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Great Simple Compass, Speedometer, and Altimeter all in one. Easy to use swipe your fingers to set the focus of which you setting you prefer front and center. The speedometer will indicate the accuracy depending on the brightness of the text.

NOTE::: The accuracy of this app depends on device and signal strength.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Millvillain

    Dependable and accurate. Love the altitude function!

  • Satisfied for now

    by Siaiap

    Haven't had the opportunity to use it in the woods yet but it seems to do well inside the city

  • Excellent

    by K8zapped

    Excellent compass!

  • Accurate

    by Mezzarme

    Great for the iPad Easy to use and is not full of nonsense Thx

  • Mr

    by Duboldd

    It's so accurate it's creepy really great app simple and right on

  • Compass

    by Mazwoli

    Simple compass, does everything I wanted it to do and not loaded with adds

  • Simple is beautiful

    by PizzaJo

    I like simple, and this app does the job. It gives compass direction, altitude, and latitude/longitude, without messing up my head with extra details.

  • Compass

    by CCSO112

    Nice app. Works great

  • Lightweight

    by Djjjejejwsk

    Suits the purpose of a compass, and it only uses 1.8 mb of the memory.

  • Compass

    by Swampdragonfly

    This thing is great. I'm a hunter and use it with confidence.

  • Accurate

    by A hiccup

    Steady no matter the circumstances. 5 stars!

  • I like the altitude function.

    by mmsinge

    I'll admit I don't know how to verify the compass or altitude information, though

  • Compass

    by Ean Erickson

    A great app that really helps

  • Compass

    by Trixy120

    If I go some where sometimes it freezes but, it mostly works

  • Saved me time

    by Dragon30506

    Manhattan is confusing, but this compass helped so much. I was always going wrong way after coming off trains until I downloaded this. Love it

  • The best

    by Papareno1

    Always always accurate and love the altimeter

  • Awesome App

    by AC007oo5

    Great for use with feng shui.

  • N s e w

    by Laurie the weather girl

    WOW! Now I know where I am or where I am heading. No fuss no mess, just tap and there you are somewhere in the know universe

  • Not sure that it works correctly.

    by 6.5 Seconds

    My wife and I installed this compass on both our iPads. Aiming them the same direction simultaneously we get vastly different readings.

  • Great app!

    by Sponge slide

    Great app!

  • Florida

    by Jake$5645

    I'm on the 8th floor of a beach front condo in Naples FL and this says my altitude is 15 feet! Can't trust this.


    by Angel Lace


  • No instructions

    by Chondrite55

    Doesn't work in my iPod touch. It would be nice if there were instructions on how to make it work.

  • Doesn't always point to North

    by Bonz1413

    Doesn't always point to North

  • Doesnt work

    by Trex777r

    Does not work for ipod touch

  • Confused about this app

    by Lebron Jordan Kobe

    It does not let me use any of the functions ..... I think it's some kind of bug but i am not happy with it ....

  • Didn't work at all

    by siggyd123

    Didn't work

  • One star? I think not.

    by Cpforever

    Worst app ever

  • Mrs

    by Yayita Jones


  • Great compass!!

    by Bearman2737

    Works great! Good for locating satellites in our motorhome. Thanks,!!!

  • Disappointing

    by LadyNym

    So, the ap basically freezes at one position/ and fails to give accurate information (and as a side-note, the ads at the bottom are quite annoying).

  • Compass

    by Hy Leo

    Love the altimeter, and compass

  • I just installed yesterday from what I can see it very accurate useful when I'm driving in BFE.

    by Nelly Nell rock well

    Very good app accurate, very useful when I'm out in the boonies.

  • Excellent

    by LPSChandana

    Very accurate

  • Compass

    by Nitewatchmam

    Very easy....nice to have if vehicle does not have compass feature .

  • Boo

    by Joey9102345678901

    The altitude is the only thing that works. The compass just kept saying southwest

  • Great

    by Amanda.Ross

    I love how this app doesn't require Internet. It's great and it looks cool!

  • Perfect.

    by Crip4pits

    Works exactly as stated. Have no complaints at all.

  • Very Handy

    by FootSholdoer

    This is such a nice app. It is very easy to use. I am so glad that I downloaded this one.

  • Compass Review

    by M P Elvis


  • None

    by Jo hiker

    I especially like knowing the elevation.

  • Review of Compass App

    by douglasdc1

    This is a very cool app. I especially like the built-in altimeter.

  • Review

    by Bad Buy Bob


  • It works

    by TriKiDiki

    I like it. Like getting altimeter readings too.

  • Awesome!!! I like it.

    by Tran606

    You 're the best!

  • Not so good...

    by WMB+

    It says I could use it on a Itouch, yet I can not find North. Also, there are no directions for calibration. Just another bad app.

  • Compass

    by Racamp

    Nice app. Very functional

  • Right on the money!

    by PoohbearMiami

    Very accurate, thank you very much!

  • Oops

    by SP geo

    Used on iPhone 3GS, fail. No response.

  • Compass

    by Barbara Morse

    I use it at work all day everyday. It's awesome

  • Great compass

    by ICEMANN530

    Awesome app very well designed

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