GPS Speed Tracker - Speedometer app for tracking map location & navigation as well as altitude, latitude and longitude coordinates Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Kamlesh Agarwal

Minor improvements.

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Turn your iPhone into Speed Tracking & Location Tracker Gadget with "GPS Speed Tracker" app.

No matter in which vehicles (car, bus, bike etc…) you're travelling, you can track your vehicle speed on real time (LIVE) with “GPS Speed Tracker”.

Addition to speed tracking, GPS Speed Tracker is equipped with many other amazing features that will turn your iPhone into an awesome GPS speed tracking & Location Tracker Gadget. Check out amazing features of “GPS Speed Tracker”:

★★★ Features ★★★

✔ Speed tracking - Track your speed in REAL TIME (LIVE)
✔ Automatically Record the Maximum Speed
✔ Share your Maximum speed using email, facebook and twitter
✔ Track the speed in km/h, mph and knots
✔ Reset the best speed for tracking for the new best speed

★★★ Additional Features ★★★

✔ GPS based Navigation Map - Shows your current location and full route in the map
✔ Built-in Compass – Find your way out with compass in case your GPS is not working
✔ See your current longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates.
✔ Location tracker (see exactly where you are in the map)

Customer Reviews

  • Tracker

    by Sheneney 123

    It really works

  • Works

    by Tokensti

    Does what it's suppose to do. No complaints

  • By it

    by E j g 10

    Best app ever

  • Crap

    by bugsyspringer

    Piece of crap! Just crashes and add like crazy ! Junk

  • Issues

    by A Person With High Standards

    Ads popped up every 10 seconds or so. In addition the map crashed the app each time it opened.

  • Crash City

    by Marahawk123

    In addition to the popups mentioned below, the app keeps crashing whenever I click on something. Waste of time. Running iOS 7

  • Everything about it is horrible!!!

    by 206yo

    This app deserves a award for worst app to ever be created on the App Store! And that might be an understatement I am in dis belief that they think anyone person would ever use this app every 15 seconds is an app pop up!!! For the dumbest apps ever !!!!'nnnn anyone that gives a good review is high, drunk or paid employee for bunk apps inc.

  • This piece of crap

    by The whole world 998735646764

    This crap doesn't even show your speed it just shows a bunch of adds and a crapy,inaccurate ,buggy,stupid, piece of sh@&)&$)&&@$&@@&$&@@$)($$'&$)(&&@@&$&@&$$&&$@$)&&$&@@$$&&&&&$)&@""$$&)$&$$@&$§!$@@$&$)&$)!&@@$&@&&&$&@&$&

  • Worst app

    by tim ross

    It does not work right away when it does there in an add every 5 seconds I thought this would be good to see how fast I go on my longboard and bike but no it's crap

  • Ads

    by MusicalSounds

    I deleted the app after repeatedly being pushed to buy game apps, and upgrade to PRO version. Never got to use the app.

  • Garbage.

    by Mr. Been

    Full of ads.

  • This app is crap and has no good features. I can't believe I paid for the upgrade and still got ads

    by Ryan88zz

    Coming up, worthless

  • ?

    by adrianram

    What's the point in releasing an app to the public if it doesn't even work? You can't get something for nothing just by putting a bunch of ads up. I'll make sure not to download their apps just because yours is so bad.

  • Trash

    by Findme299

    Not even worth one star for full screen ads accident bound to happen. Apple should delete this ap in the creators account!

  • Ads ads ads

    by Kat sitter

    If you LOVE ads and popups this is the the app for you!!

  • Could be good

    by Me51501960

    This seems like an ok app but the amount of pop up's is crazy it's so dangerous trying to clear the ads would be better if the ads were banner type and didn't cover the whole screen

  • Absolute worst app I EVER tried.

    by Discrete_Pixels

    This app has no use other than to serve up advertisements. Never was able to use a single "feature" of the app due to the vast amount of full screen advertisements. The developer has no clue - and is clearly only interested in trying to scam a buck. Your time is better spent with a working paid app than this junk.

  • Don't buy!

    by dieterpw

    Even with the payed for version you get crappy adds that you have to click away. Why dont you just leave the crap off! Waste of money

  • Crap.

    by Scottscott12432

    Before even seeing my speed I got three Ads on the screen and taken to the App Store for some game. Glad it was free. Delete!!

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