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DueNorth is an efficient and precise way to find your favorite directions on the iPhone and iPad, ad-free.

DueNorth presents navigational information with a clean, unobtrusive interface. A simple touch of the screen allows the intrepid adventurer to discern any direction quickly,
no moving or awkward spinning in circles required. This makes DueNorth ideal for navigating tricky or constrained outdoor situations without tipping off woodland creatures. An essential tool in the pack of any outdoor enthusiast.

- Find any bearing without noisily fumbling around with your phone or footing
- ‘Dark mode’ for utilization in any lighting condition
- Quickly reference your latitude and longitude coordinates

*Note: Only as accurate as your device can report. Low signal strength and interference will decrease accuracy.

Customer Reviews

  • It just works!

    by Dadotron

    It's great! It's simplicity is it's greatest feature. It automatically shows you due north. if you point on the screen towards a location it will show you the degrees off north and where it's pointing. Going to South xSouthWest? Sure, orient yourself and start walk'n. Eventually you will get to the festival.

  • Simplicity reigns supreme

    by Scottlschrauf

    Very intuitive and beautiful interface delivers exactly what you are looking for. This app does one thing and one thing beautifully. I already can't wait to see what the next version will bring.

  • Great simple app!

    by Lhow

    I love this app! As an avid hiker, this will come in handy! It's easy to use and best of all, no ads. Nice!

  • Simple yet efficient.

    by xMCx Skillz

    I like it.

  • Super accurate.

    by Winged Yeti

    Right off the bat I was surprised at how accurate this compass app is. After a few twists and turns it still held north as it's original direction. The default compass app seems to get screwed up pretty quickly. Being able to touch the screen and get the different directions and degrees seems really useful too. Love the current coordinates as well.

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