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Languages: English, HE

Seller: LocatioNet Systems

support IOS 5, fixing bugs

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amAze GPS includes turn-by-turn voice guided navigation with worldwide street maps, full topographic map coverage of the USA and satellite imagery for 200 major cities around the world. Initial download includes a free license to view maps and search for POI around the world. You can then purchase one year license from within the application to use the full Navigation capabilities of amAze GPS.

amAze GPS was selected ‘Product of the Year 2008’ for its unique set of features and access to the most up-to-date worldwide map data at an affordable price. See the amAze GPS web site for details or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

amAze GPS lets you navigate almost anywhere in the world. Navigate with satellite imagery in 2D and 3D in many major cities or take it off-road with topographic maps covering the entire USA (subject to wireless data service availability). You don’t need to worry about updating maps. Our servers handle that for you on demand, over the air.

amAze GPS doesn’t eat up your precious memory with maps you don’t need. Store more tunes and videos on your iPhone with amAze GPS, not unnecessary map data!

amAze GPS offers the best value for your money.

amAze GPS 5 is the last version of amAze GPS and offers all of these features, and much more:
► Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
► 2D and 3D (bird’s eye view) mapping navigation modes
► Arrows-only navigation mode (more visible AND saves on data usage)
► Navigation over satellite imagery including 3D ‘bird’s eye view’ mode
► Optional routing for car, pedestrian, truck, car pools, and more
► Routing setup tools: fastest,shortest, with traffic, etc.
► Navigation simulation mode to preview your route before you go
► Detailed driving directions with step-by-step text and graphics
► Easy address search for almost any place in the world
► POI / quick keywords search for most places around the world
► Local search from country-specific Information directories (where available)
► Search white pages directories for people you need to get to (where available)
► Detailed street maps with floating street names for better visibility
► Easy map zooming and panning options
► Heads up or North up map orientation + high-performance map rotation
► High resolution satellite imagery in over 200 major cities worldwide
► Topographic maps covering the entire USA
► International map coverage including:
√ All of North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)
√ Western Europe, Central Europe and most of Eastern Europe
√ Parts of Latin America (Brazil and Argentina)
√ Israel and most of the Middle East
√ Parts of Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore)
√ Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
For details and updated coverage see the amAze GPS web site.
► Multiple language support for user interface and spoken voices
► Easy switching between languages
► Support for right-to-left languages (i.e. Arabic)
► Available languages: Arabic, Danish,Dutch, English, English (UK), Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Español) and Swedish.
► Fast saving of search results and entered destinations to Favorites list
► Automatic saving of last selected items to History list

Please notice continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Paid version works well

    by Martin Egbarts

    I originally purchased this app for my WM6 device and used it a lot when I traveled until Bing updated their app with voice navigation for my device. I was able to transfer the one year license over to my new iPhone which was great but I will not renew it because their are better apps now for the iPhone that are pay once and never expire.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Socalede

    I was never able to get this app to work. Period I even tried to buy the full version and got nothing but the wait circle. So it ain't working and you can't improve it.

  • Amaze GPS

    by Needagps

    Never worked. Was asked to upgrade with every button I pushed. Don't waste your time!

  • Vary BAD

    by Nick22339

    Bad app

  • Stupid App And Rip Off

    by luckyfirebreather

    This app ask so many security questions and it's so slow. Are they selling are information.

  • Rip off

    by P4ut4me

    If I get charge I'm not going to pay. Bait and buy. Hell, no.

  • Waist of time

    by Cutter7274

    It won't bring anything up until you pay money 33.00 dollars a year

  • Garbage

    by Prb2003

    Not free. Total ripoff

  • Worthless app

    by Victorplmju

    The main purpose of this app seems to be to separate he user from their money. It is not possible to get a feel for how the app works by using the free version. A text file listing the features would be far more informative. What user interface is there is poorly designed. Consequently I would not even consider throwing any money at this app.

  • why?!

    by Libbylouie14

    I bought this because I figured I might as well have a gps on my phone, they charges more than claimed to my debit card and it still asks me to buy it, still after $27 won't let me use it

  • Mislead

    by Design ladie

    NOT FREE! Bait and switch

  • Does not function in Free mode

    by TaniaAlex

    This app is not free as it does not function at all and only prompts you to purchase the upgrade once you've entered a destination.

  • Bad app- want a refund

    by Europopes

    Complete wast of money - I want a refund and can't believe Apple allows this to be sold on their site. It criminally bad.

  • Very disappointed

    by Very Disappointed n ATL

    I would really give it NO stars as this app doesn't work unless you BUY it. So don't believe the "FREE" listing. It'll cost ya! Not even the DEMO worked without purchasing it. Im disappointed because it looked like a really good app.

  • Not Free

    by AttnSpan

    Hey, ITunes! Wake up! This is NOT a free app! If you continue to catagorize apps that request payment, as FREE, we will take our business elsewhere!

  • Slow, not intuitive

    by asw870

    Unless you are willing to spend the $24 for the full upgrade, don't bother with the free version. Everytime you try to navigate, a popup bugs you to buy the upgrade. Does not have an icon that centers the map to my current location. My iPad has amazing capabilities. I am not going to waste these capabilities on a mediocre app like this.

  • Not worth it

    by MatthewStorm

    Really slow. Looks bad on the new iPad.

  • App Blows!

    by Stas Wright

    DON'T BUY!!! It showed up after the IOS5.1 update. $25? Are you kidding me. Can't test nav, white pages error'd. There are much better nav apps out there.

  • Does not work. Time and data waste.

    by HondaBox

    What a waste! How is this on the App store??!? Does not work. iPhone 4s

  • Pathetic

    by Tinkypoo

    Can't try app. It isn't free. Can't test the navigation function!

  • Crash!!!

    by F-35-Lightning-II

    Great idea, bad app!

  • Worthless

    by Mypc23

    Paid $40 for an app that will not work, as soon as you try to change the state it crashes. I've tried restarting, checking for updates etc nothing fixes it. A total rip off!!!

  • Piece of crap

    by Enrique ricky g

    Cant even get it to navigate all it does is ask if i want to download the full version over and over and over

  • Barely working

    by Azlan1996

    Tried to navigate, but as soon i press Navigate Here the app crashes... Uninstalled

  • Cr app!

    by oldmanjonz

    This app doesnt make anything user firendly. i tried to upate to the yearly version, but once i get to the page where you pay the 33.99 it simply sits there doesnt do crap. so you cant even upgrade this junk! delete..delete..delete!

  • Horrible.

    by V335nova

    Free? A fat lie. Worthless app.

  • Crashes

    by Bambuti

    To get anywhere you have to pick the right state BUT it crashes when you change the state! GPS knows where i am so why do I need to tell this Amaze app? Get Mapquest app - its's really free and always knows where you are. Once upon a time this app was good but it has not been updated or maintained. As others said, don't bother with it.

  • how to use this?

    by ng_Lane

    do not know what this app is for.

  • JUNK APP --- Don't Bother !

    by Joe_Wht

    it says it's free… NOT .. I saw an online ad " Top iPhone GPS programs " and This was #1 AND FREE !! ( I guess we know who owns & created that ad )

  • Unamazing

    by Andrew Golden

    Garbage. Crashes upon editing or going back a step. Not even worth reporting to the developer. Just ignore.

  • Not free

    by Trxawest

    Cannot navigate unless you pay. So this is not free.

  • Waste

    by Ncwdogg

    Dont even think about downloading this, it is a waste of time, it is so misleading, it wants you to pay 33 dollars for a 1 year membership.

  • GPS really??

    by Janjan2525

    Complete crap. Don't bother.

  • Crap! Do not download!

    by Fooling2

    One of the worst apps i've downloaded so far... It does not allow me to test driving direction by keeping bothering to buy it. Graphic is horrible... Mapquest is not perfect, but if you want decent free apps, Mapquest is the very one..

  • Yea right, scam

    by Sardonick007

    Yearly license for features that google and most reputable companies give for free? I think not.

  • Waste of time

    by Veltboy618

    Don't bother downloading this. You can't do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is nothing free about this app.

    by AppleKash

    It's horrible and this free version allows you to accomplish nothing. Save yourself time and do not download this. Sorry developer, it's the truth.

  • Don't download AmAze

    by Shepthegood

    It a misleading piece of junk. It leads you to believe you van use some of the basic functions in the free version, but the reality is that it's just one big constant commercial buy the whole thing. How do you know if it fits your needs if you can't use even the most basic functions. How did this get past Apple standards?

  • Is the developer reading all the reviews?

    by Jrmtz

    Don't download this app, waste of time. Is the developer planning on doing something about it? Is he reading all the reviews?

  • Should have believed other reviews

    by coteesco

    So I wanted to give this app the benefit of the doubt, and after installing the app I wish I wouldn't have. This app let's you do literally nothing in the free version. Complete waste of time to even download the free version.

  • Pretty Bad

    by Dadealeus

    This is a sad "demonstration" of this app. It really, quite literally, does not allow you to do anything.

  • joke

    by Aleks ZZ

    You want me to pay for "free" app?! F U ....

  • Waste of time

    by Sunil G

    All features locked, including demo. This is not a free version. This is a subscription based app. Why is this categorized under free???

  • Forget it!

    by concerned-one

    Free demo? There's no demo! This app's got all features locked. How can u demo it? If u wanna demo it, you've gotta pay $33.99 and that's just for one year. Fudgeddat! With all the negative feedback, I can't see a future for this app in the iPhone.

  • -3 stars

    by Dexterbian

    It's a waste of time. Even with the "navigate(demo)", you still have to pay

  • What a waste of my time

    by dumbdonkey

    Don't bother. Even the paid version is crap.

  • Free haha

    by mongoose0986

    If you want to waste your time downloading it go ahead. $33 a year!! Haha I can buy a $70 nav system and call it a day. Or just continue using google maps for free ;)

  • ??????

    by Joaquin Noff

    Wow complete waste... Ok why would they let you download it for free, but then you gotta pay to use it?? Guys come on!

  • Total crap

    by F1ck_amaze

    This one doesn't work w/o paid upgrade, total waste!!!

  • Useless

    by Jayznzjdjd

    Not free at all.

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