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Seller: JLC Mobile, LLC

* iOS7 compatibility.
* Increased accuracy and better battery usage.

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* Follow iPhones and other smartphones! *

Use GPS to follow your friends and family with your iPhone.

iTrack turns your iPhone (and iPad) into a GPS tracking device. With iTrack, you can use your iPhone to follow multiple people, see their movements, watch the speed they are travelling, get directions to their location, and view a street level picture of any address they have been.

iTrack Features:
► See six hours of location history of others.
► Look at someone's travel speed and direction.
► Zoom in/out to a specific location.
► Multiple map types to choose from.
► Street level views of travel sites.
► Push notification for instant location updates.
► Send photos of your routes or destinations.
► Bump technology to connect to others.
► Facebook integration.
► Voice Over IP technology.
► Simple registration process.
► Follow up to three people.

iTrack keeps you connected with friends.
iTrack helps you know the family is safe.
iTrack lets you monitor kids driving speeds.
iTrack tracks employees during their workday.
iTrack provides you directions to others.

Note: The ability to follow another person with iTRACK requires both you and the person being followed to have iTRACK.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • by

    It is helpful

  • Could be better

    by Marion Griggs

    Great app! It works well. The only thing I think that would make it better is if it were tracking in the background so it gives u precise locations without updating all the time. Then it would truly be awesome. Other than that it's a pretty good app. And the locations are precise when u update.

  • Mr.

    by Kkahrig

    Great app!

  • Fantastic !!

    by Dale n Roy

    Awesome app!! Using it for the past three weeks, tracking my guy friend who is bicycling across country!! Love it!!

  • Awsome

    by Ajohn0999

    Was the only one that did not have any problems. So far so good both myself and the wife have it. It was simple and easy.

  • Excellent

    by Me2capocalvary

    Enough said!

  • iOS 7 time look back doesn't work

    by Wanda45688

    In apples new iOS 7 the 6hour look back does not work on I track. Please fix it. Thank you

  • Okda

    by Okgood"

    I love this program

  • Own

    by Redad1


  • Iso7 problems

    by Bigdog5050

    This is a great little app, but I've had problems since upgrading my iPhone 5 and 4s to iso7. App is constantly loosing a connection has to be restarted. Please fix.

  • Great

    by Philippe gdd

    Best app used to flowed my wife found out she was cheating on me

  • by JLuis16

    They see me stalking, they hating

  • Smooth

    by Cmhtracker

    The app does a great step by step job helping you setup the app. Also, I am very impressed how accurate the app is!

  • Update needed for iOS 7

    by Fujigrl

    Changing hourly tracking no longer works after update.

  • Amazing App!

    by Susan W

    Love thus app! The only thing I'd change would be the tracking time. Sooner than every 10 minutes.

  • Amazing

    by Sexy818

    Kinda creepy cause its extremely accurate lol

  • iTrack

    by Miaka|Yui

    It's good for my family, but I wish there was more features. This app is excellent.

  • Great app

    by Carolinagirlnc

    This is an awesome app. Got it to keep track of my teen.

  • It's awesome

    by Bxlove86

    Best app ever! Super accurate!!

  • Get the upgrade !

    by Runaway333

    I'll be buying the 1.99 app as well to check it out!

  • Suspicious! Don't load!

    by fc1969

    Downloaded app, attempted to create account i.e. gave first, last name and email and waited for code. Did it a second time (in case communication problems), they still never sent me an email. Wondering if app is tracking me now and using my info?!?

  • What happened

    by Drq66

    Worked so well I upgraded to paid version. Something has happened that there is no track. Only showing single location. Contacted the help address and was told fix was coming. No fix yet. Worked we'll at first but disappointed now.

  • Don't buy

    by 1383964

    if you have new iPhone. Worthless

  • ;)

    by Grrrrrrr app

    Its a pretty good App I like a lot

  • Simply awesome

    by Vbwayt

    Download it, use it, love it!

  • Reassured

    by Deeder2

    My wife works 3rd shift. And although she is careful, traveling late at night can be concerning. Your app is accurate and gives me reassurance that she has reached her destination safely. 5 stars!

  • I tracker

    by Ibuaman

    Nice tracker

  • Ok but slow update

    by A poks

    Slow update

  • Great app

    by Tabitha7584

    Great app

  • iTrack for iPhone

    by Earle1944

    Works great! Like to have option to update more frequently then every ten minutes.

  • Lol

    by Llgurl

    If you're a stalker, this app is for you!!

  • Ok. But not always accurate

    by Flowerchild1961

    It works pretty good. Not always accurate. Sometimes shows me at the wrong place.

  • Great app!!!

    by Misuri18

    Very accurate!

  • I love it

    by LeonsWifey83

    I can track my husbands whereabouts!

  • Track

    by Sonyman2

    Love the app its gets 5 starts I can still be followed by family in case something happens.

  • Gps

    by Twon431

    It's cool would b better of u could just enter the phone # that way I could find my stolen phone:)

  • Could be better

    by Frankges

    Would like it if this app could be hidden from the application windows. Also would be good if it was password protected. Would be good it if we could accessed through a web site in case I lost my phone and want to see where it went. Seems that when I'm on a call it loses GPS location. Pins are not very accurate when I'm indoors. Says I'm next door, or street behind mine. Please improve for 5 star rating. Thanks

  • Nice

    by ThatKidRiyan

    Since google latitude went offline itrack is a great app and it is pretty accurate!! I'm satisfied

  • Great!!

    by Alphaleda

    great app The best !!

  • Outstanding

    by Follow!!

    Outstanding! It definitely gives you reassurance wherever your loved ones are.

  • Kinda misleading!!

    by dougjr99

    Only updates at a minimum every 10 min...but if you look at the sample screenshots, it looks as though it may update at alot sooner intervals, according to the number of pins and how close they are. And you shouldn't have to reset the option to show more tracking time (rather than just current location) every time u view the map.

  • so far so good

    by Alberson's Wife

    so far so good

  • Awesome app

    by Erostheyw

    Great app!

  • Love it..

    by T-Cool

    Got this app to give me peace of mind while my daughter takes a road trip this summer!! Great App!!

  • My new fav app!

    by ChandiBabe

    This is one of the most amazing apps I've found in a long time. I was able to follow my friends SUPER easy and it is VERY accurate. Thanks!

  • Okay

    by Ginjerrr

    I hate that it only updates every 10 minutes...

  • Nice App

    by foothillshadows

    Very impressive little app. Nice interface, easy to use, helpful instructions and accurate. I like it.

  • I Trackers

    by xbrooklyn

    used it once to give me peace of mind when my wife made 300 mile trip alone. She is very able but I needed reassurance pgm gets MY 5 stars

  • Love the app

    by Jwest192

    We had our employees install this app on company phones and required thrm to have location services turned on during business hours, wow! Being able to track these guys without having to spend thousands on tracking devices for each company vehicles is awesome.

  • Great apps!

    by Worrytoomuch

    I can see where my husband is at

  • Love it

    by Jersey John69

    Only had it for a day. So far works well!

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