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Map for Contacts lets you know which address book contacts' addresses are closest to an address or to your current location and shows them on a map or in a list view. List is sorted by distance to the specified location. You can filter contacts and addresses thanks to the many options available in the app.

Map for Contacts supports address books with a lot of contacts without any problem. You can choose the maximum number of pins displayed on the map view.

You can sort your contacts by company, street, city, state, zip code or country. And you can find a contact by searching for any information in all address fields (city, street, etc..)

Map for Contacts is available on both iPhone and iPad.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App.


    TO DEVELOPER: The app is great with one minor oversight - the green pins completely blend in with the map. There is way too much green in any map view, so much so, that it makes pins invisible. Could you possibly do a quick update for this, please? I use your app lot and it would really help. Thanks.

  • Best of the bunch

    by b-gee

    I think this is the best of the many contact mapping apps I've tried (nearly a dozen!). The results are clear and concise, backed by a lot of flexibility. Performance is great (choosing a new locale takes less than one second; I have 1,000 contacts, running on an iPhone 5s with iOS 7.0.4). Thank you, developer!

  • Maps for Contacts

    by Yonqui quito

    Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez bought this application to find more fast my friend with their address , And to find on the Map their locations to find them while they are near or close to my signal alert sound . I will give 5 points to this app called Maps for Contacts. I am glad to register to it. Thank.

  • President

    by VALDES MarkComm

    Are you on the road? Sales, real estate, deliveries… if you need to see a group of contacts in your favorite map, in any location, and check the location information when you are there: This is it! But beware if you start using it you will be soon hooked and you will "need" it to be efficient and have a sense of doing it right. Mr. Teboul THANKS!

  • Please add landscape mode

    by Stan-O

    Love this app! Much better than some more expensive ones. Loads contacts super fast, and tracks your position with GPS. My only complaint is the lack of landscape mode. The reason I need landscape mode is the iPad screen has a vertical polarizer, and when I'm wearing my polarizing sunglasses, the two polarizes cancel out and the screen looks black to me. Really tough if you are using this as your route guidance. Please add landscape mode for us road warriors with the polarizing sunglasses. Thank you

  • ممتاز

    by بدر الدواسر

    ممتاز جداً

  • Filter by group is back in version 2.1!

    by JAX062583

    The best app I've found for road warriors in sales. For those of us in sales that use groups to manage (in my case) thousands of contacts, being able to filter on groups is a huge productivity tool. I love the simplicity and speed of this app and am very appreciative of the developer for including this feature in V2.1!

  • UPDATE: It works!

    by hudson2001

    It still has to scan all your contacts every time...but now it actually shows contacts in a list and on the map. I just wish it could sync with your contacts so you didn't have to wait each time. If you have a lot of contact changes, THEN you could choose to re-sync.

  • Fantastic !

    by Concilliance

    For those who are having troubles, this works best when you have google maps installed. I have 886 contacts an once they got loaded everything works well.just play with it and push all the buttons, it's a great app for getting directions to your contacts business address or friends address quickly. I love it.

  • Updating contacts

    by JC nickname

    Some people complained that it took to long to update contacts. I have 800 contacts. I don't have addresses on each contact. The first time was slow when i tried to map the location, but the second time I try to map my contacts it was very fast just updating my contacts. You do have to check the settings if you want more than 15 displayed. So far it has been great. I'm looking forward to using it when I'm traveling. Great app.

  • Will this work with io6? This app is wonderful!

    by Hotairseller

    I depend on this app so much that I won't upgrade to Apple Maps if your app is not supported. If only company names were shown it would be an even better sales tool for those of us with an impossible large territory. The first index took about an hour to build. Subsequent local areas only require seconds. Keep up the good work!!

  • Good value for the price - Four Stars

    by MRK66

    I have been looking for the ability to map all of my contacts in an area so that when I travel to a region for business I can see the location of all my customers and arrange the trip accordingly. This application solves the need that I have had for a long time. Plus points - The application successfully takes the contacts from the address book and accurately puts them on the map - sounds simple but so many apps usually fail here. - The application does what it says and when I type in an address it shows all of the contacts within a reasonable driving distance. For example when I entered Cincinnati contacts out as far as Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland were shown. - You can enter the desired location in many ways - zip codes, towns and cities - even abbreviations such as LA were recognized. - You can enter a location or use the current location. - The app seems to use google maps to show the location so the display is very familiar. Negative points - The map function does not allow all contacts to be viewed on the map at once, you must enter a location and only contacts around that location will be shown. If for example I enter Philadelphia, I cannot then scroll across the map to see contacts in Boston - they won't be shown. I would need to enter Boston as a location to see them. - Every time that I enter a new location, the app scans through my 1000 contacts in my contacts list to see who is close to the location. This can take 20 seconds or so. Overall I would say the the Plus points significantly outweigh the negative points. None of the negative points are deal breakers, where as the plus points are all great. I am happy to solve the need I have had for a long time for only $0.99 and the need to wait 20 seconds is not really too much time to wait considering that it saves me probably 10-20 minutes of searching through my contacts and mapping them individually on google maps. Update to review - I use this app all of the time. IOS 6 is now out and it doesn't use Google Maps any more. I want to upgrade to IOS6 but I am worried whether or not this app will work with IOS 6. It would be useful if the developer could comment on this matter.

  • Better than expected!!

    by Me333345

    Only takes about 4 seconds to go through my 1400 contacts on the iPhone 4s. Takes a while the first time through but after that it's super quick. I wish someone would come out with this app for the Mac! Thanks got the great, simple app!

  • Very very good!

    by DKENT213

    This is better than I thought, plenty of features with the ability to customize many settings. Google wouldn't tell me how far I was from friends in other countries but this app does! Very useful and no problems whatsoever. Five stars!

  • Neat

    by Bridog110

    Couple glitches for contacts not entered correctly but great concept.

  • Bad

    by الحصاه

    Not working

  • Slow for me

    by argwallace

    Constantly wants to reload my 500+ contacts. Frustrating. And after loading them, none display. Not working properly. Update: After many attempts, I have not been able to get this to work at all. Don't waste your money. If program is fixed, I'll update my review. Update 2: Program started working all of a sudden. Still reloads quite slowly though. I would contact the develop but his page isn't working. Upgrading to 2 stars for the moment.

  • Crashes Before it Can Completely Load

    by Lukesterld

    The app crashes before it can load the map every time. I have 750 contacts and it never makes it to the end of my contacts before crashing.

  • Fails even the most basic tasks

    by Sunday Morning Focus

    I really really wanted to like this app. But the inherent flaws, like having to reload your entire address book (hopefully it doesn't crash multiple times like it does with mine) Makes the competitive app iMap look polished by comparison. God forbid you accidentally clear the cache then you can wait for your entire address book to reload. This simply is not a very good app

  • Horrible! Did not work!

    by Meggerz11

    I am really disappointed in this app because they did a great job showing how great it could be but it NEVER worked even once for me! I even made a small group with just a few contacts for it to search and it still wouldn't work! Every single time i tried using the app it would take 5-10 minutes just to upload my contacts and then not show anything!! I want my money back!!

  • Very Slow

    by FR99999999

    The app seems to go through all of my contacts every time a select a new location, so it's really really slow. And even if I ask again from the same location it repeats the search/mapping process. Also a few glitches on the first use, like when it goes through the initial mapping process, then asks to use current location, then forgets what it has mapped and starts all over again. Also had a hard time with entering a city as a location, as opposed to current location. Said that it couldn't find Santa Monica CA.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Ben._

    Takes a long time to load contacts (every time) then doesn't show any in the contacts list or map. I have 800+ contacts. The support page is a broken link.

  • App does nothing !

    by eranfrai

    It takes a long time to scan 700 contacts , and then the results of mapping the contact is zero !!

  • MapContacts

    by Upperquad

    The app was working fine but recently stopped working. It is not recognizing cities to search anymore. And it now takes extremely long to go through 250 contacts.

  • Doesn't work

    by Mofo516

    App doesn't load contacts. I have 976 and was hoping to use this as a sales tool but after trying literally all day I have not been able to use this on my iPhone 4S I requested support but I get a 404 page not found error in French. I'd like either a fix or a refund please.

  • Good for 10 contacts

    by The-Fireman

    I have over 2200 contacts on my phone. It takes FOREVER to propagate my contacts. This is a good app if you have no friends. (Okay, 10 friends...)

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