Ford SYNC® Destinations Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: INRIX, Inc

• Fresh new user interface design
• Addition of several new helpful features such as “Locate a Dealer”, Vehicle Finder” and “Roadside Assistance”
• New and improved search function powered by Bing

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
40 Ratings
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521 Ratings


SYNC® Destinations exclusively from Ford and powered by INRIX; with specialized content for active SYNC Services subscribers.

• Routes and Destinations
1. Access cloud-based SYNC Services account on-the-go.
2. Fastest routes to your favorite destinations, searched locations and Ford/Lincoln dealerships – all powered by INRIX’s industry leading traffic and road incident data that covers over 2.8 million miles of roads in over 32 countries.
3. Download turn-by-turn directions using Send to SYNC.
4. Quick and safe on-the-go access to the latest traffic reports, turn-by-turn directions and destinations using simple voice commands via SYNC AppLink™.

• Vehicle Finder — Helps the driver save the location of his/her parked vehicle. This app also features a parking meter timer with alarm and a provision to take a picture of the parking lot/space

• Find a Dealer — Searches for a Ford or Lincoln dealership, makes a phone call and accesses the dealership’s website. The user can also download directions to the dealership into his or her vehicle through SYNC® Services.

• Roadside Assistance — Makes a phone call to an embedded phone number when in need of assistance.

Note: Downloading turn-by-turn directions is available only on 2013 Model Year vehicles with SYNC Applink. 2012 Model Year vehicles equipped with Sync Applink will also be capable once updated (via USB upgrade). Please visit or for details of software update availability.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall app

    by F150guy11

    App worked great! Sent directions to my vehicle with no problem getting us there in the shortest time possible!

  • List of improvements

    by Osmolality

    This update is a huge improvement over the previous version. It's much more intuitive and faster to access information. The traffic feature is also improved. I would like to see a 'alternative route' feature and a 'send to car' feature utilizing google maps and apple maps--not just mapquest. Still, a better app than before. Looking forward to the next update!

  • UI Fail

    by Tr0niKus Rex

    Address entry should require only one input box. Too much space dedicated to "good morning" message. Unnecessary to even have it. Furthermore, the entire purpose of this app is to send a destination to my car, and now the button I need to press to do that is below the fold. Manage points and select point can be merged. List points from latest to earliest rather than vice-versa. Delete feature should be added in point select screen. Please create a desktop version. Remove lock for when car is in motion. Defeats purpose. I still get the occasional busy signal when calling into Sync Services for destination. Works on iPad now. Good job.

  • Great App! Great Support!

    by bas12ap

    I was having a difficult time getting the app to work after the update. I emailed and within a day received a reply. Another email and then today, since I was still having problems with the app, I received an email asking to call to discuss what was happening. I got the call and we worked through what I was seeing. It works beautifully now. I am seriously impressed by their efforts to help me! Thanks!!!

  • Wow, amazing update

    by Birdslover

    I'm so impressed ford, very easy to use now, much faster, so glad I got a ford and this app. Truly thank you guys, keep up the good work

  • Great update

    by jkatlanta

    4.0 update is full of wonderful customization and functionality. The 'managed saved points' feature is great. It shows you trip time from current location to all saved points. Great update! Thanks Ford. Now go fix My Ford Touch. :)

  • Good challenge

    by Photofosho

    Good game, good challenge

  • New Fusion Owner


    The system works very well. I took my car to Paul Miller Ford. The service advisor, John Bonham, answered every question I had and gave me great information on the SYNC System as well as the rest of the car. For that reason alone, I will never go anywhere else. Job well done!!

  • Excellent

    by JAYJr3834

    Sync has worked every time I have used. Errors I have encountered are due to my error in using the system.

  • Won't work!!

    by Kris Petrin

    And I write about this feature! Why won't it work?!

  • Log on

    by Mapix

    Can't even log on....and i'm supposed to wait on the phone for support? If i can't log on, what else is wrong with this app? Deleting right away

  • Works Sometimes

    by MrSoftware

    I got this app for my 2014 Mustang. I was excited because I would be able to have directions delivered to me without having to pay for the upgraded stock navigation display. I am very disappointed with the results. It is nearly impossible start a route while the vehicle is in motion and the directions that are given are inaccurate a lot of the time. It also makes many tracking mistakes.

  • I guess I'll never know

    by Richard Med.

    I will never be able to tell of this app is great or not if I can't ever sign in !

  • Won't work!!!

    by Berk8119

    This version of this app is complete garbage!!! It will not connect and always has issues. I can't believe Ford would let a product like this even be associated with their company. Get it together Ford. It won't work on my 2012 Ford Focus. The technology of ford was the reason I bought this car over the other manufactures Now I'm having second thoughts.

  • Won't let me log in

    by Ziggle541

    I can log in online, but when I try to use the app it says wrong user ID or password. Fix this.

  • Useless waste of time

    by BigMike8520

    This app is terrible! It is powered by bing which is junk as well. Searching for local businesses yields no search results. This app fails to locate popular businesses in my area. I can't believe that someone at Microsoft was paid to develop this. It is completely useless.

  • Login issues

    by Paul Smith

    This app will not let me login. I can use the same info to login anywhere else but the app continuously says wrong login. What a shame. Support your product or pull it from the store!

  • Unable to log in

    by Hdbej

    Can log in via sync website in safari but via this app.

  • Can't login

    by Walter Priebe

    It might be nice if it would work.

  • Worthless and frustrating

    by Yadhikari

    My 2012 Fiesta is the biggest regret of my car purchase ever, and this app just adds to the frustration.

  • Junk app

    by Doran4562795

    This is not worth your time. Log in doesn't work. I can log in in the web but not in the app. Hope it not a sign of my new 2013 F150

  • Newer Version is even worse, UI is terrible

    by Best Review

    UI is simply not good, Bing engine within the app to search places is not good or accurate, in general I can't believe that Fords Technology group is simply not capable of delivering a decent user experience

  • Useless

    by Lulazmom

    Same as the other folks, the app keeps saying my password and username don't match. The heck with this. I'm uninstalling this nonsense.

  • Junk

    by Ford f 350 25625

    Junk! I'm having the same problem as others. I can sign in to the website either on the phone or computer but it won't let me sign in to the app!

  • Doesn't work

    by Repair mane

    Works for the first few times and then doesn't work, you have to keep resetting your password.

  • Would not log in

    by DW159

    The sees the app but the app does not except the log in user name and password, which are excepted on all following screens the app takes you too, including the ford site. This not being a ford site does not provide support. Typical product support not suprise. Next time don't base your sync on Microsoft.

  • Fix

    by Joycross

    Won't let me sign in. Did everything right. Would like to use this app. But can't if it won't work. Guess I will have to delete.

  • Can't even log in

    by Twhite12

    Can on web, can't on app.

  • Broken Application

    by Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    Whoever wrote this should be let go. Will not even allow login. Uninstalled. Crap.

  • Can't log in

    by Jared Johnson

    If you're not going to support the app. Pull it out of the store.

  • Not Working

    by Review1024

    Won't let me log in.

  • Crap

    by Vinay Goel

    Can't even log in. My login info works on the website but the app won't accept it. Tried several times and had to finally delete the app.

  • Not very good

    by Mark2402

    This app is far from being good, I was in traffic stopped for an hour and it hadn't updated to say there was an issue and my drive time was uninterrupted. Waze and other apps have this beat and for a major company like FORD, this app should be top notch, sorry I love Fords but it's not upto parr.

  • Won't install on Mini

    by Capt. Gizmo

    Not compatible with iPad mini retina.

  • Junk

    by Cam Doggy

    This app is junk. As smartphone users, we already have GPS enabled “Find my car” apps, we have plenty of navigation GPS apps that far outweigh this one. There’s nothing here that enables users to leverage all of the technology in their new Ford. Give us an app with remote start, climate control, radio programming, or send destination to my in car navigation. This is what people need. Thank you

  • Useless if you are moving

    by sobeguy

    I was in a friends car trying to use this app so I can add destinations when he dropped me off at my car and the app won't even allow you to enter anything. Does ford think people are idiots? HELLO passengers should be able to use the App. Ford Sync is horrible, this app is just as bad.

  • :-( bad App

    by H1959

    App doesn't work!!!

  • Efficient app becomes hard to use

    by Agent255

    The new app adds a lot of new valuable features. Unfortunately the UI has gotten more complicated and added more steps to many simple tasks.

  • Won't transfer to car

    by Jehosaphat

    Bought a brand new 2014 Explorer with high dollar navigation system. This app is supposed to collaborate with it. It basically doesn't. It won't even send the saved destinations to the car!

  • When it works

    by edrop

    It's great when it works right, however, remember constantly logs me out. The app often crashes on iPhone 5S after the initial address search have to reload to get directions every time. Also limited in route controls, I want to chose fastest route or shortest distance, yes or no for toll roads on route, etc

  • Horrible!

    by Bgsudude

    Can't believe I'm actually looking into trading in my brand new 2013 ford because I cannot stand the sync system. Your passengers can't use the app when going on a trip. Someone at ford thinks it's safer for us to pull over on the freeway to use the app to actually send directions to the car. The system itself can NEVER understand addresses making the 'services' button in the car pointless. Will definitely be looking into another chevy so I can have OnStar back. Pathetic excuse of a nav system.

  • Not impressed

    by DeadofWinter

    This app worked a few times before but now every time I type in an address, it says No Results Found. I'm always having to use Apple Maps. I hope Ford fixes this.

  • Almost useful!!

    by Donniesd

    Remove the movement lockout feature and the app would be useful. No other mapping software locks you out from using there app while the car is in use. Not even GM's onstar!!!

  • Location services stuck on

    by imlanman

    Can't add locations while in motion, and location services stay on. Delete.

  • Map ?

    by kayo kid

    The most current version of Sync is the best version. It took 2 years to get to this point. Unfortunately, now many of the maps are useless. Even this app is outdated. If you are going to sell technology, get it right. I am so disappointed in my nav!!! I had to give you a full star just to submit this review. I'm not sure you earned it.

  • Terrible search function

    by jb-hunter

    Search is clueless and can't find simple searches like a high school name and city. Still have to use iPhone or google maps to locate.

  • Hasn't Worked since Update On IPad

    by Pup1978

    needs a major upgrade

  • Fix it

    by Dwa60

    Useful but the remember me does not work, never has. Passenger can not use because for thinks they are my mother so no one can use while car is moving. Did I mention that remember me doesn't work. Complained 6 months ago and have yet to see an update to fix it. Lazy!!

  • Ford really stinks

    by Dickiebfrb

    Very hard to use worst thing ford has done ford sync support very lacking.

  • Needs improvement

    by Songldr

    Need to be able to choose alternate route. Also block toll roads.

  • Disappointed

    by Aschober

    The app is nice. Interfaces well with car system. At least it remembers the saved points that get deleted when updating in-vehicle system. The reason for the low rating is this app locks you out when the vehicle is in motion. Being a passenger and not being able to edit or set a route is an example of big business telling their customers how to do things. Fix that and I would rate it a 5

  • Just ok....

    by David J. Carter

    If I am in the car as a passenger, this app won't work as it knows we are moving and to protect us they diss-able the app. How silly!!

  • Useless

    by Jeffrey Dick

    There is nothing this app does that is of any use. SYNC in the car already does all this

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