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Languages: English

Seller: Lonnie Ganz

- Fixed iPad: Vertical Nav./Distance + Time menu item not working.

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FlyBy E6B is an essential application for all pilots. Designed by a professional airline pilot it includes many features not found in other E6B programs.

Always improving:
FlyBy E6B was one of the very first applications of its kind published for the Palm Pilot. Used by thousands of pilots the world over, it has evolved from the suggestions and feedback we have received.

Please visit our web site for more detail and screen shots of all the program features.

FlyBy E6B Features (60+):

Airspeed Calculations:
- True Airspeed using Calibrated Airspeed
- True Airspeed using Mach#
- Calibrated Airspeed using TAS
- IAS Using MACH#
- Equivalent Airspeed using CAS
- Mach# Using TAS
- Mach Crossover Altitude
- Planned MACH#
- Planned TAS

Wind Calculation:
- Find Wind Direction and Speed
- Find Wind Component (headwind and crosswind)

Heading and Ground Speed:
- Find Heading, Ground Speed, ETE and Fuel Burned

- Find Estimated Time Enroute
- Find Ground Speed
- Find Distance
- Find Fuel Time
- Find Fuel Flow
- Find Fuel Burned
- Find Estimated Time of Arrival
- Time Adder
- Fixed GroundSpeed (Find a True Airspeed given a track, wind and required groundspeed)

Altitude Calculations:
- Density Altitude
- Pressure Altitude
- True Altitude
- Altitude Temperature Correction

Vertical Navigation Calculations:
- Distance and Time using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed
- Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Distance
- Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Descent Angle
- Feet/Nm using Vertical Speed, Ground Speed
- Feet/Nm (%) using Gradient %, Ground Speed
- Rate of Climb using Required Climb Gradient and Ground Speed
- SCDA (Constant Descent Angle)
- VDP (Visual Descent Point)

Navigation Calculations:
- Critical Point
- Point of No Return
- Time to Minimum Descent Altitude
- Track and Distance between two points with map plotting of the great circle track. Map plotting includes movable pin locations with instant trip information: Distance, Track and time enroute.
- Map GPS mode. Displays device Speed, True Course, Altitude, Distance Remaining, Track to Destination, cross track error, estimated time remaining and estimated time of arrival.
- Map closest airport feature will display airports close to your current GPS location or a dropped pin location.
- Fix. Calculate a map point based on a Fix, Radial and Distance.
- Rate One Turn
- Radius of Turn
- Turning Stall Speed
- DME Arc distance and time.

- Distance:
Nautical Miles/ Knots
Statute Miles/ Mph
Kilometers/ Kph

- Volume:
US Gallons
Imperial Gallons

- Temperature:

- Weight:

- Altimeter:
Inches Hg

- Fuel, Temperature Corrected, JetA, JetB, AvGas:
US Gallons
Imperial Gallons

- QFE/QNH airfield altitude conversion

- DMS/DM.m/DM.m and D.d coordinate conversion

Feet per NM

- Relative Humidity, Heat Index, Cumulus cloud base, Wind Chill
- NOAA METAR and TAF access

Other Functions:
- Linear Interpolation
- Minimum Floor Load Limit (Cargo)
- Maximum Cargo Weight
- Runway Slope
- PAX Weight
- Sunrise/Sunset: Civil Day/Night, Azimuth, Apex, Elevation, for any location and time/date.

Customer Reviews

  • First rate!!

    by Fling Wing

    Definitely the most useful, and user-friendly, aviation app I've found.

  • Great Application

    by minoxer

    I don't write a lot of reviews but this app really deserves it. Extremely practical. Author keeps it up to date and is open to suggestions. HIGHLY recommended!

  • E6b

    by Hosedragger226

    This app is perfect for all phases of pre-flight planning. From TAS to Performance Data this app handles flawlessly! Price rates it 4 Stars.

  • useful

    by Brenn E

    I like all the functions. And getting 1-minute weather is a bonus.

  • Fantastic Application

    by AeroClay

    The app is very innovative and great for pilots. The developer takes all types of suggestions about the app. I highly recommend this app.

  • Pretty good

    by 130 nav

    I like this app, but I would love to see an update capable of computing a fix to fix. Otherwise it has everything else I really need. I'm a C-130 navigator with 12 years experience.

  • CFI

    by GinoCorona

    Quick, accurate, and easy to use.

  • E6B

    by Dustoff 13

    Very convenient and complete. Very nice.

  • Weight and balance

    by Helipad2101

    Please add a weight and balance!!!

  • Very Satisfied

    by Biba Flyers

    This is the one to get. Complete, accurate and easy to use. Nice presentation and user interface. Works well on both my iPhone and IPad. App was redesigned for each device to take advantage of the screen size, not just scaled up/down. Purchase once and use on both devices. Years ago I used FlyBy’s products on my Palm Pilot so I was already familiar with the company and quality of their offerings.

  • Great app

    by Cherokee Charlie

    Pretty darned useful app. Use it often.

  • Nice app

    by Guscfi

    Very nice and comprehensive, the ease of use is very nice and intuitive. Wish I would have had something like this when I was a student. As an airline Captain, there are many useful items that are now indispensable, specially the conversions from metric to standard systems. I'm sure the are items that can be improved but as it stands, it's a very nice app for the money.

  • CFII

    by LarryKoch

    Great app. Easy to use, very straight forward. I'm a CFII and use the app daily with my students. The author is very receptive to suggestions and is quick to resolve any issues.

  • Need weight & balance

    by naturephotoguy

    Very capable app, esp. weather functions, but would it be too much trouble to add weight & balance calculations?

  • Great program

    by Ixoceans

    I use this program on my iPad and works great, but would like it designed for the iPad in a landscape profile.

  • Quality Product - Quality Company

    by DWECFI

    The E6B app is great, performs well and does exactly what an E6B should do. I felt there were a couple of important functions which no other E6B app would do but yet were needed and use often by pilots and flight students. Among these was the ability to provide interpolated answers from airplane performance data. I suggested to Skywriter Software and within days, it was there. That is customer service!

  • Perfect for me!

    by KingAirPilot

    I have used SkyWriter E6B first on my old Palm Pilot PDA many years ago. When the Windows CE phones came out I installed the Windows version of the software and used it until I got the iPhone. When the iPhone App came out I bought it right away and as a corporate pilot, I use it regularly. It does all the airspeed calculations, wind, heading and groundspeed, Vnav, lots of conversions and Nav calculations. Great support and always a willingness to improve the App. Example; A couple of weeks ago, when a group of fellow pilots were discussing circling approaches, I emailed to Lonnie and asked him to add a screen where TAS and bank angle could be input and yield radius of turn and time for a 180 degree turn. I sent the email 2/3, he responded the next day and had it worked out, and on 2/10 got notification that it was available for download. It is perfect for my needs and great support.

  • Great App (v1.5)

    by Quigalater

    I have used a few E6 B's in my time, but I must say that the FlyBy E6 B ring all the bells for me. It is straight forward, easy to use and very intuitive. I'm am a recent convert from the Windows world and I must say Lonnie's update to the IPhone is wonderful. He has added several features that really make FlyBy outshine its competitors. Besides all the normal conversion one would expect from an E6B, Lonnie has added some special features that make getting weather data in METAR and TAF a snap with his Decode WX button. If you find your TAF and METAR reading skills are a little rusty, just hit the Decode button and you are off and running in english. Way Cool!! I especially like the input wheels when doing my conversions, and the small ( i ) icon is great for a reminder concerning input data. The Track and Distance feature is especially nice for quick information concerning a route. Overall I'm very happy for to have the FlyBy E6B in my flying toolbox, it's used a lot. I highly recommend this app to all pilots, a 5 star rating. Happy landings, One Happy FlyBy E6B customer.

  • Maybe

    by Snaffu413

    It's not a good interface like the one screen does all it's complex with back and forth screen action but it has vertical nav functions a 3 star rateing because it's not a simple clean program

  • Nice

    by GKyrk

    I needed a quick way to convert % gradient to Feet/nm and the developers were quick to respond and deliver. The interface is straight forward and intuitive. I also use this to quickly convert lbs to gal or liters. Overall just an easy to use great app for pilots.

  • It's ok if only

    by Edward1959

    Nice app too bad can't be used on the FAA exam.

  • Turning Stall Speed Calculation Error

    by gerchagrin

    The bank stall speed calculations of this calculator are incorrect. A glider with a stall speed of 40 mph circling in a thermal at a 60 degree angle does so at 2 G's. To calculate the stall speed at this angle one must take the square root of 2, which is 1.4, and multiply that number by the published level stall speed of 40 which would make the new stall speed 56 mph and not 80 mph as the calculator indicates. Also, could you add a simple calculator function to this calculator?

  • Fantastic Application

    by Volare1

    I got my general pilots license in the 90s thanks to FlyBy E6B... as a student, what a nightmare it was to do calculations with the old aluminum E6B computer; capable but primitive. I used to think, "Nasa put men on the moon using slide rules, so I can solve these problems " Then as a miracle I discovered FLyBy's E6B for my palm pilot and how easy and fun it was to do calculations and -as a multinational guy that I am- for everyday use converting temperature and distances. I liked it so much that I got the desktop version and used it all the time. As technology progresses, I was very happy to find that FlyBy E6B was available as an App for the iphone. Their customer service is fantastic, Lonnie always responds emails promptly trough out the years. (Unlike Jeppesen, where I bought two aviation calculators, and both after the battery died couldn't be brought up to life again with a fresh battery, and Jeppesen didnt stand behind their product saying that there was a problem with the calculators and they didnt support them any longer.) I recommend highly FlyBy E6B and it will always have good memories and a soft spot in my heart...

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