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Gone Out is a location aware safety notification application for kids, teens and young adults. The application utilizes the GPS, Google maps, calendar and camera features of the iPhone. Gone Out enables the user to record where they are going, when they are leaving and returning, who they are going with, how they are getting to where they are going and what they are taking with them. The application provides the user with the option of sending an email containing the details they have recorded, to their parents, guardian, other family members or friends. Gone Out also enables the user to post a message on their Facebook wall or on Twitter, detailing their plans for going out.

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Whether you are a kid, teen or a young adult who is going shopping, or going to see a film or just going over to a friend's place, Gone Out is fun and easy to use. Parents or guardians will have peace of mind knowing where their family members are at all times and when to expect them home. Going out just got safer for young people!

With the application users can:

* Record friends, transport, notes and checklist details.
* Record leaving, returning and location dates and times using the scrolling calendar.
* Record locations using the GPS, map screen and search function.
* Take a photo of themselves or their friends.
* Email details for going out and maps to parents, guardians, other family members or friends.
* Post a Facebook or Twitter message containing their plans for going out.
* Notify their parents, guardians, other family members or friends if they decide to change their dates, times or location details.
* Notify their parents, guardians, other family members or friends when they return from their outing.

About LBS Wireless:
LBS Wireless is a software development company that specializes in user-friendly and innovative location based applications. For more information about LBS Wireless and to browse our other iPhone applications, please visit http://www.lbswireless.com

Customer Reviews

  • Very Useful. Apple should make this default software

    by rene1979

    Sometimes, there comes an app that just adds some very imporant functionality that should come as standard on every phone. This is a great example.

  • awesome

    by Bo_dustin2012

    cool app i like it!! it is really worth it!!

  • My Kids use this App

    by ernie45

    My Kids don't sms anymore :) . I just have to check their Twitter to now where they are going. Works great

  • Great For Kids and NO CRASHES

    by Werber

    This is a great app for the young kids. The app works great and unlike the first review it does not crash on 3GS or 3G. Very Cool Werber in Oregon

  • Constant crash

    by Toomanyouts

    Constant crash even after reboot

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