multilingual version. You are able to click the route map to select the station.
3. Station Info
It will show you metro station map and nearby information. such as Photo, Food, Coffee, Movie and Shopping Mall.
4. Timetable
Information including 24-hour train timetable on every station. (Weekdays and Holidays)
5. Locate Nearby Stations
Locate nearby stations within 2km.
6. Multilingual user interface supported
You can choose English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplifier and Japanese. and then it will show you multilingual user interface, route map, station info, nearby information and train timetable.

Customer Reviews

  • Best ever

    by Канфета

    Thank you!

  • 横屏若能旋转地图就给满分

    by MikeRango

    1.请添加西安等城市地铁 Please add more cities like Xi'an 2.希望默认显示线路图 Make Route map as default 2.换乘路线建议只给最佳路线,建议给多了没有任何意义 Just supply with Best Route

  • Very good but not perfect

    by Michael Tang Lee

    Need optimize the route. Not cover all cities have subway system, Shenyang for instance.Also, nees display on landscape. Already the best Chinese metro app, don't standstill

  • Must use to navigate complex subways

    by Hoben01

    Made it so easy to follow just by entering the start and stop station. Must have app for those using the subway in complex systems like beijing, shanghai, and more. Also showed the estimated travel time

  • Nice map draw

    by MetroFan

    So far the most good looking map, what a nice find

  • Great app!

    by weien88

    Very convenient. One app includes many metro maps of China. That's awesome! Thank u!

  • Great app

    by ivy_ang

    It's been great and thankful to have this subway map! :)

  • Nice app

    by MarcusVern4

    Useful one. Especially time table.

  • It's so good

    by Lawrence2Page

    easy to use, it's good

  • great app

    by vanillachan

    great app for chinese subway, direct sight, simple but complete maps, clean interface... the best app ever..

  • the best china metro app

    by Face94Face

    The best china metro app I've found so far.

  • Good

    by KevinLCK

    I use this App frequently and find it extremely helpful. If you are planning a trip to china, you will need it.

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