iTrans NYC Subway Navigation App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: iTrans
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2008
  • Version: 7.0
  • Size: 26.55 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Adam Ernst

• Totally redesigned for iOS 7.
• New: advisories update in the background so you're always up-to-date.
• New: drag to reorder bookmarks in Edit mode.
• Fixes missing N trains at Times Sq.

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The ultimate NYC transit app, featuring realtime arrival info plus subway and bus directions, service advisories, timetables, push alerts, walking maps, and station entrance/exit data.

• Live train times let you seen exactly when your train will arrive. (Only for MTA lines with countdown clocks: currently the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Times Sq Shuttle.)
• Easy step-by-step directions mean you always know the fastest route. Subway directions even work offline underground!
• System advisories, including background updating so you always have the latest information.
• See train schedules for any station at any time of day
• Use Street Map mode to see bus stations and bus times
• Get push alerts for delays, customized for your route and commute time
• See subway lines, stations, entrances, and exits overlaid on a street map
• Browse the latest service advisories even while offline
• See your Current Location with a tap; get walking directions to nearby stations
• Beautiful graphics, including high-resolution maps for the Retina display
• Review line diagrams to see stations, transfers, and express/local timing
• Search for stations with a few taps

Remember: the New York subway is a complex system and can't follow the timetables perfectly. The MTA timetables are included for guidance only.

This app is for the MTA New York City subway and bus system, and features a licensed MTA map. To learn more about iTrans, report problems, or request new features, visit our website.

Customer Reviews

  • Slow and unwieldy but still pretty handy

    by Vivian Wiener

    The street map is much too slow to use if you need to change plans on the fly, which is annoying mainly bc it shows where all the entrances and exits are. That should be a static image, not updated realtime, unless they can make it much faster. (This was true even before iOS 7 left my iPhone 4 in the dust.) I rarely look at anything except the alerts, which are great and super useful, and sometimes the subway map. I wish it had a bus map though. If you really need the realtime street map with exit locations this rating would be a 1 for you. I mostly need service/disruption alerts and the subway map. There's probably something better but I haven't gotten around to looking.

  • ITrans

    by Waltnardo1

    Excellent app.;very helpful. I use it all the time. It saves me a lot of headaches & wasted time.

  • Works for what I need

    by kennysfamily

    I got this app long ago just for a subway map. At the time, I'm not sure if there were more features. They do a great job keeping the map current and I love the service advisories and push alerts, which customizable to MY commute times. I tried the directions to a station feature once when they first added it. I'm not sure how much of the needed improvements were made. I see reviews from people having issues with the directions feature, suggestions to add compass, number of stops, etc. This app has come a long long way since I first got it. Hopefully those features will show up. Number of stops can be counted from the map (yeah, I know, convenience, and wow they added how to get from point A to point B? Cool I just tried it). Like I said I use it mainly for the map and now service advisories. The compass suggestion I saw was a good one. The one time I tried directions to a station, I don't recall anything telling me exactly where I was. Google maps can give directions using transit but there are some issues, like saying get on a bus in Queens that only drops off in Queens and doesn't pick up. This app knows the service advisories and more than Google maps. Perhaps telling you where you are and which way you're facing similar to Google would be a good improvement for the features above and beyond why I bought this app. The TRANSIT directions are much better than Google Maps, but topside, I'd use Google maps to supplement this app. The new features could use some improvement but for how I use it, this is a 5 star app. I was looking for a map. Now I have service advisories and push notifications WHEN I WANT THEM. I have a few subway apps and this is the only one I use.

  • It is a great tool for nyc subway riders

    by Sachin Shrestha

    I use it as I ride the subway everyday to work.

  • Great!

    by Moneill318

    Great app, easy to use and very helpful!!

  • CT Resident a Huge Fan!

    by rcbray12

    I travel into the city just enough to need this app continually. The ease with which it operates is astounding. Clear route options; don't need to already know the address where a particular stop is like other apps of this kind do - enter any address in Manhattan and it tells you what trains are nearby - a huge plus; option to save route very helpful; identical to subway map posted on every car - helps you find where you need to go without looking like an obvious out of towner. Service alerts are also outstanding - so helpful! Great app!

  • Great

    by Corassin

    Most helpful

  • use it daily

    by smcnally23

    NO internet required.

  • Can't live without it

    by Eag19

    Best NYC transit app. Can't live without it in the city. Great for tourists too.

  • Get this app

    by olenn

    You can tell iTrans what lines and what times of day you want to be push notified about service disruption so you will always know if your train is delayed or not running. A must have. I use Google Maps for route planning, because iTrans is not as good for that.

  • Viewing routes is confusing

    by NEKNIM

    This is a pretty good app for viewing subway schedules and live times. The only flaw is the routes. When viewing routes on the map it's not clear which trains to take. Also the way to see the specific trains is unclear. If the interface were more user friendly and had a better way of displaying information this would be a five star app. One other thing I wish this app could do is cache all the live train times so they can be seen underground. (This may be streaming data so that might not be possible anyway but it would still be cool) w

  • Great app for New Yorkers!!!

    by Julio from NY

    I use this app everyday. It's reliable and I like that you have access to it even while you are in the subway.

  • Job/Life saving

    by kevinl40

    Never fill out reviews.... But just had to do this one..... I live in brooklyn and work on the UWS...... need I say more my New Yorkers.....

  • Very usefull

    by M-rod05

    Awesome app.

  • Helpful, amazing app

    by Chibon

    By far this is a greatly helpful appt for those who use the NYC subway system. It's a handy savior that allows to plan your trips better. I particularly love the timetables and the ease of use. A must have!!!

  • Great Subway Resource

    by 8cott

    I'm a native NY'er and real estate agent, so I already know the city and subway system very well. But sometimes if I'm not sure about a specific line or connection, I use this app to pull up the line maps or the map of the city with subway routes. It works underground too, which is key. Great for when I'm in certain parts of brooklyn or queens where I don't know the subways as well as Manhattan. I highly recommend this app!

  • Great App

    by Kmkx2

    Having this app with real time updates beats the giant paper map hands down!

  • Great app

    by colderthought

    Works well and does the job

  • Best and worst

    by christopher L simmons

    This app is awesome, amazing, the BEST!!! NYC MTA- The WORST!!!!

  • Great App

    by Avi-Dan

    This app has saved me a lot of trouble. The alert function is worth the price alone. The way the subways run you never know when you'll reach your destination. This app helps you make different travel choices. Thanks!

  • Not as good as it used to be

    by Newsrookie

    It was my favorite app for NYC subway -- and then ios7 happened and it is all downhill. The default is now that the app always assumes you are asking for a route from your current location; ruining what was once a very useful option: checking multiple routes that you might need later.

  • Itain

    by SUAVEMAN.

    One of the BEST EVER than all others app for transportation. Believe me.

  • Strap hanger

    by Apple1022

    Excellent app. If you live in NYC this is a must have!

  • Nest NYC subway app!

    by sourflower

    Easy to use and well thought out, fast enough to check if the express train is coming soon, or if you should stay on the local- in 3 easy taps!

  • Nice but not optimized for iPad's

    by Asaintfort

    I wish it fully supported iPad because that's what I use it with. It's larger than the iPhone screen. But I have to use it in 2x. It's been so long; this could have been accomplished already. I like this application.

  • NYC

    by 20932120123

    Visited NYC and never rode the subway before, although familiar with Manhattan from previous trips by car. The app worked great all day. Lost the internet only in one place in the tubes, Chambers Station downtown, but was able to figure things out. Make no mistake the app gets 5 Stars. It could be improved three ways. First, include a compass on the maps because it's easy to get turned around in the city. Second, list the stops and trains once you map your trip on a side bar. Having to flip pages for directions is somewhat bothersome. Lastly, a section on the metro cards, costs, trips etc. would really round out the app. Again, I give it five stars as we never got lost or missed a station or train. Good app.

  • Great App for NYC

    by Player75385


  • Must Have

    by Tmac1245

    The only way I can get around NYC

  • No Holiday Schedule

    by Cadabra

    So if its a national holiday and a subway is running differently, this app will not show it.

  • Absolutely Great App!!

    by Boost4Prez

    Highly recommend this app to anyone who lives in NYC. Has never failed me in the past couple years i had it. Extremely accurate & easy to use, beautiful layout & design. A++ ^__^

  • Good app

    by Red stockings

    Easy to use.

  • b

    by a_ron27

    I wish the app didn't expect me to use the current location finder feature. It always wants to find me with that and I don't want it activated (and sometimes I want to check how long it'll take me to get somewhere tomorrow) anyways. Amazing app, I'd just like to see that updated. Thank ya

  • Great app!

    by JoeSaver999

    Just the ticket to get from Point A to Point B in NYC. Use it whenever I go to NY. Schedule times help me plan departure times so I never miss a train. Thanks!

  • Excellent app

    by Lg-234

    This app is worth the price. It consolidated 3 other NYC apps. Works great no issues. Especially like the exit locations

  • Great app

    by Oshi03

    Enjoying the app, loving the push notification about train delays and accidents which are pretty accurate . Glad the application had improved over time . So far it awesome application to used while in New York City. Worth the money !

  • Works underground!

    by ~3z3XuloO~

    Connects to the internet in the background to update service changes, can be used underground, give you directions. Also looks gorgeous. What more do you want?

  • Bring back old features

    by Kolrdr

    I used to love this app, but now I'm more often annoyed at little things. When I put in directions, the directions are forgotten as soon as I click the direction button again. This is particularly annoying when I'm under ground and current location is ineffective. The app seems to resist my desire to always change the from category to a train station. Then today I found that it no longer lets me choose the route I want. It just tells me the fastest route when I know there are two trains running to the same location. Sometimes I'm just trying to see how much slower the other train will be. This app has always assumed I can't catch the next train that leaves in one minute. That used to be it's only flaw, but I could still see the length of time for a route. Now it just tells me to take the B train when the next B is 9 min away and the Q is right in front of me, and I can no longer see if the Q is more than 10 min slower than the B. That's frustrating. Lengthy rant here. It is a functional app, but all the reasons I liked it over the others are disappearing. I'm slowly using this app less and less and relying on the inaccurate (in terms of train times), but more user friendly google maps. It give me choices and remembers my routes and assumes I can catch the next train.

  • Yep

    by Stephen Maples

    Best NYC subway map out there. Google map interface, system map, service advisories, offline directions with scheduled timing. Integration of real time service data (only available on numbered lines) is the only thing left to do. (And maybe add bus data?)

  • Useful app

    by wisecen

    Easy to use, clean design.

  • the best subway app

    by Ignatius_J_Reilly

    Beautiful redesign of an already amazing app. Every other subway app I've tried has some big flaw. Some only work with an Internet connection, or only send push notifications during rush hours. iTrans is nearly perfect: - live up-to-date countdowns for lines that have it, and service schedules for all lines - can overlay routes onto the phone's built-in maps - even shows where the exits are on the street. - downloads scheduled service diversions and will send you highly customizable push alerts for unscheduled disruptions. - Will generate directions between any two stations, taking into account any service diversions. - bus schedules and routes! Honestly, it's hard to imagine how this app could get any better, but it keeps doing so.

  • iTrans

    by rumman19952912

    Perfect app. It just helps me seamlessly. keep it up!! A++

  • Absolutely fantastic app

    by NJTransplant

    Every New Yorker with an iPhone should have this app. Simple and easy to use. I use this app every single day.

  • Great

    by aldjlfjdslfj

    Really great, easy to use app

  • Works great.

    by rooksheva

    I use this app all the time. It's great for tracking your subway route and schedules. I only wish it had a bus map that looks like the one provided by the city: so that you can see all the lines at once and how they intersect. The app does show you bus stops, but in a way that can make it difficult to see the big picture or plan your route.

  • Works well

    by brian1789

    Trusty and reliable.

  • Always on time

    by Brewerbody

    No more lateness thanks to I trans

  • Best in the Paid category

    by AkoSiTom

    #1 feature NO SPLASH SCREEN Loving the neighborhood maps as well as good alerts

  • Love this app

    by Anerdd

    Im always on time because of it

  • Well designed

    by brystmar

    Easy to use, and good performance on 5S. My go-to transit app.

  • Best MTA app out there

    by Macattck-

    I'm not one to usually buy apps but this is by far worth every penny. I can't count how many people I tell about this app when they ask how to get somewhere in NYC

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