MilGPS - Tactical GPS Navigation and MGRS Grid Tool for Land Nav Navigation App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Karl Urdevics

New features:
- waypoint callouts on map now display bearing/distance from current location
- map now has dedicated settings screen (to make way for more settings in future versions of the app)
- edge swipe from left to right on maps screen now reveals menu, as per other screens
- improved appearance and animation of grid labels

- a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for new features

Coming soon:
- waypoints system overhaul

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10 Ratings
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93 Ratings


MilGPS is a premium navigation tool trusted by soldiers, search and rescue personnel and other professional navigators around the world. View your current location or navigate to a waypoint in seconds using the powerful and intuitive interface. Now includes mapping.

Display your current location in real time
- Cell phone signal not required but will make location fixes faster (maps require a data connection)
- Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) (4, 6 8 10 figure grid references supported)
- Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
- Latitude/Longitude (degrees, degrees and minutes, degrees minutes seconds supported)
- Military date time groups for local/zulu time
- All info is displayed in large, clear text for easy viewing at all times.

Create and navigate to waypoints
- Unlimited waypoints (upper limit dependent on device storage and memory)
- Enter waypoints from current location, map or using any of the above supported location formats.
- Live update of distance/bearing as you enter coordinates (sanity check your grids)
- Waypoints are fully editable, and can be sorted by distance or name
- "Quick goto" feature for quickly entering grids and navigating to them - accepts shortened MGRS grids.
- Receive an arrival indication as you approach your waypoint

- View current location and waypoints on map, complete with custom smooth scrolling MGRS overlay.
- Choose from standard/satellite/hybrid/blank map type
- Grid overlay with labels for grid zones, 100km, 10km, 1km, 100m squares
- Map can be set to follow your current location and/or heading.

Other features
- Simple, intuitive interface that can be operated easily with one hand.
- Convert between location formats easily using the add waypoint screen
- Supports degrees/mils for angle, with choice of true, magnetic or grid north reference.
- Supports feet/metres for altitude
- Supports imperial/metric/nautical units for distance

Why choose MilGPS over other apps?
- MilGPS is actively developed (since 2010) and extensively tested
- MilGPS receives regular updates from an independent developer
- MilGPS emphasises accuracy, simplicity, ease of use and stability

Things that aren't in the app (yet):
- track recording
- ability to create routes of multiple waypoints
- mapping sources other than Apple maps
- waypoint import/export

Note: This app does not read the encrypted military GPS signal. Only the WGS84 geodetic system is currently supported. Map grid overlay is not currently supported for polar regions covered by the Universal Polar Stereographic grid. Mapping function requires a data connection. Location functionality will not work in airplane mode.

Customer Reviews


    by Snakewrenchclam1232123

    Straight to the point! It can see what area of my house im in and then tells me my elevation! Very accurate.

  • Milgps

    by BAP2011

    Great app very helpful!

  • Good App

    by M. Johnston

    Great to have as a back-up to map & compass or if a GPS battery dies.

  • Great app

    by Jokerdance

    Great app that with every update gets better

  • Very useful!

    by Cobbwebb1

    Use it a bunch when hiking and camping or in route planning.

  • Great. Does exactly what it is supposed to do

    by Rhett Russell


  • Flipping awesome for mission planning


    This app is essential for military mission planning down range. This makes it easy to get grids in any format along with altitude etc.

  • ---

    by Sufyaj

    Excellent app, does it all!

  • Great App

    by Arthur Stevenson

    Pretty accurate

  • Amazing

    by Umblen

    This app gets better and better with each update. It's a total package wrapped in to one app. For military and civilian both.

  • Phenomenal App!

    by Shadow1ne

    This app is better than a DAGR any day!! I completed land nav in record time and all my waypoints were on spot! MGRS works great!! A must have app!!!

  • Great app needs one thing

    by KatlandL

    This is an awesome app I use it for work and it gets me to the grid I need to be very accurately even when compared with the military gps. It's right there with it. The only thing that would make this app better would to put a trail maker or marker to better see them on the map.

  • Navigation and Mapping on steroids

    by Eag1ize1

    This app is amazing. I use it to create way points and then map out the boundaries of large properties. Very large displays on my iPad.

  • Just what you need to navigate and conduct training

    by Vegag11

    Superb App! Works great with MGRS. Provides up to 10 dig grid. Great tool for land nav, STT, and more.

  • So far so good

    by BS south

    This is a great app for some of my work activities. I haven't found any real issues yet. The imagery is pretty decent and it offers many coordinate formats.

  • Outstanding.

    by Willrich47

    This is a great improvement over the previous generation. I wish I had this a year ago!!

  • It works

    by Jchas4

    This app really works. Used it in the mountains of northwest MA, where no cell service was available, to locate the grave site of my 5th great grandparents.

  • Wow

    by Janxus

    This has the potential to make other modern moving map/navigational software irrelevant. I emailed the developer and he responded within 10 minutes. I am literally blown away.

  • Best Land Nav App

    by Sarge830

    Walking through the middle of the woods with no service, this app still does it's job. Gave feedback to the developer and the customer service was great, not some automated sent email!

  • Great App!

    by Chellyface

    I purchased this app in hopes that it could plot out property lines from specific GPS coordinates. I was not disappointed. I highly recommend this app for anyone who needs plotting capabilities.

  • Great map app

    by Tanker57

    I'm in the military so I have certain needs and expectations for a mapping app. This one does MGRS well. The developer is quick to answer issues. This is well worth the $6

  • Excellent...nearly perfect

    by Cmj247

    Update the old maps and it's 5 stars

  • Terrible

    by FilGman

    I took waypoints and the app told me they were accurate to within 16 ft at the time. Now the saved point shows an accuracy of only 167 ft! That is a huge difference!

  • Fantastic

    by Zelicon88

    This app is fantastic I am in the military and avid hunter this app works great in the field. Rating five stars and recommending to all my friends definitely worth the money.

  • Compass inverted, where is the map?

    by Eagle617

    Downloaded intending to use to help find climbing routes. Plugged in the coordinates of an old favorite line and the bearing and distance from my current location came right up (at least generally accurate, didn't really check it beyond just verify that it is telling me to go south east to get somewhere I know is that way) but the compass seems inverted. It has an arrow that I presume points to the given beating and your standar N S E W designation, but as I play around with it rotating my phone, north keeps spinning to where I know south should be. Also can't seem to find the map. If I could solve these two little issues it would be perfect, 5 star but a bad compass and no map are pretty significant problems.

  • Hats down

    by Frrrrrgh

    Great app that does one thing best possible way. I love that approach.

  • Best Map Utility

    by Army Combat Veteran

    Great response from the developer. Always making it better for the users. Can't wait to see the great updates in the future.

  • Top notch


    This app is awesome. We used it all day today and it took us to every point to within 10 ft. Was a little sluggish when the coverage was not perfect but functioned flawlessly regardless. I would highly recommend this, for a phone app this is truly an awesome app

  • WI hunter

    by John Hogan

    Very simple handy app. I use it to let my wife know where i am hunting. One suggestion would be to allow coordinates to be sent as a text message without having to copy & paste.

  • Really great!!

    by Gtepwisc&

    This app works great!! Very accurate. Hunters will love this. Marked all my stand locations with this. Can find them in the dark without worry. If you get lost with this GPS you shouldn't be in the woods!!

  • Cool

    by AllexAllstar

    Nice app

  • Worth it!

    by Marine-Texas

    I used it during my annual training with the Marines in Ft Sill OK and worked extremely well. I used it as my backup GPS when my Rhino would drain the batteries.

  • Yoda

    by P double E W double E

    Very accurate, i use it to validate my locations.

  • Mgrs

    by Svpd15

    Having the options are awesome. Wish it had a map and tracking function.

  • Great app

    by John's Moose

    Works great!

  • Yeah!!!

    by Doc_Goose

    Love this app! As a medic I also like to know where I am when in the field! This app is spot on! Also affordable! Good job guys!!!

  • Excellent fir marking your location

    by notnotehappy

    A keeper

  • Outstanding

    by Derek Stoddard

    Accurate, and dependable.

  • Great app!

    by Hdbjxusnskjxx

    Perfect for land navigation for people that aren't very confident!

  • Awesome

    by thedukeofbattles

    Best yet! And altitude!

  • Outstanding!

    by McMurdobay

    As a US Army contract helicopter instructor pilot teaching cross country terrain flight navigation, it'a nice to have a simple large accurate readout of my current grid coordinate in my pocket if I need a pick-up due to mechanical problems.

  • Awesome

    by Eric addar

    This is a great program. Allows the user to switch between views. Easy to read coordinates.

  • Good App to have

    by Mark Apperson

    After using this app in many different locations I find it to work really good and fairly accurate as well

  • Not perfect

    by Simple and crude

    20 seconds after using the app for the first time the app closed out on me... It hasn't happened since but it wasn't the greatest first impression

  • Milgps is great!

    by BIG-RSK

    Awesome app!!

  • Better than others I've used:

    by JAPOL

    I didn't need a cell signal for it to display even a 10 digit. Others needed a signal. This thing is great!

  • Good, but could be better.

    by BK2005

    Wish I could drop waypoints for land nav.

  • EOC

    by Jarrell Patton

    AWSOME app. comes in great while in the field. Wish I could save way points for fast recognition.

  • Instructor

    by USNG08

    Recommended routinely during USNG classes for over a year. Awesome app.

  • app review

    by jose021874

    Awesome app. Very accurate, and updates location quickly. Excellent purchase.

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